Hot Sox

Not only is today my beloved’s birthday, but it’s ONE MILLION DEGREES OUTSIDE! What better way to celebrate than a new pair of socks!

At least they’re minis!

Yes, my friends, it’s another pair of monkeys off the needles. As I previously mentioned, this yarn is STR Seastone – a discontinued colorway in the OLD (325 yds) put up. PERFECT for mini-monkeys!

This is my FIFTH completed pair of monkey socks and as such, I thought a bit of a monkey parade was in order:

From left to right you’ve got: minimonkeys in STR Seastone, regular monkeys in STR Rare Gems; regular monkeys in STR Dutch Canyon; picot monkeys in STR Chicabiddy, and minimonkeys in STR Watermelon Tourmaline. I am in NO WAY FINISHED with monkeys! I will be choosing a new color to cast on today! And I can guarantee two things – no THREE things. 1) They will be knit with STR. 2) They will have a Picot Edge. And 3) They will be regular size. You’ll just have to wait and see what color I pick. SO MANY to choose from…. Hmmmm.

Thanks for all the anniversary wishes. Poor Georgie’s getting a bum deal on both the anniversary AND his birthday, as I’m still not up to par. I’ll make it up to him though – don’t you worry. And he’s planning on getting himself a new toy so that should ease things a bit.

Two things I want to put out there – Have you seen Norma’s NEW (old) cause? The Red Scarf Project has taken on a whole new dimension – one that I can get on board with for sure. Don’t feel like knitting a scarf (my most dreaded project honestly) then you can GIVE MONEY instead! Check it out!

Also, Eve needs editors for upcoming issues of YARNIVAL! It’s not that hard and you get great exposure to all kinds of new and interesting blogs. Plus it’s a great way to give your OWN blog exposure! Come on! What are you waiting for?


  1. Happy Birthday G!
    Gorgeous! You really know how to rock the STR.

  2. Happy Birthday to G.!
    Lovely Monkey Parade!

  3. Anniversary and Birthday, too!? Happy Birthday, G-man!

  4. Happy Birthday to Georgie!
    It’s my birthday too! and it is super hot there too!
    I was curious how you do your monkeys – do you flip the chart or use the locos manos approach, or do the chart as written, even through they are toe up? Or something else?

  5. N. Santos says:

    Happy Birthday!!!
    I have been a lurker on your site, but finally brave enough to leave a comment. I love your Monkeys socks. I have made a pair of mini for my MIL after I saw yours. Thank you!!!

  6. Happy Birthday G! 🙂

  7. Happy birthday Georgie!! I’ve been trying to finish up the pair of socks on my needles before starting another pair … they might just be monkeys at this rate 😉

  8. Happy birthday to G!
    And I LOVE that color of STR! They are so pretty… I am in awe.

  9. Hey….G and I share the same B-day!
    Happy B-day G!!
    Love those Mini-Monkeys!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, G.!!!!

  11. Send on some more happy birthday wishes!
    All those monkeys together look great… I had made one pair, and maybe I’ll have to make another. Thanks also for the reminder about the Red Scarf Project – something I am going to look into.

  12. Happy Birthday G!

  13. Happy birthday G!
    Mmm..more monkey goodness!

  14. hi… what makes them *mini* monkeys? fewer lace pattern repeats? they’re beautiful!

  15. Happy birthday to G! I love the socks. Your photos are amazing. I too want to do something with the red scarf project this year.

  16. Happy Birthday G!!!!!!
    Love all the monkeys. Can’t wait to see what color you pick for the next ones.

  17. monkeys on parade. what a lovely image on a humid tuesday afternoon!

  18. Happy birthday to Georgie! August 7th is special to me as well, since it’s my anniversary – 5 years since my boy and I went out on our first date. 🙂
    And totally un-August 7 related, now I must knit picot Monkeys. Why do you always have this effect on me, Cara?

  19. Love your monkey parade! Happy Birthday to G and hope you’re feeling better soon.

  20. Great parade, I just finised a pair myself and love them. Happy B-Day to G.

  21. Your have a fine Monkey Parade over there!

  22. Happy Birthday to you Beloved!!1
    You can never have too many Monkeys! They’re all just so beautiful!!

  23. Happy birthday to G! (I hear he rocks)

  24. Happy Birthday to Georgie!
    You are so adorable with your Sock Phases. How many will it be this time….? I’m guessing 237. Heh.

  25. Happy Birthday G! A Monkey parade in his honor 🙂 Only a knitter…

  26. Happy belated anniversary! And a very happy birthday to G!

  27. Looks like the Monkeys have replaced the old Jaywalker craze- let the parade begin! The pattern would look great with the new STR color out called Blue Brick Wall.

  28. Happy Anniversary! And Kala Genethlia and Chronia Pola to Georgie!

  29. Yay for Monkeys and STR! I just finished a full pair in Sherbet. You must take a peek. It’s so lovely.

  30. I LOVE your picot edge–very pretty, and all those monkeys lined up–beautiful! I know what pattern I’m knitting next!

  31. Love all your monkeys! I made my first pair with the picot edge (LOVE picot!!) but I guess mine is somewhere between mini and regular. I see more in my future (and more STR and indie sock yarns!!).

  32. You silly monkey (grin) making all those monkeys parade! too cute! I just started my first monkeys yesterday!

  33. Holy Rainbow Feet, Batman, that parade of monkeys is breathtaking.

  34. I love the Monkey parade — such wonderful colors! Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Georgie!

  35. August IS a big month for you! Happy belated anniversary, and happy birthday to George!

  36. Sending B-day wishes …
    And I love, love, love the monkey parade!

  37. happy happy to you(&g) for all the important days! and i heart all your monkeys.i was wondering, where did you get your plain sock blockers?

  38. I’m impressed with the Monkey set! I’m starting my first pair now – breaking a horrible monogamous spell with a project I think will never end.

  39. happy birthday georgie… to many more healthy ones!
    oh and cara… you are making me itch to cast on a pair of monkeys 🙂

  40. I have never knit socks, but your Monkeys have insipred me to try to knit a pair. They are fantastic! And absolutely beautiful!
    Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to G!

  41. Happy Birthday to G and Happy Anniversary to both of you!

  42. oooo, pretty colors!

  43. Sorry to be so late with G’s birthday greetings. You do know that G and I share a b-day, yes? I hope it was a lovely one. Speaking of lovely, I can’t get over your growing collection of monkeys. You never fail to amaze me!

  44. I, too, am late in sending Congrats, but i had to say something about the impressive monkey parade!!!!

  45. Cara, all those Monkeys are fab! That’s my next sock to start at last. I have some older put-up STR ~ are you getting the short mini pair from just one hank?

  46. Oh, hey! I’ve seen those Rare Gem Monkeys live & in person! 😀 They are all looking soooooo lovely! Makes me want to cast on for a pair right now!