Pencils Down

I finished knitting the last miter of this project at 12:54 PM, April 29, 2007. Details tomorrow.


  1. Oh, Wow, I wasn’t even close. I thought you would be too busy working to finish it this weekend. By the way, that photo today would make a great card. You really need to make up a new set with these miter pics. I love your photography. Now I can’t wait to read the specifics on your blankie.

  2. See you say “details”. Notice you did not say “pictures”. Hmmmm.

  3. See you say “details”. Notice you did not say “pictures”. Hmmmm.

  4. I want pictures!!!

  5. how very exciting for you! I, however, was WAY off.

  6. 48 hours ahead of my guess! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see pictures.

  7. Oh, shoot! I never got around to guessing…
    Can’t wait to see details!

  8. So…what do you plan to do with all the leftover yarn?

  9. Congratulations! Now open that bottle of wine and have a good sit down.

  10. Very cute title

  11. congratulations!! I’m excited to see all the miters (even if my original guess and the modified guess were both WAY off! 🙂 )

  12. i cannot wait to see the completed project. i’ve been keeping up with your progress and it’s very inspiring! 😀

  13. Looking forward to seeing it all put together!

  14. Arrraaagghhhhhhh. I was one day off!

  15. Yea for you but man was I was quite a few days off!

  16. Wow, look at all those colors! I think you could knit another mitered blanket from the leftovers!
    I think my guess was off by about 10 hours or so 🙁

  17. I love this picture! very cool & inspiring

  18. That is definitely a big TA-DA moment. Revel. Do you have a back-up methadone treatment ready to get you thru the next couple days? 😉

  19. I hope you make a card set using this photo, one of the finished product, and some of the photos along the way…
    Congrats. Let the sewing-up begin — or the casting on of something new. Knitter’s choice.

  20. Wow, I’m impressed…and off by about 12 hours. And eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s FULL REPORT! With pictures! I’m going into withdrawals here…

  21. If only you had finished around 6 hours earlier. 🙂

  22. Mazel tov! I’m filled with awe and inspiration. I cast on for my first miter last night. My guess was way off, but no matter: you’re done! And now, the sewing up commences (yikes). Your sense of color is truly remarkable. I look very forward to seeing your finished blanket.

  23. I have so enjoyed seeing your wonderfully documented miter progress. Can’t wait to see your final decision on putting them all together!!

  24. I really do not remember what I guessed. I should have written it down! Yaay for miter completion- I’m so excited to see your final project all sewn and lovely!

  25. Staring at all that yarn, I may be converted to the ecstatic gospel of colour appreciation.
    How is it possible for them to even make one yarn in so many colours? Congratulations.

  26. Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear all of the details!

  27. Well, my guess was within 24hrs at least! Those cotton colors look gorgeous arranged like that … what on earth are you going to do with all those leftovers?! Can’t wait to see the finished piece all sewn up and bordered.

  28. I forgot to guess, but I listened to Wages of Sin in your honour. Dude, you can stop paying now 🙂

  29. Hmm, completely forget when I guessed, although I’m pretty sure I got the day right. ? Congratulations!

  30. dying to finally see it- congrats!

  31. One question, however— DID you CAST on the next project!!!!?????? What’s the next blanket?

  32. The actual finish time is surprisingly close to the example you used in your contest announcement. I wonder what I guessed?

  33. Woo Hoo! Yipee! Congratulations!
    I cannot WAIT to see it!

  34. Congrats!!!

  35. I don’t remember what I guessed either!
    Congratulations!!! Obviously, WE can’t wait to see it!!!! And I AM wondering what you cast on next….

  36. About 14 hours faster than I guessed! Well done.

  37. The last miter! I’m going to miss the knitting of them, but I look forward to watching how you put them together.

  38. I love the photo!
    (If you’re wondering about my guess being so long from now, for some reason I thought you had 17 large squares to knit, not the quarters. I didn’t want you to think I thought it would take you that long to knit 4 large squares. 😉 )

  39. That is one beautiful collection o’ yarn.

  40. !!!!! How exciting! (you finished exactly 10 hours, 5 minutes earlier than I predicted).
    I can’t wait for pictures!!!

  41. Huge bummer. I’m pretty sure I went over. By minutes. Argh! At least I still get the prize of seeing the mitres – can’t wait!

  42. Congratulations!

  43. Wow you blew away my guess. Great job!

  44. PICAdrienne says

    Congratulations. Rest well. I hope you enjoyed your jobs this weekend, also.
    Now, the arranging, for me, that would take forever, however, with your eye for color, I am sure it will be beautiful.

  45. Wow! That’s fast! I was waaaaaaay way off! Show pictures! NOW!

  46. is there any way to shout “PICTURES NOWNOWNOW!!!!” without sounding obnoxious? I hope so, because….

  47. Congrats! Can’t wait to see the pictures!!!

  48. whooohoo, I was an hour and 6 minutes off. But out of a bizillion entrys I’m sure someone was closer.
    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it.

  49. I’ve been reading but just popped in to say “HOORAY!!!”

  50. wow. Congratulations – and beautiful colors. This would make another beautiful card.

  51. Oh I totally second making that photo into a card – gorgeous!

  52. I have been reading your blog for a while, and I have to say I love it; I’m always delighted to see a new entry, and your knitting can always be relied upon to make me smile. I cannot *wait* for the reveal of the mitred blanket! But what has induced me to delurk is today’s photo. If I had a large version of that, I’d use it as my computer wallpaper at work. Fab!

  53. Oh look at all those colors. The throw is going to be so pretty!!!