Toot! Toot!

That, my friends, is the sound of my own horn! Many of you have been so kind and sent me congratulations about this:

Yup. That’s right. Those are my notecards! In the exalted pages of Vogue Knitting! (Page 8 to be exact, the Winter 2007/08 Issue!)

It tickles me to no end that my Color Collection appears in the magazine where the issue is all about COLOR!

THANK YOU VOGUE!! What a great way to start the year!

In order to celebrate, I’m going to have a very COLORful contest! I’m giving away SIX BOXES OF CARDS! The only thing you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what your favorite color is and WHY. Or maybe the color you hate more than anything and WHY. Or how about a color you’ve always wanted to wear or knit or love but have been afraid to for whatever reason. Tell me the color and the REASON. Not too hard, right?

There will also be two GRAND prizes. TWO $25 gift certificates to The Loopy Ewe! One grand prize winner will be picked at random, the other will be picked because I like your entry the most. So, four lucky random winners get cards, two get cards + the grand prize. Please, one entry per person. Comments will be open until Wednesday, January 9, 11:59 PM EST. Winners will be announced sometime on Thursday.

Thank you and have a wonderfully COLORful day!

PS – If you’d like to skip ahead and just buy a box of cards, ordering information can be found in the sidebar or here. THANK YOU!


  1. My favorite color is blue – I know that’s such a common favorite. The reason? I love water. Sitting by water is calming to me. It makes me feel at one with the universe. I say it’s because I’m a Pisces (water sign). Or it may be that I lived in San Diego for about 7 years. All I know is that water relaxes me. (I know that water doesn’t always look blue, but when I think of water, I think “blue”.)

  2. Oh come on, I truly can’t just pick one. I LOVE all colors, even brown because if you open your eyes and look around, color makes the world beautiful and joyful and just plain happy. Wouldn’t life be horrible in a colorless world?

  3. My favorite color is purple. I’m not really sure why I like it so much, but back in the 80s, I had a “great” outfit that was solid purple knit (that’s right, a knit shirt AND knit leggings). For awhile after that style went out of fashion (was it ever really IN fashion?!), I sorta shunned purple, but now, these days, purple is a key color in the logo at my workplace, and so I’m liking it again.

  4. Congratulations!! My favorite color is pink! I had three boys and saw blue in my sleep! For my 4th baby I dreamed of pink and sure enough; a baby girl was my prize! I dressed her in pink everything until she was 6 when she decided blue was her favorite color!! I still love pink.

  5. Congratulations!!
    My favorite color is blue – because of all the different shades of it, how it goes with almost everything, and because of the ocean (though that didn’t come until later).

  6. I love the color yellow, well I love to look at the color yellow, but I really don’t have any of the color in my home. I think the color yellow makes me look like I have jaundice or that I am ill. Maybe its those icky flourencent lights that they have in stores that make it look all wrong, but I wish I had the courage to even try to wear yellow. It is so sunshiney and happy and just fun. I want to be fun, but I get stuck in the same ol’ blue and greys. I toss in an occasional pink, green or purple, but even these are muted tones of the “real” ones. I guess I am just afraid of color in general. Being too bold or too loud, that is except with my socks. I love bright, stripey, polka dotey socks. The crazier the better and they don’t even have to match. Well, I guess I have rambled on enough!

  7. Pink. As a South American friend of mine said once (cue sexy South American accent) “Pink…it is…too sweet for the eyes.”

  8. Pink. As a South American friend of mine said once (cue sexy South American accent) “Pink…it is…too sweet for the eyes.”

  9. I love purple. I can’t really say why. All I know is that when I fall madly in love with a yarn it’s always purple. Perhaps it’s because red and blue are also favourites but you get them both in one beautiful colour!

  10. Blue used to be my favorite color (and still is, sorta) but I got really tired of it because I seemed to be using it all the time to knit things for my boys. Now my favorite color is pink, which can only be used for me. πŸ™‚

  11. Oh Congrats on the cards!!!!!! Need to get the issue my sub expired. Oh I like a lot of colors so hmmm don’t really hate a color, so okay a color I’ve always wanted to wear, knit… Yellow!!! Since I’m a blond and fair complexion I think yellows wash me out, might be the subcons. reason I don’t buy yellow yarns. But I love yellow, my kitchen is yellow and sage green and my dining room has yellow accents.

  12. Congrats, Cara! I saw this last night and I was really happy for you πŸ™‚
    My favorite colors are purple, red, orange and brown. I love warm colors, they feel so well, warm and comforting. I think it also helps that these colors really work best with my skin tone, too!

  13. Congratulations! The cards are lovely, the article was lovely, too.
    I would say my favouritest colour of all is plum. It just keeps coming up as tops for me. Strangely enough, when I look at my recent projects, I’ve knit a whole lotta orange lately. This totally surprises me, because when I list my top colours, they’re all sorts of shades of purple and green, and then there’s blue. Orange doesn’t register as a favourite on any scale. I think I was trying to bust out of colour ruts this year or something, and it kept coming out orange.

  14. My favorite color is lime green in all of it’s incarnations because I have red hair and am one of the few people in the known universe that looks good in that color!
    Plus, I’ve never been hit by a car in my lime green running shorts!

  15. I hate blue. It’s depressing and sad. It’s supposed to calm people down but it just reminds me of how when I was a child my mother’s favorite color was blue and she painted everything in my bedroom blue, this awful shade of blue, and made curtains ouf of this scary circus fabric and put a giant clown sticker on my dresser and even now, today, at 33 years old, I’m terrified of monkeys and clowns, and am afraid to close my eyes at night, because the clowns and monkeys loom in the blue walls and darkness to eat me in my sleep.

  16. Hi there!
    As many others have said, my favorite color is blue. I find it a calming presence that invokes peace for me. I love that there are so many varied shades too, from the palest essence of blue caught in a snowfall, to the fresh bright blue of the sky on a sunny day, to the deep introspective blue of a sunset right before it turns to the black of night.

  17. My favorite color is green. It reminds me of growing things and of being vibrant and active. One of my favorite winter coats is a bright green peacoat I bought from GAP a couple of years ago. It has a brilliant turquoise lining that thrills me every time I put it on and makes me feel like I’m hiding some sort of secret while the rest of the world walks around in winter drab greys and blacks. I have received many, many compliments on my green coat ever since I bought it and it boosts my spirit during the winter season when the world around me is hibernating.

  18. Green. I love green in all it’s shades. Mossy green for the shady woods I love to hike in, the light spring green of the rolling hills in the Berkshires where I grew up, the Chartreuse in a brightly dyed roving to spin, a deep emerald to contrast my red hair in my clothing and the multi faceted golden green of my loves hazel eyes. Green. Can’t live without it πŸ™‚

  19. It’s hard to pick just one, but I’m going to go with teal. The darker and richer the better. I think I like it because it reminds me of the ocean, a deep, dark, multi-layered ocean where there are a lot of different colors and things going on below the surface. A good teal blue looks green in some lights and blue in others and I think it’s particularly lovely in a yarn that takes dye very strongly and has a bit of shine (cashmere-silk is my favorite!). Plus, I look great in teal (especially since I started dyeing my hair dark red), which is always important.

  20. I just love color, any color! Except gray. Gray is not a color. (Sorry Cara! Your Oblique is gorgeous anyway!) I had a picture of your pile of mitered squares on the desktop of my computer for a while. They’re so amazing!

  21. Congratulations!
    My favorite color is blue. Any shade of blue is fine with me. I am not sure why I started liking blue so much, but it just seems like a color that is nice and calm.
    Thanks for the contest too!

  22. I love orange right now. I think it is because I love red and yellow and when you mix those, you get orange. I really love how colors play next to each other and can look completely different depending on what is paired with what.

  23. My favorite color always seems to vary, and yet I always seem to come back to green. It’s got everything. Some neutrality, some boldness, it occurs naturally and there are some shades that are totally not natural. Green is good.

  24. Congratulations, Cara!
    I love red. My husband loves me in it. He says it makes me look hotter… how sweet! Plus, being the colour of the Canadian flag, you can’t go wrong with baby gifts knit in red whether or not you know its sex. AND I’m Chinese. Red is always lucky. Can’t go wrong with Red.

  25. I’m really, really, really trying to learn to love green. I can only wear certain shades without looking ill. But I find myself drawn to it while yarn shopping, admiring the celery, and the kelly, and the olive and the moss… but I’m just not brave enough to buy one and bring them home! Maybe this year I’ll venture out of my comfort zone and knit a green object of some sort for myself. We’ll see!

  26. Green. Grassy green, apple green, limey green. Not forest green. I love its brightness and its coolness, its affinity for browns and aquas and yellows, its ability to change with the light. Ahh…green.

  27. My favorite color changes from time to time, but lately it’s been red and orange. I love the brightness and warmth of both. I am not usually one to draw attention to myself, but if I have a day where I’m feeling down about the way that I look, I have a favorite red sweater that I wear with stripy red & pink socks and red shoes, and I feel better.
    I used to say that my least favorite color was purple, but now that I can see my yarn stash all spread out before me on Ravelry, I have a LOT of purple in there, so I will have to revise that and say that my least favorite color is one very particular shade of purple, and I don’t know the exact way to describe it…Maybe royal purple? Like a deep jewel tone purple? I dunno, something about it reminds me of the 80s (and I like the 80s! Just not the purple part of it)…Ah, I know what I’d call it: Prince Purple. That’s it. *shudder*

  28. Congrats on your Vogue appearance, Cara! So exciting!
    I love to knit with RED (as a quick peek at my stash would demonstrate)!
    It seems I have a mental block, because every time I go yarn shopping, having sworn that I. Will. Not. Buy. Any. More. Red. I end up with at least one skein in my hand anyway. I think part of the driving factor is the cold weather. I need a really strong colour to stand up to the bleakness of the scenes outside.

  29. Purple. Purple. PURPLE!
    I’ve loved purple since I was a little girl and you like a colour just because. Then, after 2 boys I had a girl and had to dress her in pink because they just don’t make baby clothes in purple. I was seriously bummed.
    I also like Green a lot. And I married a man who’s name is Green. My 7 year old likes turquoise, not blue, turquoise.
    Congrats on the magazine. Your photos are beautiful.

  30. My favourite colour is pink. Having been through two male-dominated education programs, pink is a symbol for me that I can be in these professions and be a woman and still be taken seriously – reclaiming the colour, of sorts.
    Congrats on the Vogue mention.

  31. I really hate pink. I don’t exactly know why. It could be that pink makes my skin look blech, or it could be the girly-girl image that used to be associated with pink (I now here real men wear pink) makes me slightly queezy. The irony of all this is my 7 year old daughter for whom I banned all pink clothes when she was born is the queen or should I say princess of pink. Oh well.

  32. My favorite color is green. It’s the color of life and it goes well with every other color too. It’s the color of spring and the color of the evergreen tree in winter. Be sure to eat your leafy greens. How much fun is it for SF writers to come up with stories about “little green men”. Kermit the Frog sang “It’s Not Easy Being Green”, but it’s the color I like the best:~)

  33. Congrats! Happy colors to you! It’s too hard for me to pick a favorite color. I love greens, reds, browns, golds, peach, orange and so on. But I do have a strong aversion to purple. Not all purples, but more like the purple of the gloves on the cover of your Vogue Knitting. I think mostly I don’t like it because I look pasty, puffy and generally ill if I wear it near my face. I’ve also heard that purple elicits strong feelings in people because it’s a combo of red (warm, advancing, bold) and blue (cool, retreating, calm). I’m a conflict avoider. When I see purple, I guess I see conflict and that’s another reason I don’t like it.

  34. I cannot abide pink. Let’s see, when I was young, my parents bought me a pepto bismal pink boiled wool blanket for my bed. That’s bad by itself. Fast forward to my late highschool years. We moved into a house and my parents put me in the room with Pink carpet and walpaper with pink flowers. The bathroom (I was lucky enough to have my own little bathroom) was pink too. Toilet, sink, shower floor and this wall paper had pink swans.
    In addition to that, if I wear pink, or it gets anywhere near me, I turn that color. Pastel pink makes me look like I have some kind of plastic weird skin in a uniform pink, darker pinks make me look like I have a serious all over sunburn or a nasty rash. Not to mention pepto bismal is pink. Even the smell of that stuff can make me instantly vomit. So, yeah, my least favorite color is pink.
    But to balance the bad with the good, my happy color is yellow. It makes me smile. I have a yellow house, I used to have a yellow living room and I have a yellow wall in my office at work. It’s the wall with the door so I can always look up with a smile no matter who comes to my office door. It’s a mood lifter for me and it gives me great joy.

  35. Shirley, in PA says:

    Purple! I love purple because it sings to me. There are so many different shades of purple, some have more red and other more blue, that you never can lack for variety.

  36. My favorite color is purple. Purple is a rare color in nature, it’s hard to find. When you do find it though, you can’t take your eyes off of it. It’s no wonder that purple is the color of royalty. I imagine purple dye was expensive and hard to come by back then. While it’s more common nowdays, it’s still headturning.

  37. I love green. Why? There are many reasons, for example, green is nature’s neutral. It goes with everything under the sun, and comes in so many varied tones from yellow to blue. But I also think it’s funny what sayings go with green.
    I’m green with envy.
    The green eyed monster has me!
    I’m feeling green. (unfortunately you know what that one’s like)
    She’s a greenhorn when it comes to making sales.
    Before the show, he hung out in the green room.
    And of course, the most common now
    We all need to live Green!! πŸ™‚
    Congrats on your write up in Vogue. That’s fantastic. πŸ™‚

  38. I love black! Yes it is too a color πŸ™‚
    It goes with everything and I know that it won’t go out of style.
    My New Year’s Resolution is to make something in RED. Love red. Says you know who you are.
    Congrats on the cards~ They jumped right off the page at me, knew they were yours.

  39. Black! I’m sticking with black until they come up with something darker. I’ve always liked black (to wear), in TCM, it’s associated with water, and therefore a nourishing color. I do like blue too, but mostly wear black. hard to knit with though

  40. I love hot pink. Or in another incarnation, a very deep rose. I have adored it since the days when I needed to get a new box of crayons because the only color that was completely used up was magenta. I actually got a hot pink jacket this year…and I love it! And it seems from the comments, that everyone else does too. And the funny thing is that I can’t tell you why I love the color…I just do! And whenever I wear deep rose or hot pink anything, everyone always tells me how good I look that day. They say things like, “Did you change your hair?” or “You’ve lost weight, haven’t you?” I don’t know if it’s because I love the color and therefore feel more confident, or if the color just makes me look better. I haven’t really thought about it that much before, but thanks for making me think about it. Oh, and congratulations on Vogue. Can’t think of anything that fits better in the color issue!

  41. I don’t know that I have a single favorite color. I tend to become infatuated with how colors work together. Green and purple. Blue and orange. Brown and turquoise. Lime and chocolate.
    When we were planning our wedding the first thing I did was run my desire for Color past TheBoy. Luckily, he’s pretty flexible so I got to have a turquoise, chocolate and bright orange wedding. Some people were a little skeptical at first, but in the end couldn’t believe how well it worked.

  42. First, congrats! I was reading the issue over lunch at work the other day, and blurted out a big “Wow” when I saw the article. Hope it brings in a lot of business (and surely more blog subscribers). My favorite color is turquoise. For me, it’s beautiful, happy and soothing all at once.

  43. My favorite color is somewhere between olive and forest green because when I wear it, it makes my eyes “fiercely green” according to my first boyfriend πŸ™‚

  44. Hi Cara! I never comment but always love reading your blog — your photography is inspiring and your entries are always great reads. My favorite color: PURPLE — becaue it’s girlish, but strong; lighthearted, but serious at the same time; and in my most favorite sunsets. I never realized that it was my favorite color until I started knitting and suddenly accumulated stuff that had at least some purple in all my favorite garments. Happy New Year!

  45. My favorite color is BROWN. Chocolate is brown, pie is golden brown, my hair is auburn-brown, my freckles are honey-brown, my bridesmaids wore brown, I have fair skin so my mascara is brown, my eyeshadow is brown. Girl Scouting is brown, my high school colors were orange and brown. Brown is friendly to all colors. It goes equally with white and ivory, you can wear it with black, it’s like the new denim, but friendlier. Oh I could go on indefinately.
    Congratulations on your beautiful cards. I just started on my miter yesterday, and am balling up all that cotton. They make beautiful pictures, all those glorious colors, (that all match with brown). Congrats!

  46. Congratulations on the cards! They are beautiful.
    As for a favorite color, I do love them all in their own way, but if I had to choose a favorite, I think it would be green. And then blue. I especially love how they go together. They’re both such natural colors and can be soothing for that reason. And then a close third would be red and all its shades–just because it’s so deep and powerful

  47. My favorite color is red, red, red! I cannot get enough of it. A nice deep red…my kitchen is painted Madder Root (a MSL color) as well as a powder room. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t look good in red, it’s powerful, warm, happy…I just adore it.

  48. Knitting Analyst says:

    My favorite color is dark, eggplanty purple. I think partially because I like black, but I also like color and it is a good mix of the two.
    When I was in college, I thought my university colors of brown and baby blue were absolutely hideous. In fact, I went as far as saying that they looked like Smurf poop. Fast-forward to now, and suddenly I am obsessed with deep, chocolately browns set off by robin’s egg blues! I guess marketing works and I am susceptible to the latest color trends, because now my alma mater’s colors seem fantastic.

  49. Congrats on appearing in VK!
    I would love to wear pinks & reds but they just make me look flushed! My current favorite color is green. I find that I’m drawn to it and one time even painted my kitchen celery stalk green! Congrats again!

  50. Oh, I love a color I never expected to…it’s the clear, deep, dark brown of my children’s eyes. When my kids ask me what my favorite color is, I always say “The brown of your beautiful eyes.” They’ve heard it so many times that, if anyone else ever asks me in their presence what my favorite color is, they state it just like that: “The brown of our beautiful eyes.” Natch.

  51. Red. Is there any other color?
    Congratulations! the cards are lovely, I wish you many sales.

  52. My favorite color is black. Actually, my true favorite is a combination of black, gray and red. I love the bold, dramatic statement that they make together. It just touches something deep inside of me. I would knit everything in those three colors if my friends didn’t stop me. Generally I like any jewel tones and dislike pastels but I’m wishy-washy enough to find exceptions to the rule.
    Congrats on the magazine!

  53. Congrats on Vogue. That’s big, no HUGE. I’m very happy for you.
    Now for the contest: You may disqualify me, but I could never pick one color. I LOVE color. Just love it. I respond viscerally to color. And I need them all. Honestly I think I would die without color. I’ve worked in color in publishing as an adult and in crafting since I was a little child (made my own doll clothes starting at age 5). I couldn’t pick one color; it would be like picking your favorite child. Color makes me happy and makes me smile. Color gives me memories I thought I’d forgotten. Color gives me ideas. Color makes me feel creative when I usually just think I’m a copycat. Color can make me undepressed on a day like today when that’s what I need the most!

  54. For a really long time, my favorite color was purple. I think partially because it wasn’t red or blue, which seemed to be everyone else’s favorite. So I bought a lot of purple stuff, and realized I looked kinda ridiculous. Purple in moderation, sure, but there’s a homeless woman in my neighborhood that wears purple head to toe, literally (hat, scarf, jacket, pants, and shoes!) and that sort of turned me off. I’ve been knitting a lot of green lately, so I’d say that’s my new favorite.

  55. Way to go, Cara!! As for colors–I hate TAUPE! What a stupid, non descript color (or lack thereof! And it seems that no one can quite figure out what color that really is! I’m reminded always of the urban sprawl in Las Vegas–miles and miles of homes that do not posess any real color at all-TAUPE. Ugh. As for colors I love- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the burnt orange pumpkin color of fall. I find it soothing, warm and wonderful. (And, as a strange twist of fate, I wear it well. Never thought I could until I was in Lake Tahoe with my best friend & we went shopping. “Try on that sweater, girl!” she says to me. “But it’s ORANGE!” I respond. “DUH! Look in the mirror!” And with that, my love affair with the color orange was born. Congrats, again!

  56. Caribbean water blue. I don’t know another name for it. Darker than sky blue but bluer than teal. I seldom see that brilliant blue outside of indulgent vacations, so maybe it’s my favorite because of its association with happy times. Even in writing this comment, I feel calmer and more relaxed thinking about the gorgoues hues of Caribbean Water Blue…yes, I capitalized it because I decided it is the new official name.
    Many congratulations on the magazine mention.

  57. My favorite color? Orange. Why? I don’t know.. and considering the fact that I live in Tennessee where every UT football fan decks out everything from their mailbox to their minivan in orange, you’d think I’d steer clear. I never realized that orange was a favorite until a few years ago. My boss at the LYS where I teach pointed out to me that all the yarn I was ogling was orange. She was right.
    Now… two years later… my cellphone is orange. So is my wallet. I have to stop my self from buying all the orange sock yarn I see.
    It just brings me a silly joy. It’s bright, warm, and different. These are things that I try to be.
    Of course… every other color in the world is my favorite color of the moment at least once a week. It’s one of the pleasures of spending so much time swimming in fiber.

  58. Congrats! Mine is green. Why? Because I’m Irish!

  59. My favourite colour depends on my mood and what I am seeing around me.
    At the moment its red; there’s so little red around outside, everything is cold and I need warming up even if only visually!
    Congratulations on being featued in Vogue Knitting.

  60. First of all – congratulations! That must be so cool to see your cards on the pages there.
    As for my favorite color… I would have to say grey. It is a color with so much depth. And, it’s the color of my husband’s eyes. What can I say – I’m a sucker!

  61. one color i have always been afraid to wear is red. i thought it shout out “look at me!” well, this past fall i went ahead and bought a simple red tee. sure enough, people at work said “well, look at you!” but the consensus was that i looked good in red – even my husband commented that he liked me in red! maybe this year i’ll have the guts enough to try purple….

  62. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite color is the bright green of moss on a rainy day. No use trying to duplicate this, it will just look too garish in reproduction. (That is my reason.)

  63. like many, my fave is blue.
    for all the above reasons- the sky, the water, its rarity (and therefor specialness!)in nature.
    I also love blue because it is my role model.
    Blue is easy.
    Blue doesn’t make demands on me like other colours. Yellow says look at me, validate me, acknowledge me. Orange is always being clever and making a statement. Red is down right agressive and controversal. Pink is always cloying in anything more than the smallest amounts. Purple and green are tempermental, swinging from soft and gentle to loud and belligerant between the slightest hues, both requiring more thought and attention than any shade of blue. Brown and grey are gentle and neutral, but both overwhelmingly drab in large amounts.
    Blue isn’t needy. It doesn’t need the other colours to spruce it up or tone it down.
    Blue doesn’t overwhelm.
    Blue is confident enough to be understated and patient.
    Blue is kind and respectful.
    Blue is ready for my every mood and never asks me to justify.
    Blue acts the way that we all should.

  64. The one color I can’t really bring myself to wear is yellow. As an “autumn” my coloring is suited to it, but as a natural blonde I find the notion of dressing in yellow to be something out of Barbie.

  65. Congrats!!!!!
    As much as I would love to knit for others with this color I just cant stand it to see on on myself. Yes, that color is PINK. I’m not sure why, okay, maybe its because of the whole thing that Pink is for girls and Blue is for boys and I try to to go by that rule.
    Anyway, I am very forgiving to the color Purple instead…lol!
    My favs are teals, browns and greens

  66. Cobalt blue- I have always wanted to ingest it so it could be a part of me. As a child I dreamed about putting the copper enamel powder over ice cream!

  67. I have always loved deep dark royal purple. When I was in high school I made myself a dark purple wide wale corderoy suit. I may have loved purple before that but I knew from then on that that was my favorite color.

  68. congratulations, that’s fantastic!
    I have two favorite colors, purple and green. I think I’m leaning more towards green now, mainly because everything is so brown and sad during the winter. Green reminds me of spring, health and happiness, I love the outdoors, everything is green and thriving, makes me feel like I’m surrounded by happy people and life :).
    I also wanted to say that I want to knit with oranges and reds, but am scared because I never know if they look good with my skin tone.

  69. My favorite color is red. But I have no idea why! I think because it is so vibrant and exciting. Plus, I look great in red.

  70. My most favorite color is Red..because it goes with everything! It reminds me of the Chuck Taylors I used to wear as a child..every single time I knit with it.
    As for colors I don’t like puke green (wasn’t that so lovingly named Pond Scum?) because you know what I’d be thinking of while knitting with that.:)

  71. My favorite colour is Green. For a while, I stayed away from it since I had too much in my wardrobe. These days, it dominates my knitting stash.
    I think it must make me feel connected and calm.

  72. Green. That’s all I have to say. Just green.

  73. I love green. Bright green, like the inside of a lime. I love it because…man, I don’t even know why. I only know that it’s my favorite color because when I see that shade, just the perfect green, I want to shout and scream and leap.

