Victory Shall Be Mine!

Here’s the color of today:

It’s really not the best representation. If you want to, go here and see it. (Although I think the color is actually a bit more blue and a bit less gray on my wall.)

This gorgeous color (trust me – it’s beautiful!) will grace my bedroom walls. It matches perfectly with the great carpet we got which changes between a gray/blue and a deeper midnight-ish blue depending on how you look at it. The carpet is pretty neat: it’s made from corn. Besides been kind of “green,” it’s super soft and cushy. We’re doing the bedrooms, hallway and stairs with variations of it.

They started working on the house at the end of last week. (And by they I mean the tradesmen that will make my life hell for the next couple of weeks. We’re three days in and already I’m ready to quit.) The electricians are gone and the floor guys started today (we’re having the first floor wood floors refinished. Figured it was good to get that done while the house is empty.) Then paint, then finish the floors, then carpet then MOVE! I’ve packed a total of…TWO boxes. Books. I’m not sure you’ve ever seen my house, but my book collection makes my yarn collection look like I started knitting two weeks ago. Truly. The really sad thing is that I have barely any wall space in the new house for all the bookcases. There are a TON of windows – literally walls of windows, which is wonderful and makes our Tudor home bright and cheery, but doesn’t leave a lot of wall space for bookshelves. For sure a lot of them will end up in storage. Anyway, I’ve packed two boxes of books. Only 58 more to go.

Another thing about the new house: I have my own yarn/fiber room! There is a really lovely sun room off of the main entrance/hallway and it’s ALL windows (except for the doorway wall) and it’s got a slate floor and I’ve bought a lovely area rug (the pattern is the same as the gorgeous one I bought for the dining room – only it’s a different color scheme.) Eventually I’ll get a nice chaise chair and some other seating but as soon as we move in my fantastic yarn cabinet (it’s worth it to click on all the links – in the order linked) will go in there and my wheel! I’m going to make sure my wheel has a special place in the house. The poor thing has been in storage for forever!

The victory in the title is the whole reason I can write this post. Weaning Meli continues on with the usual ups and downs. One of my biggest problems is that I nurse her to sleep and I can’t NOT nurse her to sleep. Other people, like my mom and dad, can get her to fall asleep without nursing, but unless we’re out and about and she falls asleep in the car or on a walk, I have to nurse her to sleep. She just won’t let herself go. Welp, today, after a long day of tantrums and play and general clingy-ness to the point of exhaustion, she let me sing and rock her to sleep. SANS BOOB! I was even able to put her down on the bed and she stayed asleep! I can’t tell you what a triumph this is for me. There’s hope that we won’t be nursing forever! (Especially since I have to be DONE COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY by the first or second week of September.) Full disclosure: while I was writing this blog post she woke up and I went into bed and nursed her back to sleep. Otherwise she would never have stayed sleeping and she wasn’t ready to wake up and I wasn’t done writing. See what I sacrifice for the blog?

So, small victories. I really shouldn’t be blogging at all. I should be working or packing or folding laundry. But no, I’m blogging and it feels really good! Thanks!


  1. Yay! hmm.. i’m too tired to make anything more coherent. yay colour yay meli yay getting ready and good luck with the packing. i hear you on the book:yarn ratio. 😉

  2. Yay fiber room, pretty colors, and sans-boob sleeping!

  3. Wow, that’s quite the debacle with your yarn cabinet (and I missed it the first time around!) but yay for a fiber room! And yay for the weaning going pretty well. It’s a tough thing to do and you’re really strong for being able to make it work. She’ll get used to it slowly and tonight was definitely a victory. Good luck!

  4. SamLaTricoteuse says:

    Hi – I have been reading for a while and loved it. I do not know about the job you will be having/handling in September but a friend of mine (we worked in advertising) had been able to nurse only at night – while working… But really it is your choice – just in case you thought just nursing at night would be impossible to do 🙂

  5. I love the color that you chose for your bedroom. I don’t know if it’s possible in your situation, but during my last move I did it by packing few boxes at a time, moving them, then unpacking them and starting over. That way I was able to put things away, instead of just being overwhelmed by how many boxes there were in my house. However you do it, I hope the move goes smoothly!

