Walk This Way!

Nothing like that toddler goose step!

Walk This Way from January One on Vimeo.

We’re home. Chaos has ensued. Basically, the last Tuesday in February I found a listing for a house that on paper looked perfect. On Thursday I found out that it really was perfect (perfect town, perfect location IN perfect town, perfect number of bathrooms (a real sticky point with us), perfect perfect perfect.) On Saturday we filled out all our paperwork and on Tuesday we found out they accepted our bid. (We beat out three other bidders – fortunately or unfortunately the section of the country I live in hasn’t really been affected by the housing crisis all that much.) So a week from start to finish. Before Meli’s party on Saturday, we were out of attorney review and had the inspection (still pretty much perfect.) Had her party, left for vacation and now I’m home blogging instead of getting my current house ready to sell. And they start the dreaded drilling on Monday (the drilling/jack hammering on our balcony and the outside of all the windows that will force me from my home – the one I’m currently trying to sell – for most of the daylight hours, six days a week.)

Things are CRAZY. I’m exhausted and the hard work hasn’t even begun. Oh and I’ll refer you to the video above – the one that shows the TODDLER.

I AM NOT COMPLAINING. Just stating facts. Things are very good, but still crazy. And exhausting.

I might be scarce, you know with the craziness. But I still love you.


  1. your current house will be perfect for someone.
    i love your vimeos of miss meli. i close my eyes and see my girls laughing, taking those steps, kissing the windows, and i wonder how over twenty years have zoomed by me.

  2. I’ll bet she’s running from one end of the house to the other all ready. Talking and walking at the same time…how smart is she?

  3. Ohmygod, I love how she babbles her baby-talk “There you go” and it sounds just like YOU!!
    Wish I could come and help you out…

  4. OK, so I’m dying to know: where’s the house? Oh, and mazel tov! Great, great news!

  5. That’s so awesome! Congratulations on the new house!

  6. Congrats on the new house and best of luck selling the old place. What an exciting but draining process!

  7. Look at that toddler!!
    Best of luck with the buying/selling!! Just think…after all the crazy, you’ll have a house!

  8. Congratulations on the house. What a whirlwind.
    And enjoy that toddling! It’s great fun.

  9. Congratulations on the new house and the walking baby and all. I hope you’ll be closer to your friend Ann! From one who has moved a bazillion times, I must give you this advice: When you hire the movers have them do the packing. It’s SO worth the extra cost. The come in ONE day and do the whole shebang. Good luck. I hope you’ll check in w/ us and let us know your progress. I’ll delete your address from my address book!

  10. How exciting!! Good luck with all you’ve got to do. Can’t wait to see photos of the new house.
    I can’t believe how big Meli is getting!

  11. Congrats on the house…and look at her go. I love that she is parroting “There you go.” back to you. Like around 1:45…
    What a cutie.

  12. Congrats on the new house & Meli is adorable!

  13. Look at her!! Hard to believe that Meli is so big already.
    I’m so happy to hear your house news. May your new place be the perfect setting for your family’s *happily-ever-afters*.

  14. Yaaaay, Meli! Wooo!
    Happy Birthday too! And happy house! This post was crammed with happy news!

  15. congrats! on everything! it soudns crazy, but it’s such wonderful news!!! yay!!!

  16. Congratulations! Like everything else, this will work out, too. You’ll see.

  17. I am so excited for you and your family! What exciting times!

  18. As a New Jersey native, I’m so curious to know where you’re settling! Congrats!!
    I love her little flappy loincloth… 😉

  19. Go Meli Go!! I’m sorry, with the title like that I can’t help but picture Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein!
    Next…running like Forrest Gump!