  74. oh dear, There are so many that I love, but I have to say my most favorite is a sunny orange to a burnt red and everything in between.
    Second is my dear Tupelo Honey Gold with an earthy green coming up close behind!

  75. I wouldn’t say orange is my favorite color, but it’s such a great color for knitting. Especially when one is blue-eyed and has similarly colored progeny.
    You can go rusty orange for fall, vibrant orange (think cremecicle) for summer, and something pale and wispy for spring.
    Pair orange with yellow or red and you have intensity, with blue for balance and accent, with black or brown for total hipness.

  76. Red is and always will be my favorite color! I think it’s genetic, because it was my grandmother’s favorite as well. I think I’m drawn to red because it’s bold and strong, two things I strive to be myself. Still, it’s also a fun and flirty color, which is definitely an accurate description of me!

  77. What a great issue to have your wonderful cards appear in! Congrats!
    My favorite color used to be blue, and it still is in many ways, but there was an overabundance of blue around me, so… I am finding myself drawn to purple. Not a whole lot different, perhaps, but now the blue knits are not just blue, they now have some purple, and sometimes some line or olive green. Purple is a great backdrop to other colors, and I am trying to incorporate more color all around me, and purple pulls them all together nicely. Purple is, well… regal, though that’s not why I like it. It can be fun, and it can be serious. It can be elegant and completely irreverent. It can be masculine, and oh so feminine. It really is a perfect color. And it has blue in it, so I am not betraying my beloved blue πŸ™‚

  78. I just love a warm golden pale yellow – the color of sun rising in the caribbean, or maybe the interior of a French cafe. Either one just delights me and makes me feel happy.

  79. I’m a dishwater blonde, so I’m always afraid of wearing yellow because I usually look hideous in it. Yellow is a happy color, a color that can mean sunshine, spring (daffodils and crocus), joy, warmth, any number of things. But on me, it just looks like I yakked on myself. And of course, I went and married and brown haired and brown eyed person who looks fantastic in any shade of yellow that he wants to wear. *sigh*

  80. My favourite colour (to wear) is brown. It’s earthy and rich and when I’m dressed all in brown I can call myself a Chocolate Bunny.
    Congrats on the shout out in VK!

  81. Congrats! I love your note cards!
    My absolute favorite color has always been green. I love green because it is cool and calming without being sad. It makes me think of wooded paths, gardens, grass on bare feet, and childhood. Green is the color of life if you ask me.
    The only problem with green? Envy. I have no idea how it came to be associated with jealousy, but we all have our faults, right? πŸ˜‰

  82. wow! i love it! vogue out of now where with a homerun with this issue πŸ˜‰
    Well my fav color right now is Green! (can you tell via the blog?) I love it’s natural, organic and now Earth friendly meaning… it’s just so pleasing to me.
    Congrats again!! WOO!

  83. Congrats! That is so wonderful that your beautiful photos are getting the recognition that they deserve. My everyday favorite is green but for sweaters it is red. Way back before I started knitting my Mom bought me a red Abercrombie zip up, hooded sweater for my birthday. I wore that sweater until it fell apart, then I threw(sob) it away. One of my biggest knitting regrets is that I did that. If I still had it I could copy it:( SO for my first sweater I’m knitting the CPH in a gorgeous heathered red:)

  84. I tend to like colors in concert as well.. turquoise and orange, pink and orange, brown and pink, etc.
    But if I absolutely had to pick ONE color it would be purple. I like it because it’s both cool and warm, depending on how much blue and red goes in πŸ™‚ I can make it work with whatever I want! Love it.

  85. At the moment my favorite color is soft, spring, bamboo, green tea-green. Because it is so pretty! If it shaded to bronze or gold I would be happy too.
    When I was a kid my dad would say if asked that his favorite color was sky-blue pink. Of course he was joking, but I had a mental image of this “colour” and thought it was beautiful too.

  86. I LOVE the color green. Brown greens to lime greens. I don’t know why. I just like the color green. IT makes me happy, and It is all over, the grass, the trees, my sheets, and my walls. I just love the color green.

  87. Congratulations Cara! That is awesome. My favorite color is green because no matter what is going on in my life or NOT going on…color soothes my soul. I find myself doing anything I can to immerse myself in it when I’m stressed and when I’m happy that’s also what I use to express those feelings. But specifically green because I love the way it makes everything a little bit better and lowers my blood pressure!

  88. Deep turquoise blue, like the color of the sea in any tropical vacation brochure. I like blue instictively, an it doesn’t hurt that it is the color I’m most often complemented on while wearing, but that particular blue blows me away. at my first wool festival I found two perfect skiens of handpainted wool/silk blend yarn that had large repeats of “my” blue with white and a blacky purple that set it off perfectly. They are sitting in my stash awaiting an inspirational lace project.

  89. My favorite color is YELLOW because it is the color of the sun. It is a bright, happy color. I see yellow and I relax and smile.
    I don’t knit with it though because I look like kaka in yellow. I knit with (deep) red and (burnt) orange a lot because they look better on me and I like them, too. Actually I like any colors & lots of colors, which is why I love knitting socks.
    I don’t really mind about winning the contest or not though – I mainly just wanted to say congrats on scoring the mention in Vogue. Yay!

  90. Michele in Maine says:

    I am helpless in the face of pink – pale pink, hot pink, no matter. Whatever I see it on (not just yarn), I buy it.
    Very close second is periwinkle blue. Love, love, love it.
    Lime green goes with both of these so why not!

  91. Yay Cara!
    I hate no colours. There are some that should never be applied in certain places but I may just be prejudiced against sparkly hot pink cars with white racing stripes . . .
    I love deep green and all purples. Green for the woods of my childhood in Huntsville, Ontario and purple. . . . well, just because. Purples simply catch my eye and make me happy. Now that I think of it though, my initial affection for the colour may have something to do with the lilacs I love (and miss) so much

  92. My favorite colors are Purple and Green. Purple and White were the colors of the local high school where I grew up and I wore my brother’s football jersey until if fell apart. Green (and gold), however, were the colors of the private school that my sister and I attended. I wore a lot of green and you’d think I’d be sick of it, but no.
    My favorite items (clothing, yarn, decor)are ones in which green and purple are incorporated together.

  93. I have to pick just one? I doubt I could do that! Currently I am tending towards blues/greens/purples, although I like the warmer tones too (reds/deep pinks). Blue has always been one of my favorites. It is calming and peaceful and reminds me of grandmother (who passed away about 2 yrs ago) and my mom, both of whom love the color blue. Also, my eyes tend to change color with whatever I”m wearing so I gravitate towards the blues & greens for that reason. πŸ™‚
    Wonderful that you are featured in Vogue knitting– congratulations!!

  94. I love all sorts of colors, but, oddly enough, whenever I go yarn shopping my hands move straight towards — the grey! Soft, heathered grey. Fog grey. Dove grey. Pearl grey. Charcoal. Salt-and-pepper. Russian Blue. Mmmmmmm. (Oh, and I’ve felt strongly since childhood that it should be spelled “grey” and not “gray” — and now that I’m all grown up I can spell it whichever way I like!)

  95. My favorite color is Orange because it is such a cheerful color. In fact, I have two sweaters worth of yarn in a rusty orange color!

  96. Orange – I can’t wear it, I used to dislike it, but lately, I’m drawn to it: rosy-pinky orange, bright pumpkin orange, heathery-orange. Luckily, I have a two-year-old son who looks fine in orange, so I get to indulge in the orange through him.

  97. My favorite color often changes, but for a while now I have been in love with navy blue. I think it is an under-appreciated color in fashion outside of the sailor aesthetic. I find that it goes well with almost any other color, with the possible exception of purple. It makes brighter colors really pop, and adds an almost textural interest when paired with browns, blacks, and greys. Congratulations on your Vogue debut!!

  98. Congrats – that is awesome!
    I love your photo’s expecially for the wonderful color sense you have. I am still collecting for the modular squares that someday I WILL make. You were my inspiration.
    I just love all colors, but mostly any color with dark brown or black. I love the contrast of the two. mmmm brown and lilac, or black and red, or brown and turquiose, or …….
    congrats again!!

  99. Befriending the enemy.
    I used to HATE the color red with a passion. As a totally opinionated teen I would constantly remind the people around me how much I couldn’t stand that color. It was so bright, so loud, so annoying (kind of like I was. hmmm…. that’s an interesting thought). All the cool girls wore red and got the attention – not me, the way too tall and heavy-set girl who tried to blend in.
    Now, 15 years later, I’m starting to become friends with red. I can now see it’s many shades and tones and complexities. It can be both a happy and a sad color.
    I’ve knit a few things with red and have some more of it in the stash.
    Though I still steer clear of it while shopping for clothes, perhaps someday I will be brave enough to buy a red dress.

  100. Green is my favorite! I love all of the shades of it. Blue comes a close second… must be the ocean influence πŸ™‚
    Congrats on being in Vogue!

  101. My favorite color is Red, because it has so many different variations that can look good or bad, and it ends up looking good against my skin! πŸ˜€

  102. Green, hands down. Almost every time I wear something green, I get a compliment. I never used to wear it, but I’ve taken it on as a favorite.

  103. I have always been afraid of knitting orange. I generally like bright colors. I also have a friend who thinks that orange goes with everything (i.e., it goes with nothing, so it can go with everything). But it’s very hard to get shades of orange right–harder, I think, than with other colors. Too much yellow or too much red in the mix can make it look terrible against a person’s skin. So I’ve been questing for a good orange over the last few months.
    Congrats on the Vogue shout-out! In an issue all about color, your cards certainly deserve a nod!

  104. Congrats on the Vogue listing! I hope the free press makes your sales shoot through the roof!
    As for colors: mine is definitively blue. Any blue. Blue holds a lot of good memories for me.
    The churned up gray-blue of the ocean when its raining; the intense blue that almost looks like velvet on a peacock feather; the blue that stuns you with it’s blueness when you see a field of pansies; the first baby blanket I knit, a perfect cornflower blue in cotton; my favorite nail polish which my husband bought me, for when I need to look at my toes and be reminded of the beach; my favorite shirt in turquoise, the one I wore the day we met; the soft blue Sari that my grandpa brought from India for his then-unknown wife; my two year old nieces’ eyes, clear as a cloudless day.
    yeah…I like blue

  105. First of all – CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is totally awesome that you’re featured in Vogue Knitting!! I haven’t picked up that issue yet (but I’m sure I will at some point – after my baby-knitting obsession cools…) hehehe
    My all-time favorite color is RED! I look good in it, it has LOTS of energy, and never fails to make me feel good. I love to wear red especially in the winter when the weather makes me feel dreary and blah – a red sweater is the perfect thing to perk me up and make me smile. I wanted a red car, but at the time, they only had burgundy, which is OK, but not as FUN!
    Have fun basking in the color-glory of your magazine feature!!! πŸ˜‰

  106. This may be the hardest question ever. I’ve always loved green. I love the deep forest greens and the freshness of a nice grass green. They’re all marvelous and i’m drawn to them over and over again. Of course blue is pretty wonderful too, and sooo soothing. Red, now there’s a powerful color. There is nothing shy about red. I could really go on and on without finding and colors I dislike… except pastels. Pastels just seem blah to me. I don’t even use them for baby knits.

  107. The problem is that my favorite color truly is a seasonal thing. I have some favorites for winter and some for summer….but even then I find that they shift as time goes by. So for now I’ll have to shock even myself by saying that my current favorite is turqoise blue because it is a very clear, clean, restful color. (If you saw my yarn stash, you’d understand why I’m even surprised by my answer!)

  108. My favorite color is yellow. I look completely ill wearing it, but I love it just the same. My mother’s favorite flower was the daffodil, and my mom passed away of ovarian cancer when I was 16. Now, every time I see yellow, I think of daffodils, and then of my mom, and it makes me smile!
    Congrats on making Vogue Knitting! I’ve just started reading your blog and I think you’re a really wonderful writer…and I’m sure you’ll make a terrific mom! Keep up the good work!!

  109. My favorite color for many years was black. What can I say – I was a teenager, I was depressed, I wore it from head to toe. Until, that is, my best friend started a campaign to get me to wear color, and got a bunch of my friends at school to pester me each day they saw me wearing anything black.
    These days I don’t have a favorite color, but I do have a color that I don’t like at all – PINK! My reasons for not liking it are a combination of not liking the gender stereotyping that goes with that color (have you ever looked at the “girl toys” aisle at a cheap toy store – it’s all pink!) and just plain not liking the color – it’s too warm and kind of queasy feeling for me (not to bring on any feelings of needing to puke – sorry!)
    I do actually have a couple of pink shirts, but they are dark, rich pink, bordering on fuchsia. I really can’t stand medium and pale pink, and I won’t even buy anything in that color for my 6 year old daughter – she’s learned to not even ask!

  110. Congrats!
    My favorite color is red! Growing up I was taught that red was the color of “hussies” (you know prostitutes). But I was always drawn to the vibrance, the warmth and the sexiness. There was a depth to me that even I didn’t know at the time. As an adult woman, I have grown into this color and embraced it. I think it pegs me and my disposition – warm, vibrant and passionate!
    Plus, what goes better with khakis?????

  111. I love colour, from fire hydrant red to olive green to midnight blue. But if I were to pick one colour I suppose it would be green because it was my favorite in kindergarten. I have no memory of my own of this – if I were to guess I would say that I loved pink, it is a logical favorite for this girl who was even more of a girlie girl as a kid. But years ago I was talking with a former babysitter and she told me a few stories about me as a kid. One of the stories was that I drew everything with my green crayon, the sky, the grass and the dog! She asked me if I wanted to use another colour and I became upset – why would I want to use another colour? Green was great! So my love of green goes far back and we are still great friends though our clique has grown to be a quite inclusive group.
    PS: congratulations on the Vogue – I will buy the magazine, if only to see the picture of your pictures.

  112. I am another whose favorite is green. It has not always been that way, as a small person it was pink. However, I am a redhead, and greens are a great color for me, pinks, not so much. Olive greens, forest greens, pine greens, leaf green, grass green, love them all. Greens, like all colors, contain such varieties and depths.

  113. Congrats on the Vogue mention – how exciting!
    My favorite color is blue, as it is calming and so pretty to me in all its variations.

  114. Ha ha… I was at the shop where I work this morning, looking through the magazine and i fully did a double take.
    I love the color grey the very most. all shades. I have grey eyes, but they reflect whatever color I’m wearing, to a certain extent. Whenever I wear a grey shirt or sweater, people stop me on the street to tell me that my eyes are the EXACT same color as my top.

  115. My favorite color would have to be a tie between lemon yellow and bright orange. The reason for both is that I can’t help but smile when I see these two especially when they are together, I mean come on how can you not really?

  116. My favorite color is blue, but really, I’d have to go for most of the cool colors. I practically grew up in water and I’ve always been a stargazer, so blues, greens, and purples are both soothing and mysterious to me. Any tones that are reminiscent of water/the ocean or the night sky and the Northern Lights will always attract me like a moth to flame!
    And belated happy birthday!

  117. Elizabeth says:

    My favourite colour is green, specifically sort of a lime-avocado-spring colour. Medium green. Its the colour of spring and new life and never fails to make me feel a little bit special when I wear it.
    Congratulations on being featured in Vogue! And since I missed it on the way by, Happy Birthday!

  118. It’s weird, my favorite colours are very particular shades – for example I love fuchsia; but not really purple and not really pink, because it reminds me of the bushes outside my house when i was growing up. And I love periwinkle blue, you know, the colour of my first pet budgie (named after Hanson’s home town Tulsa, I was 13 ok!) or the colour of the summer sky when you look straight up.
    The other weird thing is that they are not colours that I would really wear, or have around the house, but that I am always drawn to if I’m out shopping, or in a yarn store! And my stash is full of that fuchsia colour, for no apparent reason since the only place I could wear it would be on my feet (and it’s all sweater wool!)

  119. I have always liked the color green. Any color of green. I think it has to do with the fact that I was born in May and May’s birthstone is the emerald plus I have red hair and the two seem to go together. Congratulations on being in Vogue. Now I have to go find a copy.

  120. My favorite color is green because I’ve noticed that in nature there are more shades of green than any other color. Also the shades of green available in nature are different depending on the part of the country that you are viewing. Greens in New England are much different than greens in the dessert South West.

  121. Congratulations, Cara! That’s great!
    It’s really hard to pick a favorite color, but the first one that came to my mind when I read your question was brown. I love pretty much all shades of brown, love to coordinate it with many different colors, and love to wear it. I look horrible in black, but dress me in brown, and I look awesome! When I was about thirteen, I asked my grandmother to sew me a brown dress, and I chose a rich chocolate brown fabric and some beautiful golden buttons. She wasn’t sure at all about the whole thing, but she did it anyway, and as soon as I had it on, she had to agree that it was absolutely exquisite on me. Twenty years later, I still have the dress, and it may even fit me (but I won’t try it on, I like being able to think that it may fit me…).
    Wow, I didn’t think I’d write that much, sorry about that! I mentioned brown, and the story of that brown dress came up and wanted to be told!

  122. My favorite color is easy…! I LOVE red….my mom laughs because every time I buy clothes they are red. The reason? Red is a color that makes me feel sexy and beautiful and confident.

  123. Brava! Brava! That is so exciting!!
    For years the only colors I wore or used was black and blue (yeah kinda boring) This year I have resolved to add color to my clothes and knitting. I have already started fingerless mitts that are mostly green and purple and socks that a re moss green,brown and pink. I am Loving It!! I am really loving the socks. I never would have thought moss green and pink would look so good. Ok if I had to pick one color I would say pink. (my mom would freak over that – I use to fight her something fierce to avoid pink. =)

  124. PURPLE. “When I am old, I shall wear purple.” When I was a kid (in the south, in the 60’s) we NEVER got to wear purple, and I imagine that quote must be from a woman who had the same affliction. Purple was just TOO different, maybe? Too risque? Too cool? Too ‘look at me!’? I try and try to buy clothes / yarn in other colors, but I always end up in front of the purple. It’s like a magnet. If I arranged my stash by color, there’d be that little pile over there, and then the BIG pile of purple. I can’t help it. I’m trying. Really. I actually have yarn now for a GREEN sweater. Really. I’m gonna knit it too. Really. As soon as I can find a set of needles that aren’t busy with something purple on them already.

  125. My favorite color: Red. Wisconsin Badgers, Red. I look good in it and you can never have too many red sweaters. I really dislike green. As a child, wouldn’t wear green. Except for my green eyes, I’ve never worn anything green. It just makes me feel ill to think of even think of green.
    Congrats on getting in the Vogue Knitting.

  126. I love green. It can be anything: fresh, exciting, disturbing, soothing. It’s fabulous. Of course, after looking at my knits from 2007, I realized that I only had one green FO. I’ll definitely be remedying that in 2008!

  127. Congratulations again on the notecards. I bet you’ve been swamped with orders.
    My favorite color is red. I’ve never given much thought as to why but I guess it’s because red seems alive. It’s vibrant and symbolized life to me.

  128. Wow! Lots of comments really fast. Cool.
    Everybody knows my favorite color, but do you know which color I am least likely to use, look at, consider or even touch in a yarn store? Yeller. I mean, some shades are okay, but I never really choose it. Unless I am pairing it with, you guessed it, blue.

  129. I love red, all kind of reds, but I feel odd wearing red.
    Blue is my color, I can always use blue. πŸ™‚

  130. Orange. As it became more and more obvious that my son loved orange over all other colors, I, too, became more and more obsessed with it.

  131. When I was little, my favorite color was black because “it covers up all the other colors.” Nowadays, I prefer brighter colors like pink and orange. They are such happy colors! I also love green, there are so many different shades. But overall I think my favorite is pink, because it’s girly and cute. I don’t knit with it very often though…hmmm…must go buy some pink yarn…

  132. I love soft sagey greens..they calm me and make me feel happy in my chaotic life

  133. Only one reason? I was asked what my favorite color was on a job interview once – and then asked for three reasons why!
    Anyway, it is green. I love green because it is the base for most plant life – most buds are green. I think it has remained my favorite because it can go so many different ways and evoke many different moods.
    I didn’t get the job. Another question was ‘who’s your best friend’ and again three reasons why. My third reason was ‘they’re fruity.’ sigh, I guess that doesn’t make sense unless you know Pat.

  134. Congratulations!! And what a fun contest.
    My favorite color is red. I’m not sure why – maybe it’s because I’m a twin and my sister always wore red (I wore the blue). But I also just love the fact that its vibrant, happy, sexy, and luscious. It makes me feel confident – My first interview suit was red!! Something red brightens my day when I’m down in the dumps, or pops from the mostly black clothes that I wear.
    I love RED!!

  135. Yay you!!! That’s gotta be quite a happy boost! Congratulations! πŸ˜€
    I’m on a complete orange fixation right now. I don’t know why, but I’ve decided orange is the BEST THING EVER and I can’t stop obsessing over orange. The last five or six skeins of sock yarn I’ve bought or swapped for have all been orange, despite my owning nothing in my wardrobe that would correspond with orange socks. (Let alone a week’s worth of orange socks.) But there it is. Orange.

  136. My favorite color is purple!! I think it sort of came about in high school as our colors were purple and gold. I was on drill team and color guard so needless to say I had to wear a lot of purple and gold. I guess I like it because it is pretty but not too “girly” and is a somewhat relaxing color. Also you will never find neon purple… at least I don’t think so. Funny thing is though it’s my favorite color, I don’t have a lot of purple items in my room or purple clothes. Oh well!
    I happen to have one of your cards on my fridge. I’m glad you were recognized for your fabulous photographs!

  137. My favorite color is periwinkle, a bluish-purple (or purplish-blue?). I look good in it, and it calms me down and makes me happy. It looks to me like the color of a mid-October sky, my favorite time of the year. A lot of the yarn and fiber in my stash are this color, and I have to consciously choose other colors or I just buy more of it!

  138. i love teal green. My first pair of hightop reeboks, which incidentally were my first pair of “designer” anything, were teal green. my mother was horrified, since she knew i’d want to wear them with EVERYTHING. and i did. and it clashed. it’s a hard color to wear, but it reminds me of that childish glee and all the fun i had before i ever knew about fashion police!

  139. I hope you celebrated by Vogue-ing.
    My favorite color is sage green. I decided when I was 12 that I must have a favorite color, and it wasn’t going to be blue like dad, or red like mom, or purple like my sister. My quilt had a band of sage green, so I decided that would be my color. I still love it–I just finished covering my knitting corner shelves with sage green contact paper. For a while, all my clothes were sage green, and the first skein of yarn I taught myself to knit with was sage. True love lasts a lifetime.

  140. Wow–congratulations!
    My favorite color is a particular greeny-blue that literally makes my mouth water. I have a tiny bit of synesthesia, and that’s how it displays itself. Which is particularly odd, because food doesn’t really come in that color.

  141. i have to pick two — i can’t choose between these.
    robin’s egg blue
    these are the colors of my soul. i reach for them before any others. deep, abiding love.

  142. I like brown, and green. Brown has always been my favorite right next to black. Not as dreary as black, but still dark all the same. Now green. I used to have an immense hatred for green. It is my moms favorite color, and I always thought she was sick and twisted for liking GREEN! Afterall, green is the color that Linda Blair horked in the Exorcist. Green is the color your poo turns when you eat too many fruitloops. But once I hit my late 20’s, I thought to myself “Ya know, green really isn’t all that bad of a color. Look how many kinds of green there are!” Kelly green, army green, barf green, bradybunchkitchen green, grass green, forest green, even that funkified mutation of green and blue known as teal. Now, I love green!

  143. coongrats!
    i love red because it’s a lucky colour. I also love green because it’s so fresh and natural….

  144. My favorite color is green because my eyes are green πŸ™‚

  145. Blue – because it is such a peaceful color.
    Kudos on the magazine!!!

  146. While I tend to lean towards green (and definitely orange, especially when you use the two together – most find this disgusting – I love it!)
    But I’m of the belief that every color is grand! I generally dislike purple, but my MIL thinks it looks great on me. I shy away from bright red, but the husband thinks it brings out my blue eyes. I used to dislike pink, but well, it grew on me. I can find a purpose and occasion for every color on any person. Many will disagree with me, but I know I’m right πŸ™‚
    And lastly, CONGRATS! I’d have never known if you didn’t blog about it since I very rarely buy Vogue Knitting. I’m so happy for you!

  147. Congratulations!
    I don’t have a favorite color. I always feel bad saying that, like none of them are special enough to be my fav… But the truth is I love them all. I seem to go on kicks. For a while I might love everything blue, and then all of a sudden one day I’ll be crazy about orange. Right now, it’s green. Two days ago, I was loving yellow. πŸ™‚

  148. I love GREEN. Not really sure why, but i always have. When i was 5 my parents built a house and my sister and I got to pick out the color or our room. I picked green for my room. Flash forward 30 years and it is still my favorite color. I love wearing it – it complements my skin and eyes – but who knows why it was my favorite color way back when. My living room in my current house is painted green, and almost every night I comment to myself how much i love the color of this room, which i picked out over 4 years ago. And don’t let me near the green yarn!!!

