If you don’t have anything to say

show a picture! I realize I haven’t posted any recent pictures of my baby – excuse me – BIG GIRL – in a little while so here you go:

These were all taken May 29 after a few mishaps – scraped chin, black eye, egg on the forehead. And two days later she skinned up her knee pretty bad. She’s quite the adventurer. She definitely keeps me on my toes. We’re a bit under the weather this week (just a couple of colds) so we’re hanging low, but three weeks from today we close on our new house! I can’t believe it already! On Saturday we’re going in again to check things out and do some measurements – it feels like forever since we’ve been there! We aren’t going to physically move, probably, for another six weeks, but still we’ve started to panic. We’re moving! To a HOUSE!!! Our own house! YAY!

Okay. Now I have to go measure stuff.
L, C

PS – Thanks for all your kind words about my monkey socks. Sadly, things have slowed down, but they’re all past the picot edge and the first repeat. I’m about five repeats in on one of them. S.L.O.W.


  1. She’s darling! I’m so glad to see that another little one about the same age as my girl only has 2 bottom teeth. 🙂 Meli has MUCH more hair though.
    Congrats on the house!

  2. I’m sorry that you’re feeling under the weather. Your Big Girl is so stinkin’ cute… and getting so BIG!!

  3. she’s so cute! what beautiful brown eyes.

  4. Judy Meyer says:

    Picture #6=Mona Lisa.

  5. WOW! She’s growing so fast! Look at those itty bitty teeth and all that pretty hair. She’s so adorable. Congrats on the house and good luck to packing.
    ~Miss Amy

  6. holy smokes!! teeth!

  7. Oh, here hair’s gotten so long! I love her curls and the tiny bangs up top. Good luck with the house!

  8. Her hair!! It’s awesome. 🙂 Love the expressions. Such a big girl.

  9. Oh, I’ve been thinking about you all week b/c I unearthed my mitered squares. So I went back & read your “Madness” posts. Very fun to re-read and catch the spark of your enthusiasm again. I needed it for all the sewing in of ends. oy vey. Miss Meli is adorable. Those big brown eyes will melt many a heart. Love the curls, too. Good luck w/ the moves and thanks for the post!

  10. What a cutie! I love her hair… Raley is very jealous 🙂
    Can you believe how big they are??

  11. O, the little ChicletTM teeth and little flippy curls!
    And happy happy housewarming!

  12. So lovely, and adventuresome?! What a winning combo. Congrats on finally being able to move. I’ll be glad when you can all relax and enjoy being in your new home.

  13. She looks the same, but so different, too! And the hair! She’s precious. 🙂

  14. Cute bebeh pics! Squeee!

  15. Holy freaking cute! And hot damn, Cara. You are one fabulous photographer.

  16. Don’t you just LOVE it when their hair starts to get long and all curly at the ends? ADORABLE!

  17. OMG,Cara, she is so “you and George”. My how she has grown into a little lady.

  18. She is adorable, Cara! Amazing how fast they grow up. The scrapes and bruises and black eyes are par for the course; the girls spent most of their first three years with some bump or other from all the adventures.