The Winter of Our Discontent

I don’t know what the weather has been like at  your house, but it has been positively appocalyptic at mine. I live in Northern New Jersey where everyday you wake up like you live in Siberia – or actually – I guess not, because judging from Sochi, which is actually IN Siberia, it seems kind of warm there. (Um. No it’s not. Thank you Tricia! I lost my brain cells in the snow! Actually I think I confused Maria Sharapova’s hometown with Sochi.) Whether it’s been the polar vortex freezing everything in sight, or snow, snow  PLEASE GOD MAKE IT STOP NO MORE snow, or the fact that my children haven’t had a full week of school (literally!!) since Christmas, this winter has, for lack of a better word, SUCKED!

And when the weather sucks, people become very, very grumpy.

Dudes. I am so very, very grumpy.

But! I have only barely given up on life! There is still some good in this world! Like this awesome hat I knit for myself!


It’s the Tofino Surfer by Tin Can Knits, which I knit with leftovers from Oshima. I gave the hat all the bells and whistles: ear flaps, braids, a pompom.


I love wearing it. It makes me considerably LESS grumpy when out shoveling all the wretched snow. And it keeps my head nice and warm when I’m out in the polar vortex. GOOD HAT.

I  also started a new pair of stripey socks. Here they are rocking out their Fish Lips Kiss Heels!


And here they are showing you how nicely their stripes match!


These stripes

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, brought to you by Yarntini in the Super Duper Boogaloo colorway, make my OCD heart sing! And when you’ve been stuck in the house with your kids for what feels like MONTHS ON END, anything that can turn your OCD into a positive is AMAZING. I’m not even finished yet, but GOOD SOCKS.

In the last couple of months, I may have purchased my body weight in stripey sock yarns but let’s not think of it as overindulging. Let’s think of it as taking stock in my mental health. If matching up those stripes can make my OCD feel good, well, then, stripe away!

Hope this winter is treating you better than it’s treating me. And if not, I hope you have your own stripey sock antidote to make it all better.

L, C

PS – If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen these pictures before. And if you’re not following me on Instagram, well, why not? I post over there a lot. Come visit!



  1. I just love love love those stripey socks! I’ve got to make some of those happen sometime, they are amazing!

  2. I am so, so with you in Siberia-winter. However, I cannot be with you on Instagram since my ancient smartphone rejects it. 🙁

  3. It is the winter that will never end. Here’s hoping that all the snow melts in time for Maryland Sheep and Wool!

    I love seeing your knitting on Instagram! Those stripes are lovely!

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more–both about the horrid NJ winter and about how knitting is the only bright spot this season! I hope we’re almost out of the woods….

  5. Great post, lovely hat and socks, and I sympathise with your weather problems – over here in the UK we’ve had seemingly endless rain. Just one thing though, Sochi isn’t in Siberia! In fact, it’s about as far from Siberia as you can get and still be in Russia.

  6. {hugs} totally with you on being very done with winter. i’m not sure i believe the forecast for the next few days… sign i’m over it? i’m craving multi-colour and your self-striping socks have me one the hunt for the perfect combination.

  7. We’d happily take some of that snow off your hands if we could. It’s unseasonable warm and weird here. Haven’t had a proper winter storm since December and there isn’t a change insight. You’re doing a great job of keeping your OCD heart happy. You don’t weight much and I’ll bet you bought just the right amount of yarn to offset your StR stash. Balance is good. LOVE the hat. LOVE you!!

  8. Cara, thanks so much for posting about the the Fish Lips Kiss Heels a few posts ago. I just finished the heels on my first pair that includes it. It was amazingly easy to knit them. These socks are for my nephew so I won’t be able to tell about the fit until I finish them and get them sent to SC… In the order, I told the designer where I saw the link and she emailed me that she had visited your blog and enjoyed it. I hope she sent you a note to thank you! Love your stripey-ness… Sandhill cranes have been leaving NCFlorida in droves so I hope that means Spring is near for you!


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