  149. I am a multi-color freak! Christmas lights, clothing, and of course, yarn. If I have to choose, my second choice would be red — bright, wonderful, warm red. I can’t believe they don’t make those wonderful kids “Dorthy” shoes (the glittery red ones) in adult sizes!

  150. Hi Cara!
    Congratulations on having your cards on the VK mag!
    Well, my favorite color is purple. I always liked the color purple, it compliments my olive complexion. Now that I am getting older, turns out purple is one of the colors for the hat ladies (purple & red). Turns out its also my daughter’s favorite color. Thanks for the opportunity to start off the year by entering a contest. Have a great day!

  151. Firstly, congratulations, you so deserve it!!!!
    My favorite color as of late is pink. Especially, Pink kidsilk (Fondant) because it reminds me of cotton candy. I love it because it’s just cheerful and makes me want to smile. It reminds me of new babies too (no, I’m not!) I’m smiling just thinking about it (I know, corny)

  152. Purple, purple, purple, any purple at all. Why do I like it you ask? Because it makes me feel all warm and gushy inside which causes me to continually buy purple yarn. I can’t stop. I try to buy other colors, but the purple is there calling my name…”Erin, come over here…it’s all purple over here…you know you want to!”
    It’s the purple…it just never stops talking to me.

  153. Congratulations!!
    I adore blue and always have – it makes me happy, soothes my fidgets, suits my complexion, brings out my eyes, etc. But what I really want to wear right now is red – not just tiny accessories, but big swaths of brilliant flaming crimson. Problem is, red makes me look pale and sickly and draws attention to every blotch and blemish like a neon sign. It’s kind of like the way I wish I had a glorious singing voice – the sort of physical attribute that would express so well with who you are on the inside…. but it just isn’t there. Blue it is!!

  154. I can’t pick just one. I grew up in India- land of color. I love all the vivid colors- marigolds in the flower market, the fuchsia adorned with mirrors the desert women in Rajasthan wear, the red and gold of a bridal outfit, the green of freshly applied henna and the deep earthy red when it stains the skin. Piles of bright turmeric in the spice market. More subtle- the many colors of sand on the beach at the southern tip of the subcontinent where 3 seas converge.
    I could wax poetic. Wait, I already did. πŸ™‚

  155. Red, red, red. I love everything about it. Unfortunately it is the bane of my existence. I have brown hair that always goes red or orange and my complexion is very very rosy so I look like a huge tomato when I put it on. So sad, really! Congrats on being in VK!

  156. I love RED because:
    – My two favourite hockey teams wear red.
    – It is the colour I tend to turn spectacularly when complimented.
    – I used to live in China, and red is lucky there. Can’t go wrong with red!
    – It is the colour of my favourite food (hmmmm. cranberries)
    – It is the one shade of dye that will not stick to my hair. I kind of like that.
    – My favourite line from a book is “It was blood red nail polish. Like Dracula popped open a vein and bottled it” because it is so evocative.
    – Red looks warm, and I am often cold.
    – It is hard to capture the right hue on film. The mystery appeals to me.
    So yes, I like red. A lot.

  157. Oh and hey, CONGRATULATIONS! VK, that’s kind of a big deal, eh πŸ˜‰

  158. LeighB in ATL says:

    My favorite color is purple because my 5-year-old daughter tells me every day that it is. If that works for her, it works for me too! And actually, it is just about my favorite color. When I was a child, I wanted a purple Dodge Road Runner when I grew up because I thought that was the coolest car I had ever seen.

  159. Green… definitely green. Always has been — who can beat a color so based in nature. In fact I’m a bit worried about the current fad of sage green colors. What happens when my favorite color suddenly becomes the new peach? Grrr.

  160. My favorite color is orange. It is a great color no matter the time of year. It is happy and bright and looks great with any other color πŸ™‚ It can warm you up on a cold dreary day, and help you celebrate the sun in the spring and summer. I love orange!

  161. My favorite color is RED! Because it looks great on me and it makes me happy… Congrats on the mention in Vogue! Those are awesome cards.

  162. My favorite colors are orange, red, and pink for when I was a little redheaded girl growing up, I was told NEVER to wear orange, red, or pink because it would clash with my hair. How ridiculous I think now. Now? I love to clash. bring on the orange, red, and pink.

  163. My favorite color is a rich, saturated turquoise. The color itself reminds me of oceans, expressionist paintings, and a favorite childhood sweater. I love to wear it because it’s a great contrast/compliment to my reddish hair. I love to knit with it, especially when the yarn is truly, deeply saturated with color because it draws in my eye and holds my attention. Nothing is more mesmerizing than a beautiful, bold color.

  164. I noticed that when I got the mag this weekend. Congrats!
    My favorite color is definitely green, in all shades, though I tend toward the very yellow variety. Something about it makes me feel happy and funky; I love the avocado kitchen and want to bring it back. It’s just lovely, it matches my eyes, and I feel bright and happy when I wear it.

  165. Congrats on your appearance in Vogue Knitting.
    My favourite colour is RED. This is despite having to wear a red school uniform for 10 years – I was a RED MAID. This all girls’ school was established in the 17th century by a Bristol (UK) merchant. Although the uniform has changed a lot since then, we still had to wear a wool bonnet and apron for special occasions!

  166. When I was a kid, I hated GREEN. Probably only Kelly Green, but I told everyone ALL SHADES OF GREEN because it’s the color or nature/trees, not clothes. Pretty dumb. I like green a lot now.
    My favorite, hands-down is RED. Can’t get enough, though I know it would have a bigger impact in my life if I used/wore it less.

  167. Green! Right now, it’s chartreuse, next week it’ll be another shade, but i just love it. Why? you got me? How hard it is to put into words why something sings to you!

  168. Selma in Woodstock says:

    Congratulations on the Vogue write-up. Fabulous news. My favorite color WAS blue/green. I say WAS because, thanks to Ravelry, I was unceremoniously forced to come to terms with the fact that pretty much everything I have knit and/or own is the same color. Time to BREAK FREE! Today I am wearing red. Not just red…RED! And loving it.

  169. Wow! Congratulations! I would definitely be over the moon excited about that.
    To keep with the positive thoughts, I’ll state my favorite color! My favorite color for now is blue mainly in the tealy-turquoisey range. I find the color very calming and relaxing. It also just makes me happy. πŸ™‚

  170. My fave colour is ORANGE – a colour of growth and energy and change. It just makes me happy!
    Congrats on getting your cards in Vogue – may you be overwhelmed with orders (but in a good way!!).

  171. My favorite color? FUSCHIA! Hot, hot, hotter than hot – PINK!
    It makes me happy – makes me want to sing.
    I really need to knit myself something in fuschia with lime green, electric blue, orange and purple accents. WHY do I not?
    Being of the “fluffy” sort, I’m always self conscious of myself. I wear black, I wear brown (I know – BOOOOORING) only to hide myself in the crowd. Maybe someday I’ll get up the nerve…

  172. This year I need to knit with verigated yarn. I love colors (all of them! Especially teal and brown) but I’ve been intimidated by too many colors in a single skein. How will I know what it will look like knit up? I need to trust the needles, trust the dyer, trust the pattern and the yarn and knit bravely!

  173. Congrats!
    My favorite colour is green! I love green because it seems to calm me and it looks fresh and clean. It also reminds me of spring and summer, which are my two favorite seasons.

  174. I keep reading your blog – and your endeavours with motherhood soon…
    My favourite colour is EGGPLANT – I believe it acts for me as the new black. I am green-eyed and this colours works great on me…
    Plus it has depth, marry well with any pinks, grey or green.. and neutral as well… Love it (saw this colour on the Lucy Liu bedspread yesterday on Cashmere Mafia – telling you it is the new black !!)

  175. Wooo! Congratulations!
    Oh, I cannot pick a favorite color, they’re all so great. But one I really don’t care for is barbie pink. Princess pink. It goes along with my dislike for the fetishizing of the princesses and making girls into little toy objects. Also, I am so not into the girly thing. After a violent dissociation with pink for many years, I’m starting to appreciate it again and I use it in quilts and knits. But to wear? I avoid it like the plague.
    Aren’t I the negative one. Here’s something positive: your contest reminds me of when we were visiting NY last summer and went to MOMA. There was a painting there named “Blue Monochrome” by Yves Klein. It was all just painted one shade of blue. My husband looks at it and said, “I’d dismiss it as being boring except that shade of blue is so beautiful and I just want to stare at it for awhile.” Heh.

  176. Big congrats to you! I haven’t seen that issue yet so I’m happy to hear your toot on your blog.
    Hmmm… my favourite colour is Canadian autumn. It’s that lovely mix of golds, oranges, greens, rusts, reds, browns and plums that combine together to form a sea of amazing colour. We don’t get that kind of autumn in Britain as our trees generally only do the gold and brown thing. I miss Canadian autumns.

  177. My favorite color is sometimes black because I love to wear black, it’s simple, it’s easy, no thinking required. I also love blue though. It’s the color of the sky and I love being in the sky when it’s blue and the ocean is blue. I’m trying to increase the green in my wardrobe lately though because I’m a redhead and I’ve been told I look good in green and am trying to accept it and love it too.

  178. Yay Cara, mazel tov, excellent start for a big year! I am stumped on the color choosing, I like them all – thems that I wear, thems that I don’t. My biggest color peeve is when people say choose a color, and include black Its not a color, its the lack of light. Ok, I’ll go sit down with the rest of the nerds now…

  179. I used to shun pink. Like, for over 20 years of my life, I refused to wear pink, think about pink, look at pink. If it came in pink, I didn’t want it. I was too busy wearing black and being angsty.
    Lately, like in the past six months? I can’t get enough of pink. Deep, bright, juicy pinks that teeter on the edges of red and purple – I LOVE them!! First I knit myself a hat in deep pink Malabrigo, then I knit myself some mittens in some deep ruby-pink-purple Dream in Color Classy. Now I’m working on socks in Sock Hop “Wild Thing”, which is supposed to be all orange and purples, but the skeins I got have lots of white, so it’s all orange and pink with hints of purple, and it’s like knitting the sunrise and I can’t work on these socks enough, I’m so in love with them.
    My favorite color is still bright leafy green, but deep pink, verging on magenta especially, just SPEAKS to me lately.

  180. I think that bluish/green/aqua color is my favorite. You know, the one that’s the color of caribbean water? And really, do I have to say why it’s my favorite? Because I think it’s pretty obvious. πŸ™‚ My second favorite is tangerine. What a fun color!!!!

  181. Congrats, what an honor that is. Not surprising though you do take beautiful pictures.
    As for my favorite color I would definitly have to say blue. I really don’t know why. I’ve always loved that color.
    One color I wish that I could wear would be orange. For some reason I have a hankering to knit something orange. Maybe a pair of socks. We’ll see. Anyway congrats again!

  182. Whups, I almost forgot! Congrats, Cara, on your cards being featured in VK! How exciting!

  183. It’s easy for me to pick my favorite color: blue.
    My eyes are blue, and it really looks good on me. Blue is cool and calming, which I also like. There are so many shades, though, so it’s full of possibilities. There is the ocean, the sky, the color on birds in my back yard, flowers, the list goes on and on. I especially like how blue can combine with other colors, enhancing and contrasting them. There is purplish-blue and greenish-blue. There’s a blue for every emotion, not just the “blues”! Yay for blue!

  184. Love: Red. Dark, kind of burgundy red. I didn’t like red as a teen, I thought it was too bold, but then I found it _really_ suits me. It’s totally my color, and I wear it a lot now. And paired with black it’s just the most awesome color ever πŸ˜‰
    Hate: Yellow. Don’t get me wrong, I tried, I really did. I like yellow but it looks horrible on me. I look at yarn and I like the yellow but I know I can not knit anything for me with it because I will look horrible in it. However my best friend rocks the yellow. He’s knitting yellow green striped socks right now and they’re awesome.

  185. Red. Any shade of red. Red makes me happy, it’s just that simple.

  186. congrats! that’s really awesome! someone at vogue is definitely paying attention! πŸ˜€
    i like purple, my whole stash (almost) is purple and my knitty friends tease me about it…but purple just makes me so happy, and i am drawn to it. purple reminds me of my sister when we were kids, she wore purple every day. and i need these reminders of my sister then because she’s not so cool now and i miss my purple wearing sister.

  187. I love autumnal colors with a passion, but I especially love finding ways to stretch the definition of autumnal. A dried sycamore leaf that evokes autumn has got such a range of golds and browns and purples in it, and they are all harmonious in one place. How on earth does that happen? It’s fun to find the perfect autumn purple or blue when the usual colors are reds and browns and greens.
    I dislike very specific shades, but even then I try to find a way to like them. I am not a fan of pink, but I’ve come to like it when it’s with other colors. Pink can be startling when it’s matched up with burgundy and green and orange. It’s the perfect shade to be used sparingly.
    There’s a site that I’m addicted to where you can make palettes and patterns, and it’s a wonderful way to rediscover colors you thought you hated.

  188. I think that my favorite color is blue. I tell people this. It makes sense. Blue is very me – responsible, calming, etc. But when I look at my yarn and the sweaters I buy, it turns out that my favorite color is really that raspberry shade. A deep pink, purple undertones. It’s the color I reach for to feel good. And it’s the color I buy myself.

  189. Highly saturated salmon pink against dark brown, because those were the two colors of one of my very favorite childhood books. It was about a birthday, and the cake was salmon pink against chocolate-brown backgrounds. As a kid I wanted to eat that color right out of the book. I still do.

  190. Maribel called me last night from work to tell me that you were in Vogue. I was very, very impressed:D
    Not at all surprised of course since your cards are lovely and well deserving of attention.

  191. Way to go!!! I love the blues and greens, right now my favorite is a pine. The “WHY” is harder (why do I hate licorice and speed metal? it’s all wired in the brain somehow), but I think that it probably has to do with growing up in Washinton, the land of the evergreens.

  192. Congrats on the mention in VK! My favorite color is green, because… well, just because. More specificlly, Kelly Green(which is like lime green, but not quite as in-your-face) because it’s cheerful and bright.

  193. Congrats! That’s so cool!
    Right now I am loving the color yellow because it reminds me of sunny skies, warm air, and beachy weather…anything other than this cold spell we are in.

  194. Yay! Congrats!! Your cards so beautiful too (as are all of your pictures).
    Hmmm… My favorite color would be deep, dark reds/garnets. I think mostly because my first school’s main color was red and my dad’s favorite football team is garnet (SF 49ers). πŸ™‚

  195. Congrats!!! Your cards are gorgeous!
    I don’t really have a favorite color but there are some that I just can’t force myself to wear. Bright orange, you know like the kind that hunters wear when out in the woods. It’s a color best left for traffic cones and safety vests. πŸ™‚

  196. Purple’s hot because it’s not limited to one season. It comes back in style in different shades, but it’s never out. It’s a color rarely found in nature, or at least, a color not found as often as others. Natural dyes are difficult to find. I think that’s why we have a royal purple; it was so rare a color it was reserved for Kings.
    It’s an captivating color that I’ve been obsessed with this past year. My glee sweater, le slouch hat, my new shoes- PURPLE! I love the deeper shades the most.
    Klingons have purple blood.
    You probably didn’t need to know that. Congrats on your photos in vogue πŸ™‚

  197. I always hated pink. It was the one colour I would never wear. Too girly for boyish me, I suppose.
    Then I had a daughter… I don’t dress her in pink all the time, oh no, but sometimes (and more and more now that she is almost princess four!). And it has rubbed off. So while I still don’t like soft, pastelly pink I do like and wear bright happy pink.

  198. Yellow is my favorite color (at least right now). I don’t own any yellow clothing–it looks HORRID on me–but I have Fiestaware and I love, love, love the Sunshine Yellow. My first “grownup” room was painted a yellow buttercup color. It was so…grownup…which what is more important than that when you are 16?
    Congratulations on VK!

  199. purple, purple, in the sea
    purple, purple, don’t eat me!
    purple is
    as purple does
    and purple is so pretty!
    Yes, I know it makes no sense. But that’s what came into my head. I guess I just like purple.

  200. Hi Cara,
    Congrats on the VK spot on color. It makes perfect sense they’d feature your colorful cards. Happy belated birthday too!
    I’m weird. My favorite color is brown. My kids have brown eyes and brown hair. I love when they smile and their brown eyes light up. I love to wear brown too, probably because it matches my hair and eyes. I think brown is comfy, soft, yummy (chocolate) and rich. I love a wall painted brown with white crown moulding. I love brown.

  201. My favorite color has been purple since I was a little girl. HOWEVER… I couldn’t possibly pick ONLY purple. SO I can also say that I love reds, and oranges, and pinks too.

  202. Purple has always been my favorite color. I think perhaps because it’s slightly unusual. I love almost every shade of it, but tend toward the darker ones.

  203. Cara, Congrats on the shout-out in Vogue! That is just awesome.
    My all time favorite color – there is more of it in my closet than anything is black. And, my favorite accent color for black is green – all greens. Mustardy greens, olivey greens, grassy greens, limey greens, browny greens. I feel so vibrant and alive with green on.

  204. Congratulations! Well-deserved as your photos are wonderful.
    My favorite colors ebb and flow, not quite in sync with the seasons but like them. Sometimes I like bright strong colors in hot combinations; fuschia with orange, chartreuse with periwinkle; purple with red. Right now I am going through a subtler phase; lots of browns and grays and slate-blues but all with a shimmer of other colors mixed in. And creamy colors; ecru, taupe, sand, white. Although I am knitting with some self-striping sock yarn in yellow, green, and pink as well.
    However my standby color is black – practical, goes with everything, sophisticated, looks great with my pale skin and dark hair.

  205. my favorite color is GREEN! green, green, green. My eyes are green, so I love to wear it. I have made THREE green central park hoodies (albeit in different shades). I also like it because it reminds me of the outdoors, which I love. Yay green.

  206. I love all colors!! Can’t choose just one, thy all have a place in life, sometimes I feel like golden hues, sometimes I need rich saturated colors…..Don’t make me chiise just one….

  207. How fun! Yay for you!
    My favorite is blue. It’s always been that way… I have ice blue eyes, so depending on the shade of blue I wear it changes my eyes.

  208. Congratulations on the well deserved attention.
    My favorite colour is Scarlet Red, though it used to be royal blue when I was younger. I really love how bright and clear scarlet is and it works really well with my complexion. It is hard to find as a yarn colour since it is so bright, but I have a sweaters worth that is waiting for the perfect pattern.
    I love the bright clear colours and will always reach for them when I’m feeling a bit down. Grey and black are also favorites but they get worn when I’m in an upbeat mood. I’m not sure if I’m seeking balance or just being contrary, but I match my moods to their opposite colours.

  209. Congratulations! Your cards are gorgeous.
    For years and years, if asked what my favorite color was, I would reply blue. Always. Until I got to college and my roommate overheard me say that my favorite color was blue, and she said, “Really? I would have sworn it was green”. I was shocked – Why?! And she started pointing out all of these things – when we were out shopping, I was always excited about the green sweaters or green notebooks, etc. I drove a lime green Beetle which I love with a passion. I have lime green appliances, and so on and so on. So, I thought about it and remembered that growing up my sister and I would have hundreds of crayons, but never any green because we used those first. So, I admit it – I’ve always been a lover of GREEN. It just took me nearly 20 years to realize it πŸ™‚

  210. Congrats!
    I love green. I love most shades but the one that really connects with me is a bright grassy planty green. I feel so connected with the outdoors and I associate that bright green with the sun and the summer. I live in Canada and have a long, dark, gloomy winter. My SAD,doesn’t make it any easier, and when the world gets green again, I know I’ll be happier soon. I try to incorporate as much bright, leafy green as I can in my life to remind myself that things will get brighter soon.

  211. Your color cards are awesome. I’ve been meaning to write and tell you so. My MIL tried to order them for me for Hanukkah, and you were out of stock. Maybe you remember…but given how I remembered things when I was pregnant, maybe not. She was excited to get an email from you that they were available and would make ti here for the 25th. Anyhow, my FIl and BIL both photographers oohed and aahed over the cards when I opened them on Christmas. I just wanted you to know. TOOT TOOT! I’ll honk a horn for you too. I’m so excited to have cute cards to write my knitterly friends on. And since I wouldn’t mind having more…(I’m going through my box quick.) I wrote a COLOR entry on my blog in November… I think that my favorite color is “rainbow”. I don’t think I could pick just one. But, in my house ORANGE is the special color these days. Orange Kitty is the love of my boys. They each have one. We had an ORANGE birthday last year complete with Mac-n-cheese, cheetos, orange jello, and a giant poster of the favorite kitty. And recently, I’ve been working on Orange Kitty socks (in the Opal Rainforest Tiger Yarn). It probably wouldn’t have been my FAVORITE color, but it’s so special to the ones I love…it’s special to me too.

  212. I was thinking about my favorite color over the weekend. When I was a mere 3 years old I loved lavender. I still love lavender although I don’t wear it much. Now I’m more into teal blue. I have had a cringe reaction to pink for several years now. For some reason I tend to associate pink to maturity. To me, pink is not a mature adult’s color. JMHO.

  213. Congratulations Cara!
    My favourite colour is green, all sorts of greens, and lately I’ve really been enjoying the reds. What I really like is a pale green and a deep red together…oooo….that makes me really happy.
    I have a sad relationship with orange: I love it, but I cannot wear it. It is a good thing I do not love it as much as I love green.

  214. My favorite color is copper. It’s the first colour I dyed my hair (unfortunately, since my hair is dark red already, all it did was add a nice penny-bronze sheen to my hair), it’s the color of the pennies I taught my son to count with, and it’s my favorite colour in the fall spectrum.
    It’s also the colour of the bottom of the cooking pots I want, but that somehow didn’t really fit into the above description πŸ˜‰

  215. My favorite color is Yellow. Its bright and warm just like the rays of the sun upon your face:) and well Sun in spanish is sol which is part of my name Marisol:) My favorite flower is the Sunflower. Its corny I know but true–Yellow is such a warm happy color.

  216. Samantha Butler says:

    Hey well done! I saw them last week when my magazine came.
    I love blue. The deep colour of azure lapis.

  217. Congratulations! I saw your cards and I was like – I know that blogger!
    My favorite color is green-blue, some might call it teal. It just floats my boat- every time I see the right combo, I just plain like it. I like to look at it.

  218. I would say my favorite colors change from year to year: In my “youth” I loved red and black; colors I thought were flattering against my skin. As time has gone on I associate color with people or memories I want to preserve. Colors that come to my mind now that I would say are a favorite have special memories associated with them PURPLE (a color I never wear or even like) I associate with my youngest son because it is his absolute favorite; TEAL reminds me of my niece’s beautiful blue eyes and her bright smile; SILVER/GOLD because if it’s shiny or has any sparkle, my oldest son has to have it; BROWN because my sister who is such a sweetheart wears a shade of it everyday of her life; MAUVE because it was my Grandmother’s favorite sweater and now it all I have left of her. Colors, like places speak to me about the people in my life, the memories we share and the love I feel for them.

  219. I have said that my favorite color was orange since I was 14. I have honestly said my favorite color was orange since around 23. I started because there was a “what your favorite color says about your personality” quiz in my Mom’s Cosmo. Orange came the closest to who I wanted to be at that age; intelligent, outgoing, confident, and centered. It also said I might tend towards arrogance drama and being conceited but I chose to ignore that part.
    It wasn’t until I was married that I realized it was actually a color I surrounded myself with. I love that it work in any season, its in every sunset/sunrise, its clemetines in winter, my tulips in spring, my girls beach towels in summer and bittersweet in autumn. Heck, for the first 4 months of my pregnancy with my first daughter all I ate was orange food; apricots, carrots, orange yogurt, mandarins, cold sweet potato fries, you get the idea, cold and pretty much vegetarian was me. So, yeah, orange πŸ™‚

  220. I simply adore a very particular pale shade of Aqua, it reminds me of the ocean in bermuda, but also how sometimes water or ice look taken at the north or south pool in some exotic place I sometimes see on flickr. I am always searching for yarn this color, here is a good example;
    And here is some handspun from LUXE rovings in the color I love as well;
    I love this color for many reasons. Fist and foremost, it makes me FEEL good. It makes me feel calm. It reminds me of water. Next, it looks nice on me, hah! It makes me eyes look more blue and pale. I think it’s very flattering on me.
    Next, I also think its a GREAT baby color. I think it can go “boy” or “girl” which makes it gender neutral. I get so tired of “blue” and “pink” and then the lame green or yellow as the token neutral.
    I also love it because it’s not too bright or strong, but can be very subtle and goes very well with earthy colors, like soft light browns and creams.
    It’s just a color I love, and I have always loved it and I think I will always love it.

