True Confessions

But first, a little clarity. I WILL be showing off the final miters – as soon as I’m finished knitting them. Or maybe I am finished knitting them. Maybe I haven’t slept or showered or eaten in five days and not only have the miters been knit, but the entire blanket has been seamed and the border knit and I’m writing this right now from the very comfortable room they’ve given me at the hospital. The white walls are SO MUCH BRIGHTER when you have a mitered blanket to cover your shoulders as you rock back and forth and back and forth.

Or maybe not. Maybe I’m still knitting. Maybe maybe maybe.

Anyway, I’ll be showing you the last five miters just the way I’ve shown you all the rest. Only I can guarantee you I won’t be showing you them until next week. Or when I’ve finished. Or I’m finished. Whatever. You’ll see them. When I let you see them. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Excuse me, the nurse is here with the happy juice!)

True confession time. I bought more Tahki Cotton Classic yesterday. Two new colors. Or non-colors as they’re both greay. (That’s how I’m spelling now – should make everyone miserable – whether you’re a gray or a grey.) And I bought a second skein of a color I’ve already used. You see, I’ve got a problem. (Insert mad laughing here – like I’ve got only ONE!!! Go ahead Annie! I can hear the cackling now!) There are a few colors that I’ve used twice as a background and now I’d like to use one of them as a main color but I know I won’t have enough yarn. So I bought a color I already had and I might use it. Or I might not. It depends on how it all plays out.

Or maybe the blanket’s finished and I’m just messing with you. I didn’t buy any yarn at all. (SHHHHHHH!!! Anyone who may have happened to see me in a yarn store yesterday. You know who you are. Or maybe you don’t.)

Gotta go! They’re coming to take me away HAHA!


  1. too funny!!!

  2. Being crazy is wonderful, isn’t it?? Heeeee.

  3. Heehee hoho… to the funny farm.
    Will you mix it up between greay and graey, for balance and fairness to the two vowels?
    Have fun… obsession is totally okay with us.

  4. teehee! What a hilarious post!
    (I didn’t even enter the “guess when you’ll finish” contest, so your mind games do nothing to me!)

  5. they let you take the one thing in the loony bin with you that made you crazy in the first place. top notch place that your in!

  6. I’m not sure whether you are on the meds or just wanting to be on them after that post ;o)

  7. don’t interrupt, I’m counting!

  8. “…they’re coming to take me away ho ho hee hee
    to the funny farm
    where life is beautiful
    all the time
    and I’ll be happy to see
    those nice young men
    in their clean white coats and
    They’re coming to take me away!”

  9. Don’t tell people you have a problem… you have a plan!
    I’ve loved watching the miters unfold, you inspired me to go and buy the Mason Dixon book.

  10. You crack me up! (in a good way, of course)

  11. PICAdrienne says:

    OK, rolling on the floor. Life is much easier when you no longer remember your sanity!
    I can see it now, you are going to start another blanket, you are now sentenced to a lifetime of miters! Oh, you will knit other things, but your true calling will be miters…(I didn’t read your blog during your Jay Walker phase, so I have no comparision.)
    Keep knitting with joy!

  12. You really are nuts, aren’t you?

  13. I am beginning to fear that Tahki may run out of Cotton Classic after this! (Luckily it’s one of my favorites, so I have a little stash of it, though not in 10 colors). I’m also starting to fear for you, though no more than I did watching that crazy parade of Jaywalkers. Keep up the lovely work. I really enjoy seeing you break down pictures into their component colors to make them into yummy squares. I wish I had that perseverance – it will be wonderful to have a mitered blanket at the end of it all, though I imagine you may experience some post-partum pangs, too.
    xox, J

  14. It is OK girl, I sent help over 🙂

  15. I’m laughing my ass off!
    I am not even going to try to guess your finish time for two reasons: 1. I already have the Mason-Dixon book, so someone who doesn’t should win, and B. I wouldn’t even come close! LOL

  16. My cousin used to sing that song all the time…all the words…haha..I think you’ve been staring at your blanket too long..

  17. Funny! I am quite in awe of all the work that has happened thus far, and the color planning etc. Will there be some photo cards from this?!

  18. i have tears in my eyes and my almost 6 year old thinks i am laughing at her!!
    i am very similar at work when it comes to the finishing of nasty audits. love your blog!!!!! the mitres frighten me cause i can’t comprehend how they are made!!!!

  19. i love your miter-y obsession (having mitered an unfinished kureyon blanket…) and am feeling some miter-y itchiness….oh god…I have sweaters to finish……