Six Months

One of the things that made yesterday such a great day was that G had his six month cancer check and he’s ALL CLEAR! YAY!

It’s just so awful being back at that hospital and my heart goes out to everyone dealing with cancer – or any other illness that has the potential to rip your family apart. It’s such a scary place.

But we’re all good.

I promised you a finished sock today, but alas, I fell down on the job:

It’s an almost finished monkey. I’ve got about two repeats and the foot to do. I probably won’t be able to get it done today, though, because in just a few short hours Moth will make it’s debut! We’re going to Kabuki! The show is part of the Lincoln Center Festival and I’m really excited about it. My youngest sister and her boyfriend will be joining us – she just got back from Japan so it’s great timing. We figure we’ll celebrate our OTHER sister’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Sis! We love you!

PS – I’ll try to get a picture of me and the shawl together. No promises though!


  1. Yay! Tell him congrats from one “all clear” to another!

  2. Monkey looks beautiful Cara. It goes beautifully with your pedicure 🙂

  3. De-lurking to say that is wonderful news!

  4. congratulations on the cancer “fuck off” all clear.

  5. Nice toes, toots!

  6. Great sock Cara. How do you knit the picot edge loose enough to slip on your foot? Mine doesn’t have enough stretch to pull over the heel.

  7. Such happy news – I’m glad for you both!
    If you ever have a chance, do you have any helpful hints on how to accomplish the picot edging? I tried just picking up the cast-on stitch along with the stitch on the needle and I tried it with a provisional cast-on (of course knitting the other rows with the yo k2tog row in between), but both of them are really tricky for me. Yours are so pretty I thought I would ask if you have any secrets. Thanks.

  8. Glad to hear that all is well with G!!
    Have a great time at Kabuki.

  9. Hooray for good news!

  10. So happy to hear your good news!

  11. DebbieB says:

    Yay! Cancer-FREE!!!

  12. Is that STR for your Monkeys? It’s gorgeous.
    And much congrats to G…great news!

  13. That’s wonderful news! I’m happy for you guys!
    At first I read that you were leaving for Japan in a few hours. Have fun anyway! :o)

  14. Great news…and nice pedicure!;)

  15. Terrific news for both of you, Cara. Have a great time tonight.

  16. Congrats on the “all clear”! What a huge relief for you both.
    And those pink toes go perfectly with that Monkey; maybe you should make them pedicure Monkeys and keep the toes off!

  17. Thrilled for G and for you. Have been through cancer myself and it turns you on your head. Just had a check-in myself yesterday and got good news, too. Happy to be in the same club with G. Nice half monkey,too. A monk?

  18. That’s so wonderful!
    And I also think that’s a great pedicure!
    Enjoy your outing.

  19. I am so happy for both of you! I knit my first pair of monkeys while my husband was recovering from cancer surgery. His pathology report came back with good news – oh what a relief it is!

  20. Yay on the cancer. I truly wish it’d just go to hell. My mom died after a long battle back in 94, and I still get teary/pissed off/sad/etc. when I think about it. But, I am super happy when I hear about anyone beating that damn thing.
    Quick question on the monkey…if you don’t mind. I tried one, and I have made socks before and not gotten ladders, but somehow with the needles changing on the purls, I get horrible ladders. Anyone know of a way to prevent them? I’ve since decided to frog the thing and do something else, but I have more sock yarn on the way, so I could really use the assistance…–

  21. Yay for G! You two rock. Hey I meant to mention that I went roler skating with Angus’ class. Disco ball, DJ and everything else. I made them play Bruce! It was BEYOND.
    Thought of you while I was skating….
    Great looking sock. Nice Pedi too!

  22. I am so glad that he got the all clear. I am sure that was a weight lifted off both your shoulders.
    The sock looks great even though you didn’t get it finished. 😉
    Have a great time tonight.

  23. Great news about being cancer free!!!
    I love the socks! Toes look pretty too!!!

  24. Yay! Congrats on the all-clear.

  25. Hooray for George! That’s fantastic news!

  26. First – yay on the cancer free news! I love your Monkey sock – the picot rocks, it will be awesome!

  27. Hooray for good news! And I love your sock! The colors are perfect for the Monkey pattern.

  28. Hooray for the all clear! My mom has been clear for three years now – it feels better with every year that ticks by.

  29. Excellent news! (You know, not about the sock–that other thing….)

  30. so happy to hear that G is 6months clear! Congratulations!!!
    and one envious of that pedicure (reminder to go get me one)… and also sock/yarn 🙂 two. I might just have to copy your Monkey Style…hehehe!!

  31. Hip hip hooray! Congratulations to you both for the good report. Having good company in the hard times is more precious than anything. I hope you and DH continue to enjoy your teamwork.

  32. What huge news – congratulations to you both, must be fantastic to reach such a milestone. Have fun at Kabuki, sounds like a hoot … and the Monkeys look fab, as usual 😉

  33. Steph B. says:

    Dude, those are some seriously white legs! Maybe you should be going Geisha instead of to kabuki? Yay to the 6-month Big C free zone!

  34. You don’t know me, but I read your blog, and today just lurking around was not an option. I know too well how hard it is to wait for the cancer test results, so I just wanted to say that I’m really happy for you! Nice nail polished picture, by the way 😀 Keep knitting! Hug!

  35. great news about the recovery. I wish you both lots of creativity and endurance

  36. Congrats to G! I know how big the 6 month check in feels and I’m happy you walked away with good news.

  37. Yipee for George!!! My Dad had Leukemia, and it is so scary. You live for, but dread those checks.
    The sock may not be finished, but your toes are SO cute! 🙂 Have fun with your sister and the moth!

  38. Hooray for G! Have a grand time at kabuki!!
    Also, love all the Jaywalkers in the banner today.

  39. What cheering and celebratory news — yay, Georgie!

  40. That’s great to hear! Thanks for spreading good cheer! Happy Birthday cara’s sis!!!

  41. PICAdrienne says:

    I am very happy for you and your husband. That news is always the best news. Continued good fortune.

  42. Congrats on the all clear!!!! And on getting to see kabuki! I’ve always wanted to watch a performance.

  43. Congratulations to G for the cancer all clear! Hope it stays that way – fuck off, cancer!

  44. There is nothing that feels better than when you get the all-clear from the Dr.! Congrats! On a personal note, my Dad seems to be responding to the chemo…his PSA has dropped by 50% and there seems to be “flairing” in the bone which is supposed to mean re-growth and healing. Good news all the way around!

  45. I’m so happy for both of you. Celebrate!

  46. Yaaay! Congratulations to G! Fantastic!

  47. YAY! That’s FABULOUS news!! So happy for G, and for you! *big hug*

  48. Hooray for the cancer “all clear” for G! I imagine that must relieve a bit of stress on the both of you.

  49. Congratulations on the all clear. It must be a wonderful relief!

  50. Hooray for making the six month mark! May many more be made…
    (did that make sense?)

  51. Excellent news.
    Nice toes and nail polish!