Read or Don’t Read, but PLEASE…

feel free to NOT tell me about it.

I received this comment today:

Commenter: .


Perhaps a baby blog to share vomiting and incontinence issues would be appropriate?

I have to say that even though I’ve enjoyed reading your (mostly) knitting blog for a couple of years now, the pregnancy tales from the gross side are not my taste.

I’m happy for you, and congratulations on fulfilling your dream of motherhood, but I did not subscribe to a pregnancy blog and I will no longer be reading.

Dear Anonymous Commenter:
While I appreciate your opinion very much and I’m sorry my blog is no longer meeting your expectations, why do you feel it’s necessary to leave me a comment that you won’t be reading my blog any more? The comment, in and of itself, is respectful and nice, but my life is stressful enough these days without you making me feel worse. I take my blog very seriously – ie, I WORK HARD to bring you all the pretty photos and knitting. I’m just barely hanging on here; I don’t have the energy, inclination OR desire to start another blog.

As I said, I’m sorry the blog is not what you want it to be. Maybe a private email? My email address is cara AT januaryone DOT com. Maybe not say anything at all – JUST STOP READING!

I’m sorry if I’m being ubersensitive, but if you puked every day and occasionally peed your pants chances are you wouldn’t be in the best mood either.

Thanks for understanding. I wish you all the best as well.