The Princess and The Picot

If you can stand it, so can I!

Finishing a pair of socks is like your birthday, all eight nights of Hannukah, Christmas morning, a gift from the tooth fairy, a visit from the Easter Bunny, fresh baked cookies, a good hair day, getting into your skinny jeans, making out in the car, and a Springsteen concert all wrapped up in a fantastic box with a shiny bow on top!! Okay. Maybe not as good as making out in the car or a Springsteen concert, but you get the idea. I love my new mini-monkeys!

I love that they are a bit tight (like my beloved Jaywalkers) so they stay up – no slouching here! And I love the colors and the STR and the undulations of the monkey pattern. I love that my friend Tina dyed the yarn and my friend Cookie designed the pattern and my friend Margene knit the modification. There’s just LOVE ALL AROUND!

Most of all, I love that when it’s finally chilly again I will have a drawer full of monkeys to choose from and you can bet your bottom dollar that my mini-monkeys with the picot edge will be the first pair I grab. There’s nothing like a picot to bring out my inner princess!

Monkey Socks

Pattern: Free on Knitty
Yarn: STR Lightweight in Watermelon Tourmaline
Modifications: I cast on with a picot edge and knit four repeats for the cuff. I did my preferred heel and toe. I used US#1 Addis for the entire sock.
Princess Rubber Ducky: My sister purchased them here. Knock yourselves out. There’s like a duck for everything.


  1. Too Cute! The colors just scream spring and summer – I don’t know how you will have the willpower to wait until it gets cold before you wear them! They really are beautiful.

  2. Oh, that princess duck and picot edge picture is so cute! I just finished my first Monkey sock last night (not blogged it yet– this evening prob.) and it is such a fun knit! I’m amazed at how fast it went.

  3. Michele in Maine says:

    I tried making mini-monkeys last night on my #1 lace addi’s and they are too big! I really wanted to use my lace addi’s on these, but I will have to try my ‘regular’ #1’s (KA’s) which are smaller. I am slowly getting better at the picot thing, tho.

  4. Grrl, I love that Watermelon Tourmaline!!

  5. Those are cute as can be. You may have just inspired me to try knitting socks again!

  6. Okay. Maybe, maybe, maybe I should be knitting Monkeys.

  7. I was completely inspired by your mini-monkeys and am knitting some right now! I LOVE them!

  8. Love ’em! I’ve been planning some mini-ish Monkeys of my own for my skein of Colinette Jitterbug, since it’s so much less on the yardage than other yarns (and I have such big feet). I might have to throw a little picot action in too!

  9. Dear Cara,
    I have to say, you are a Monkey powerhouse. I had no plans to try that pattern until your Monkey-fest of the last few weeks. Last night, I *dreamed* I knit a pair. I actually had a dream about them. So I guess I’ll be joining the party soon, too! 🙂

  10. Love those Monkeys! I think the picot edge looks like a princess crown. Monkeys fit for a princess. 🙂

  11. I LOVE these mini-Monkeys! Your ducky makes me think of that new song, “Girlfriend”. My girls love it, and whenever the line, “Yes, I’m the one and only princess” comes on, my dh looks at me and says, “Oh, that’s so you!”. :0)

  12. what adorable socks! I love the edge on them. I am a bit sock challenged here..hee hee..but getting better. Actually what I was looking for was a pattern for the solid which is 337 yards. Obviously I dont know left from right. Maybe that is what causes me to be challenged in many areas.

  13. They are wonderful, Cara.

  14. Love the socks- so pretty!

  15. LOVE them!!!!!

  16. I love them, and also those sock blockers! What kind are they?

  17. I loved all your monkeys sooo much, I cast on for my own (on addis i might add), and then I either lost it, or someone stole it at my work!

  18. I’ve never been attracted to Watermelon Tourmaline but it looks GREAT knit up. Although, it looks nothing like it looks in the hank. Weird.

  19. Well, those are some very snazzy socks! I am still waiting to see the sea stone version though. That colorway rocked my world.

  20. Good Lord, Woman, you do churn things out. I feel like ever more the slacker when I visit here…..

  21. Love your Mini Monkey’s! I too have the monkey bug… well I’ve made two pairs, but I love them too. I also made the mini monkeys. I’ve been wanting to try the picot edge and I used your instructions along with the video on DIY. Thanks so much! Now I just have to get my hands on some STR. I’ve been using Fleece Artist Sea Wool (Canadian, of course!!!)

  22. Love the mini monkeys, gotta get me one of those duckies.

  23. Mini anythings are just too cute! Your socks definitely rock! 🙂 And the ducky is so adorable.

  24. Monkeys are great. I have plans for them in the future and am taking your suggestion of the picot edge – it’s such a nice finish!

  25. The mini-monkeys are awesome! I think I’ll have to try that as one of my next pairs. I’ve always wanted to try a picot edge to a sock, but haven’t yet found anything that called to me the way mini-monkeys do. 🙂

  26. love them!! dude you are such a sock factory. 🙂

  27. Love the mini Monkeys! Off to go take another look at that pattern… 🙂

  28. And not as good as making out with Springsteen in a car…

  29. your Mini-princess ready- Monkeys are so adorable! And I have to admit, I love the duckie too. I love looking through the Oriental Trading catalog at all the duckies…

  30. Hooray for Monkeys! That’s it, I’m done for. I finally bought yarn for these puppies and are casting on at this very instant!

  31. Oooooooooh. Purdy.

  32. Oh so absolutely adorable. Great colors and the yarn is perfect for that pattern.

  33. They have some pretty good ducks at Archie McPhee, too.

  34. Great socks. Fantastic colors.

  35. I love your monkeys! I can’t wait to make my own! (After I knit for everyone else first…) 🙂

  36. OMG, they’re breeding! You are an obsessed woman. I love it! 🙂