Check. Check. Check 2.

Sibilance. Sibilance.


Raveled here.


  1. I represent the lurkers who have been reading and watching for posts for years, without a comment. I am sorry that I was not a participant, but I have always enjoyed your blog– and every time I drive by Barre 3, I think I should stop. I will, soon.

  2. It’s GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Did you knit this for Tom Hanks? 🙂

  4. Marietta T. says:

    So glad you’re back!! See, Mom was right – patience is rewarded. Really – we’ve missed you. I looks like you’ve been busy knitting – a beautiful shawl. I really love those colors together. It looks like it has a nice shape – hugs the shoulders, right?
    Take care & knit on . . . we’re still here too.

  5. Damn, girl: you don’t mess around, do you?

  6. Well. This is gorgeous and every time a post from you pops up in my feed reader I rush to read and to bask in the colors of whatever your photos contain. Sorry I’m late commenting on this one, but I am loving the color!