  221. Wow, a big congrats to you. The cards are beautiful (as is your knitting & photography), so it’s no wonder you’ve made it to VOGUE!
    My favorite color is pink. I don’t really know why it’s my favorite, but I do know any variation of pink makes me happy.

  222. ORANGE is my favorite color. I love almost every color, however it seems that I am usually drawn to the orange yarns and fabric when I start to plan a project. Orange is just too perfect for words. PS Love your blog.

  223. holy moly, that’s a lot of favorite color comments! congrats on vogue. big.
    my favorite color? it’s always been blue. in all shades. my whole life. though somewhere along the way i fell in love with green. chartreuse, lime, evergreen. and when i was pregnant with my daughter, everything was all about orange. our bedroom in our first house was purple. i wear red shoes every single day and most of my bags are red, too. and almost all of the rooms in my house are painted some shade of yellow or another. i honestly think i love them all. i really do. maybe i just love color.
    so does that count? as an entry? if i can’t pick only one?

  224. Congratulations!
    I have always felt that red was out to get me. It’s a mean, sneaky color, and I’ve never liked it. Red lights, red tape, being in the red… Did you know that red cars are practically invisible at certain times of the day? No wonder they have higher insurance rates. I have no problems with pinks or burgundies, but I’ll never trust a red.

  225. Wow, Cara, gratz if you make it this far. πŸ˜€ And double gratz on the cards!! That’s a fabulous mention!
    My favorite color is royal blue. I have flirted with purple and lime green and other shades of blue, but really, royal blue still makes my heart pound a little faster. I feel like I will fall into it and fly. I was supremely lucky and scored just enough royal blue silk velvet for my wedding dress–it’s just the color that speaks most to me.

  226. Congratulations!
    My favorite color is blue. I’m not really sure why, but it always has been. Maybe it was the blue curtains that my mom put in my room when I was a baby.

  227. I used to hate pink. But it’s been growing on me more and more. Now? I think it might be my favorite color. The me of 10 years ago would have gagged if she heard me saying that.

  228. I like green. It reminds me of spring and growth. It brightens up other colors, especially blues and reds. But mostly, it keeps people associated with my name in a roundabout way. Get it, Kell(e)y green. =)

  229. You’re FAMOUS(-er)!!!

  230. Gold is making me very happy these days! Thanks for such a fun contest and congrats on the Vogue Knitting!!

  231. My favorite color is grey. I like that it is beautiful in all of its variations and shades. I think if I had another favorite color, I would only love a particular instance of it, like bright red or pale green. I wouldn’t be able to tell people that I liked all forms of red equally, since they’re very different colors and they’re just not the same. But grey is lovely in all of its variations. I prefer the spelling with an “e” instead of an “a,” since it gives appreciative worth to the word as well as the color.
    It’s also an interesting favorite color to try to explain to people. Young children usually think I’m boring.

  232. Congratulations Cara! How exciting. A wonderful way to start the year.
    My favorite color is green. It is the color that shines in every season. New green for Spring and the return of life. Deep green for summer and much needed shade. Green mottled with autumn-rich colors for Fall. And Evergreen for Christmas and the reminder that Winter will pass and Spring return.
    And I hate fuschia. Brrrrrr. Even the name sets my teeth on edge. Oh well. Can’t love everything.
    I hope your year continues blessing you in every way.

  233. My favorite color is purple…doesn’t matter if it is a royal purple, lavender or basic purple in the crayola box. I love it because there are so many variations of it in nature – iris, violets, tulips, roses….and it looks fabulous on me – fair skin and red hair!
    I would love to knit/wear something in burnt orange, but am afraid to…I am a curvy gal and once a very unkind person told me that I resembled a pumpkin…in a mean spirited jab… I wish I could find a flattering pattern which incorporates the orange….maybe a fair isle with purple in it? and cream…?

  234. There are many colors I love, some I dislike but I HATE pepto-bismal pink. Here’s why: when I was 4, in 1974, we moved into a new house and my room was PINK: pink shag carpet, pink and white checked FLOWERS on the wallpaper. Can you guess what my room still looked like when I left for college? Yeah. My room was pink for about 10 years longer than I could actually bear it. And my mother wondered why my room was always a mess…

  235. Without out a doubt – red. Think about it -red for Christmas. Red for Valentines day. Red for the red cherries and summertime. Red for the red white and blue and the 4th of July. And a burgundy red mixed with fall colors – nothing better! Besides which – in the 50’s – when I was a child -I had a red organdy dress – with a white collar – and pinned to this collar was red artificial cherries. I love the picture – I love the memories of me climbing a tree in my good dress after Mass – Mom took a picture of it – then promptly told me to go change my clothes!! As an adult – ok – a past middle age gal – I find that I look best in Black -white with red accents. Crisp – clean and classy.

  236. I have been a pink girl for a long time, but lately I have been loving green more and more..It’s just very calming and mellow to me, and goes great with another favorite, brown..

  237. Congratulations – well deserved recognition for your beautiful photography.
    My favourite colour seems to vary – at the moment it must be green – I’m knitting a green cardigan with two green sweaters lined up to follow and just finished a green hood. I have secret hankerings towards burnt orange as well though! Generally I’m a colour fiend as long as the colour is very saturated.
    Thanks for asking the question – it’s been really interesting reading everyone’s responses

  238. My favorite color is blue.
    OK, not really.
    I love, love, LOVE your cards. You totally deserve that VK endorsement.

  239. Hearty congrats!
    My favorite color is purple, especially a dark, deep, saturated purple. I like it because it’s, well, purple. It’s right in between my other two favorite colors, red and blue. It goes well with green, my next favorite color.
    My least favorite color is mustard yellow/brown. I like mustard, but I don’t like the color on me or on walls. (It is my considered opinion that the vast majority of people of northern European descent should not wear bright yellow or orange.)

  240. Teal – the shades of the ocean.

  241. Blue–deep inky blue. I love blue and brown together, and since I have brown hair and brown eyes, I end up wearing a lot of blue. Ooh, brown too…

  242. Congratulations! Those are lovely cards! Well who can resist a contest?! My favorite color is blue, any and all shades. I’ve just always loved it since I can remembering, it has a calming effect on me I guess.

  243. Congratulations! Very cool.
    Of the basic six on the color wheel, I’m not such an orange fan. (Though, paired against a bright blue? Gorgeous.) No good reason, it’s just jarring. I’d always rather the pink sunset, the red leaves, or the yellow flowers than the orange option.

  244. My favorite color is pink…and it always has been. When my parents built our “big” house in 1982 (because you know, before that we lived in a “little” house) my Mom asked me what color carpet and walls I wanted. Of course I wanted pink. So, what did my Mom do? She bought pink wallpaper and special ordered PINK carpet to the little town that I grew up in. I’m sure that no one in this teeney town had ever seen pink carpet before. Come to find out as an adult…it was a way higher grade of carpet than the whole rest of the house. If that’s not love…I don’t know what is?! I love my Mom!

  245. P.S. While writing my original comment I was moved to look up the Wikipedia entry on color names and the classic study by Berlin and Kay on the hierarchy of basic colors, where purple ranks below red, white, black, blue, green, yellow and brown. (It’s a fascinating article, if you like that sort of thing.) Among the many other interesting tidbits was this fact: a Hewlett-Packard researcher has determined that fuchsia is the most consistently misspelled color name in English.

  246. My favorite color these days is either bright red or bright orange. They’re bright and cheery and make me smile. (And I’m told I look great in red, which also helps.)

  247. Big congrats on the Vogue spot!
    My favorite color is purple- when I was 10 my brother was born, and since that meant my sister and I would have to share a room, we were allowed to decorate it just as wanted. We chose purple dotted swiss curtains & bedspreads (anyone remember that stuff??) and when the curtains were drawn it created this ethereal purple glow in the room that I believe affected me permanently- but in a good way!!

  248. Congrats on the VK! That’s crazy exciting!
    My fav color is Gray. The tweedier the better. I may mix in another color every once in a while, but mostly I’m Monochromatic Woman- hear me roar!

  249. Congrats!
    Naming a FAVORITE color is hard, because I love variants and so on. Start with plum, shade it red, shade it blue, lighten it, darken it… I’ll love it. Or blue — the color the sky is at midnight.. The thing that stays the same — they’re all blue based. Perhaps its because I have blue eyes, so they see those colors better? But cool jewel tones are the ones I love.
    The color I like least is easy: Orange. Because I look like death barely thawed whenever I wear it, and because living in a town whose primary sports team has ORANGE as it’s “signature” color (even though there ARE two colors) means it’s everywhere, and I’m expected to wear it sometimes.
    Otherwise, I dislike muddy colors in general.

  250. Well I am not reading any of the comments before I write this as I don’t want to be intimidated by the wonderful entries you are getting. I love all colours and things with colour (like your exquisite photographs, make me smile. However, my favourite colour is blue. Although I have little of it in my home in terms of decor, I love to wear it and gravitate towards it in knitting yarns!
    I can’t tell you why except that the blue sky on any day when the sun is out is a site I cannot ignore. Perhaps because one of the most important men in my life (My Dad) had gorgeous blue eyes and yet he disliked the colour. He had, for as long as I can remember, soft silver hair and that handsome combo had me always trying to encourage him to wear it. I bought him blue shirts, blue ties, blue pj’s. He would wear them on occasion. When he passed away, we found several UNopened pairs of BLUE pj’s in his drawer!! Made us all laugh amongst our tears!
    Congrats on your appearance in Vogue, well deserved…2008 will be GREAT for you, what a start!!!! (((((hugs)))))

  251. Periwinkle – lately everything yarn I buy to knit with (when I’m not trying to use only my stash) is periwinkle – why? I’m wondered that myself. OK, here goes – I think it’s a spiritual thing – I see the color periwinkle as sort of between this world and another realm – a transition in the color spectrum. Sort of like ultra violet or colors that only butterflies can see on flowers….

  252. Hmmmm, I like lots of colors -all the rich saturated ones. But yellow? Yellow makes me smile.
    Congratulations on making Vogue – hope it results in many many sales.

  253. My favorite colour is, and always has been, blue! Every shade that the sky has ever turned I just adore. I also love the way blue can take on other characteristics, like luminescence or something, like the wings of butterflies. When I was younger I wouldn’t wear anything other then jeans, beacause they were blue! This resulted in many fights with my mother, but also in adorable photos of me as a 4 year old playing in the sprinkler wearing jeans!
    Congrats on the success! I’ve always loved those cards!

  254. For me – blue. I am a cool, so blues and other blue tones work well for me. And I feel like blue (until you get into the whole aqua/turquoise debate) is fairly standard. There are plenty of blues but everyone seems to agree that they are blue. Whereas some other colors seem to have some identity issues.
    Congrats on the Vogue-ness. Very cool.

  255. Congrats on the vogue mention–how cool are you? πŸ™‚ I have favorite colors for different moods. When I am happy I love all shades of pink. When I am feeling stressed, I love periwinkle because it makes me feel calm. I even painted my bedroom periwinkle in order to feel calm when I’m there–although it doesn’t always help with my insomnia. Ever since I had a baby boy I’ve loved the combination of blue and chocolate brown, which is the color scheme in his nursery. It is feels classic and so boy-like for him.
    Hope you are continuing to feel well and not puking! My sister just found out recently that she is pregnant with her third–a surprise–and feels blah everyday. Her illness stories remind me of you. At least you are close to the end of your ills and will have a beautiful baby to play with soon! Take it easy!

  256. Yay! congrats on your cards!!
    My favorite color is Purple. I don’t have a good reason why I just do. Since I was a very little kid. It has always been my favorite. When I was in first grade I got to pick the color for my bedroom and I picked purple. All shades, from lavendar to plum! As I got a little older I thought it was cool that not too many people picked purple. Teal runs a close 2nd.
    I don’t care for mustardy yellows or bright oranges-though rusty oranges are OK but not a color I’d pick for myself!

  257. My favorite color is purple. Like many others who have responded, I’m not sure exactly why, but I like just about any variation of purple, from the palest lavender to deep eggplant, and there are few colors about which I can say that. Even though purple is sometimes associated with sadness or mourning, I generally consider it a happy color.
    Congratulations on being featured in Vogue Knitting! I’ve been haunting the bookstores for the issue for the past week–many in my area still have the holiday issue on the racks! I’ll get it soon and admire your beautiful work.

  258. Congrats! I did see them when I picked up an issue of VK at Barnes & Noble. I was way excited. My favorite color is a blue/green sort of teal. I love blue, and I love green (because they both look good on me), but I love me a good shade of teal. I love water, like oceans and lakes and streams, and I love thinking and watching water move, and blue-green-teal makes me think of that water.

  259. I think I was first to congratulate you, right? (Being a subscriber is always helpful for this kind of thing.)
    Now, I always have the hardest time naming a favorite color, mostly because I like all sorts of colors. In college, it was mostly jewel tones because they went so well with gray (my then-favorite neutral), but I’ve since expanded and like lots of them. I like them saturated with color, though, not pastels, not too bright, but intense. Autumn tones of red, orange, gold, brown, and green are my favorites, though I can’t really say why. Because they go so well with my hair and complexion? Because my birthday is in the autumn? Who knows? But I DO know that I love them. Which is why, right now, I’m sitting in a yellow/gold bedroom on a golden/brown rug, leaning against a red chair, looking at the orange comforter-cover on my bed and the caramel-brown wooden dresser … Ahhh … bliss.

  260. How fantastic for you!
    My friends would tell you that my favorite color is black, and I suppose it is, but that’s not technically a color.
    Really, my favorite color is blue. I love every shade, variance, tone of blue. I love that blue is cool. I don’t mean cool like Fonzie, I mean cool like icy, and not warm. I love that blue is the sky and the ocean. To me blue equals a clean-ness that you can’t find in any other color. I can’t think of anything sentimental about it, just that I love that color and everything about it.

  261. It’s a tossup between red and orange. The funny thing is that I used to hate red. I joined a soccer team in high school that changed their colors every year. I told my mom I’d quit if they made their shirt red. It was red, I wore it, and by the end of the season I loved it.
    My last name has something to do with oranges, and I love the color orange, so one of my online names is ArielofOrange.

  262. noallatin says:

    Blue, blue, my color is blue
    Blue is my color with shades of turquoise too
    Green, green I also like green
    Green mixed with blue is something to be seen
    (to the tune of “Love is Blue”)
    I love all of the colors in the blue-green family. I’m not sure why, maybe because someone told me I looked good in blue. Blue-green can also be a calming, peaceful color.

  263. My favourite colour is blue because my eyes are blue, my mom’s eyes are blue, all my sisters’ eyes are blue and my daughter’s eyes are blue. When I wear it, I feel charged with energy, comforted with strength and more beautiful because it shows up my eyes.

  264. When I was young my favorite color was the brightest sunny yellow. My room as three very bright yellow walls and one wall of yellow big flowers.
    Now my favorite color is forest green. I’m not sure if it is because green is a good color for me or that it IS my favorite color.

  265. Wow – that’s great! Congratulations!
    My current favourite colour is that greeny/bluey combination that some call dark teal, others call peacock blue. A friend caught me out while yarn shopping when she noted that every skein I picked up was the same colour. But I really go through cycles. In the past, my favourite colours have been forest green, burgundy/cranberry, apple green, and orange. And I’m sure there are a few more in there somewhere. I know it’s time for a change when I open my closet and every shirt is the same colour.

  266. Congratulations Cara – that’s awesome!!
    I have always loved the colour pink – I think that I have an inner Barbie that refuses to fully integrate with the rest of my personalities. But I end up with a lot of blue things, especially knitted, because there just always seems to be a good blue in any colour range. Whether is a rich, deep blue, a worn, care-free blue or a soft, sensual/soothing blue there’s always a good one to be had.

  267. Congrats on the cards – fantastic!
    As for me – I hate yellow… I love sunshine, hate yellow.
    My Mum hates yellow, my son looks horrible in it (he’s blonde and has very pale skin!).
    Ban the yellow…

  268. My favourite colour is plaid. This colour rocks because of the many combinations at which you can arrive. This works best for me because of my little problem with colours. I’m a tad colour-blind. When I put a few together that may not look “right”, I become eccentric. If I put together a more agreed upon colour scheme, I’m classy. I love floating between the two worlds. Congrats of your cards by the way. πŸ™‚

  269. So many colors have mean to me. I think green has always been a favorite color for me.. very natural like… reminds me of all the summers I spent working at camp and living in the woods. Natural colors like browns and creams are what I probably wear the most of because I like the way they look with my own natural coloring. I’m also VERY attracted to the colors of autumn – pickable pumpkins, golden sunsets, the reds of the dogwood leaves, smoky blues – I am totally a fall born baby and love everything about it.

  270. I love the color yellow, especially at this time of year when bright and cheery is a huge plus, but unfortunately with my complexion, I can’t wear it, so I tend to wear other warm colors instead.

  271. Ooh, congratulations! My favorite color kind of varies, but I would say my most favorite color is blue, especially anything on the pale, icy side of things.

  272. Red. Bring on the passion, the boldness, the excitement, the joy. Its something that holds my attention while knitting, and attracts enough attention to the finnished piece afterwards.

  273. Yellow. I hate yellow. It makes me look like I’m ready to faint. Or throw up. Or swear.
    (Sorry Dana, above me in comments.) But really, I hate yellow.
    Congrats on your notes being published in Vogue. Very cool.

  274. Congratulations – I noticed right away when I got my mag.
    Oh, gosh… I don’t have a favorite color… I love them all! I must admit, I don’t feel that comfortable wearing yellows myself.

  275. I love yellow! It is light and reminds me of springtime and sunshine and flowers and orderly bliss. Unfortunately, it makes me look absolutely terrible, and I can never seem to pull it off. Hence, I’m stuck with blues, greys, browns, and blacks…. sigh.
    Sometimes, I’ll see something yellow and beautiful and I get so excited, but it never works out, and I’m reminded that sometimes, punishment or defeat is deserved and cannot be avoided. Yellow is my sadistic femme fatale!

  276. I. Love. Green. I worked at a camp for physically and mentally challenged kids and one of the campers taught me his green song. “Green is my favoritest color, green is the color for me! YES! I like green grass too!” Every shade of green reminds me of that awesome kid.

  277. I have never worn the color ORANGE – since all growing up I was told I couldn’t/shouldn’t wear it. But I found yarn made from bamboo that was in shades of orange/yellow. I fell in love with it and ended up making a wide scarf that I wear often with an orange-y t-shirt and jean jacket. I get so many compliments when I wear it. So maybe I can wear orange……and I’ve learned to look outside my ocmfort zone with colors.

  278. Green! Green is my favorite color for sure. Proabaly because I have reddish hair and fair skin and green suits me quite well!
    Congrats on the Vogue Knitting apperance! That’s fantastic!

  279. christine says:

    Congrats! I love teal, sometimes it reminds me of water and other times I just love it with other colors: brown, red, pink – just love teal!

  280. I’ve always been drawn to red, but until I went away to boarding school for the ninth grade I wouldn’t admit it because red is also my mother’s favorite color and I was being rebellious in every way I could possibly think of!

  281. Most of my adult life I loved black… I wore black and beige, beige and black and a lot of black with black……then I adopted purple as a contrast…….and as I got older I pretty much went by those colors…… was my ” personal style ” I was told a mature woman had to develop….and I stuck with that for a very long time…
    When I entered the 50’s ( not the 1950’s but my personal 50’s ) I started to realize that I did not have to do anything I did not really want to when it came to fashion and color….even with red hair greying and freckles I had boundless possibilities.
    So I went on an adventure and looked for colors I liked….first shyly and hesitantly then a bit more bold, from sweet colors like true lavender at first ending up with the passionate spice colors of Marocco and India.
    In a bit more then 300 days I will turn sixty and by then I plan to have at least 60% of clothing that is not black or beige…….right now my favorite color is Celery Green….it goes with black, purple, red, choclate brown….it’s my new black….and it even looks good on me.
    What my favorite color might be in 300 days…..I don’t know….but that’s the adventure of it…
    Mexico City

  282. Congratulations! That is absolutely awesome and no one is more deserving. I love the card you sent me when you sent me the STR (which I’m knitting right now!). So, I’ll play along because an entire box… what would I do with myself.
    Red. Red represents warmth – the shades of my home, the fire on a cold night, the passion of a loved one, the sweet taste of summer, the joy of the holidays, and love. I think it’s a color that can mean so many different things and can evoke so many different emotions. It can even remind you of that favorite camping trip with your dad when you ate burnt hot dogs, but you had ketchup, so it didn’t matter.

  283. My favorite color is on a slow-scale evolution over the course of my life. For the longest time it was orange, for how happy, bright, and unorthodox it is. More recently though, I enjoyed the quieter color of green, particularly in its earthy shades or when paired with brown. Green brings out my eyes! Nowadays, I’ve been wondering if blue could become my new favorite. It’s a big, scary step, since I’ve never loved blue before! I recently picked up some yarn that’s green, brown AND blue, to see if that helps me eeeeease into blue-loving times. Why pick one favorite? For me, color is about being flexible.

  284. My most favorite color is blue, specifically Chesapeake Bay blue which is the color of the paint on my bedrooms walls. It’s soothing and pretty. My favorite color to wear is gray. It’s neutral and goes with both blue or black.
    Congratulations on having your notecards in Vogue Knitting!

  285. My favorite color is green, because every shade of green looks good on me and my house and makes me feel happy.

  286. Red…because I used to sing a children’s song in Korean that starts off with the chant, “A chimpanzee’s butt is red.”

  287. Deep, rich, cobalt blue. I cannot resist its charm. Any yarn, clothing, piece of paper, bottle I see in that color, I must buy. I used to really hate red, probably because my hair is red and I could never find the right shade that looked good on me. But ever since I started knitting I have absolutely fallen in love with dark red and burgundy yarns. A variegated sock yarn of cobalt blue and dark red–I am in heaven!

  288. Cara, Congrats! I have always been afraid to wear green. I have an olivey cast to my skin, and in the winter I sometimes just look yellow. Green…um, no, not too complementary. Or so I thought. But, you know, really, I’ve learned as I’ve studied color in knitting that it’s all about WHICH green a person chooses to wear. Besides, green is almost like a neutral…in nature, all of the beautiful flowers are surrounded by lush, green foilage! I’ve never hear of a spectacular blossom asking “Do these leaves make me look sallow?”

  289. My favorite color is pink, and I really don’t know why. Maybe it’s that I wasn’t one of those girls who grew up with their mothers practically shoving pink colored stuff down their throats.

  290. My favorite color is purple. I love the many variations it can take, from a pale lilac to a deep, dark eggplant. It’s a color that looks good on almost everyone, in some shade or another.
    Orange, on the other hand, is the color of death, and cannot be tolerated.

  291. Congrats! I’d love to win a set of your notecards! My favorite color is red. I am a quiet person and I think of red as such a bold color…by decorating my house in lots of reds, it gives me a chance to get past some of my shyness and shout to the world that this is what I’m all about πŸ™‚

  292. I love green, especially a rich, deep forest green. This color symbolizes hope and life to me–maybe because I love growing house plants in my sunny southern windows. I’ve had a spider plant my aunt gave me from a cutting–and she died in 1980, so I cherish it.
    That’s so great about your cards being in Vogue. Congrats!

  293. My favorite color is purple, any shade or hue. I love it because it is my favorite color of the sunset, and just looking at it will lift my spirits. The color that I have a problem with is orange. If I have to knit with orange, it just hurts, but I don’t know why? Maybe I should try working with it more this year.

  294. Congratulations!
    I don’t really have a favorite color (although my friends would tell you they frequently see me in shades of black, grey, red, and white), but my least favorite colors are orange and yellow. I don’t wear either color and other than some oranges and lemons in the kitchen, you’d be hard pressed to find it in my house. I blame it on my childhood bedroom. Yellow was the predominant color with accents of orange. My sister got the pink bedroom that I wanted. No wonder we never got along.

  295. Cara,
    Congrats, I am so proud of you. And I feel like I “knew you when” even though I don’t know you. Funny.
    My favorite color is purple, but what I would actually like to write about is the color red. My oldest daughter has her father’s eyes and they are the first thing I noticed about him (no they are not red.) I am very pleased she got this feature of his and when she wears red her eyes look almost purple. She looks stunning in it. When she was a wee little thing I dressed her in red as much as possible because I was somewhat sick of pink and also because w/ her dark hair and her blue eyes it just really looked wonderful on her. These days she is a somewhat brooding teenager that favors brown black and green. I am hopeful, however, that red will come back in her life once she is done being tragically misunderstood.
    also, red has such a personality. It can be bright and loud or it can be muted and warm. IT’s also the color of my hair so maybe I am biased…
    So that is my entry. Your cards are beeeautiful and I am happy for you. Way to start this year which is looking like it will be a wonderful and eventful one for you and yoru family!

