An End to A Madness

Not the end, but definitely an end. In fact, lots and lots of ends. But really, the end of something very special.


I have finally, FINALLY finished my miter square blanket – Miter Madness – that I started so many years ago. And when I say finished, I mean every seam, every border, every end.



It’s hard to say anything more about it that hasn’t already been said really. I knit all 120 miters in a six week period using 85 different colors of Tahki Cotton Classic way back in the Spring of 2007. I knit so much I put a hole in my finger. And then those miters sat in a box.


While those squares were sitting in a box, I had two babies and moved into a house. In the old days, I had all the time in the world to knit, blog about it, and do a bit of work on the side. I spent many hours a day by myself – glorious, wonderful ALONE time. I’m rarely alone these days and time to myself is a luxury.




The Back Side

The Winter after my second daughter was born, I was really struggling. I won’t say I was full blown PPD, but I was not in a good place. It was during this time that I pulled out my box of miters and decided THIS WAS THE TIME. I wove in all the ends and blocked all the miters then started seaming the squares. I seamed and seamed and when it was all together I knit the border. Sadly I didn’t really blog any of this, but by the Summer I was done. I had a dozen or more ends still to be woven in, but otherwise it was done. And then into another box it went. Seriously.


imageThe Signature Square

What pushed me to finally finish it? It’s kind of funny. My daughter was doing a science module in school on fabric and we were encouraged to send in some fabric samples.  I thought how fun would it be to bring in all my knitting swatches (I have a ton) and my spinning wheel and show the kids in her class how fiber becomes yarn becomes a finished object? So much fun! And I thought they would love to see the blanket. So I wove in the rest of the ends and cut them all and in a couple of hours – voila! THE BEST FINISHED OBJECT EVER!

You have to know I’ve been dreaming about the FO shoot for this blanket for a long , long time. I knew I wanted to hang the blanket the way I’ve seen people hang quilts, so I hung a laundry line across my back yard and took the pictures above. But I also wanted to take some arty, cool pictures. I channeled my inner Vicki and the greatest FO shoot of all time, and set to work.










This is by far the best thing I’ve ever knit. I’m so ecstatically happy with how it turned out, but I’m also sad that it’s finished. This knit wasn’t just a lot of fun to knit, it was important for me to knit. Once or twice while the miters languished in their box, my dear friend Kay, Queen of All Things Mitered, offered to seam the blanket for me. As touched as I was by the offer, I knew I needed to do it myself. The WHOLE thing. And I finally did. I finished it. ALL of it. And I’m a better knitter and dare I say mother, because of it. I cannot wait to see where my knitting madness takes me next.

Thank you, dear readers, for coming along on this journey. If you missed any crazy, mad part of it, you can read the project archives, from the first square to the last and all the silly stats in between.

L, C


  1. It is really, truly fantastic!

  2. Sylvia Jordan says

    I followed you on your journey and enjoyed every square of it! I have over 95 different skeins stashed from when you were beginning this project. Hopefully one day I’ll have a magnificent blanket. Thanks

  3. Oh Cara it is so lovely. What a fantastic blanket and photo shoot! Congrats on finishing it 🙂

  4. Oh, I do remember you knitting all those miters. Time and motherhood and all sorts of crap made me a less than regular knitter and knit blog world participant, and it wouldn’t have surprised me if I had missed that blanket being finished. But I didn’t, and I’m so happy to see it done, to read it’s story, and to enjoy the gorgeous photos. Brava!!!!

  5. I was amazed by you back then, knitting all those miters, and I’m even more amazed by you now! It’s such a gorgeous blanket and the photos took my breath away. LOVE this project so much – it’s my very first favorite on Ravelry (almost 7 years ago!). Congratulations on finishing!

  6. It’s beautiful, stunning! Great photos too! And what great inspiration to finish it!

  7. Congrats! I remember when you started this blanket. This is very inspiring to me to finish some of the UFOs I’ve neglected for so long.

  8. It’s so wonderful, Cara. I love the reason why you finished! What is the location for the artsy shots? It’s beautiful! The bench… the pillars… that ethereal glow of the redbud JUST beginning to bloom in the pulled back shot on the railing… oh! LOVE!!

    [And thank you!! It would be awesome if Typepad wasn’t having their worst week of service in 10 years right now! :)]

  9. I’ve watched this blanket come together over the years. It gets more beautiful at every step along the way. A great finish and beautiful photos! Congratulations!!

  10. Parcheesi and Miter Madness, the two best knits I have ever, ever seen and the two best photo shoots off all time!! You are one of the most talented knitters I have ever met and I feel fortunate to have watched you evolve through all your amazing knits.

  11. Absolutely fabulous!!!!! I remember reading your blog when you were knitting the squares. It was so much fun to watch all the colors come together. What a beautiful project!! So happy you saw it through to the end.

  12. I remember reading your blog when you were in the planning and knitting stages and I always loved the way you played with colors. I’m so happy to see it finally, gloriously, finished! And I’ve never really blogged but yeah, motherhood has put a serious crimp in my free time and energy so I feel you.

  13. WOW — I can’t believe you started this journey in 2007. It doesn’t feel like that long ago! Yours was one of the very first knitting blogs I ever read, and when I had just started reading it, you were blogging about your squares. It’s so exciting to see this FO at last, and it is truly stunning. The photos, too. Just wonderful, all around!

