No cavities! YAY!



Anna won the Valentine’s Day contest – but really we’re all winners. Seriously. Those stories are all fantastic and I encourage you to read through the comments. Some great stuff there! Thanks for playing everyone!

Hopefully lots of CPH pictures coming soon. I’m going to bust ass on some work today so I can do the second button band tonight and tomorrow the sleeves will hopefully be ready for seaming! YAY! I can’t wait to wear this sweater – it’s really cold outside.

: Sorry this wasn’t clearer – but I chose the winner at RANDOM, as I usually do. Unless otherwise specified, all winners of my contests are chosen at random. I like to play fair. Again, thank you all for playing.

ETA AGAIN: Fuck it. I’m all about the LOVE.


  1. Congrats to my SP9 🙂

  2. 5elementknitr says:

    What was Anna’s story? Can you link to it or just cut/paste so we can read it? Please!

  3. Yay, Anna!! I’ll try very hard not to be too jealous (tee hee)!

  4. How did you choose the winner? I thought there were better stories

  5. Somebody took the time to look for Anna’s in order to critique it?
    Mean, mean, mean!

  6. Well said – your blog – do it your way! ;0)

  7. I didn’t play because I am sick, but I wanted to. I like your way of picking winners – we all deserve to win every now and then, and random does that best. You go girl.

  8. I thought you were picking the best story too but thought you were going to have an impossible time doing so. Random was really the only way to go!
    P.S.- Long before I ever picked up knitting needles, I rode my bike down the West coast from Seattle to San Diego. By the time I got to Big Sur, I was a little tired of all the hills and thought I’d hitch hike to Santa Barbara. The lady who picked me up took me to Nepenthe!!! It was such fun to read your post and to think if only I had been a knitter back then!

  9. Random is fair. Random is good. You run it the way you see fit!!!!
    Congratulations to Anna!!! Maybe she’ll send you a photo of what she knits?!!

  10. hilarious. a comment critiquer! werid… congrats Anna! can’t wait to see CPH!

  11. Damn straight. Your sh*t, your way of choosing who to give it to! Don’t like the game, then don’t play.
    It’s really too bad there are such idiots in the world.
    Thank you so much for your blog and your contest.
    Have a great day!

  12. How asshatty for someone to complain. I figured you would go random if for no other reason than there were so many awesome stories, how could you possibly choose? Anyway, like you said, your blog, your stuff, do it your way (like Frank Sinatra, complete with possible underground ties, if you so wish. Actually, the idea of knitting gangsters amuses me greatly, but I digress.)

  13. Thanks, again, for letting me join in! The whole point of this blog stuff is to draw us closer together as a knitting community, right? “Winning” is just icing on the cake. Lucky Anna; lucky us!

  14. Cara, you’re totally right- your blog, your stuff, your prerogative! What’s a definition of a ‘better story’ in any case? Sheesh.
    You just keep doing your thing and don’t let people like anon get under your skin, ok?

  15. Your blog, your rules, babe.

  16. Wow. What an ungrateful snit! If only that comment was public so you could ban the offender from ever joining in on a contest!
    Congrats Anna.

  17. Don’t let a few ungrateful wretches ruin it for the rest of us who love the your blog and wouldn’t mind to randomly win one of your awesome prizes.

  18. Can’t believe someone got upset because they didn’t win. What a sore loser!!!
    Congrats Anna!!!!

  19. Random is best. Especially because there were so many great stories. I hate sore losers. They definitely don’t ever deserve to use STR.

  20. Congratulations to (another) Anna! Happy knitting for happy feet.

  21. I have to agree with Allegra. Sore losers suck. I just enjoyed thinking about my past valentine’s days and re-living them in my memories. You rock.

  22. You just made me laugh. I’ve been dealing with unappreicative assholes all day. Screw them!

  23. Wow, some people have entitlement issues.
    Congrats on being cavity-free!

  24. It’s such a nice thing for you to offer up your stuff in exchange for a few heartfelt stories. Really makes this blog warm and real and generates a sense of community. I enjoy your contests and hope you won’t be put off by a few negative remarks.

  25. Oh, F.F.S. (I think you know what that stands for.) It’s a weird world.
    Thank goodness 99% of people are good. But that 1% is really annoying.

  26. thanks just posting this idea. it was fun just reading the stories and thinking back on past v-days. gah, some fucking people!!!

  27. Looking forward to seeing the pictures!
    I know I’m late to the party, but I also loved your Kaffe pictures from the other day. Just beautiful.

  28. Yay Anna!
    Yay Cara!
    Boo Anon!

  29. Congrats on no cavities! Can’t wait to see your CPH!

  30. Congrats to Anna! And yay for no cavities. It’s your blog, your rules and you do an awesome job!

  31. RandomRanter says:

    Yay for Anna!

  32. Some people clearly have no shame (or maybe they do, which is why the comment went unsigned). Yikes. Congrats, Anna. Hey Cara: you’re a mensch. Anon: grow up, please.

  33. Yippy for Anna
    Can’t wait to see the CPH.
    Amen to re:anon

  34. Ah, the internet, where people can say anything they want to while hiding behind the mask of anonymity. I like that you pick the prize randomly, because it means that even a sucky story like mine has a chance of winning! Wooo! 😉
    And YAY for no cavities! I had one the last time I went and I still can’t stop playing with the filling with my tongue.

  35. Okay, seriously. I haven’t had a giggle like this over comments in quite a while.
    When are you going to have another contest, hon???
    ; )

  36. Can I just share with you that for Valentine’s Day this year BF got me a GORGEOUS pearl necklace… and then I got really sick. Puking all over. It was a really bad coincidence of time. But now BF is wondering if the necklace made me sick. I hope it doesn’t scare BF off of getting me jewelry again in the future! I really do love BF and the necklace, too.

  37. Yay Cara no cavities!! Congrats to Anna!

  38. I’m a winner, I’m a winner!!! Thanks so much! I can’t wait. January One rocks! 😉
    Anna of Anna’s Yarn Mansion

  39. ditto to earthchick’s comments:
    yay anna – we want to see your creation!
    yay cara – your way, cavity free!
    boo anon – sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t.

  40. I liked my prize: reading 339 great stories and comments. I have never enjoyed reading so many comments, so much! Thank you Cara and everyone.

  41. some people never mature beyond grade school…yay for Anna and yay for Cara!

  42. Congratulations Anna!!!
    I agree, you blog your rules. Can’t say that I didn’t want to win, maybe next time. 🙂
    Who ever left the anonymous comment needs to get over themselves. They couldn’t even leave their name. What a coward.

  43. Hi Cara! Look what you made me do I love it! I love your blog too:)

  44. Life is random.
    Anonymous commenters are spineless.
    Cara, you rock for running these contests! Congrats Anna!

  45. CONGRATS ANNA!! woooot! 😀