  296. I’m going to tell you about a color I recently discovered. Orange! I’ve always been a blue/purple kind of girl, but I love orange. It can be bright, or muted. It looks great with other earth tones. And it looks especially kick-ass with purple πŸ˜‰

  297. My favorite color is blue, especially when the sky has been this yucky shade of gray for so long.

  298. Congratulations on the writeup in VK! Those are some beautiful pictures on your cards.
    As for favorite colors, I have to admit that my favorite attained its place of honor for a completely vain reason. I have green eyes, and any time I wear a green shirt, it does amazing things for the eyes. I try to wear a lot of green, these days.

  299. Awesome! Congrats on getting into the magazine. The cards look beautiful.
    My favorite color lately has been green. Something so peaceful and calming about it usually, like spending time in the forest. But it can also be so vibrant and crazy depending upon the shade.

  300. it’s amazing about posts when you announce a contest, mais oui? OK – the number is: 12,345,678 .. wrong? oh well –
    OK – color – um – how about the total confluence of them, black? or then the total absence (white) – naah –
    I think I’m happiest with something in the red line – burgundy, claret, purple, orange, amber, rust – anything along those lines …
    back to knitting something white (and don’t ask why)

  301. I love purple. Partly because I love warm colors and cool colors and purple can be both, but mostly because of my favorite shoes in the whole world. They are purple Converse hi-tops, in the most perfect shade of dark lavender–no, lilac–no–PURPLE. They’re a little bit weathered, with frayed edges where my toes rub, and they’re the best shoes in the world. Whenever I think about purple, I think about those shoes.

  302. That’s super cool about getting into the magazine!
    My fave color is pink. And any shade of pink! Right now, I’m hoping baby number 2 is a girl – (I already have a 1 year old boy) and I’ve always been all about the pink. Pink bows and pink tutu’s and everything girlie. My hubby got his little hockey player and now I want my little ballerina! Ultra sound (at 19 weeks) is in 2 weeks! Wish me luck for my little ballerina!

  303. Debbeeanne says:

    My favorite color is REDGREENYELLOWBlUE. Ask anyone who knows me, I am a multi-color gal. My furniture, dishes, clothing, wallpaper, everything is multicolor, and I love it best when these four colors are represented. That is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE your notecards and your miter squares.

  304. I have to say I am totally a girly girl and my favorite color is PINK! I don’t tend to wear it too much as a garment color, but I have a lot of socks with pink in it (hand knit, of course!).

  305. Having just bought a box of your beautiful cards to give to a friend, I was really tickled when I got my copy of Vogue Knitting last week and saw you featured prominently there. Congratulations! Your photographs are AWESOME.
    My favorite color is probably fuschia. Why? It’s alive and makes me happy. I love all of the jewel tones for their vibrance, but fuschia has to be my favorite. Perhaps another reason is that I love fuschia is that I have fond memories of my childhood garden, which was lovingly tended by my mother and was full of beautiful fuschias. I have some in my own garden now, and they make me smile whenever I look at them.

  306. Congrats on the mention in Vogue Knitting — quite an honor indeed!
    My favorite colors are blue and green, probably because I find them so soothing. I’m a very sensitive person by nature, and things like color, sound, and smell all can change my mood. Blue and green always make me feel calm, centered, and content.
    By contrast, my least favorite color is orange, because it’s so bright and jarring to the eye that it always makes me feel anxious.

  307. i started out hating purple, my school’s colors were “royal and gold” and it was EVERYWHERE. in high school, it was all about deep forest-y greens for me. now… i’ve moved into this strange world. purple has crept up into my world, and now i can safely say it’s on par with green as my fave. however, i look around me and… ORANGE is the latest culprit edging its way into my life! i bought a new shuffle… orange. the sweatshirt i got for christmas… orange. the shoes that santa brought me… orange. it’s everywhere now!
    it occurs to me that i have no choice in the matter. perhaps the only answer to a question such as your in my case would be “orange seems to have chosen me at the moment.”
    now if you’ll scuze me i’m going to go work on my orange mittens… with purple trim. or perhaps that orange and green vest that i started last month…

  308. My color issue is yellow. Bright, beautiful yellow makes me look like I have jauntice!! I try to wear it and then look in the mirror and UHOH! My fave color is pink…purple…blue…or any variation of them. I keep thinking of yarn colors. ha

  309. no! you mean i have to pick one?! that is awful!
    i can’t pick one colour. i love green because it feels like home, a certain shade of blue that seems to just embody “israel”, eggplant purple and burgandy for deep passion….
    so there is no way that i can tell you why i like A colour. πŸ™

  310. Look at you, you’re famous! I would like to be able to wear yellow. I see people pretty frequently who look fabulous in yellow. Me? It turns my olive skin more green than it already is.

  311. My very favorite color is BROWN – yes, plain old mousey brown.
    B-ecause it’s soooo warm and inviting;
    R-ich, dark chocolates are my preference for wearing and eating;
    O-utstandingly beautiful paired with pastels;
    W-earable in every season;
    N-eutral yet bold.

  312. Hokey smokes! What a lot of comments, but I’ll add another… I love oranges and reds, because they are warm and fiery, and because they look good on me. I love earthy olivy greens, and ochrey yellows, and pinkish browns, and rich reddish browns because they are earthy (and because they look good on me). I love to look at intense, deep blues and blue greens because they remind me of the ocean, and they are peaceful, but they do not look so good on me. And some colors of blue make me feel blue, maybe because when I wear them, they don’t look good on me. So as you can see, it is all about me! (kidding…)

  313. Congratulations!! The cards are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! (and another great way to share the knitting that we all love!)
    My favorite color is hot pink–why?–because is is vibrant, full of life & energy–and sexy in a sweet way!!

  314. Lisa in Toronto says:

    These days I am a big fan of orange. It is grey and gloomy in the Canadian winter right now, and we need bright colours to get through it.
    Bright orange looks good in the summer too, like tropical plants.
    However I like all sorts of orange tones, all the way into rust.
    Tomorrow I may say turquoise or bright yellow-green, but today it is orange.

  315. I like green. I like green because of green growing things. It doesn’t always look super on me, but I like it. I also like yellow, but it looks even worse! Then there’s the whole verigated thing. I love all the colors but I don’t like walking around like a big rainbow. I’m starting to learn not to buy so much rainbow yarn, but it’s always what catches my eye

  316. Congratulations on the appearance in Vogue! Did you know in advance, or was it a surprise?
    My favorite color is anything red, from darkest brick to palest pink. Even bright red seems calm to me — in my case, “seeing red” is a good thing!

  317. My favorite color is BRIGHT green! It sort of happened by accident–I look really good in blue, so one New Year’s I looked in my closet and made a resolution to expand my color palette and not to buy any more blue clothes. What goes better with blue than bright green? Every time I saw the combination, I fell in love with something new and green–before I knew it, everything I owned (and not just clothes anymore) was that obnoxious, loud, WONDERFUL shade of happy green!

  318. Pink is my favorite, because when I wear it I feel pretty, or bold, depending on the shade!

  319. First off, CONGRATS! WHOO HOO! Go, Cara, Go!!! And like Cassidy, my favorite color is green. (and my last name is Green, and my eyes are green too). But I really love a deep, dark green. Forest green. Reminds me of walking through woods to the top of a favorite ridge on my grandparents’s farm as a child and teenager. Deep green velvet. Deep green lace. Mmmm.

  320. Absolutely red—when I wear it my hubby smiles!!!

  321. Brown: The color of my favourite non-fat grande latte…my former hair color (before those nasty greys started popping out and I started popping in to the hair salon to try the latest in chocolate brown with violet highlights…the color of my parents house…and, sadly, my most despised color due to my MIL’s passion/obsession of it.

  322. My Mom always used to tell me, “If you want to be remembered, wear red.” Red is practically a neutral for me–I have lots of things in white, black, and red. It also makes my pale skin look a little less frosty. (Alas, it;s hard to photograph…)

  323. Oh yay, congrats!
    My favourite colour would be green, because when I was a kid my parents used to tell me to stare at green plants since they’re supposedly good for your eyes.

  324. Another green fan here! From light to dark, green is my fave to wear (pale skin, dark hair and eyes), fave to buy (clothes, cars, food) and my fave to look at (fresh cut grass, coffee mugs, sweaters).
    Congrats on the Vogue appearance! πŸ™‚

  325. My favorite color is red – I could talk about why it’s my favorite, but really, I just like the color. But I do want to mention my awesome pair of red shoes. I have this glorious pair of red and black spectator pumps, where the shoe is red, and the accent-y bits are black. these shoes almost stop traffic (and they probably would if drivers could see my feet from their cars!)

  326. Toot away! A mention in Vogue is something!
    and since you asked: Favorite color? I’m kind of unfaithful. Fashion-wise I used to be a very
    blue gal, (matches my eyes) but lately I’ve embraced pink in a way I never thought I could. Since I’m not very girly I figured it should be the LAST color to wear. But, as I’ve gotten older and more comfortable with myself as a woman I’ve indulged in ‘pinkifying’ my wardrobe. And you know what? It’s not that freaking girly to wear some pink. Ruffles on the other hand…

  327. Awesome!
    I love your cards, and hope good things come of your mention!
    My favorite color is garnet/burgundy/wine, however you like to describe it. Why? Because it’s deep, and dark, and rich and mysterious, yet glows like a jewel in the right light. It’s warm but with a cool undertone. Not coincidentally, it’s a good color on me!
    (My 9-year-old daughter was looking over my shoulder as I typed this and informed me that what I was describing sounded like ‘radioactive goo’. Interesting, that wasn’t quite the effect I was going for….)

  328. Pink! I’m all about the pink lately! I guess I’m trying to get in touch with my inner girly-girl. πŸ™‚
    By the way, you and I could be twins. Seriously. The picture of you the day before your 38th birthday is eerily similar to what I look like. My daughter happened to be hovering about while I was going through my Bloglines. When I came to that post, she said, “Mommy, is that you? I’ve never seen that shirt.” I definitely don’t have a baby belly though! πŸ™‚
    Congrats on the VK feature. I was very excited to see it when I opened up my copy today (even before I read your blog post). I love the notecards–all that beautiful color!

  329. I love green. Always have, probably always will. Not just any green, either: a forest or Kelly green. Probably no surprise that this is the color that looks best on me…

  330. Electric Blue. Not navy, or teal or baby blue. Electric Blue. It perfectly personifies me. The intensity of it pops out at you without ever having left the cool color family. You could say that it straddles the fence, but really it’s just the best of both worlds. I simply adore it.

  331. I’ve never had a favorite color. Really, can you choose only one? I go through phases–most of high school was spent in a moss green fog, then I really enjoyed cherry red, and then lavender and right now I really like pink (when you’re expecting Baby Girl #3, it’s kind of a given!). Pink isn’t my “favorite” color, just the color I happen to really like a lot right now.
    On another note, I’ve always kind of secretly liked orange/coral/peach. But I never ever let anyone know, because for some odd reason, orange is the “black sheep” of colors in my family. All the women in my family say it’s ugly and that no one looks good in it, etc…
    My husband’s favorite color is orange and since I secretly do like peach, I sometimes dress my daughters in peach clothes and it irritates my mother to the highest degree…hehehe. I was thinking that when #3 is born and we do the official portrait of the three of them, that I’d dress them in peach and see how many family members choose not to display the picture based on the outfit color…
    Anyhow, there you go. No favorite colors, just phases of color preference. Because even gray has its pretty days!

  332. Red! I love red. It’s the color I look best in and I find myself gravitating to it. (except on the days when I want a canary yellow couch, but luckily i was restrained from that purchase)

  333. You know, when I read your question I thought, “Oh, there’s no way I can answer this.” And then I started reading all the comments and with each one my preference would change. “Ohhh, blue, yeah…blues…and purples. Or reds…yeah, it would have to be reds. But I’ve really started to like oranges and rusts and browns. Oh, and pink. How can you not like pink!?”
    And I get to the end and I still can’t answer. I love ’em all.
    And this following silliness came to me:
    Think of a world without any blue,
    With skies all gray and seas like goo.
    No pink, you say? What about the roses?
    Or teensy little baby toeses?
    Do away with yellow and it’s all gloom
    No sunlight warming up my room.
    No orange? No, that can’t be right!
    No harvest moon filling up the night.
    How about no red? Make cherries green,
    And cardinals too, to go unseen
    Among the leaves. But if green dies,
    No leaves, no grass, no big cat eyes.
    Do away with purple! Oh, but then
    No lilacs, no violets – no good, my friend.
    We couldn’t do without our browns! Wow! —
    Good earth, and chocolate, and that how now cow.
    Face it. We need them, a rainbow full!
    Why next you’ll be wanting to get rid of wool!

  334. My faborite color is a combo of leaf-green against blue sky. With sun shining through. Have to have the sun to make it the right color. Hope that works!
    Congrats, Cara!

  335. For me, this has to be the year of green….green for all of the new trees that I want to see growing this summer, after our major forest fire in May of last year. Green, that amazing color of healing!
    Congrats on getting into VK–that’s an awesome accomplishment.
    Barb G in Northern MN

  336. martha in mobile says:

    My favorite color is grey-blue-green: the color of the sea after a storm (cue Princess Bride) and color of my daughter’s eyes.

  337. I love burgundy! It’s red, but not too bright. It’s sultry and understated. I’ve had two burgundy cars. (Now I have a deep purple one)
    Congrats on getting in VK! That’s wonderful.

  338. Even my husband knows this one! Orange – the brighter the better. It’s just such a happy color. He calls it Honda orange.

  339. My favorite color is green. When you grow up with red hair you don’t really get into pink or red. And everyone raves when you wear green. I think I was conditioned into loving the color. But now, I can’t get enough. Every time I buy a new shirt my husband says, “let me guess, it’s green!”

  340. Blue. Easy one. I have boys. I am surrounded by boy things. Even the three babies we lost were boys. Blue. I love blue. I love my boys.

  341. My favorite color is purple. Probably because I was never allowed to wear it as a child or teen. My mother told me only “women of the night” wore purple. Of course I didn’t have a clue what a woman of the night was or why I couldn’t be one -I tried staying up really late one time so I could have a purple shirt. It didn’t work.

  342. First, congratulations!!
    Choosing one color is really hard! My kids love to ask me: “Mom, what’s your favorite color right now?” It amuses them that it changes almost hourly. I like all colors, but right now I have a love/hate relationship with army/olive green.
    I’m working on some socks that are gorgeous variegated greens, but a similar color as a wall paint was pure, total visual torture for me. (It took three coats of high-hide primer and two coats of high-hide paint to get rid of it.)
    So I guess if I *had* to choose one favorite color it would be cobalt blue. But ask me again in an hour and it’ll probably be periwinkle. Or fuscia. Or black. Or….

  343. I’d have to say that red is my favorite color, with orange a close second. I’ve always been drawn to bright, fiery colors. I’m also an Aries, which fits right in with my “fiery” (my DH would say volatile!) personality.
    Your notecards are beautiful Cara. I hope I win!

  344. I’ve always wanted to knit a red sweater for myself, but I’m a little on the chubby side and I don’t want to draw that kind of attention to myself.

  345. Congrats on being featured!
    My favorite color has always been green, but brown is sneaking up for a close second. Green is just my buddy and has been for years, but brown has been out of my view. I ended up with a brown shirt and found that I could wear it, so we are getting to be BFFs.

  346. I have a few favorites, but my absolute least favorite color is pink. Does it really deserve to be a color? Pale pink is wimpy, and reminds me of fru-fru girly girls and there are so many shades of pink it’s like it can’t make up it’s mind what it wants to be – fuschia, rose, bubblegum – face it – what pink really wants to be is RED! πŸ˜€ (Oh, and I’m not a fan of the singer Pink, either!)

  347. I have a love/hate relationship with yellow. It’s my mother’s favorite color and growing up it was everywhere. The outside of our house, the inside of our house, our car (a Pacer no less), the dishes, the flowers (daffodils), and even the phone where all yellow. That’s enough to make any sane person run screaming. But I will still find myself drawn to it almost unconsciously. Yellow can be gorgeous, happy, creamy, and sunny and then I love it, but only in very small doses.

  348. I love blue…any shade, really. Back when I was choosing between two colleges, one’s colors were orange & white, while the other’s were blue & white. When I chose the latter (for good reasons!) my friends always joked that I chose it for the colors. The color I dislike most is pink, although I wear it because it tends to look good on me. I grew up in a room with disgusting pink carpet, which was not my choice, and that has pushed me away from ever decorating with pink again!
    Congratulations on the mention in VK! The cards look great!

  349. I have to say my favorite color is really 3 in 1
    red,white & blue It is for the USA! My daughter brought it to my attention about 4ish years ago.
    Someone asked me what my favorite color was and she piped up and said red white and blue. I just looked at her and thought “Not”. but then I got to thinking about the colors in my house and the clothes I wear and behold she was right.
    I am just very patriotic also!
    congratulations of getting in the knitting magazine!!

  350. My favorite color is pink. Because it’s girlie and pretty and everything I have in pink (computer, bicycle, ipod) my husband doesn’t touch!!!
    Congrats on VK!

  351. The color I hate most is navy blue. Why? Well, I went to Catholic school, and our uniform was navy blue plaid. Every day, for 13 years, I had to wear navy blue. I’m surprised I can wear bluejeans, really.

  352. I love the color orange! I’ve always loved the color orange. When I was little and all my siblings (there were 5 of us) were fighting over the red posicles I was happy to have the orange one (typically the least sought after flavor). Orange is such a “juicy” color and it’s warm. It reminds me of a warm fall day (Indian Summer) or a hot summer morning.

  353. Blue! It just makes me feel good. Reminds me of the ocean or a perfect sky on a warm day. Congratulations on the VK feature!

  354. Congrats on having your cards in VK! Awesome!
    My favorite color is green. Kelly green. It always has been and I could tell you why now but I’m not sure how it started. I’ve just always loved it. I’ve gone through phases – pink, blue, red, brown – but green is my true love. I have vivid memories from the age of 5 wishing my name was Kelly and that my eyes were green. It’s only later I realized kelly green is a color. It goes without saying that Jaclyn Smith was my favorite on Charlie’s Angels, right? And when Woody wrote the song for Kelly on Cheers? K-E-L-L-Y Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly… To me, Kelly = green. Love it. (This just made me remember a friend I had in my early 20’s named Kelleye who had the most beautiful green eyes.)

  355. My favorite color is green. I tend to naturally gravitate toward it, and I think my trip to Hawaii last year sealed it… the whole island is so lush and gorgeous!!! It just feels good to me, the green. Plus, I love all the natural and unnatural shades of green, and I can’t say that about all the colors of the visible spectrum.
    Oh! And it’s one of the colors I won’t ever dye my hair. I’ll wear the hell out of it, but my hair won’t ever be green. I just can’t do it justice with the hair dye.

  356. Black! There are several reasons but mostly other colors show up so well when I wear them with black….soft aquas, pale pinks, blues, bright reds…I love them all with black. I also love heathery, murky colors with black when I feel like being incognito.

  357. Michelle G says:

    I claimed for many years (and often still do) that I don’t do pink or purple. I’m just not a girly girl. But then I found a sweater I loved in a store– the softest, nicest sweater–and the only color they had it in was pink. You know. The really bright one. And, to be honest, I do wear pink. Only that sweater, of course, but the bright pink of that sweater is one of my new favorites.

  358. Way to go … y’know when you’re featured in Vogue it means you’ve gone big time! πŸ™‚
    My fave colour is yellow, not sure exactly why but it has been since I was a little girl. I think because it seems so happy, like sunshine. Both my kids have yellow-blond hair and it just makes me smile!

  359. Cara:
    Congratulations on your lovely cards being highlighted in the current issue of Vogue.
    My favorite color is red. Not just any old red, either. I like rich, cool, blue undertone reds rather than orange-reds. My home office is painted a beautiful deep red with white crown moulding. My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper (hey, the can is dark red). My all-time favorite shoes? You guessed it, red leather. Favorite dress that I made more than once? Red with white polka dots (okay it was the early 90’s and that look was really popular).
    But don’t be fooled by my love of red. I am often the introvert in a crowd sitting quietly to the side.

  360. Hi, my favorite color is yellow, because it is a bright happy color. However, I can only wear 2 pale shades of it. I used to hate purple, but in the past year have grown to love it. Congrats on the Vogue mention.

  361. Congrats on the bigging up in Vogue! Very cool.
    I’m not sure if I have a favourite colour. I usually picked colours where I would blend into the background but recently my hubby has been getting me to explore more and appreciate lighter colours like pastels. Do I guess anything in the pastel range would be as close to a favourite colour as I would go.

  362. My current favorite color is orange. I just love how it pops out during such a drab time of year, when all the leaves are brown and the skies are gray.

  363. Whoa, congratulations on the major publicity!
    I really just like color. Vibrant. Rich. Ordinarily, I’d say it’s a toss-up between this beautiful blue-green I keep knitting with and buying clothes in (bizarre, but true) and a rich luxuriant red, but show me the right green-pink combo or pale sand and brilliant turquoise and I’m helpless. So, really, I just like color. Always have, always will. I’ve taken a lot of art classes and this one time, we did a still life with flowers from our teacher’s garden in watercolors. There was great emphasis on washing the faintest colors over one another, but I leaped in and grabbed this burnt orange zinnia and loaded on the color. It made me so happy and later won an award. How could it get better? πŸ™‚

  364. Blue is my favorite color because it is the color of my husband’s eyes. Corny, yes, but as I can tell from your posts about Georgie, you understand why this is reason enough. Congrats on the Vogue spotlight!

  365. I love warm Autumn colors, oranges, browns and greens. Colors make me happy. Color is the thing that makes knitting such a relaxing joy to me. If it is a color I don’t care for, then I’m likely not going to finish the item, like anything in the purple family!!

  366. My favorite color in general is blue. A bright, clear, crayon box blue. It reminds me of water, sky and mountains. I need water or mountains nearby, in my daily life, to stay even-keeled.

  367. My fave color is fuschia/magenta…either the purpley type or pinky type. It works for my skin tone and it bright and fun.

  368. Congrats!! My favorite color is yellow. Which is strange, because people tell me I look great in pink and I mostly wear blue. But I love daffodils, lemon drops, yellow roses, buttercups, the sun, mustard, and so many other things that are yellow.

  369. Laura(keet) says:

    Every time I think I love a color, or hate a color (or, more often, a combination of colors), I’m proven wrong by something I see – and it’s often something knit in a blog or in a magazine. I love how knitting lets you play with color. This has served to remind me how fun the mitered blanket was to read about in your blog. It’s a project that intimidates me because of the fear of color combos – but hey, let ’08 be the year of the Fearless Knitter, yes? Congrats on Vogue!

  370. It’s so hard to choose one favourite, but if I absolutely had to I’d choose blue. It comes in so many shades (something to go with everything), and reminds me of water and sky, berries and eyes, birds and flowers and the clothing and decorating of just about everyone I love.

  371. I am a pink girl. It used to be blue and being a vet,it doesn’t matter. But after getting two boys (and a husband…) I changed over the years into a pink girl. I LOVE to have a hot pink top, but now just a few months turning 50 (I love it, they take your words with so much more respect !!) I have to tone down a bit. Also because my frame is lot more than a little bit of a Rubens. Than it is a whole lot of hot pink, and I would not dream to test the world on so much color on one person.

  372. Congrats on the placement in VK!
    I love greens: celadon, loden, celery, juniper. (Sounds like a J. Crew catalog, no?!) Green = gardens and trees and the Atlantic Ocean for me, all things that make me feel calm.

  373. My favorite color is red, a blue red, not an orange red. It is my fav because it is a powerful color in so many ways and I look fantastic in red!

  374. Congratulations on the blurb in Vogue!
    I generally wear (and love) earthier/”autumn” colors, but my secret is that I’m often tempted by RED. You know–very, very red. The “more-blue-than-orange” red. However, I am not a small person, and that much red makes me feel far more conspicuous that I’d like, most days.

  375. Congrats on getting your cards on Vogue! They look absolutely lovely. Now, on to the contest (love contests, btw). I am a big fan of the color green. My father was a professional gardener and his own garden allways looks so great with all kinds of shades of green. It also looks great with red hair πŸ™‚

  376. My favorite color is purple. I look kind of crappy wearing it and I think that the main reason I like it is that my birthstone is amethyst. I like how a light shade of purple is really girly but a deeper shade signifies royalty.