  14. Congratulations, what an accomplishment! After many years, a stunning blanket, a work of art and love.

  15. Absolutely stunning…and I love the story that goes along with it. Congratulations! (p.s. gorgeous photos and thank you for the link to Vicki’s…I’ve admired Parcheesi in her blog banner for years and somehow never managed to visit the FO shoot until tonight!)

  16. Beautiful. I am happy for you that you have completed this journey. On to the next one. Great job mom!!!

  17. It is just stunning! I followed your journey through this project as well and it’s fantastic to see it completely done.

  18. Absolutely wonderful! There will never be a blanket that made such a difference in so many lives.

  19. At long last, the miters!!!!
    I started knitting around this time and it was an inspiration. Congrats on finishing!

  20. I’m so glad I lived to see the day 😉

    I’ve been hovering in the balcony through the whole process, and it’s fabulously fun to finally see it finished in all it’s glory. Congratulations! It must be even MORE fun for you. A fiber-y piece of your life – thank you for sharing your journey with the rest of us!

  21. It’s GLORIOUS!!! Hip hip HOORAY! Lovely pictures, and now a lovely blanket that’s full of memories – truly an heirloom in everyway!

  22. Yes!!! I read about the original madness and am so thrilled to see the beautiful finished product! Congrats on some amazing artistry!

  23. Elise Hiller says

    I love it! I read with fascination as you were creating the squares and I was inspired to do the same. I made a number of squares, but they have been languishing. You are inspiring me yet again to get back to work on them! Thank you for sharing your story and the beautiful creation. A treasured family heirloom!

  24. I *love* this. And it makes me think maybe my own ideas for years-spanning blankets aren’t entirely crazy. 🙂

  25. omg i am so very, very thrilled for you and proud of you for finishing this magnificent piece! i have been following from the start and hoping to see the end of it all. the finished product and all those stats and inspirational pictures have helped me maintain my excitement about knitting for years. well done, my friend. well fucking done!

  26. Wow, wow, wow! Beautiful work and amazing photos. I started knitting and reading your blog at around the time you started these and I have also had two daughters since then. Time flies.

  27. Wow that is amazing! Congrats on finishing.

  28. Congratulations on finishing it. It’s beautiful!

  29. Wow, wow, wow! Congratulations. I felt the same way when I finished a Log Cabin Afghan that was the biggest think I’ve knit (and only 1/3 of the size of yours). Bravo!

  30. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  31. Wow, just gorgeous!

  32. Kathode Ray Tube says

    What an incredible work of art. It’s lovely and intriguing. And it belongs in this collection that I just saw a few weeks ago. Congratulations!

  33. I’m gobsmacked. We all knew it was good when you were cooking this up- Holy Cow! Truly more than a sum of its parts. It has taken me a few days to post a comment as your work has yet again blown me out of the water. I admit to being more proud and choked up than I ought to be.

    Thank you for taking us all on your journey. The squares, the technique, the photoshop tips and tricks, and your sheer stamina have completely inspired us. Your generosity in sharing has given me so much affirmation and joy, plus a good swift kick in the butt (much needed).

    GREAT JOB! Xoxo KT

  34. I can’t get over this blanket. It is just so beautiful and I love the perseverance that it shows. Gives me hope that one day I’ll finish some of my long long term WIPs.

  35. may you continue to enjoy it in health and happiness!

  36. I’m so happy for you! It was so exciting to read those miter posts and see your enthusiasm at the time. I’m glad you given yourself the time now to give this phase of the blanket the honor it deserves 🙂
    I hope it’s now home to a million snuggles on the couch and the roof to many forts!

  37. I started following you along when you were right in the beginning stages of this blanket. Can it really be that long ago? It came out great. I especially love the black border. I am sure it is going to be an heirloom for a long time to come. Great~

  38. Add me to the list of those who followed along from the very beginning of this project. Congratulations to you, not only for finishing, but for coming through to the other side of all that you have been through. And of course, I once again send you major kudos for your amazing photography. Any thought of more of those wonderful cards you used to sell?

  39. Congratulations! On the blanket, on finishing, and on everything in between. I’ve also been here from the beginning and it gives me great joy to see this project at last.

  40. So glad I decided to check your blog for an update! This is beyond a knitting project, it is the ultimate endurance test!!! Incredible outcome, and I love your impetus for finishing it!

  41. It is beyond beautiful, Cara. I’m retired now, but I remember reading your blog and following your progress during my breaks while I still worked—allot of water has gone over the dam during the last five years, as my dad would say.

  42. Beautiful! I remember reading your blog waaaaaay back in the day when you made the squares, and I had all but forgotten about them until I saw your blanket pop up on Ravelry. It’s so great to see this project come full circle after so long! Congrats!!

    My mitered squares are still sitting in a box somewhere…. 🙂

  43. I remember when you began. What a wonderful journey and piece that will bring you back for years to come. Congratulations on your beautiful blanket. Now keep all juice boxes and sticky foods away! 😉

  44. Spectacular…and all the more so for its story. Evidence of a colorful life, well led.

  45. Stunning! Both the blanket and the photo shoot! Love the look of the blanket against the almost-solid backgrounds.
    I followed this at the very beginning — so happy to see it finished. It is magnificent!

  46. It’s beautiful! You so inspire me. Not only is the blanket/Afghan beautiful but so are your pics of it. Thank-you for sharing your journey. Now, to get going on mine.