Random Ramblings

— Before I get started, I want to point you all in the direction of Jacqueline’s blog. Jacqueline lives in Victoria, which you no doubt have heard has been ravaged by deadly brush fires. Jacqueline has many lovely, lovely prizes to give away as incentive for giving to the Australian Red Cross, but honestly, we should all just give. Ten Dollars Australia gets you into the dance as far as prizes are concerned – and there are many prizes to win. I know that times are tough for many of us, but even if we can spare a couple of dollars I’m sure it can help those left homeless and grieving by this disaster. Thank you.

— Reading Margene this morning, I came across this fun link: The Knitting Blog Class of 2005. I started this blog in 2004, so I made the cut. It’s an interesting look at how knitting blogs have grown and contracted over the years. Congratulations, I guess, to all of us on the list! I can’t believe how long we’ve kept this thing going.

— Yesterday’s walk was AWESOME! We were outside for almost two hours and Meli went on the swings again. She’s always so quiet at first – especially when she’s doing something new. It’s not that she doesn’t like it, it’s just that she has to feel it out and make up her mind. There were lots of kids at the playground and that’s one thing she doesn’t need time with – she LOVES kids! She will initiate with kids too – she waves to them first. It’s the cutest thing ever.

— Also the cutest thing ever was this morning when I was waking her up (I’m trying to get her up earlier in the hopes that she’ll go to bed earlier). I was whispering her name and kissing her and she wasn’t having any of it – tossing over solidly asleep. So I kept saying her name and started rubbing her belly and suddenly she got the biggest smile on her face – but her eyes were still closed! She was either playing possum or she was smiling in her sleep – either way it was the cutest thing ever.

— One more really cute thing. And this might be a bit TMI (Ann look away.) Meli loves to lift my shirt these days looking for some boob. When she finds it she laughs and gets all excited and dive bombs onto me. It’s super cute – especially when I’m laying down on the sofa and she’s standing next to me. For some reason I think it’s ridiculously adorable when she nurses standing up. And no, she can’t ask for it by name yet.

— Okay. I lied. Last cute thing. When I tell her I love her – especially when we’re quiet and nursing – she’ll stop and say something back to me. It’s not really a word or anything, but she’s totally mimicking my tone of voice and all.

— The last word – to all of you who read and especially those of you who left comments on Tuesday’s post: Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much it helped to know that you feel similar things and that it doesn’t mean that you love your kids any less or enjoy your time at home with them any less. It encouraged me to keep blogging our life. From the start of this blog I’ve let it all hang out – warts and all – and I try not to shy away from the issues that are important to me. That I’ve been able to put into words what many of you are feeling comforts me and lets me know that we’re all okay. Naysayers be damned!

I’m going to finish with some pictures of my daughter. Because it’s my blog and I can.

Look Ma! No Hands!

She loves to stand by the window and watch the trains go by. There’s also a big flag out there she loves to watch. Oh and of course her own reflection.

I love that she looks like a dirty little boy in these pictures in her white t-shirt and jeans. Usually she’s dressed in a some crazy shade of pink.

Please, please! Don’t forget to head over to Jacqueline’s and find out about giving to the Australian Red Cross and winning prizes. PLEASE!

Sneak peek for tomorrow!


  1. craftycrocheter says:

    I have never commented before but have always wanted to. I found your blog through the Vogue Knitting spotlight on your cards last year. Although I don’t knit, I kept reading because your blog was so personal and so real. I keep reading for the same reasons. Don’t change…your beautiful little Meli is such a lucky, lucky girl.

  2. Oh my goodness, Meli gets cuter by the minute! Thanks for sharing those darling photos. When Hannah started talking, she would yank down my shirt at the most inopportune moments and proclaim “I wanna see your boobs!” She also used to applaud when I changed clothes at night. Hilarious.

  3. Oh, and sorry for the double post, but thanks for mentioning the fundraiser for Australia. I wanted to point out that the exchange rate for the US dollar is VERY favorable to us — as of yesterday, one Australian dollar is 65 cents American. I know the economy is in the dumper, but I hope people can find a way to contribute.

  4. She is so, so cute!
    The friendships formed through blogging have been stronger and deeper than I could have imagined. It’s so wonderful!

  5. I love how diaper butts are visible from every angle! She’s so cute!

  6. I love hearing about your life with Meli. Seeing her grow through the pictures you post is a blast. It always takes me back to my daughter’s early days.
    Mine’s still adorable, but it’s so different. Now she’s considering what to take next year in High School, going on dates, but at the moment she is singing along with iTunes in the other room. It’s all wonderful, though at times still tough!
    Amazingly enough my little blog made that list too!

  7. I hardly thought it possible, but she’s getting cuter and cuter.

  8. Thank you! I appreciate your help as do the bushfire victims.

  9. Ha, my baby also loves to look out the window. Lots of cars, sometimes firetrucks, and of course- the random baby that seems to be taunting him (otherwise known as his reflection). Thank you for continuing the open tone of your blog. it would have been a shame if you felt like you couldn’t share all of your life with us. I know I enjoy all of your posts, not just the ones about knitting.

  10. Awww so sweet!

  11. i love how babies appear to be kissing the other baby in the window, or the mirror.
    my girls are in their twenties, and both live far away from me. your stories of meli, how you feel about being a parent, all of it reminds me almost forcibly of when my own were little. for that i am often grateful to you.
    i live in an area in california where wildfires are a very real threat. we have a fire season here. last year, even though the fires were over 100 miles away, there were so many of them that the air quality for the northern part of the state was terrible for some time. thank you for providing the link to jacqueline.
    i am amazed at times to see how small the world can be.

  12. what a big girl!

  13. Even if I missed the knitting, I’d totally still come here for the photography! And the cute kiddo 🙂

  14. Adorable!

  15. What a cutie!

  16. That is one super-cute baby girl, enhanced by the photography skillz of her super-talented mom.

  17. I love what you have to say and I always worry if someone might not like my blog because of what I write. But I am not being me if I have worry about every post. So good job. I have been trying to comment on every blog I read and am keeping track. I might have to have a contest too. (that scares me)

  18. Cara, I read your blog for years now and I like it. I like your photos, your diary-style of writing, sharing your thoughts and real life and your knitting whenever you show it. Don’t worry about the category this blog should cover – it’s fine the way it is, the way it will develop.

  19. Cara, I read your blog for years now and I like it. I like your photos, your diary-style of writing, sharing your thoughts and real life and your knitting whenever you show it. Don’t worry about the category this blog should cover – it’s fine the way it is, the way it will develop.

  20. sorry for posting this often, it wasn’t by purpose.

  21. Meli is so beautiful~ her eyes are so beautiful 🙂 Thanks for posting that link about the knitblogs. I started mine in 2004 (as you know! we were early commenters for each other!) and it is amazing that we are in the fifth year. Best wishes~~

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