  377. Congrats on getting your cards in VK!!! πŸ™‚
    About colours and my favourite. Hmmm… I was thinking about it when skimming through some of the other comments and to be honest I can’t pick a favourite. I was trying real hard to come up with just one but everytime I thought I’d found one, I could come up with a colour combination between this colour and another one that made me not like the first one… Say navy blue paired with black? Iihhh… Olive paired with turqoise? Iihhh… Bright red paired with maroon? Iihhh…
    And I realized that I’m not really into a specific colour but more the combination of colours. Purple and orange! Teal and yellow! Pink and brown!
    But then again, I’m constantly accused of dressing like a Christmas tree.

  378. My favorite color is purple, although I hardly knit anything with it. Wait…I take that back…it just doesn’t stand out much more than other colors. I’ve liked purple since I was a little kid. Always have.
    The one color I don’t really like is yellow. I just have a hard time with it. Reminds me to much of bad things. Although, I do try to like it and use it when appropriate. Right now our bathroom is painted disgusting yellow (previous owner) and I can’t wait to paint it.

  379. My favorite color is Red. I love it’s fiery goodness. I love it from Maroon to Tomato!
    Oddly, most of my clothes are blue or green.

  380. Annie Noodle says:

    Congrats on the appearance in Vogue! Your cards are very pretty, and I think they’d be perfect to brighten up my office space (and remind me what I work for!) so here is a story: My mother raised my siblings and I by herself, for the most part. I’m absolutely certian we didn’t make it easy, and we didn’t have much money, but my mom made our childhood special. My mom is a dreamer, and she instilled that into all of us kids with little things-the most memorable, to me, was the color of the paint in the livingroom. The color is called Fantasy Blue, and it is the color of the summer sky when you know there’s mischief to be made, and it IS the color of dreams, to me. I can’t knit with it, paint with it, or think of it without thinking of my mother. I rarely wear it because it’s TOO sentimental and meaningful, but I’d have to say it is my favorite color.
    Lovely place you have here, btw. I’ve been finding myself here a lot of late, but this is my first post!

  381. WAY TO GO. and Congratulations.
    Favorite color is any color the ocean could be… so it’s mostly blue, but sometimes aqua, sometimes purple, sometimes gray. And recently I saw a divine Wolf Kahn painting where the ocean was shocking pink. Yup, that’s the color.

  382. i tend to gravitate towards colors that most people associate with sewage, like olive green, brown…
    i don’t know, maybe i’m just a dirty little boy!
    WOW NO I PROMISE I’M NOT HAHAHAH that came out completely wrong.

  383. Congratulations, Cara! That is wonderful news. I would love to win a set of your cards, having admired them for a while. I always maintain that I don’t have a favourite colour, and that I am an equal opportunity spectrumologist, but in reality that is a bunch of hooey. I love the grassy green of the rolling Oxfordshire hills around my parents house; the glossy peel and pale juicy fruit of the lime in my mojito; I remember the recycled glass window pains in my grandmother’s house casting dancing emerald sprites on the floor of the living room; and I find strength in the hazel eyes that greet me in the bathroom mirror every morning. Green grow the rushes, o’, and green is the colour for me!

  384. I love the almost brownish purple colour that you get on certain stormy skies. Not just because it`s lovely, but also partly because in Norwegian (or at least some parts of norway) it`s called kufiolett. Or cowviolet. Yes, as in cows. I have no idea why the quaint name, but I love that.

  385. Congratuations! Your cards are beautiful.
    My absolute all time least favourite colour is turquoise. It’s my mum’s favourite colour, and when I was a kid (about 8 or 9 I think) my entire holiday wardrobe one year was a turquoise capsule wardrobe type affair. Turquoise striped t-shirt, cotton cardigan, leggings, skirt, shoes, socks, bag, and a turquoise and white striped AND spotted dress. Ruined for life.
    My favourite changes regularly – at the moment it’s a deep garnet.

  386. Congartulations on the Vogue spread! How exciting.
    My favorite colour is green. I LOVE trees so maybe that is why green is for me! Ofcourse purple is a close second!

  387. MzTallulah says:

    Congratulations Cara! My favourite colours are deep reds and purples, they are so rich and full. Recently I have been on an orange binge though: I never liked it much and thought it made my skin look like the underbelly of a sick fish, but last summer I bought mainly orange tops and loved wearing them!

  388. rosesmama says:

    The color that most fascinates me is wasabi green, up and down the range of it. I don’t know why, it’s kind of pukey, I look terrible in green of any sort (olive skin), but right now I probably have three or four different types of wool in this color in stash that I daydream about constantly. And I especially like it in combination with purple, which I don’t like much by itself. I do love wasabi itself, though. Hmm . . .

  389. Congrats on the VK mention!
    My favourite colour is orange. Almost all shades of orange, but especially bright pumpkin orange. For years and years I had no favourite colour, and then one day in a clothing store, about 3 years ago, a sales clerk convinced me to try on a bright orange sweater. I thought it was a bit much, but she suggested I keep it on while trying on various pairs of pants. I did so, and by pants #3 I fell in love with that orange sweater. I got more compliments on that one garment than I think I’ve ever gotten before. I fell in love with orange, and now I have to make a conscious effort to diversify my wardrobe and buy something other than orange.

  390. Congratulations! That’s awesome. I have been an admirer of your notecards from afar for a long time.
    My favorite color currently is a sage green that borders on silver — it is subtle enough that it doesn’t scream out, but has a pop to it.

  391. Congratulations! The cards are beautiful.
    My favorite colors are usually deep & rich hues- eggplant-y purple, emerald green, sapphire blue. Love them. And since I’ve had my ‘colors’ done, I now know that they are the ones that look best on me. Hurrah!

  392. Congrats! My favorite color is purple–I even got an amethyst engagement ring. I like that purple is kinda quirky, but I’m also wary of admitting that it’s my favorite for the same reason. It bugs me when people think they’re so wacky and unusual because purple is their favorite.

  393. I always thought my favourite colour was red but somehow I find that I am always purchasing things in Green. Why and how I changed to green is beyond me!!

  394. For most of my adult life I refused to wear pink. It didn’t fit with my idea of who I want to be. Don’t get me wrong, I like pink, but I felt that if I wore pink it would make me look weak. Ridiculous right? A couple of years ago I found a beautiful pale shell pink t-shirt at Target and bought it. I wear it, nobody treats me any differently and I’m over my pinkphobia.

  395. My favorite color is green, the lighter, brighter shades, not the dark or olive tones. It is the color of Spring. And Kermit the Frog. And clover. It reminds me of freshness and life. My eyes are green and whenever I wear green (except olive tones) people comment about how it brings out the color of my eyes.

  396. Congrats on being in Vogue!
    My favorite color is red. Found out years later that the carpet in my bedroom til I was a toddler was bright red. I must have loved it from the crib! πŸ™‚

  397. I’ve always hated the color mustard yellow. The sight of it – always makes me ill to my stomach. Why mustard yellow? The reason why? This kid in elementary school that I shared a locker with – brought the same exact mustard sandwich with him to school every single day. Said kid would leave said sandwich in the locker for days at a time forgetting there was a sandwich in there. Anyhow, the smell too – and the color of the mustard oozing… has turned me off from mustard and the color mustard yellow for the rest of my life…..
    Yep, I’m a ketchup girl! LOL. Love the color red!

  398. My favorite color has always been purple and has been for so long that I think the reason is because it was my godmothers as well and being approximately 2 when I made this choice that was as good a reason as any.

  399. not terribly interesting, but i don’t care for red or pink at all. i will occasionally throw those colors in with accessories (scarves, bags, shoes), but i won’t wear any article of clothing that is red or pink. as a buddhist, i’ve always been taught to pay attention to my element (wood) and zodiac sign (rooster). what’s interesting (possibly), is that as a wood, anything red (fire!) burns me, and i’m supposed to avoid wearing it. i guess it’s good that i don’t like the color anyway, right?

  400. It seems a popular choice but my favorite is also blue. Why blue? I think because there are so many blues and most remind me of wonderful things or times in my life. The bright blue of the cold Wisconsin sky on the day I defended my dissertation, the midrange blue of the “something blue” I wore on my wedding day, baby blue of the cards, balloons, and little outfits I received when my son was born, all of the blue greens of the ocean seen from beaches and boat decks on amazing trips, and finally the dull blue of jeans worn on lazy days and exciting outings.

  401. My favorite color is actually a 2-color combination – blue and green. As in the colors of the earth from space…the colors of nice grass next to a clean stream…the colors of a springtime hill against a sunny blue sky. It reminds me of the big picture of the world brought down to a very local experience.

  402. I love color! I truly admire little girls whose signature “look” is to pile on as much pink and purple as they can (a few sparkles don’t hurt either). I guess I can’t get away with wearing that much color, but I’ll never be a sophisticated lady who can wear black head to toe. After many, many years of gravitating toward blues, I now find myself seeking out anything in sage green. The greyish green is such a restful, calming color, and matches so many things. It’s also a lovely color on babies; it makes their sweet skin look healthy and pink.

  403. Greens — but I’m fairly particular. No kelly green, no mint green, no lime green; I like the herbier greens. Restful colors that highlight my eyes!

  404. Wow – congratulations! Although an issue all about colour would be lacking without some reference to you – love the ever changing header bar!
    And I love green. I’m not sure why – I always have. My eyes are green, my hair is (sometimes) reddish, so maybe becasue it suits me? I know I love it. I also love orange, and all the colours of autumn – the dulled down ones, not the neon orange or traffic cones…

  405. My favorite colors are pink and green. They were the wedding colors my husband and I chose a few years back. I am still semi-obsessed with them.
    However, when it comes to yarn, I’m constantly drawn to shades of purple, blue and green when used together. I wish I knew why!!! πŸ™‚

  406. Congratulations Cara,
    I have always lusted after your beautiful pictures of yarn, knitting and colour (wish I could steal some for my blog).
    I like all colours but blue is the absolute fave here. To me it is calming, and natural, like the sky…so I guess it’s because it reminds me of the sky.

  407. The cards are beautiful! My favorite color is yellow because it is bright and sunny and lifts my mood when I see it!

  408. hi! My baby boys ran off with my new Vogue, but once I find it I will look up your cards! As for my favorite color – my supreme favorite is deep blue/purple. It’s that deep color that you see in the thick parts of antique cobalt blue glassware. So deep and calm, but vibrant; so rich, yet simple too.

  409. Congratulations on being in Vogue Knitting!
    I wear a lot of black because I work in NYC and it just seems normal to do so – thanks for a fun contest.

  410. My favorite color is a deep crimson because it is vibrant and seems to have a lot of energy.

  411. What a great hit in Vogue Knitting: congrats! I have always loved red. As a child, i gravitated to it, but my mom would try to steer me to pastels and more muted colors. She had some crazy notion about red being a vulgar color because in pre-war Poland, it was apparently not a color that was worn by proper young ladies, but was quite popular among ladies of the evening. As such, whenever I picked up a pair of red shoes or a red dress, she would launch into some speech about how red really didn’t suit me, blah blah blah. She almost fainted when I showed up for my college graduation ceremonly in scarlet footwear. In any event, I stubbornly clung to it, and to this day I think I own more red shoes, handbags, scarves and hats than any other color. When I go for a pedi, it’s always red. My kids have red coats too. What can i say? At least I’m consistent.

  412. Congratulations on having your cards in Vogue! I personally have no trouble picking a colour. I LOVE yellow. All shades, bright, pale, any shade of yellow. It is such a soothing, happy colour. Of course it is one of the colours that I can’t wear – but I love to knit it for gifts!!!!

  413. Kristie Hammond says:

    My very worst color is yellow. It makes me look like one of the characters from the old Star Trek series. And I don’t mean one of the main characters- I am talking about the expendable ones that got killed off in each episode as they were in some way threatening the Star Ship Enterprise!

  414. CONGRATS! That’s so cool! My favorite color used to be orange, because it’s so bright and cheery, with a little bit of punkishness to it. Ever since I was pregnant, though, it’s been pink (yep, had a girl!). I hated pink for the longest time, and now it’s my favorite color. Weird, huh?

  415. Congratulations! The cards really are fabulous.
    My favorite color (to knit with, at least) is a deep red – cranberry, merlot, you get the idea. My husband said it made my eyes look nice one day, so I’m pretty sure that’s where it came from. πŸ™‚

  416. Congrats and what an appropriate issue to be in!
    I guess my fave color is green. I like the outdoors, so I guess the green just draws me to it. but I also love blue as much, because it reminds me of the ocean. I have color ties to nature I guess.

  417. Congratulations! Your cards are so gorgeous:o) I like most colors, but my least favorite has to be yellow. I can take it in small amounts, but I would never knit a whole sock/garment in yellow.

  418. Karen P. in Ohio says:

    Congratulations, Cara! How exciting!
    Wow, there are a lot of people commenting, but I’ll go ahead and throw in my two cents. πŸ™‚
    I have LOTS of beloved colors, but my favorite is sage green–I got married in it! I don’t know why exactly I like it, but I think it has something to do with it reminding me of mother nature and yet also being soft and mysterious.
    I used to wear a lot of black (and still wear some), but knitting has helped me branch out and explore color and texture. What a wonderful gift!

  419. If I could only find the right yellow for my pale yet splotchy skin…
    Yearning for a non-zombie-inducing yellow.
    Congratulations, the cards look great!

  420. Congrats! I use my box sparingly for special people who would appreciate and for friends/family that need a blast of colour in their life.
    My favourite colour, all of them, but I tend to spin /knit the sage greens, purples, plums, magentas, the rich colours. I love the richness of the colours that you see on birds in certain lights, like the humble starling, grackles, female mallards.

  421. Hey there! My hands down favorite color is a shade of blue/green. Not quite turquoise and not teal. I own a lot of vintage bowls & vases in this color. Looking at this color makes me feel calm and happy. It screams ME! Needless to say, I love knitting in this color too. If I don’t win, I’ll probably buy a box of cards.

  422. Whenever asked what my favorite color is, I always say Green. My reason? Well, I’d say, because my eyes are green…. because I’m Irish…. because I love nature…. I don’t, know. I just like green.
    Which is really strange, because I can say with about 99 percent certainty that I NEVER knit with green. I don’t wear much green (teal, turquoise, yes, but green? nope!)
    The only green yarn I ever knit with was for a pair of mittens and a scarf I made for my grandson Colton. That was because he wanted β€œgeen… froggy geen” mittens. So I made him froggy β€˜geen’ frog mittens!! He loved them.
    I will be knitting with that same froggy green yarn again this month when I make a sweater for Colton’s teddy bear.
    What color do you want the sweater, Colton?, I ask.
    β€œGreen,” he says, older now…
    β€œFroggy green?”
    β€œYep,” says he with a big smile. β€œFroggy green.”
    So, green’s my favorite color… Froggy green.

  423. I think I have seen a lot of people mention my favorite color – it is purple. I have always liked it – I think because it takes on so many other colors, you can have a purple that has more red in it or a purple that has more blue in it (I tend to lean towards the bluey purples). I really like that color right between blue and purple that people disagree about, just because no one can quite put a name to it – “is it purple or is it blue.”
    For my wedding, I even wore a purple satin gown .. . that wasn’t easy to find, so I had to make it myself (with help). I had to shop for that much purple satin the Halloween before hand, most fabric shops don’t just carry that much purple satin!
    I am delurking myself for a discussion on color – this is great. Congratulations on the color cards in Vogue!

  424. Congrats, Cara!
    My favorite color is pink. Bright, happy, obnoxious pink. I try to deny it, I try to be reserved about my love of pink, but I just can’t hide it. I love it. I couldn’t even tell you why, maybe I just like feeling super girly…

  425. I love pink. I’ve always loved because I guess that’s what I mostly wore when I was a little girleen. I don’t really wear it becuase I can’t find the perfect pink thingy. That’s amazing about your cards in Vogue. They look gorgeous and, well, colorful!

  426. Annette Fettig says:

    I love the color green because it reminds me of fresh grass, spring leaves, new growth and potential, of life!

  427. Congratulations, that is so fucking cool!
    I have 3 favorite colors for 3 different reasons.
    -When people ask I tell them my favorite color is orange. Not only do I love it but almost no one chooses orange for a favorite color and I have a soft spot for the underdog.
    -My favorite color to wear is eggplant (or sometimes mulberry) because it looks nice with my color.
    -While I don’t acknowledge it as a favorite, green seems to be the color I choose most often when given a choice, i.e. green shirt, green earrings, etc.

  428. This is tricky! My favourite colour is orange but I can’t wear it because it looks awful on me! However, a year ago, when I was recovering from a fairly miserable bout of depression my best friend gave me an orange cardigan. I hadn’t been interested in clothes or shopping for a long time and so it was a particularly thoughtful gift. As I didn’t care much about how I was looking I didn’t worry that orange didn’t officially suit me and wore the cardigan a lot. I work on the computer most of the time and I found seeing my orange cuffs on the keyboard very cheery, much more so than the black jumpers I had been wearing. Since then I have found that bits of colour that I can see, like bright pink nails, can be very encouraging and really, who cares if it is not my most flattering colour?!
    Congrats on getting into Vogue! x

  429. Congratulations, Cara!
    My least favorite color is yellow, because I look awful wearing it. I’m betting if it looked better on me, it would become one of my favorites, though. πŸ™‚

  430. Congratulations!!! What a thrill!!! I always HATED the color pink. It was too girly and babyish. Then, I had a baby girl, and I couldn’t get enough pink. It’s become my very favorite color, because it’s so girly-girl and babyish. It looks perfect on my baby girl (who is now 4). I even buy pink stuff for me, too, like a new bag or yarn. I’m hooked…it’s my favorite.

  431. Congratulations Cara! How serendipitous that your lovely cards are in the colour issue!
    My favourite colour is burgundy — somewhere between wine-red and deep purple, it seems to embody elegance and mystery. There is a richness to the colour that lends itself to anything it touches, whether to my tiny dining-room wall, a treasured silk skirt, or just a basic sweater. It is a subtler colour than many, but loves to be paired with a shocking lime green, and I think I aspire to possess this blend of charm and daring.

  432. Reds and purples are my favorites. They just seem so alive.

  433. WOW CARA! CONGRATS!!! that’s so cool!!!
    My favorite color is deep red. When I was in High School, I tried to say my favorite color was Purple, but to a really small degree, that was me denying who I really was. My brother’s fraternity color was purple and I idolized my brother, so purple became my favorite color. In reality though, red is just who I am. I find comfort in being around deep reds and it’s a color that looks good on me. I go through color fads and phases, but I always come back to red.

  434. Congrats on getting mentioned in Vogue!
    When I was young I didn’t have a favourite colour. There just wasn’t one that appealed to me above all else. When I was in high school I very tentatively started wearing red, a colour which seemed too bold for my shy self. I quickly learned to love red and it dominated my wardrobe for many years and my yarn purchases when I started knitting. Lately I have been challenging myself to buy different coloured clothes, more blues and greens, and to branch out in my yarn choices as well. That being said, I still head straight for the reds even if I manage to keep myself from buying them.

  435. So cool to see you featured in VK – congrats!
    I LOVE chartreuse. That green just between lime and split pea – it just sings my favorite note. It also seems to be the favorite color of the 1970’s, which is a plus for me. I’ve assembled a knitting “nest” in my living room with a chartreuse brocade chair, a huuuuge chartreuse lamp, an afghan I knit in greens, and hanging on the wall above: a vintage plaque featuring a doe-eyed girl knitting a chartreuse scarf. My green explosion of a living room has all the right vibes for knitting.
    But why I like it? That’s trickier. It just clicks for me. I feel like I’ve got my equilibrium perfect, like I’m all settled and centered when I surround myself with it. Its the first day back to classes today… guess what color I’m wearing!

  436. My favorite color is like a berry/rose colored pink color, not the bright baby pink. I recently noticed I keep picking yarns in this color to knit with (I just finished Oblique in it!). The color makes me happy.

  437. oops – sorry about the crazy spacing. the preview didn’t show my spacing and I played around with HTML. Sorry! Feel free to edit if it bothers you. I couldn’t figure out how to edit it myself, and its probably not a good idea for me to monkey around anymore anyway πŸ™

  438. My favorite yarn color is green – not just green, but color of nature green. I love the way everything is SO green in the spring before it fades and darkens. That’s the green I like – bright, clear, full of hope and reawakened spirit!!!

  439. I am always drawn to the colors of autumn: greens, browns, golds, and deep oranges. At my LYS, these have been referred to as “Jamie” colors, so that I can call the store about some new shipment or other and ask, “Yes, but does it come in any Jamie colors?” I am trying to dabble in some blues, some pinks maybe, but it is exceedingly difficult.
    I remember being teased by classmates as a little girl because I always said my favorite color was green, and in second grade, specifically on Long Island circa 1986, the only acceptable favorite colors for girls were pink and purple. What. Ever!

  440. Hmm, this is not so easy. My favorite color changes every couple of years and I think every color family has done a stint as my favorite. But I think I’d have to say that my least favorite of my favorites is green. There are just too many versions of it that I find objectionable. Hunter green – too drab. Neon green – too bright. Lime green and spring green – nice but hard to pull off right. Puke green – need I say more about that one? πŸ™‚

  441. I loathe yellow! I think it’s because my mom always put me in yellow & my younger sister in aqua. Same dress, different color. She thought that yellow with blond hair looked great. Still not sure of her reasoning, but I hate it to this day.

  442. My color preferences have evolved over the years–as a child it was RED, but now it is a dark mix of aquamarine and burnt olive.
    My color entry is in haiku form:
    Ocean emerald
    Part forest and part water
    Inky blue-green wash

  443. Congrats! Your photographs were what drew me to your blog in the first place ages ago. So happy to see you get recognized for your work!
    I absolutely, ridiculously love green, especially bright grassy greens (which remind me of spring, and mint, and limes, and sunshine, and most of all remind me of being a kid). Unfortunately, I can’t wear any shade of green — it looks terrible on me. But every time I go to the yarn store, I always find myself attracted to greens (which might be why I’m developing quite a stash of green sock yarn!).

  444. Congratulations! Toot away! With a 6 year old in the house it has been necessary to choose a favorite color, and funnily enough when she asked me I answered “purple.” Immediately. The color makes me happy. It works in any season, and is truly my favorite.

  445. I really love most colors, but have a strong hatred of taupe. It can’t decide if it wants to be brown or grey, and I just find it an extremely depressing color.
    The photographs on the cards are so beautiful, I’m sure you will sell lots with that great plug from Vogue!

  446. congratulations on the Vogue mention!
    My favorite color used to be blue, and I still like it, but my new favorite color is yellow. Sunny, bright yellow, not school bus yellow. A couple years ago I bought a yellow VW Beetle and it is such a ray of sunshine when I see it in a parking lot. I also like the way I look in true yellow.

  447. Heliotrope! No specific reason, I just love saying Heliotrope.

  448. Starr Fogle says:

    I love green! Any color green. I see renewal as in spring and the soft difused light of a walk in the early summer woods. In Texas not matter the season, there is green to be seen!

  449. Congratualtions!!
    every once in a while i see someone wearing a green coat or sweater– you know that bright/intense/dark leprechaun/kelley green?!! I want to knit something in that color. It’s just so vibrant and POW!!. I really like it .. on someone else. I don’t think i could ever bring myself to actually wearing it though.

  450. When I was younger, I used to have a “favorite color”, which was usually either blue or green, depending on the day. Now, however, I simply have a favorite type of color. I love jewel tones, rich colors – stuff that’s really saturated and vibrant.
    A color I’ve been anxious to try out lately has been a certain shade of green. I’ve been on winter break from college, coming back to Northern California for a month before heading back out to Texas, and I am in love with the beautiful green that the hills are right now. I never really appreciated how beautiful the area around my home is until I’d been away for months in a flat, brown, very metropolitan part of the country. The hills right now are saturated with a bright emerald green with just a hint of gold, probably because of all the rain we’ve had; driving through them is a wonderful experience. Should I find a yarn that is this color I know I’d get it immediately. But somehow, I’m not feeling the fiber vibe with this color. My mind is turned to beading – perhaps a bracelet or a necklace that I can wear to always remind me of the beauty of the place I call home and the love that I bear for it.

  451. Congratulations!
    Red. I love me some red. It’s just so versatile…you can use it for anger, for heat, for love, lust, passion, happiness, summer, fall etc. Change the shade and change the mood. And it makes a point. Want to yell at someone over IM? All capital red letters. Want to highlight an important part of a memo? Red. Need to assign an F on a report? Red ink.
    I love me some red. πŸ™‚

  452. yeee haw! how much congrats are in order! πŸ™‚
    my favorite color is green. a nice, dark, forest green. I did not realize this, however, until after i moved out of my parent’s house (quite a while ago now.. but still).
    my mother *hates* green. cannot stand it. doesn’t want it near her.
    I don’t really get it, i mean she’s a bit of a hippy-mama, all natural stuff and all. and yet, she can’
    so apparently, i thought somewhere in the deep rescesses of my brain that i would be disappointing her by “choosing” green as my favorite color. my bedroom is green, i have a green and blue quilt that my sister made me, i have at least three green sweaters, and at least two more sweater’s worth of green yarn. green socks…
    funny, though, most of my accessories are other colors. πŸ™‚

  453. My favorite color is pink. I remember my pink room from way back when I was 3 and 4 years old and I have loved pink ever since. I had a doll growing up (actually it’s still in my keepsake box) that I called Pink Baby because she was dressed in a pink dress and had a pink blanket. I also used to suck my thumb when I was little and I had a special pink blanket at my house that had a pink silk edge that I used to rub to get myself to sleep.

