Am I looking for you?

Are you one of these people? Do you know one of these people?

Judy J.
Sally S.
Karen S. L.
Michele H.
Gail B.
Cathy G.
Daisy L.
Paula O.
Aimee A.
Illanna W.

These people are all Spin Out 2007 Winners, but they have not contacted me about claiming their prize. I’ve sent two emails – PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS!!!!

If you think you might be one of these people, or think you might know one of these people, please leave a comment or contact me by my email: cara at spin-out dot net OR cara at januaryone dot com.



  1. I might be Daisy L. or I could be Judy J.

  2. Here I am !! I am not at the job that I guess I gave you for my email address. duh!! I am so excited to win something! I thought all hope was lost. :>)

  3. I kept checking my spam, hoping you’re looking for me, and now my hopes are officially dashed. Sigh.

  4. You really are nesting!! Hope all those winners speak up and claim their prizes.

  5. Illanna is at:
    But she hasn’t posted since September! I left her a comment to come over and give you a holler!!

  6. I could totally be any of those people if you wanted to give me prizes.
    just let me know and i’ll fill out the government name change forms.

  7. I could be one of the these people – I might be – If you need a person to give a prize to, I’ll volunteer!!

  8. I could be any of those girls if they don’t respond 😉

  9. Oh, me too! Me too! They have much more exciting names than I do anyway.

  10. I wish.

  11. Really…just like swaps have angels to fill in for swappers who fink out, I think you need some angels….and I would be happy to be one of them.

  12. Hey I didn’t know I won something! What did I win? This is very exciting!!! Thanks and sorry you were looking for me. I didn’t get any e-mails, not even spam.

  13. Oh, and thank you Denise! I need to post!

  14. I can become someone else too! My life as of late is a constant bore! LOL

  15. Guess we’re all having bad days, wanting to be someone else. sigh……..

  16. cathy Goldman says:

    WOwsa..and I deleted all my spam. shucks. but I’m here cg

  17. I am a Michele H…
    I do not see that I have an email, even in spam…
    I see that the name is crossed out…. maybe another Michele H?
    Please let me know.