Erotik Market Alisveris

Erotik Market Alisveris


  1. Pfft, you don’t fold sheets, you just leave them on the couch till you need to put them on the bed.

  2. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Wonderful videos! Good for Meli–she’s adorable.

  3. Yeah, just when you take a breather on the baby-proofing, some entirely new skill shows up! And sheets definitely live in the laundry basket until they’re needed.

  4. My son did just the same! It was so funny! He started crawling like that at 9 months and then running two weeks later… He learned to properly crawl on all fours at some point later on.

  5. And my, she’s a chattery thing too, ain’t she? What a fantastic way to start the first official week of the year… a cute baby on my blogreader!

  6. I’ve seen a baby or two crawl the same way at first. She’s going to be walking before you know it! Then you’re in for it! 😀

  7. I agree with UZDaniel! heh.
    Does she ever shut up!? Just joking, I love that she is chatting her way through it all with no apparent stress, just getting to it, talking all the way. I can just imagine what she is saying. “Just pulling myself up. Gotta do it. Have you seen this place? Look at that laundry! Gotta get up. Keep on going. Gotta fold. If I don’t do it…..”

  8. Great videos. I agree with Margene. That looks like a baby on the verge of walking to me!

  9. HOly cow! She’s crawling with her feet, not her knees. That is a baby who will be walking very soon me thinks 🙂 She’s too cute, I love listening to her little jibber jabber.

  10. YAY! My friend’s baby was over for New Years and he crawls the same way…we also think he’ll walk sooner than later. Oh, you are in for so many new adventures! Mostly good. 😉

  11. We can tell how tall Zosia is based on how far back we have to move things from the edges of tables and counters and what types of doors we have to find ways to block.
    Congrats to Ms. Meli! Crawling is such a lot of fun. For Z it started so many things… the syllables and words started to percolate around at this time as well and we all started to understand each other better.

  12. Ñêîëüêî ìîæíî óæå îäíó è òóæå òåìó ìóñîëèòü. Áëîãîñôåðà îäíî ñïëîøíîå óíûëîå ãàâíî

  13. Is Meli talking to the baby on the box? I can’t stand how cute she is. Thanks for sharing these clips.

  14. I didn’t notice the laundry. What I noticed is that while Meli has a lovely huge pile of toys, it is the box that she was after! Typical… 😉

  15. My 13-month old crawls like that (using one foot instead of the knee), still, he never did the on 2 knees thing. He’s really fast at it, in fact it’s hard to convince him to try walking! He’s still working on it. 🙂
    Look out, she’s going to get fast, quick!

  16. I love listening to her happy, sing-song voice!
    So sweet.

  17. The two minute clip of Meli trying to stand up – on the edge of my seat. The oh so cute sounds she makes – and knows when she has made it and looks for her Moms’ approval! My guess is that the crawling thing is just a stop gap and she is meant for bigger and better things now that she can stand! She was so-o-o proud of herself- and she if off and running!

  18. Barbara M. says:

    I always enjoyed the stage where they pull up and stand for as long as their little legs can bear it, then when you put them down they instantly stand up again! The urge to be upright is powerful in our species!

  19. Çàâòðà ðàçîøëþ ññûëêó âñåì ñîòðóäíèêàì, òóò ïðèêîëüíî

  20. What cute noises!

  21. Shove all the sheets in the matching pillow case, then they are all together. Notice I said “SHOVE” not fold… no one that I have ever known has died from wrinkled sheets….

  22. Oh, she’s talking to the baby on the box in exactly the voice she’s heard people talk to her. I love that so much. I’ve never heard a baby do that. She must be brilliant in languages or something!!! She’s sure adorable and as sweet as they come. I loved all the videos.

  23. When I tried to look, it said “video no longer available.” Sniff, sniff.

  24. Àâòîð âûéäè ê íàïðîäó, âîïðîñû åñòü!

  25. She is soooo cute! I was so excited when she pulled herself up in the last one! 🙂 She’ll be asking for the car keys before you know it! 😉

  26. Look at her go! Laundry? Where? Meli wants that baby! When kiddo was little, I glued all sorts of huge baby faces on a box, he loved it.

  27. I’d say from looking at these videos that she will be walking in a couple of weeks. it looks like she doesn’t want to crawl, she likes her feet under her!! HAVE FUN WITH THAT!! she is so cute I can hardly stand it!

  28. Delurking to say- holy crap, that’s the cutest video ever! my son is doing the knees to belly flop thing now and it’s pretty exciting 🙂

  29. Äîáàâèë â èçáðàííîå àäðåñ âàøåãî ñàéòà!

  30. Êàê ãîâîðèòñÿ.. Íå äàòü íå âçÿòü, çà÷¸òíàÿ ñòàòüÿ!

  31. Îäíîçíà÷íî â èçáðàííûå “ñî÷èíåíèÿ”

  32. she’s so cute! i love her determination!
    happy belated birthday too!

  33. Get used to chasing the kiddo! 😉
    You get major points for the laundry being clean. You should see the massive pile of clean laundry sitting on my bed. Waiting for me to fold it. Of course,I’ll forget it until I’m ready to go to bed, and then have to spend an hour folding and putting away before I can sleep! LOL! Isn’t being a mom fun! 🙂

  34. Ok, now go and strip your house of everything from the floor to about 5 feet up! Yes, the joys of motherhood are many, but sometimes I wish I did not have to get out a stepladder to protect the tv remotes….

  35. I sat here watching the first video, just willing her to make it to her feet:) I loved the way she talked herself through it. Reminds me of when my two six-footers were that little (sniff). What an angel. By the way, the laundry never, never ends till they get their own place. Then you might get ahead of it. Maybe.

  36. Is that a pig I see in her little hand? Did Ann set that up?
    She is so determined! What a cutie pie!

  37. I love the way she keeps that left knee up – I don’t think it will be long before she’s running around! Oh — and sheets? Take them off the bed, wash them, put them back on. Either that or just jam them into one of the pillow cases after you take them out of the dryer….

  38. I love that first video – she is SO determined!! She tries and tries again, then puts her weight on her left foot, scoops under her right, and she’s up! What a champion!

  39. Too cute! My baby boy is 2 weeks older than Meli and he STILL won’t crawl! Every time we try to show him he rolls onto his back and scoots on his back like an upsidedown worm. Oh well, at least I can keep track of him for a little while longer! I love seeing your videos, I’m glad you share them!

  40. Speaking as a mother of 4 and grandmother of 7, I never tire of watching the amazing focus children have when it comes to learning new skills.