Ugly is as Ugly Does!

How’s this girls?

Yahoo! Avatars


  1. masterful

  2. You take the (ugly) cake!!!

  3. Takes ugliness to a new level of fug.

  4. Oh, for fugsake.

  5. what kind of cake is that? chocolate fugly?

  6. now that’s what I call fugly.

  7. I’m gonna floor you with this little tidbit… I once won a “Miss Ugly” contest. Honest to Bob. I was 12, it was summer camp, and I was damn ugly, but the talent portion sealed it (violin).
    I can’t make this shit up.

  8. …or maybe you would believe it.
    ; )

  9. Ugliest ‘avatar’ anywhere. Do you win something?

  10. Whew! That’s some fug!

  11. OMG. I think…. I don’t know what to think.

  12. You are emboldened by your recent birthday to STRIKE BELOW THE FUGbelt, woman.
    That’s just uncalled for…

  13. You win. That’s the worst I’ve seen.

  14. No fugging way. This one actually elicited an audible gasp.

  15. That is so Hott. If only she had your tiara!

  16. That’s….um…*special*.

  17. fugging fugulous, dude…

  18. That is the ugly. Well done!

  19. Wow, that is some wicked ugly!

  20. I have to agree this is by far the ugliest one I’ve sen yet!!