First off, let me just say THANK YOU for all the wonderful birthday wishes and belly compliments! I so appreciate you all! THANK YOU AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Now, can we do it over?

Hindsight is always 20/20 and as much as I LOVE being with the rugrats and watching the kids with G and just loving on them and having them love my baby so much, before s/he is even here – it wasn’t the best idea to watch them on New Year’s Eve. It was completely MY idea, so I have no one to blame for myself. It just didn’t feel like my birthday. My sister and her husband spent the night out, so we had the kids for the whole night. And it was long.

The next morning I woke up and promptly threw up.

There is no good reason for puking on your birthday UNLESS you’ve done something so fun, so excessive, it warrants that kind of behavior. I did nothing but have the audacity to get pregnant. Silly me.

The 1st was long and while it was lovely to be with my family and I got to eat good food (read bagels and cream cheese and baked salmon) and I had my prerequisite birthday cake (Carvel Ice Cream Cake – there is no substitute) I was exhausted and felt kind of ill all day. There were tears on my birthday. There was no knitting.

Today hasn’t been much better, honestly. I puked. Again. That’s two days in a row. I haven’t puked two days in a row in about six weeks. I am NOT happy. Honestly, I thought I was done with it. Yeah, sure, occasionally, but I feel like I’m going back to the beginning and somehow I feel like I lost all my coping skills. Or rather they shifted so I can cope with all the other stuff. Ann told me I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself because there’s nothing I can do about it and BUCK UP LIL’ CAMPER. (I told her at least I didn’t call her when I was crying – I called my sister – who was very sympathetic. She said you don’t call me for sympathy and she’s right.) ETA: Apparently Ann has taken great umbrage at the fact that I took poetic license in writing that she said, “BUCK UP LIL’ CAMPER.” She didn’t say those words out loud, even though that might be what I heard.

Anyway. That’s where I’m at. I’d like to do it over please. Tonight G and I are going out to dinner. I hope I can get through it. Isn’t that pathetic?

There has been some good stuff too! I completely freaked out last weekend over the whole baby thing and promptly leapt into action. We’ve ordered furniture for the baby’s room and I may have even registered! How crazy is that? It did make me feel a lot better about things though. Now the great clean-up must begin.

And there’s been knitting! Lots of knitting! (I should note that I feel kind of like a fraud posting these pictures after Jen and La so generously awarded me The Picture Perfect Award. Seriously – I can do much better!)

Oblique now has two fronts! I finished them Sunday night and I’m very happy with how they turned out. It ends up, if you take good notes when you’re knitting the back and making changes, the fronts go very well. Here’s a picture of the fronts laid out over the back.

And here’s a pattern close-up, just for the hell of it.

Still loving the yarn, the pattern, everything. I want it done NOW! I’m going to cast on for the sleeves today hopefully and I’m going to try a mod I read about on Ravelry. ThatLaurie, who knit a GORGEOUS Oblique in her own handspun, cast on the sleeves with a provisional cast on and started right away with the pattern instead of the big cuffs called for. I’m going to do the same. Basically, I’m knitting a larger size and while I like my sleeves long, I don’t think they’ll need to be THAT long. So I’ll knit them and add some ribbing later as warranted. Now to find my favorite provisional cast on. I can never remember which one I like best.

I didn’t really make any resolutions this year – other than enduring the end of my pregnancy with as much grace as I can, birthing a beautiful baby, and beginning the journey of raising a wonderful human being – but I do intend to blog on a more regular basis, whether I have knitting to show or not. Now that I’m not working like a maniac the blog is an excellent outlet for me and I miss the day to day of it. So hopefully you won’t get sick of me too fast.

Thanks for reading. And thanks again for thinking of me yesterday.
L, C


  1. Oblique is looking wonderful and so cozy!
    I hope tonight’s dinner is a smashing success (and stays in your stomach where it belongs!).

  2. Hang in there. I love your sweater. Congrats on the JenLa award — it’s well deserved.

  3. I’m sorry you’re going through a phase of feeling crappy. hang in there! I think Oblique looks AMAZING! Carvel cake: mmmmmmm!

  4. No surprise about the award. I *love* the photos in your banner. I click over often to see them, even when you aren’t posting often.

  5. I once made the mistake of babysitting on my birthday. I should have warned you.
    My friend had a baby girl yesterday! Yay for New Years birthdays!

  6. I think we all go through that crying jag when we’re pregnant. I literally cried buckets into my scrambled eggs one morning in the hospital (before bedrest) because I didn’t make my eggs that way and the nurse wouldn’t listen to me. It gets better at some point, but the hormones are killer until it does. Have an awesome dinner out with G and look forward to those sleeves . . . the rest of the sweater looks smashing!

  7. wait just one minute.
    I said you could feel sorry for yourself …. for 10 minutes and then that was that.
    now buck up.
    and I never said little camper. I might have said little fucker.

  8. Jean Marie says:

    De-lurking to wish you a happy birthday!
    Just remember to breathe and take care of yourself, and listen to your body…there is an amazing store of wisdom contained within! Last time I ate a lot of fruit and cottage cheese when nothing else was appealing, and the combo usually seemed to help settle my tummy.
    Clean a bit, here and there, but mostly to keep yourself from going crazy…the real cleaning won’t begin until your little one is starting to get into things (and your house will likely get clean from the bottom up!), so, as my DS#2 says, “no worry, mom, no worry” (he’ll be 4 in about 3 weeks; older ds is 14 and 1/2).

  9. Hang in there! My step-mom was sick the whole pregnancy with my brothers (twins). It didn’t look fun. Oh the bright side, it makes gaining too much weight harder. That is a blessing in the long run.

