Your Pick Me Up of the Day!

In need of a little pick me up? Want to feel better about your housekeeping skills? Listen to this: while I was in the shower and my husband was making lunch in the kitchen, my girls got into the styrofoam that packaged the Statue of Liberty souvenirs we bought them yesterday. Can you see where this is going?


Now our carefully cultivated hoarder’s decor is covered in a billion teeny tiny pieces of styrofoam. Oh and some larger pieces as well that my kids are happily crushing into more tiny pieces. I’ve broken my vacuum

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, which I’ve already taken apart twice to unclog, and the ancient dustbuster is doing yeomen’s work picking up the pieces, but the old broad can only do like ten pieces at a time before she has to rest.

The styrofoam is multiplying and traveling. It’s a freaking blizzard and we’re hunkering down for the winter of our discontent.

Aren’t you glad you’re not me? Don’t you feel better about your own messy house? I bet you’re not spending your Saturday night shoveling styrofoam.

Feel free to thank me later.

L, C


  1. A styrofoam war does not sound like one you can win. You’ll have to chronicle We’ll be curious!

  2. That should be chronicle how man years it’s around. Not sure what happened to the end of the sentence. (?)

  3. thanks, I’m feeling a lot better now 🙂 and sorry for you!!!

  4. Been there. Pick it up with a circle of packing tape (like you are taking pet hair off of pants, but larger scale).

  5. I second the idea of tape of some kind. Vacuum cleaning will just blow the little suckers around. Things that I banished from my house when I had wee ones: styrofoam, glitter, finger paint. All evil substances, IMHO. Good luck!

  6. OK–Girls made the mess– let them have some fun cleaning it up…Have them put socks on and wrap tape (sticky side out) around their socks. Stomp away.

    Wish that pic could make me feel better about my housekeeping skills, but between the teenagers and the toddler, there’s no winning around here!