  454. Okay – I know this will sound bizarre – but my FAVORITE color from the 128 box of crayons (which I still have one of even at the age of 53!) is BLACK. See, when I was a little girl, when I colored in coloring books I would go over the lines VERY HARD with my black crayon and then I would go back and fill in the color. I could FEEL the lines and the black really made the colors POP. I also believe this is how I learned to draw – by copying over all those lines. OH, and my SECOND favorite color in the box was MIDNIGHT BLUE, mainly I think because when I ran of black before all the other colors, it was the closest thing to it. I’m really a bright beachy kind of girl so I like all those oranges, yellows, limes, hot pinks too BUT the black – hmmm guess I love the contrast! BTW, I have a few left in my box of the yarny cards – your colors always inspire!! BUT how do you find time to read ALL the comments!!

  455. I’ll play! Even though my changes are 453 to 1 at this point, LOL!
    My favorite color is purple. I’m not sure why. I like purple in all its shades, from the lightest lavendar of my two year old’s socks to the deepest, richest purple of my new sock yarn. Whoops, guess I like socks, too, LOL! The depth of the color maybe, that’s what I like. It seems like it packs so much into just one color.

  456. My current favorite colour is green, everything I see that I want to knit is green or I want to knit it in green. As for a colour I’m afaird to wear it’s purple… so many people knit and make beautiful things with purples I want to but I just can’t seem to get over the fear of purple.

  457. When I was a child my security blanket was sap green with a soft satin fringe on the edge. As I got older, it became quite tattered, frayed and dirty to the point that my parents joked that it was “booger green.” Now without even realizing it, I’ve incorporated that same sap green into a baby blanket I’m crocheting for my best friend’s newborn. It’s not a color that’s usually associated with babies, but it was my first choice!

  458. I have shifting color moods. Recently, in the past 10 months since my twins were born, I have gravitated towards a soft shade of red. Not an orange red but more towards a blue red. It is the exact color of the inside of my little Emma’s lip! I see it most often when she is sitting in the high chair and opens her mouth like a little baby bird waiting for me to feed her. This is usually when I’m trying to coax the two of them to pick up little bits of food on their own…but that’s another story!! Or when she has stopped crying and started pouting…stray tears hanging off her looooong eyelashes. That lip rolls outward and a little peep of soft red shows from the inside.
    It’s all about the small things when you have infants….the small things go away too quickly and become big things.

  459. Congrats on the Vogue mention!
    I like many different colors both for in my clothing and in my home. One color I tend to stay away from is yellow. Don’t get me wrong – I like yellow (yellow flowers, the sun, baby yellow yarn to knit) but I do not like it to wear and I do not decorate with it. I have a funny “yellow” story. I work in a school and one summer I was notified that the location of my office was being changed. I had to go in and see what had to be done so I could move in before school started. The new office was painted black (it was part of a TV studio area). I saw the head maintenance guy and he said they would paint it right away. I said “Great, make it any color except YELLOW. There were witnesses. The next week I visited my new office and guess what? The walls were painted circus yellow. It was the brightest yellow I had ever seen! The poor maintenance guy thought I had said “paint it yellow.” I could have lived with a pale yellow. He had actually gone to the paint store and picked this bright, bright yellow out. It only took a day for him to paint it white after seeing my expression! Oh, and the floor was a black and white check. I don’t know if I could have lasted a day working in that office.

  460. I have two favorites: Orange and rainbow. I love both because the colors command attention. I’ll admit, I can’t pass up a nice orange, or a terrific rainbow colored yarn or roving.
    Frighteningly enough, I own several pairs of orange shoes, and a couple of pairs of rainbow sneakers.

  461. My favorite color is deep ruby red, you know, the color of light shining through a really deep-colored ruby or a good glass of cabernet. Why? Probably because that color just resonates, literally causes a pleasing vibration in my energy field. And if that sounds a bit woo-woo, hey, try surrounding yourself with your favorite color and see how you feel…
    thanks for having the contest and congratulations on being featured in Vogue!!

  462. My favorite color is the color of the ocean — blue on a sunny day, teal in the tropics, green when it is overcast or dark grey in a storm. My favorite photo in your header bar is the one of the waves breaking on the beach — it brought tears to my eyes one day when I looked at it — I could smell the salt, and taste the breeze and oh how I wanted to be there. Some day I will live near the ocean again…

  463. I love cornflower blue and all of the light blues. They remind me of my dad and my grandma, who are Swedish and have the most stunning blue eyes. Whenever they wear anything in any shade of blue, their eyes match it exactly. Mine sort of do the same, and when I wear blue everyone who knows tells me how much I look like Gramma. πŸ™‚

  464. My favorite is Red! I love the way red stands out in a crowd (unless it’s Christmas of course). So many people shy away from that vibrant color. Red is not for the shy and unconfidant. It screams “Look at me!”, “See me!”. Think sexy: A little red cocktail dress, red stiletto heels or red lipstick.

  465. Color is my favorite color. Some days it is all about greens and others tend toward being orange. Everyone of them has a place. Color is a good, good thing.

  466. i likes the orange. it’s a good all around color and fruit. when i moved to rhode island 6 years ago i noticed the locals say “arange” and it tickles me to no end. it’s vibrant and was weird until about 10 years ago when it was rediscovered. but now i have a kitchen aid mixer in my favorite color and life is good! πŸ™‚

  467. Bluegreen. Not blue-green, but bluegreen. Because for me it is the undefinable colour of ‘outside’ – and everything outside pretty much revs my engines, toots my horn (not to steal from you!) and just makes me happier and more in love with life in general.
    That, and it’s also the indescribably beautiful colour of my 2-year old son’s eyes. And when I see that colour in that specific spot I realize that how much bigger than just little ol’ me all of this really, really is.

  468. My favorite color is orange. Mostly because it was brought to my attention that it is beatiful with my skin tone. It warms up a chilly day. It makes one think of juicy, flavorful things. It just makes me happy. It does not have to mean traffic cones and garish stuff like that!

  469. Congratulations on making it into Vogue!!
    My absolute favourite colour is orange – clear, true, bright orange… it’s warm and happy, makes me smile no matter what else is staring me in the face – I usually have a skein of something orange beside my computer, just to keep me happy…

  470. Amy Scott says:

    Blue is my favorite color because it is calm, cool, and collected. It’s the color of peace and serenity. I feel my best when I’m surrounded by blue.
    I cannot really say that I hate any color, but I can say that I’m not a fan of mustard yellow. It reminds me of bad diapers! Really bad diapers! I can even smell the diapers when looking at the color!

  471. My first favorite color was yellow. I remember being about 6 years old, and someone asked me my favorite color. I had never thought about it before, and blurted out, “yellow.” I stuck with that for several years, until one day, I realized I didn’t know why I had picked yellow in the first place. It became part of my identity for a long time (perhaps I am intractable). I decided then that I preferred violet. It’s my current favorite, but I still really don’t know why!

  472. My favorite color right now is #336699. It is a nice and warm blue. It is calm yet active. Lately I’ve been into lime green and orange. I blame my friends for those. They are brighter than the colors I normally wear, but they are exciting.

  473. My favorite color is dark red – the color of a really beautiful glass of red wine. I don’t actually like the color because of red wine (in fact I can’t drink red wine), but because to me that seems like such a LIVING color. You can always compare it to blood (which is living, and is kind of beautiful in its own way – mind you my only experience with it is as a clutz or a blood donor so I can still say that) but there are so many other things with that color. Some of the leaves in the fall (I’m from upstate NY so we have crazy colors in the trees), the color of old old brick. Deep rich red is also one of the (many) colors in the scales of my fish and it’s hard to believe that something living can have colors like that. To me it just seems like such a rich deep strong color that is still warm enough that it can be grand without being too ostentatious.

  474. Red is and always has been my favorite color. It goes with any mood. It is a cheerful color when I’m feeling happy. It’s an angry color when I am not. No matter what my mood is, red always appeals to me. Every time I am looking to start a sweater, shawl or blanket of some sort I go for the reds.

  475. Yeah!
    I love grey. It makes me feel cold when its hot outside!

  476. Wowie zowie! I surfed on over to offer congratulations on making Vogue Knitting and not only do I run into a contest, but 400+ comments! So now, congrats not only on Vogue Knitting but on being such an awesome knitter on the blogging block and having such a following!
    Since there is a contest, I suppose I will play along. My favorite is purple, which would be a surprise to those who don’t know me well since I rarely wear it. The first, and main reason, is that, well… I just like it. All shades from lilac to that beautifully deep plum-ish purple make me smile and feel happy. The second reason is something I saw on TV (the Naked Archaeologist to be exact) about how colors and dyes were made in the ancient world. Being a yarnie, I found it fascinating how the colors we now take for granted took so much creativity and hard work to create. The hardest of all was purple, and I just can’t help but appreciate the effort of all those Phoenicians who worked so hard to make purple what it is.

  477. For a long time I worked in the textile industry. I sold fabric and made store samples, a lot of samples!!!! I lost my color muse, I didn’t have a color preference for a long time. After returning to the high tech industry, I could relax and be my myself and PICK my colors again. I pick RED, it is the color of blood, the life giving liquid in everyone,good,bad,mean,nice, no matter what they have blood in their veins if they are walking and talking. This is a good day to think about blood also. My dog was diagnosed with liver disease today and I was told my kidney disease seems to be returning. Both if which cleanse blood and make it RED. Send good thoughts please!

  478. I used to be all blue all the time, but in the past year or so it has suddenly become green. Ideally an emerald shade, but most greens will do it for me at the moment. My partner cracks jokes that it is become of my association with Slytherin in the Harry Potter fandom.

  479. My favorite color is mauve. I didn’t own one pink thing until I had a baby girl, and since then my love for pink and purple has grown. However, I like the more subtle tones, which is why mauve appeals to me.

  480. i have to pick my favorite colors with sensitivity, because, as a synesthete, they literally do “color” everything i do! i prefer primary colors because they “taste” the best — rich blues and reds feel freshly cut or picked in my mind, but they have personalities, and genders, and flaws, just like people. sky blue is an old woman doing laundry. true red is a teenage boy laughing.
    and it goes on, and on, and on…

  481. What a thrill! Congratulations, Cara!
    My favorite’s got to be red. Just a little bit of red always perks things up, doesn’t it? Even my sewing machine is red!

  482. Congrats, Cara!
    I have never really thought about why red is my favorite color, but it is. I think I have liked it ever since my mom told me (when I was 5) that red was for streetwalkers when I asked for a red dress for Easter (my mother will say anything to win an argument). I didn’t know what a streetwalker was at 5, but I figured they were pretty exciting if they got to wear red all the time. I hate pink because it reminds me of Pepto.

  483. I think my favorite colors to wear are green, brown and rust but I really like some shade of most colors. The only color I really dislike is yellow. Someone once told me yellow attracts bees-and I am so afraid of being stung. I am usually wearing some shade of green so I guess I will pick green as my favorite.

  484. Go YOU!
    My favorite color is all of them. And here’s a fun site to play with:

  485. I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but my favourite colour is: PINK. It’s versatile and has so many variations… And, it’s kinda been pushed on me as I have 2 daughters and the older one (who has an opinion about things) LOVES pink.

  486. I dislike purple.. well it’s ok if it’s very very dark .. eggplant or wine but the lighter the more I dislike it. Maybe it’s because my mom told me that the only people whose favorite color was purple were in mental institutions!

  487. How wonderful that your pretty cards have made Vogue. Isn’t it lovely that when we are just being ourselves the response is greater than we would give credit for our efforts?
    Christopher Lowell has an exercise that I tried. ‘Close your eyes and think of the most peaceful place or time or feeling that you have ever experienced. Completly relax into the sensation.. What color is it?’ Red popped right into my mind. I painted my hallway red, my dog is a Rhodesian Ridgeback cross with red fur, my pots, pans and dishes are red and I have dyed my hair red. And yet I wear very little red. This year I have bought a LOT of orange, orangey red yarns. When I surf the hand painted yarns I am always drawn to the flame colors. I am making a jacket out of Malabrigio Rhodesian and varigated orange, purple and green. How odd too, that when I describe myself to others I use words like drab, boring, stuffy and unnoticeable. Yet my friends and family consider me colorful and vibrant. This contest has made me really think about how I see myself and the reality of who I am.
    Thank you as always for making me really think.

  488. Congratulations! I saw it in there on Saturday and thought “Good for her!”
    My favorite color – well, at least today – is teal. There is something sophisticated about it – yet fun!

  489. My favorite color is RED. I love red and all things red! I love the vibrancy of this color and the warmth that seems to emanate from it. I even find that I knit faster when I’m using red yarn because I love to see the way the red stitches fly off my needles.

  490. My favorite color is purple because it if bright, vibrant and very flattering to my complexion. It perfectly brings out the color in my green eyes. It is also feminine without being too cutesy. Who can go wrong with the color of royalty?

  491. Ha, now that is a ridiculous number of comments, some 400+. Anyway, like it matters, I love the color green because it signifies life and growth and a healthy environment. That’s all. Congrats on the card success – they are beautiful!

  492. Purple.
    My favorite color is purple. Almost any kind of purple except that red/purples I like a little less.
    Because it’s purple!
    ’nuff said!

  493. I just got Vogue last night and your cards were one of the first things I saw….love them, congrats!
    My favorites: purples and turquoises….hard to pick just one. I love how they go together so well; I love how they look on me, especially purple. My husband claims my love of purple is the Filipino in me!!!! I truly dislike yellow; always have, since childhood its been my least favorite color. Not sure why….I do know it looks hideous on me; turns my skin green!

  494. Isn’t it funny how you go through stages with colors, certain colors that you are attracted to now that later hold no interest. Right now it’s greens (teal, turquoise, leaf, spring green) and purples/plums and dark reds that are my favorites. But I appreciate all colors, even if they don’t all look good on me.

  495. Congrats on being in Vogue Knitting, that’s awesome!
    It’s so hard to pick a favorite color…mostly I just love COLOR, all of it! But if I had to choose a favorite, I’d pick a rich leafy green, because it’s so lush, and because it looks really good on my coloring (hey, I’m allowed to be vain, right? :)).

  496. Elizabeth D says:

    Good heavens! Look at all of us getting greedy! (I already have the cards, but they’re almost used up. . .) I have favorite colors, not a single one, but today it’s turquoise. Just looking at it lightens my mood and calms me down.

  497. Favorite color?–wow that is a hard one. Living in the northwoods I am drawn to the colors I see outside every day–greens, blues, reds, yellows and browns. And this time of year –white. The colors in spring as the trees are budding is amazing,so many colors of green! As are the colors in fall when the leaves change and drop. Hard to pick just one.
    My favorite color to wear is peach. Everytime I wear it I tend to get a compliment on my sweater or dress, so I tend to wear it a lot!

  498. My favorite color is periwinkle-not quite blue and not quite purple. A trick for the eyes!

  499. Favorite color: blue! Not terribly original, but I love blue. It’s soothing, calming. Some lighter shades like baby blue or turquoise look springy, and the darker shades like navy are slimming. It rocks!

  500. Congratulations! It must be such a thrill to see your very own cards in Vogue πŸ™‚ My favorite color is grey. It is such a subtle and variegated color, with so much potential to mix with other colors. It reminds me of many of my favorite things in life: the ocean; the sky on an overcast day when I can stay indoors and knit by the fire or bundle up in wool and go hiking; fog pouring in over the hills near the Golden Gate bridge, and dripping from the leaves of eucalyptus trees; my younger daughter’s eyes; the grey-green of olive trees, and the grey-green of the hills I love to hike in; granite boulders in the mountains. My husband telling me that I have battleship grey eyes (yes, this counts as romance in my life — I take what I can get). Yup, definitely grey. Heathered, solid, dark, light: grey.

  501. My favorite color is green. I think it’s because I think of it as the color of life, of nature. It seems more and more these days that the green in our world is being replaced by gray concrete building and sidewalks; that thought makes me sad, so I like the color green because it reminds me of the earth how it was meant to be even when I’m stuck working in the city. That said, I rarely wear the color green because most shades of it make me look like I’m going to puke.

  502. I love the combinations of all the shades of pink (pale to hot) with bright tangerines…I’m just worried that these colors will be out of style by the time I get around to knitting something for myself.
    I do love your note cards – the colors are so bright and happy and yummy! I hope you will consider a smaller size that can be used as a GIFT CARD with a knitted item. Thanks!

  503. my favorite color to wear is black. I have bought black yarn, but I don’t seem to like to knit with black yarn and I don’t seem to wear actual colors that often. So I quite frequently knit for babies whom have very little opinion on the colors they wear.

  504. Congrats! The Color Purple, in its darker shades: aubergine, plum, merlot. It reminds me of my best friend’s room when we were 8 yrs old (the walls), my wedding day (the bride’s maid dresses), and a glass of wine at the end of a busy day (in my glass)! Purple’s meaning is royal, sacred and romantic. For me: it’s energetic and makes me feel good when I wear it. Cheers to you and all of the color responses!

  505. Yes, congratulations! I just picked up all of my mail that arrived since the beginning of the year and was able to page through VK–your cards caught my eye immediately. That’s fantastic. My favorite color changes from year to year–I went through a blue phase, then a brown phase, and right now I’m in a green phase. I didn’t even realize it until I noticed that I had 3 different green yarns in my basket along with some green roving. I love the coolness and organic feel of green and am trying to move to a more “green” lifestyle. (No telling why I wear mostly black & gray at work. Whatever.)

  506. I like green because it looks sooooooo good on me. That’s me tooting my own horn too!

  507. I don’t love a color…I love all color. The calming depths of green, the exciting hum of yellow; The verve of a really vibrant pink and the dependability of blue; The boldness of red and…I could go on and on…You get the point. I don’t think I pick colors so much as they pick me.

  508. Well, I have to say purple is the color I like least. Not because I am a purple-ist by any means, but it goes back to a first trimester train ride when I was trying to knit with this beautiful eggplant colored cashmerino. Made me totally nauseous. The yarn sits in my basement to this day, along with 15 skeins of a purple prairie silk that I thought I would be able to work with but still cannot!! Perhaps one of these days…..

  509. you are too cool for school Ms. Cara πŸ™‚

  510. I love pink and I pick differnt pink tones when I pick my yarn for knitting. And I love your note cards, this is going to be a great year for you!!!!

  511. Green. Why I don’t know. But my favorite color is so badly GREEN that whenever I see anything green, I like it. My husband laughs so hard when we are out in a store, because all green things get touched by me. Green house? I want it. Green yarn–I’ve got a lot of it. Green car–I’ve got one. Etc. Lately I’m consciously trying to broaden the horizons, and its not that I don’t like other colors. It just that Green makes my heart sing.

  512. favorite color: lime green
    color I’m afraid to wear: orange
    because I might look like a pumpkin?
    runner up favorite color : pink
    oh—I just love colors–so hard to choose….

  513. Pegster was in the shop on Friday when the issue came in and I showed her right away. Congratulations!!
    Orange is a color I never liked…until I saw it on Ann. I love it on her…not sure about me. I have rosacea. Anyway, I started little…an orange phone, an orange iPod…soon I will have 5 dogs and cook crazy shit.

  514. I never liked orange – but it’s really been growing on me and I’d call it my current fav. I love the #20 nascar cup car that’s orange. That’s my dorky confession πŸ™‚

  515. My favorite color is purple, although green and orange are coming very close.
    I HATE gray. It is so GRAY. Ugh.
    I love your cards. And your blog.

  516. Congrats on the mention! I’ve always admired your cards, though haven’t splurged on them yet. Anyways, my favorite color is deep red. I love the depth it seems to have and hey, it looks great against my pale, pasty skin. It also can pop against both black and white, which makes it surprisingly versatile.

  517. Purple! I love purple. It is deep, royal, regal, impossible to ignore, bright and cheerful or deep and dark or mysterious. It is the color of my football team, the Ravens. It is the color of grape juice, which I have always loved (even though I almost always stained wheatever I was wearing, even as an adult).
    Wow! over 500 comments. I think that if I threw a contest, I would win because no one else would enter. Well, maybe one or two people but I couldn’t even give away 4 prizes.

  518. Green because it matches my eyes. I gave sone cards that I bought from you awhile back (the Anguilla beach card) as Christmas gifts this year and they were a big hit!

  519. Unquestionably, my favor color is a deep wine red. It’s very flattering with my coloring, and I always feel confident and sexy wearing it.

  520. Green for me. I live near lots of native bush in Aotearoa/New Zealand, (and 10 mins walk from the capital city). Someone once said to me – “Look out there on the hills – how many shades of green are there? You could never count them…” And I have never tried. Lovely.

  521. My sil asked me the other day what my least favorite colour was and I said pink. She then reminded that almost all my t shirts are some variety of pink and she was right. Weird?! I think I need to go shopping……

  522. BLUE!!!! All kinds of blue. Colour of sky and sea and my first guitar and my first knitted project (blue eyelash scarf – WHAT was I thinking?!)…makes my eyes jump out, pleases my heart, eases my soul. I once tried to “branch out” and find other colours in clothes and yarn. Then I surrendered to the inevitable, and I’ve been much happier since. I now have two separate yarn stashes: my general stash, and my blues. I’m going to be a crazy old cat lady dressed only and always in shades of blue. It’s good to have goals!

  523. prettyface6 says:

    I love red! I used to like blue since it’s so serene. Now, it’s red, red, red. It’s spicy and it pops! Especially when paired with a very cool, pale aqua. I just painted my kitchen aqua and spray painted every bar stool a beautiful cherry red. Lovely!

  524. Cara, a little ditty for you to sing to the babe…
    “red and yellow green and blue, shiny yellow purple too, all the colors that we know, live up in the rainbow..”

  525. I always come back to blue. I flirt with purple and pink, but always always end up having more blue yarn, more blue clothes, more blue! I don’t know why – does there have to be a why??? Maybe the fun thing about color is there is no why! The only color I’m not a fan of is orange!!!

  526. My favorite color is PURPLE. The specific shade is called ‘plum’ in a 64 box of crayolas, the wrapper of grape Hubba Bubba gum (don’t think they make this anymore) and the hearts on my shoelaces from 4th grade!

  527. ElizabethMcD says:

    I can’t make up my mind which color I like best!!! I like all colors! But blue is towards the top of the list. Congratulations on your Vogue appearance!

  528. Congrats!! My favorite color is orange. I think it’s a strong, earthy color. Regardless of what others may say, I’m convinced that it goes with EVERYTHING, too.

  529. I loveeeeee teal!! It started cropping into my wardrobe because it looks great with my complexion and red hair, but it’s also just fun somehow too and seems unpretentious, doesn’t take itself too seriously.
    Ooops, I think I just rationalized another yarn purchase! πŸ˜‰
    Anyway grats on the nod from Vogue, Cara!

  530. These days, the color that grabs my eye the most is orange – a deep, pumpkin-y orange. It feels warm, deep, passionate, and vivacious to me.
    Congrats on the shout-out in Vogue!

  531. My favorite color would have to be red. A really clean, pure red. It represents fire and spark. It is full of emotion and depth. Finally, because when I see red I think of my oldest daughter, who is now 16 and who at the age of 4 obsessed with everyone’s favorite color. It was her way of saying Hello, I approve of you. When her favorite aunt told her she really did not have a favorite color – all of them were great – Charlotte promptly set out to prove her wrong. My sister, her favorite auntie gave her a box of 98 crayons for her Sweet 16 and told her to color a rainbow with her life.

  532. I loveeeeee teal!! It started cropping into my wardrobe because it looks great with my complexion and red hair, but it’s also just fun somehow too and seems unpretentious, doesn’t take itself too seriously.
    Ooops, I think I just rationalized another yarn purchase! πŸ˜‰
    Anyway grats on the nod from Vogue, Cara!

  533. wow… tons of comments πŸ™‚
    just wanted to pop in and say congrats on Vogue ad and such a wonderful product. very cool!
    what a way to start into the new year! hurrah!

