Are you a graphic artist that LOVES fiber? Are you a fiber artist that dabbles in graphics? Live with a graphic artist, but all you think about is fiber? I NEED YOU! Announcing a LOGO contest for SPIN OUT 2007!

I need a logo for this year’s SPIN OUT. Get out your WACOS pad and draw away – I want it to be FUN! COLORFUL! SPINNING related!

The logo needs to include the following items:

– September 29, 2007
– Central Park
– New York

The graphic should also include something related to spinning – either a spindle or spinning wheel.

Here are the logos I used last year:

So as you can see, anything goes. I need a digital file – anything that can be read by Photoshop. If you win, you give me permission to basically do whatever I want with your file – t-shirts, posters, pins, magnets, bumper stickers, etc. Your logo will appear on januaryone.com and spin-out.org for an indefinite period of time.

Enter as many logos as you like. BE CREATIVE!!!

There will be ONE winner. Said winner will receive $100 Gift Certificate courtesy of WEBS! That’s a lot of fiber and yarn!

The winner will be chosen by me. All entries must be received by WEDNESDAY AUGUST 8, 2007. All entries must be sent to logo@spin-out.org as an attachment. All questions should go to the same email.


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  1. I am so making Lola’s husband do this. He needs something to do during my week long stay; otherwise, he might reveal the whole plot to HP 7 and then I would have to kill him! You hear that SK? You’re making a logo for your sister-in-law to send to Cara . . . and you’re going to like it!

  2. Finally something I can apply my 4 years of BFA in Graphics and Studio Arts to!! I’ll give it a try. I’m a bit (ha ha ha) rusty….

  3. Wish I knew about graphics. Can’t wait to see what people come up with.

  4. Yay, Spin Out ’07!!! A September day, spinning in Central Park? It doesn’t get much better than that. I’m putting it on my calendar now! If there is anything I can help you with, organizationally or otherwise, don’t hesitate to ask.

  5. Oh, I hope I can find time to give this one a try. Just like Kitkatknit – FINALLY I can put my college education to use, for something fiber related even! 🙂

  6. Wow! That’s a great prize. If I wasn’t neck-deep in freelance I’d give it a…spin. 🙂 I liked your logos last year – funky and crazy and reminded me of John Lennon.

  7. How exciting, I hope we get to see all the entries.

  8. So, living on a different continent and all, I was wondering if (when) the Heifer Registery was going to be opened again. I would love to do my bit, albeit remotely, as this is a fabulous cause… Thanks.

  9. I don’t have a logo for you, but wanted to say I love your old ones…they remind me of the mod posters from the 1970’s, Maxfield Parish I think.

  10. I wish. Still look forward to the excitement of it all!

  11. Lisa – I googled Maxfield Parish so I don’t think that’s who you meant. Peter Max, tho, is most well-known for that style 🙂

  12. I sent mine in! I’m curious to see everyone else’s, too!