Shooting the Hook

Yesterday I pretty much ignored all the things earmarked for the day and instead just knit. It was bliss.

I started the sleeves for Oblique and went on my merry way. As I mentioned the other day, I’m not doing the ribbing on the sleeves the way the pattern states – it calls for really big cuffs that roll up. If anything, I’d rather have some simple ribbing and because I’ve gone up a size for the body, I don’t want the sleeves to be too long. So I took a page from ThatLaurie and I jumped right into the lace patterns after casting on with a provisional cast on. I haven’t done that many provisional cast ons in my life, so I headed to google and found this one right at the top. Worked great! In fact, I can even vouch for how easy it was to pull out the scrap yarn because I screwed up and cast on one stitch short, so I had to start over.

I can almost TASTE the end of the sweater! I’ve got the lace patterns all memorized (it only took me until 3/4s of the way through the fronts!) and I just sail along. The yarn is really one of my favorites ever. Just to recap, I’m using Beaverslide in the Catbird colorway. The color photographs differently every time I take a picture, but I think the two at the top are a really good representation. My goal is to have the sleeves finished before Monday. That’s the goal. I think I can do it!

Speaking of goals, I’ve been reading a lot about knitting resolutions and intentions and goals for the new year and I actually have a few myself. First off, finish Oblique. Next I want to start a new shawl I fell in LOVE with at Rhinebeck and would love to wrap myself in for some end of pregnancy photographs. More details on that soon. I’m also hearing the siren song of socks. Socks. I miss socks. Can you believe I haven’t worn ANY of my monkeys this winter?!? NOT ONE PAIR. How pathetic is that. I’ve worn lots of Jaywalkers, but no monkeys. I want to finish the monkeys I have on the needles and possibly branch out into a different pattern. We’ll see how that goes, but I think socks will be very nice once the baby’s here. Easy to transport and not a lot of thought.

The biggest goal I would like to accomplish before the baby arrives is to seam the Miter Square Blanket. I’ve given myself permission to ignore all the ends until AFTER it’s been seamed. So all I need to do is block the squares well and seam them up. I think about it every single day. It will get done.

So those are my short term (read before baby) knitting goals. I think they’re kind of doable. I hope they are at least.
Have a great weekend!

PS – Our birthday dinner out was really quite lovely. We had a great time together and it definitely more than made up for the earlier ickyness. And while I still feel pretty nauseated a lot of the time, the puking has stopped, for now.


  1. Glad you are feeling some better! Your goals sound VERY doable! You are right, socks will be good after baby knitting!!!

  2. Sound like great goals. I’m glad you had a good dinner!

  3. looking great! i just finished my oblique and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  4. I have been missing the miters! I’m excited to see them again.
    I’m glad you had a nice birthday dinner after all that.

  5. I don’t know if you read Alison’s blue blog, but she recently seamed up a miter square afgan here: She doesn’t give the details, but you might find it handy.

  6. bring your miters to your babyshower and get the ladies whip-stitching! then border the puppy and you are done!

  7. Great idea for the sleeves on Oblique. I did mine with just ribbing and no cuffs because I don’t like fold back cuffs and how they catch on things. I did increase after the ribbing to get a cuff that fit and a fullish sleeve.

  8. first of all – YAY FOR NO PUKING!!!! (and knocking on wood for you as I type that)
    The sweater looks gorgeous, and sounds like you have some lovely knitting goals for the somewhat short-term anyway. With that project list, I wouldn’t get done for a year, but you’re a super-fast knitter 🙂 I’m glad you’re starting to feel better, and now that I’ve caught up on your posts from when I was on vacation – you look so cute and preggo!!! 😀 yay!!! and Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

  9. I’m glad to hear you’re doing better!
    I think you should have a miter-seaming party. If I lived closer, I would volunteer to help!
    I look forward to seeing your progress on all your knitted goodness that you’ve got going on. You do such beautiful work.

  10. Your goals are commendable and motivate me to try some non-resolution goals, too. Isn’t it funny how we give ourselves permission to approach or finish or ignore a project? Remember, you’re the mom now and can dole out all the permissions.

  11. Definitely doable goals, good luck!
    I’m glad you enjoyed a nice evening out and that you at least not losing every meal. 🙂

  12. I turned 25 while preggers with soon to be twenty yr old Kate. I had my favorite food Salmon, got sick sick sick and havent been ab;e to eat it since. Here is amall tip, pier one was selling rayon pashminas for about six bucks before christmas they are great as scarves BUT open up wide for good coverage for nursing. goi one for a new mom friend.

  13. Sorry to hear about the return of the puking. I hope it was a small event and is done. I threw up throughout my first pregnancy and thought I couldn’t stand it another minute. It’s a wonder anyone ever has a second (or third) baby. The sweater is beautiful. You knit so quickly! I am slow. It’s a good thing I enjoy the process.

  14. the oblique is moving along so fast – can’t wait to see the finished product. Mitered squares – ditto the baby shower help. Your goals are ‘so’ doable for you but if you didn’t do anything for the next 12 weeks but grow a happy healthy wee-one, you’re way ahead of me!

  15. I apologize if you’ve already been told this 40,000 times already, but have you seen the very latest Vogue Knitting? 😉

  16. Your goals sound very reasonable, and I think that weaving in ends is kind-of mindless work that can be done in front of the TV. I am not fond of it myself, but if you think of it in terms of a little at a time, you will get it done.
    I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better!

  17. Worthy goals, indeed. Stpooing by to wish you a belated happy birthday and a year of more than one blessing.

  18. oh, i am SO excited to see the mitered square blanket all seamed up! i have no doubt that it is going to be beautiful!

  19. Aw, someone beat me to it. It was so exciting to see your notecards in Vogue! I was all “I know her!”…when, of course, I don’t. But feel sort of as though I do.
    And maybe those last couple of pukes weren’t baby-related. Perhaps you had a bug or a bad bit of food.

  20. I can’t wait to see the miter blanket sewn up!

  21. I can’t believe I missed your birthday. It’s not like I could forget or anything. A big belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! (I hope that wasn’t too loud.)
    Oblique looks lovely.