  6. It’s really awesome to see your posts more regularly. I know how busy you’ve been but it was lonely in cyberspace without your posts.
    You have such an amazing sense of color–your room will be gorgeous, I’m sure!

  7. I had no idea that comments meant so much to you. I think of you as a blogging superstar and a bright patch in my attempt to connect with knitters. You inspire me with your colour and design choices and your sharing of your lovely life. Good on you to step up to the change of establishing a new home and being a great mom.

  8. For your books…
    have you thought about benchlike – shelves in front of the window’s? You can sit on them in the sun, and you can fit a ton of books in each of them.
    It’s not september yet, you both will get there in time!

  9. That’s great for you, and Meli! I hope all continues to roll right along with that, and doesn’t get too frustrating – my daughter dropped me like a bad habit right around her first birthday! Loving the house colors so far!

  10. Sorry . . . I’m still mesmerized by the hanks of STR in that last yarn cabinet link. The mere mention of boobs wasn’t even enough to draw me back (then again, I have my own). Hang in there – it’s worth it in the end.

  11. My son was the same way, he was waking up in the middle of the night and wouldn’t go back to sleep without a nursing no matter what else I tried. Then I went into the hospital for 4 days to have my appendix out and he not only didn’t ever ask to nurse again, he slept through the night the whole time. I don’t, however, advocate giving up an organ to wean. Good Luck!

  12. aprilshowers says:

    Small or large, it is still a victory! I understand completely – I just nursed my 6mo to sleep on the bed (something I keep saying I’m going to quit doing “this week” but somehow there is always a reason to not stop doing it).

  13. Cara, you’re doing a FANTASTIC job with Meli!! Whether it’s weening a baby, learning to play the piano, some days rock and some days just don’t!! I’m behind you 1,000% Cynthia
    p.s. Love your colors!

  14. I like the colors your using. Small victories are the only way to win overall. Yay! for a fiber room…a room of your own!

  15. My March baby had to be nursed to sleep by me, and wouldn’t go down for anyone else. Rest assured, 9.5 years later, she puts herself to sleep!
    Love the colors, enjoy the new house!

  16. Woohoo, sans boob sleeping! I’m still trying to work on getting H to nap without a bottle first. And forget about night-time. I figure one step at a time. I love the color for your bedroom. Very serene. Good luck with all the contractors.

  17. It’s a start, Cara.
    Taking a few days away from my daughter (I was at a convention.) was how I completely stopped the nursing. It was like we broke the routine and she forgot about it while I was gone.
    However, my soon-to-be 18 month old is proving to be much more difficult. In fact, he seems to be demanding more lately. He’s teething. *sigh*
    Wonder if I can convince the hubby to take me on a “get-away” to Hawaii? LOL

  18. I love your color choices. You have such a great sense for these things.
    I am very jealous of your fiber room. I don’t have that much yarn, but I would kill for a room of my own.
    You are Meli are doing just fine weaning. It takes time and you still have quite a bit before September.

  19. I adore that color of blue-gray. Are you going to paint the trim white? Cuz if you are I am moving into your bedroom. You won’t mind, will you? 😉

  20. The house sounds great! It is good to hear your “voice” more often…so much has changed in your life but you are still so…..YOU!

  21. Ohh…I want a fantastick yarn cabinet now. Yes…clicked all the links in the right order…so worth the click. Love the fire in the bowl.

  22. Congrats on getting Meli to sleep without nursing! This is a battle I am fighting too. Some kids can be really stuborn! You still have time though, so don’t worry too much.
    Good luck with the new house, sounds like things are comming along!

  23. another Emily says:

    Both my kids (now grown with kids of their own) stopped nursing at around 24 months. I remember thinking, “La Leche lied! They’ll never stop on their own!” But I was combining reading books with the nursing, and both eventually pushed the boob aside to get closer to the book. I actually liked nursing really; I was just afraid of being “abnormal”.
    My grandmother’s mother, in contrast, left town for a weekend, abandoning nursee to other hands, which did the job rather abruptly.