Bar Crazy

FYI  – This post is picture heavy.

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I wrote this post, which means it’s been TWO years since I started my Bar Method journey. I thought, on my second anniversary, it would be a good idea to catch up and let you know how things stand.



I still love it. As much as I ever did.

I still try to go five days a week, although this winter it’s been a challenge to keep that up what with school closings, and the studio having to cancel classes due to weather and all, but I’m pretty sure I’ve managed. Even better, my studio switched up the schedule in the new year and a very popular time slot that I frequent has changed from a regular class to a Level 2 class. L2 classes run for the same amount of time, but pack in a ton more exercises, the result being a VERY fast class (almost fast enough that you don’t register at first how crazy hard it is!) that is super intense. You need to have taken at least 50 classes before you can take an L2 because there is very little set up time between exercises – you need to know what’s going on. I think I have the 50 classes covered – maybe I’m up to 500? Still, every time I take the class I’m a bit nervous going in – can I do it? Can I make it through? And then at around the mid point, when we’ve finished the super intense portion of class, I get the most incredible burst of energy! I LOVE IT!



One of the best things about this new L2 class is that most of the women I take class with I take class with ALL the time. We frequent the same time slot due to kids and school and it’s like we’ve sort of progressed to this level as a group. I feel like we feed off each other. The energy in the class is amazing!


I’m really glad to take this intense class once a week, but that in no way means that a normal class isn’t still incredibly difficult. One of the best aspects of Bar Method is that the better you get, the harder the classes get and I’m here to tell you that’s absolutely true. The beginning of class always feels so ridiculously impossible and until those endorphins kick in I wonder every time how I will get through it.



But I do. And I love it.

This winter has been hard on my mind and body – too many days stuck at home with the kids = too much bad food, too much drinking and just blah – but if I can get a class in I feel strong in mind and body. I’m so grateful to have an outlet, especially these day.



Many of my friends will tell you that when it comes to Bar , I’m a glutton for punishment. I want my ass kicked. I want that shake. I want to feel like I’ve gone to my limit. Otherwise, why do it? All or nothing, baby. All or nothing. And I try so hard to give it my all.

I’ve heard many many people talk about the wonderful atmosphere and community at their studios, but I’m here to tell that the teachers and students where I take class are the best! They lift me up when I feel down, through exercise and camaraderie. They are obsessed, just like me. When I found my knitters, I found my people. And when I found Bar, I discovered a whole other family as well. (Some of whom are knitters!! DOUBLE OBSESSION FTW!)



Happy Anniversary to my beloved Bar! I hope I can keep tucking for many, many years to come.



All of the pictures that appear in this post were taken by me at my studio. I was fortunate to have been asked by the owners to photograph the instructors taking a master class on a few occasions. I hope these pictures relay the beauty and strength of these women who inspire me daily.


As always, thank you for reading!

L, C


  1. You have changed since you found barre in mind and body. The energy you pull from class has been apparent in your posts and on your face. Your body has changed in shape and tone. It’s wonderful to see the happiness and strength barre brought you and, even though we haven’t seen each other face to face in that time, I can tell you’re a changed person. Congrats! I’m looking forward to my 1 year anniversary of pilates! It’s good to find your thing!

  2. Love the pictures! And, I can’t say that your “all or nothing” attitude shocks me.

  3. So inspiring! And congrats on TWO years of success.


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