  534. I feel odd having this as my first comment on your (or anyone’s blog). I enjoy reading your blog when I get the chance to break free from my official computer work.
    Congratulations on the Vogue spot, that’s absolutely fantastic. Though, it makes perfect sense (and really, only a matter of time before someone recognized you!). I’ve been drawn to the images you used for your cards for quite some time, they’re so enticing!
    anyway, my favourite colour is GREEN. I study trees for a living, I work in the forest, and I gravitate to all shades earthy. I even dress like a tree from time to time (brown trousers, green shirts, blouses, tank-tops, sweaters etc. and sometimes even a green bandanna to contrast my brown hair!). Green is a reminder that all is right with the world and that winter has finally relinquished its grip on us all.

  535. Congratulations on the success of your cards. They are quite lovely! Such pretty cards are certainly one reason to write thoughtful letters to friends. By the way, BLUE is my favorite color.

  536. OMGoodness! that is just awesome about your cards! so exciting! i need to run out and get the issue!
    as for my favorite color: i usually say blue…very generic but an old standard. it has always been my mom’s favorite color and thus i have lived with it a good portion of my life from the bathroom tile to the kitchen floor and blue furniture! over the years i have just learned to love it as much as she does!
    i love just about all colors though, especially bright colors! i am LOVING light blue and brown right now as well as pink and brown. i think those combos make such a great look in a house/room! the color i most want to knit with is yellow. i never want anything yellow but for some reason lately i have wanted to do a shawl in shades of yellow! maybe i will get to that eventually!
    what a fun contest! thanks!

  537. HOW EXCITING!!!!
    My favorite color is Fushia, i.e. bright vibrant pink, mostly because I’m at heart a pink girl but also because it looks good on me. I think everyone has a color that just “pops” on them, brightens their complexion and lightens their outlook.

  538. Fuschia. Bright Pink. Rose Madder. Call it whatever you like, I love bright deep pinks. Wasn’t always this way – when I was young, I avoided pink at all costs. My beloved grandmother loved deep pink – she grew roses and azaleas that color, hand-painted china with roses in that color, painted her fingernails that color, she loved that color. I thought it looked old, like my sweet elderly grandma. But somehow, over time, I realized how good that color looks on me. It began creeping into my wardrobe – ya know, fuschia looks great with black, and in a lipstick, it brightens me right up! Even used a somewhat gentled version for my bridesmaids’ dresses – it made them all look beautiful! Guess I’m more like my grandma than I thought…

  539. Congratulations, Cara! A fortuitous beginning to the year. I would love to win a set of your cards. My favorite color these days is purple because I like to think that my brownish eyes look a bit greener when I wear it.

  540. Congrats! That’s awesome. Your cards are beautiful.
    I love blue — pretty much every shade and tone of it. It’s just one of those colours that makes me feel happy.
    I’ve started to wear green a lot, since there’s been some great shades of green in the stores lately. So my goal for this year is to knit my first sweater and I just bought a lovely dark green alpaca yarn for it.

  541. Brown. And all shades of tan. I cannot say why, precisely, but it seems like such an inoffensive colour. Also brown accessories will go with anything. So my shoes are usually brown and so are my handbags.

  542. Green. The color of the forest. I grew up on the beach in Virginia, but I think I’ve always been a mountain girl at heart. One of my first trips out to Oregon, I was hiking in the Columbia River Gorge. Everything was so unbelievably green, between the leaves and the grass and the stream and the moss covering almost everything, it was one of the greenest thing I had ever seen. I was in love.

  543. Congratulations on making it into Vogue knitting. My favourite color would be green, bright happy apple green. I love this color because it is such a happy color. People always I have a sombre face, but now that I have a pair of bright green glasses, this issue was solved πŸ™‚

  544. Pick just ONE color? Can’t be done! Colors are like children, they must be loved for their individual personality and charm: yellow is the color of sunshine and warms me clear to my heart; fiery red brings out my bold and passionate side; blue calms me like floating on the ripples of a lake; green inspires me to grow and bloom… Really, how could anyone possibly choose just one?!

  545. Congrats on the VK shot! I’ll go with least favorite color. My least favorite colors are red and green since I am red/green colorblind. The only problem is that everyone tells me that I look great in green since I have red hair and a pale complexion. What was crazy is that I see one shade of green and one shade of red, but that’s it. No pinks, no shading in the colors, just one shade. The doctor says too that what I see as green or red may not be what other people see as green or red. But in my little world, that’s what I see!

  546. Purple is my favorite color because it was my mother’s favorite color. She died about 14 years ago and whenever I see purple, it makes me smile. In fact, I’m getting married in my small hometown in Iowa next month and when I went back to coordinate details and colors (purple, of course), the florist said “Oh, purple was your mother’s favorite color”. Gotta love a small town. It’s my way of having Mom there at my wedding with me.
    Congratulations on the great Vogue coverage. It’s great.

  547. Congrats! You know, before I started knitting, I didn’t really think too much about favourite colours. then I started knitting and found myself constantly picking up blues. So I guess blue is my favourite colour!

  548. Stephanie says:

    Purple used to be my favorite color as a child and it seemed to be the favorite color for a lot of my friends. Now I would say that yellow is my favorite color- it is so bright and cheery. I’ve actually painted three rooms of my house various shades of yellow!

  549. My favorite color is yellow. It has been all my life and I don’t know how it started. My mom called me her “sunshine girl” when I was little, I don’t know if it was because I liked yellow or if that spurred on my love of the color.
    I always wanted to be able to wear reds, but I can’t because I have red hair and all reds seem to clash with my hair!
    Love the cards and congrats on the vogue mention!!

  550. My favorite color is all shades of blue. From deep dark navy which makes me feel safe and comfy to sky blue with hints of turquise that remind me off the sea, I love them all!!!

  551. Favorite Color? I am not sure I can pick one. I always have a pair of drab olive pants in the closet – to the point of being a family joke. A plain black shirt that I hope never wears out. I am always looking for a true cinnabar red yarn (haven’t found yet). I guess other then favored items of cloths that Cinnabar Red is my favorite.
    However 3 yo girls seem genetically programmed to love pink, purple and bling. case in point the pink/purple/rhinestone sunglass she wanted this summer.

  552. delurking to try to win some cards! i’m actually due w/my first child (we know it’s a girl) about the same time as you. in fact, i might share a due date, based on your blog posts. Anyhow – grey has always been my favorite color. i love grey days, grey yarns, grey sweaters, grey tights. i’ve already knitted a grey sweater for our little girl – much to the horror of my family (grey!? for a baby!??!). congrats on the vogue publication!

  553. How exciting to be featured in VK–Congratulations! I love your cards. Pink is my favorite, favorite, favorite. I almost pass OUT when I see a really great pink. It has been fun reading all the comments to this contest. I see that there are some who *say* that they “hate” pink. Shows how different we all are. A really great pink always makes me feel SO great–like everything is perfect. (Anyone who knows me figures this all out pretty quickly.) I never get tired of it. It makes me feel calm-happy and excited-at how gorgeous it is-all at the same time. I can already smell the carnations everytime I only see the color “carnation pink”. When I get in a yarn store, it’s what I always end up finding-any pinks. (There ARE a few pinks I actually don’t like! Mauves, and some coral pinks. . . ) Soft, soft pink (neutral toward warm side) is my most favorite shade, but I love almost all pinks. Always have. πŸ™‚

  554. laura anderson says:

    Congrats! My favorite color is periwinkle. It is the color that has the right mix of a serious blue and a playful purple. It looks great on anyone and both men and women can wear it.
    Thanks for the contest fun!

  555. Blue! It’s the color of the water and the sky, and I love being outside. I also love the wide variety of the color … Navy for the night sky with a full moon, a deep royal for the water of a lake, a light blue for the clouds and to make the darker blues pop. In fact, I need to force myself to buy colors OTHER than blue in clothes, yarn and fabric! Found you through Norma, as I’m sure many others have …

  556. Blue, no question about it. My husband’s eyes, my children’s eyes, the sky, the ocean.

  557. Cindy Ericsson says:

    I love green, all greens, and treat most greens as neutrals. Your notecards are fab — congratulations on the international publicity!

  558. Before I was born my parents didn’t know if I would be a boy or a girl, but they wanted to have one color for most of my things to make it easier to identify them later. Instead of choosing a color like yellow or green they chose bright red. To this day it remains my favorite color, though the color they chose for my sister (blue) is a close second.

  559. I love greens. My color mood usually swings from red to green and back again, but right now, it’s all green for me. Not primary green, it’s too brash, and not olive green, which is too drab, but a light, springy green with a touch of yellow – nothing pastel. Almost a light chartreuse. I love this color – it’s vibrant and peaceful. It reminds me of new plants in the garden, but also of sock yarns I’ve loved, crazy shoelaces when I was growing up, and dime store Christmas ornaments (why are those never quite that deep ‘Christmas’ green?).
    And this is a long and rambly way of voting ‘green’. =)

  560. Congrats on being in Vogue! πŸ™‚
    My favorite color is blue; it’s the color of the sky and ocean, and it’s gorgeous no matter what shade it is.

  561. My favourite colour is a shade between blue and green. Sometimes it’s called teal, sometimes it’s peacock or aegean or turquoise. I love it because the shade varies in the eye of the beholder. I love it because it’s not quite blue and not quite green, which are two of my favourite “solid” colours, if that makes any sense..
    Blue is ripply and can be light and airy or dark and dense – the green keeps it in check by adding an earthy and grounding element, but still giving it that look of being ‘alive’.
    So really, I love the colour because it can be alive and vibrant, or subtle and calm – depending on the shade.
    Oh. And I look FAB in the colour with my new blonde hair! πŸ˜‰
    The colour I detest the most in the whole world is beige. I call it a non-colour, because pair it together with a colour, ANY colour, and it sucks it up like that eerie darkness sucks up any movement or light that might venture near it. Beige makes everything bland and boring.
    Beige is the arch-nemesis!
    Congrats on being in Vogue – that is totally awesome. πŸ™‚ Your cards are absolutely beautiful!!

  562. The color that has always frustrated me the most is kelly green. I love the color, but I’m unable to have it anywhere near me because it reflects on my skin in a way that suggests sea sickness or anything else that results in severe nausea. It pains me to see other people wear it so fearlessly. Some can pull it off. Some have the same difficulty as me, but do it anyway. Kelly green is not unlike a bikini. Lots of people wear it, but not all of them should. For a brief moment, you wish you had their courage…but then common sense reminds you that the populous would look at you as you are the individual before you. Damn you kelly green.

  563. My favorite color is Pink – super soft, super pale PINK (not bubble-gum pink, not “Barbie” pink, not hot pink). I guess I love pale pink so much because it’s such a sweet, innocent, comfortable color. Something about pale pink makes me feel oh-so good, wonderfully relaxed, and even a little bit sleepy.

  564. Amanda in GA says:

    You have given me something to really think about. When most people ask I say blue, but you asked the question why? I spent a lot of time with my grandmother growing up she was an artist we would sit most evenings and watch the sun set in her backyard. I grew to love all colors and am still amazed at how different every sun set is. So what does this all have to do with the color blue well it was the color of my grandmother’s eyes and she taught me so much about life, art, laughter and loving when I see blue I think of her.
    Congrats on being published in VK!

  565. madingley says:

    Sky blue pink – because what’s prettier than that?

  566. Congrats on the shout out in VK! My favorite colour changes periodically, and now I’m loving orange, more specifically that reddish-orange that you see when you open up a blood orange. Mmm mmm good.

  567. my favorite color is orange because it is warm and i like they way it can look both ultra modern and old fashioned.

  568. Cara,
    You have lots of reading to do! By the time you get to me, you will be tired of hearing about sunsets and warm fuzzy justifications. My favorite color is teal. I wear it well and it goes with khaki, black, blue, brown…almost anything. I am drawn to teal when I enter a yarn shop. It is not blue and not green, but lies somewhere in between…much like me. I am easy going and leave unimportant decisions to others.
    Teal for me with a hot cup of tea!

  569. My favorite color at the moment is dark green, which is one of the colors of my alma mater (Michigan State). But my favorite color has never stayed in one just one color; I’ve always loved about 3 colors at the same time, with varying time tables. Right now, my favorite colors are purple (deep jewel tones, yum), turquoise (it’s so vibrant, yet it does not scream at you), and again, green (there are so many variables of green, and I love how you can say green and tons of different shades pop into people’s heads.

  570. Favorite colour? Has to be purple – I’m drawn to it. But it has to be a rich, deep shade. Makes me feel warm and cosseted.
    And congrats to you on the Vogue piece.

  571. Congratulations!
    I’ve always loved pink, ever since I was little. Not an easy colour to wear when you’re all grown up! Still, I love it. Makes me happy and makes me feel pretty! One colour I really disliked was green…that is until I started knitting. Now I can’t get enough of it! Green socks are the best!

  572. I love the colour green. From chartruse to olive to khake, it has so many moods.

  573. I love the colour green. From chartruse to olive to khake, it has so many moods.

  574. Only one, very favorite color: PINK!! I have a scrapbooking room decorated with all things pink, including a pink feather Christmas tree with pink lights. I am a sucker for anything pink, including tennis shoes that will never be worn but rather I bought solely (pun intended) to display on a shelf to make me happy! The Dollar Spot at Target is a downfall, especially this time of year with all of the pink things out for Valentine’s Day. I had hot pink chunks colored into my blond hair for the holidays, even!
    congrats on the publication…kudos!

  575. Blue is my favorite color. There are so many shades of blue, and it’s the color of the sky on a summer day, and water, and really good raspberry candies and slushy drinks! I like the look of blue, but it also conjures up so many good images for me. Thanks for the contest:)

  576. Colleen Brooks says:

    My favorite color is green. I think I like it because there are so many lovely shades and because it is the color of growing things. When I was an exchange student in Japan I used to sit and stare at the wooded mountain outside my window and try to count the various shades I could see. I was never successful in the count but it was fun to try. I also like the way lots of other colors look with green which is handy as I like color and color and color!

  577. Cobalt Blue
    I have bottles that were made of Cobalt Blue glass on the ledge of my kitchen window, I have drinking glasses of Cobalt Blue, but I have not yet knit anything with yarn dyed in that color – I’m willing to try, once I find the yarn.
    And Congrats on the mention in Vogue Knits. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, and how you play with color.

  578. MaryEllen says:

    I love your cards and find your sense of color very inspiring!
    My favorite color has to be GREEN. Sometimes when I’m driving upstate on the NY Thruway, with it’s great hillside views, I am amazed by how many different shades of green nature has come up with. Leafy green, grassy green, ivy green, pine green, first-new-sprout-of-spring green – it’s endless!

  579. My favorite color to knit with (and to wear) is blue. Blue eyes makes that an obvious choice. I’d like to wear/knit more green, but there are very few greens that don’t make me look ill.
    Congrats. on the Vogue!

  580. Congratulations to you Cara! How very exciting.
    My favorite color is deep red, the color of passion. It reminds me to live, to feel alive, to BE passionate about what I am doing.

  581. Well, I don’t really have a favourite colour, I love them all, but I prefer them to be bright and clear. No pastels, no murky, faded, dull colours for me!

  582. Yellow. I would never wear it, or even knit with it, nor do I even have it around me much any more. But my childhood room, with yellow carpet (over the deep opposition of my parents, who of course were right that it would get dirty) and yellow walls (ditto) and pastel-rainbow-plaid (hey, it was the 70s!) bedspread and curtains, was full of sunshine and I loved it.
    Congratulations on being in Vogue!

  583. I LOVE purple, always have. One of my daughters favorite color is purple as well. Maybe it’s because it has to do with royalty? πŸ™‚

  584. My favorite color is red for several reasons. It is hot like cinnamon candy, it reminds me of love like the big hearts at Valentines Day, it can be cold like in a cold Coca Cola but for the most part I like it because it makes me happy. You can’t really see bright red and not be happy unless I guess it makes you fighting mad. LOL.
    Congrats on being in Vogue, how cool.

  585. My favorite color is orange! Although I love most shades of orange, a nice autumnal one is my favorite. It reminds me of my favorite time of year, turning leaves, and my favorite kinds of clothes.

  586. Red would be my colour. The colour of candy apples and holly berries. The colour of my hair, which I don’t have to get from a bottle. The colour of love!!!!!

  587. My favorite color is green. Why? Because this color is soothing to me; grass is green; trees are green; I look good in this color; it is the color of $$, hmmm … I can’t think of another reason now, but give me time πŸ™‚

  588. Congrats on the Vogue appearance! My favorite color is red. It is big and vibrant and always reminds me to live my life and not just watch life being lived around me.

  589. My favorite color is yellow! It has been my favorite color since the sixth grade, when I did a picture of the sun in yellows and oranges and it was so bright & cheery! So for about 25 years now, I have been a yellow lover!

  590. Anne in Wy says:

    I thought my favorite color was blue… but looking at my yarn purchases, it must be burgundy, with hunter green a close second. I like yellow in small doses, but it makes me look jaundiced. It surprised me how many people like orange… wish I could donate my orange countertops from previous owner.

  591. My favourite colour is green, but I also have an attraction to orange. Its so vibrant and bright, it drawns me in as soon as I see it.
    Congrats on the Vogue appearance!!!

  592. Red because of it’s intensity and screams to be noticed just the opposite of me who actually is quiet and prefers to be in the background (grey).

  593. Congrats! How exciting for you.
    Right now I am loving green, from kerry to lime. Depending on the shade it can be bold or subtle, and I believe it looks great on everybody. Blue runs a close second, though.

  594. I want to love and wear the color yellow, but every time I think about buying something yellow for myself I hear this voice from my Nana saying how bad yellow looks on me. I was maybe 8 when she said this, and I’ve been avoiding wearing the color ever since.

  595. Well, I have two favorite colors, is that allowed?! If my life depended on choosing just one I don’t know which one I would choose. I think I would be in trouble!! My two favorites are smoky lilac and chocolate brown. (dark chocolate) They each remind me of things I love. The lilac reminds me of spring pansies, Monet pantings,my favorite lilac tea cup, and lavender fields in Provence. ( I adore ALL things French. My true love is Napoleon, yes… really.) And, chocolate brown reminds me of chocolate, of course. But, also of a wonderful cafΓ© at my favorite cafΓ©/bar in Paris, Sir Winston’s. The exterior is painted the color of perfectly tempered chocolate!! The inside is FUll of butter soft brown leather chairs.. Brown is my favorite color to wear, in fact it’s rare to see me not wearing brown. But, lilac is my favorite color to look at. My bedroom walls are perfect lilac. I love looking at them, they make me feel like I’m in Paris. But wearing my favorite chocolate brown sweater makes me feel closer to Paris, too!! I really wouldn’t want to live life without either one of these two colors!!

  596. I adore pink. The only think I have ever really knit in pink is a scarf that I adopted after it was rejected by my daughter due to the green that was also in the scarf. I was never a girly girl. I was the 6th child, the 4th girl and I never really got to pick out my own clothes, so when I got my first job and was able to buy my own things they were all very girly. It has stuck. I have 2 daughters and I think that pink glitter has become a part of my DNA!

  597. Congratulations on the Vogue layout!
    Everything in my closet is in shades of brown and soft gray. But they are not my favorite colors. Oh dear, I think my favorite might not even BE a color!! But I cannot lie – it is white. All shades. Cream, milky, snowy – when I wear white I feel so pure and like a little girl again. It just makes me so happy.
    Thank you for the fun contest and accept my sincerest sympathies for reading through almost 600 (to date) entries!

  598. If you ask my kids what Mom’s favorite color is they will shout “Green!!” (For some reason people’s favorite color is very important in my house.) And I do love green. Lovely lemongrass, 70’s couch, apple, moss and olive being my top picks. I love it with purples in yarn especially and whack my self on the forehead when I come home from the LYS with yet another green-purple combo.
    Why do I love green? Because it is the color of my eyes, of cedar and pine, Frankoma pottery, grass in June, the lush Northwest…? Mainly it just makes me feel happy!
    Congrats and thanks for a chance to sing the praises of green!

  599. Hi! I love pink…probably because I love all the shades it comes in. Pastel baby pink to deep vibrant fushia – and everything in between. Pink makes me smile. And although I have 2 daughters – they shun all pink in their lives – so therefore I make up for it by wearing pink often.

  600. lovely notecards i’m looking at them in vogue right now! my favorite color is green i wear red the most and i’d love to knit something turquoise but i never do i can never match a pattern to a yarn and incorporate the color turquoise into the whole idea. it reminds me of the sea. calm, cool, peaceful, clear and tropical!

  601. My favorite color is green — a mossy green, not a pine green! This color makes me think of the living trees and plants. The fact that it looks good with my hair is a bonus.

  602. Toot away! That Vogue should trumpet your talent is no less than you absolutely deserve, Cara. Re: the contest, I do get such a hoot out of how prizes never fail to flush former lurkers like me out into the open. 599 comments at last check. Zowee. So, I really should stop typing right here, since Spin-Out was very good to me, but, hey, maybe 2008 is my winning year, so I’ll mention that – don’t snort – white is my favorite color. Would I knit with it? Probably not, unless I’m knitting a sweet little baby thing. Do I wear it a lot? No, but what are the other colors without white? Like meat without salt. White can reflect the other colors and become an almost infinite number of different shades of itself. Think of snow, think of sea foam, think of clouds. Now think of those three things at dawn or at dusk. There are more “white” paint chips at the paint store than any other color. It’s so much more than plain vanilla. I vote for white.

  603. I am afraid of orange. It’s so bright. So loud. So – right there. There is no hiding with orange. I recently had to knit with an orange yarn for a swap and it opened me up a bit to the color, but I’m still pretty shy about the concept.

  604. First off, congratulations!! How exciting for you!
    My favorite color is purple. I’ve always liked it and being dark haired with olive skin, it looks great on me. But my ex-husband HATED purple, so he wouldn’t let me wear it (yes, I know. Remember, he is the ex now.). Now that I’m free of him, I wear it ALL the time. Kind of like my freedom color. I think about it everytime I buy something purple and am proud of myself for being such a strong woman and getting away from him.

  605. cococovey says:

    Color is one of my favorite things to play with since I am a graphic designer. The latest of my favorites is back to a color I used to love in the 80s….TEAL. PMS 308 to be exact. I always have an overabundance of color on and just went out with hot pink pants with an orange coat and tealy gold clapotis that I knit. I probably broke some eyeballs with that outfit or at minimum they could sure see me in the SF fog! I wore a bright teal shirt during the holidays and everyone thought it looked great with my poinsettia red hair!!

  606. Congrats!
    My favorite color is blue because it’s the color of water and the sky. My least favorite is yellow–I think because it looks awful with my skin tone.

  607. I like periwinkle the best. Mostly because I’m wishy-washy myself, and vascillate between liking blue and purple, so periwinkle is the best of both. Plus, I think for babies it’s unisex and soothing, while being an interesting, offbeat choice.

  608. Congratulations, that is cool.
    My favorite color is pink, it is so soft, feminine and calming that I don’t know why it is not everyone’s favorite. I wear a lot of pink but I never wear pink socks–and I never plan to knit myself pink socks.

  609. I’ve always loved purple best. Just about any shade from almost blue to plum. I have a great sweatshirt that I’ve had at least 15 years that is the boldest most amazing color of plum. I try to match it’s intensity when I buy yarn for sweaters, but it’s so hard to find really rich yarn!

  610. Red is and always has been my favorite color. My couches are red, my Kitchen Aid is red, most of my wardrobe is red, and most of my yarn is red in many many different shades. A magenta shaded cherry red is my favorite color to wear. Additionally, I love wearing bright colors of any kind especially this time of year. Not only does it brighten my mood, but inevitably others comment on how nice it is to see someone in color during the winter.

  611. Thought the title of this post was about some pregnancy related issue! hee
    Not a color but I love leopard print – not head to toe but accent pieces. I find it appealing. Love it with pink.
    Congrats on the VK shout out! Seems like 2008 is off to a great start for you!

  612. Congrats! My favorite colors would be any Earthtones. I like browns, oranges, rusty reds.

  613. Cara – I love the bright oranges. I don’t wear them, frankly, I’m afraid of them. Pumpkin anyone? I have a beautiful orange sock yarn just getting old because I’m scared to even wear bright orange socks. Happy late birthday and congats on getting into Vogue Knitting. g

  614. Wow, you sure know how to get people to comment!
    PLEASE do not consider me for your contest. I really only stopped by to read your blog (as I do every other day or so) and wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS! Well deserved feature!

  615. Purple, just because.

  616. Congrats!!
    My favourite colour is purple because it the colour for all occasions! It’s never too purple for casual wear, never too purple for formal wear, never too purple for parties! Purple is also the colour of lavender, which is my favourite scent…So purple’s just awesome!

  617. I dont think I really have a favourite colour as it seems to rotate, however at the moment I am really liking both jade green and teal, lovely colours, both of them!

  618. Dangit, forgot a reason, it’s the jewel tones, they are just so vivid looking, kind of remind me of a peacock.

  619. One color I wish I could love is purple – warm, deep purples, happy fuschia, romantic lilac. Every shade I try on makes me look like a cheese.