You’re ALL Winners in My Book!

Sorry I’m late to announce the winners!! I’m new to this whole Kindergarten thing and there are SO MANY ACTIVITIES before the Winter Break. I know this is NOTHING compared to the end of the school year, but still. I’m ready for the break even though I know that after the first 24 hrs of my kids every second of every day I can’t be held responsible for anything that may happen. But still. I don’t have to pack lunches for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! Celebrate good times! C’mon!

Without further ado – the WINNERS! The random number generator (how funny that they now have an app. Oh the times! They have changed!) chose 2 and 74. That meansĀ Kitty wins the Fab Funky Fibres Fifteen Colour Yarn and a box of Note Cards andĀ Amy C wins the generously donated Yarntini yarn in the Boogaloo colorway and a box of Note Cards! CONGRATULATIONS!! I will be emailing you both shortly.


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, really, you’re ALL winners in my book! Thank you for coming out in huge numbers and leaving me with some really great dyers, bloggers and patterns to visit. It felt like the old blogging days there for a minute. I hope to be back much more in the new year. In the meantime, have a happy christmas or whatever you may be celebrating this winter season and if I don’t see you before, I’ll definitely be seeing you on the first! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

L, C


  1. I am still in shock that I won such an amazing prize! Thank you so very much.

  2. That is gorgeous yarn! I love self striping sock yarns. I think I will have to treat myself to some of that after Christmas.

    Happy Holiday to you and your family.