Movin’ and Groovin’

Things are still pretty much status quo over here. The baby’s still nursing a lot and I’m still working a lot. My mom’s here for a couple days to help out with baby wrangling so I can work and G and I even had dinner out tonight. Together. Alone. Sans bebe. Nice.

Thank you all so much for your comments and suggestions. It’s helpful to know others have gone before and survived. Meli is teething. I guess. She doesn’t have any teeth and I’m convinced we’re going to go to her nine month checkup with no teeth. But they definitely hurt her at times. She’s also on the verge of extreme movement. For now she bounces up and down while sitting and moves around like that and she’s started pulling up on everything, well, mostly me, but still she’s pulling up. Maybe both her teeth and the moving have to do with her wanting to nurse and giving up the paci. Who knows. She’s not leaving our bed anytime soon because we all really love having her there and ultimately it’s what’s working for us.

Today I received a package of yarn. Purple tweedy yarn. Beautiful soft yarn that’s wool with a touch of silk. It might just be the most gorgeous yarn I’ve ever seen. I promise to take a picture of it soon. I’ll be swatching ASAP. The thing I miss most about life pre baby is knitting. Definitely the knitting. Oh to hold those two sticks again and the gorgeous gorgeous yarn.

I’m going to dream about this yarn. In between the nursing.


  1. Oh no, I was hoping that in a few months, I could knit more. Right now I can get a a few rows in after my 2 month old goes to bed for the night, but I was hoping…. 🙂

  2. It does get better… once Z started regularly going to bed and sleeping from 8 til 8 the knitting time came back. While I was still nursing, I would often prop her up so she was comfortable using my nursing pillows and knit while she nursed. I couldn’t do anything complicated, but I made some progress on some simple projects.

  3. Sounds like you’re busy, eh? You will knit again, rest assured. I learned how to knit when my son was 10 months old, you’ll find the time again soon, I swear. You just do like Kay, fit it in where ever you can.
    Have you tried moving Meli to her crib once she’s asleep? Maybe your movements wake her?

  4. Teething! What fun! My daughter didn’t have any teeth by nine months either, and then FOUR teeth broke through all at once. From Misery to Baby Sunshine overnight. Hope the same for you.

  5. My first daughter didn’t get her first tooth until a week before her first birthday. Some kids are just late teethers! My second child got her first tooth around 8mo. and had 6 teeth by 9 mo. She’s now 16 mo. and STILL only has 6 teeth. Stalled out.
    I admire anyone who can knit and nurse at the same time — I was never able to master that.

  6. There’s a great little pill from a company called Hyland that helps teething. It’s tiny and dissolves instantly. The main ingredient is calcium. You can try to get them at a health food store. They were a life saver for both my kids (well more for me, I guess). I always hated when my kids were teething because you wouldn’t know until after that that was why they were so cranky :-).

  7. I have three kids. 13, 10 & 5. All of them slept in bed with us, all nursed until they decided that they no longer needed it, and I let them lead the way…
    They are now in their own beds, no longer in diapers and or nursing…
    It’s what worked for us, and we are happy that we did what we did while they were little.
    Enjoy your parenting journey!!

  8. Well, I’m not a mother, but I remember a friend telling me that frozen (and then thawed) whole carrots are great for teething babies: they have the carrot flavor and they’re really rubbery. Just a thought!

  9. She has no teeth at all yet? Man, are you lucky. Miss B got her first two at three months (!), and when they’re that little they don’t have the motor coordination yet to stick something in their mouth. By the time she was Meli’s age she had at least six teeth and had begun sharpening them on her day-care classmates. It’s quite possible that Meli’s about to get a whole bunch of them at once, and/or that she’s working on some other major milestone like crawling or cruising or, heaven help you, walking. (Miss B walked at 9 months. I was not ready.)
    My kids both loved zwieback btw.

  10. I second the recommendation for Hylands Teething Tablets. Henry didn’t get his first teeth until he was almost 9 months. Some kids just get their teeth late. 🙂

  11. I second the recommendation for Hylands Teething Tablets. Henry didn’t get his first teeth until he was almost 9 months. Some kids just get their teeth late. 🙂

  12. Purple yarn is the best! I understand your missing the knitting time. Been there! I can’t wait to hear all the details about the yarn and what you are going to make with it.
    Keep enjoying the baby (and husband!). They are both well worth the time and energy they take…

  13. hang in there, cara. knitting will come back. i never thought i would knit as much as i do now, and i truly appreciate every moment of it. i forgot to mention in the last comment, the thing that worked well for mace (our rough teether) was boiron liquid teething relief. it is homepathic and i gave it to him before nap time and i think it really helped him sleep better. now we have moved onto the hyland tablets and they take them religiously. maybe give it a whirl. also, someone once told me about this paci called the raspberry (razberry) that people swear by. never used it but you might have some success. don not fret, you will knit with that yarn someday. 🙂

  14. The daughter of a friend of mine had no teeth on her first birthday, but several popped out within a few weeks. Teeth don’t know the timetable, apparently.