  10. Hope you have a nice time tonight-isn’t it great life sometimes gives us a do-over? Best wishes on your re-birthday 😉 And, you’re seriously making me “need” an oblique…

  11. I’m sorry your birthday was not as fantastic as it should have been. It’s more than okay to have one of those weepy, pregnant days. I probably had forty zillion. I hope your evening tonight is better.

  12. Oh the emotions of pregnancy…I feel for you. I’m not at all surprised about the award, your photos are amazing!
    Hope you have a good evening with your lovey! Here’s to no more pukes!!!

  13. Oooh, was it Fudgy the Whale? Or Cookiepuss? Yum!
    Glad you get a do-over, I hope its a wonderful night.
    Happy juju always aimed your way 🙂
    Hang in there.
    (I feel like I should include a picture of an impossible cute kitten hanging on a branch – blech)

  14. Cara, I am so sorry about your returning morning sickness! I had this exact problem with child #2. I thought I would share some tips that helped me tremendously – I had non-stop morning sickness until almost 5 months – and some blessed woman shared this with me – almost over night the sickness – and puking – stopped.
    Ginger capsules – you can get them at the health food store. Holy cow, did they work!
    Happy belated birthday – you are looking marvelous!
    And – the child who caused such puking – an absolute amazing being.

  15. Oblique does look amazing. You’ll be finished before you know it. I’m sorry it was rough…feel better!
    Maybe you can console yourself by saying at least you weren’t flat on your back, sick as a dog, wishing the cough would stop. Of course, I don’t want to be pregnant either. 😉

  16. At least you weren’t hungover.
    Happy belated Birthday Cara! And Oblique will be fabulous on you.

  17. Hi Cara!
    Your belly is beautiful!
    I have much enjoyed your pregnancy blogging-you are a riot!
    Nausea is just a sign of a good healthy pregnancy, and THIS late-REALLY healthy!
    Take care,

  18. Oh, bummer on the puking. I hope dinner went well!
    And thanks for passing along the tip on Oblique. I just cast on yesterday, and then again this morning.

  19. Happy Birthday (Part II!)
    Oblique is beautiful.

  20. Oi, I do not miss being pregnant at all–though in the end trust me it’s worth it 😉
    Happy B-day, you’ve made me want to make a trip to Carvel right now with the birthday cake mention.

  21. Awwwwww, I’m so sorry the ickies are returning. I hear that does tend to happen when the hormones surge again in the third trimester. You are such a trooper. (hug)
    I love your Obligue. Mine is sadly still just 3″ of rib, the back. I have put it on the backburner while I finish some other stuff. Soon.

  22. Your Oblique is looking gorgeous! Sorry about the puking…at least you’re heading into the home stretch!

  23. Happy birthday Cara!
    I do hope you will feel better soon.

  24. Hope you had a wonderful do-over dinner, and here’s to many more — do-overs every day you need ’em, I say!

  25. Birthdays were all about Carvel Cakes, Cookie Puss! My husband and I are NJ and PA transplants to Chicago, and we, along with friends who spent a decade in NYC, do Carvel commercial reenactments, tell Tom Carvel jokes, and sing the praises of Fudgey the Whale. I love, love, love that cookie crumb layer in the middle and the slightly waxy taste of the frosting. (It appeals to the part of me that also likes Cheez Whiz on my steak sandwhich, ya know?) I think I’m gonna put in my Carvel cake request right now…

  26. Sorry to hear about the puking, but really it is a good sign. I remember reading about the desire to engage in “nesting” in the third trimester and thinking that it sounded bizarre. Until I was pregnant. Then I realized that these hormones take over…and with good reason. Don’t fight it. Organize and shop when you are in the mood and rest when you can. It’s all good. I am still betting on a girl. Happy Birthday and all good wishes.

  27. Happy BElated Birthday, lady 🙂 Here’s to hoping you feel better soon…

  28. Oh you poor thing. I had morning (by morning I mean from when I woke up until 4pm) sickness with DS2. It was not fun. At one point my FIL took the family (including my also preggers SIL) out to lunch and then was annoyed that we both buffed it. Don’t worry this too shall pass.

  29. catherine says:

    Belated Happy Birthday from a fellow New Year’s baby!

  30. Belated Happy Birthday! Beautiful belly, and beautiful you. Oblique looks lovely, it makes me think about casting on for it even though I am not now and not going to be pregnant again. I’m sorry the babysitting wasn’t such a good idea, but look at it this way – your sister owes you babysitting time now!

  31. Hang in there, I hope dinner was better last night than your birthday. Do you feel prepared now having ordered some baby stuff?

  32. Thanks for the update on Oblique (I’m sure your photos will get back to their normal level of excellence soon enough).
    Hey, if you’re feeling too crummy for birthday fun maybe do it another night? Although getting a do-over for your birthday do-over is kinda funny.

  33. Sick of you?! Oh you talk crazy!

  34. Aw, It’ll all be okay, deep calming breath!! Your sweater is coming along beautifully, you’ll whip those sleeves up in no time, I’m sure. And Hey, Congrats on having your photo cards featured in the latest Vogue Knitting!!

  35. I’m so sorry you are still sick. I was sick for much of my pregnancies with my youngest two. Is there a med your doc can prescribe? I was on Phenergan for a while, that helped take the edge off. Sorry if you’ve mentioned it already, I may have missed some of your posts here and there. In a few short weeks, the baby will be here and the nausea will fade from memory. Really. And then you will have the adventure of your life! In the meantime, go ahead and complain about your state as much as you want. I did, and I think it’s perfectly reasonable to do :). Pregnancy is hard work!