My eye will not stop twitching.


  1. Cara, are you feeling pressured yet? I jsut want exactly what you have – all those miters!

  2. OOOH.
    It looks like some gorgeous moderne postcard. YUM for all those colours!

  3. Is it done?!!!

  4. You’re such a tease! It looks like it’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait!

  5. Please, let us see it!!!

  6. Oh! Oh! Oh!
    I can’t wait to see!

  7. TEASE!!!!!!!!

  8. Ooo! This makes me want use the Staind Glass effect all day!

  9. You teasing vixen, you! 🙂

  10. Agh! These tantalizing little glimpses are driving us mad!
    Looks like it will be stunning.

  11. can’t wait to see how it will look!

  12. Well I, for one, am not surprised! 🙂
    I admire your creative alternatives to posting miters.

  13. Oh wow! Those colors are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it!

  14. Tease! Tease! Tease!
    Oh it’s going to be fabulous!

  15. You are such a TEASE!! Oh my gosh, would’ya just show us the dang blanket already?? I am, like, sitting on the edge of my seat here and checking back twenty-hundred times a day to see if you’re finished..I think your madness is spreading..

  16. Oh, see? That’s just SO not right!
    Man, I love the spread of color in that! I am anxiously awaiting the results of all this hard work and can’t wait to see the final picture.
    Which border are you going with? Are all the miters done? Have you started to seam? Are you done seaming?
    Stop with the torture and GIVE US DETAILS WOMAN!
    um, um, (clearing throat). I mean, would you be so kind as to let us in on the progress? (imagine big dinner-plate puppy eyes briskly batting her eyelids)

  17. Oooh. Awesome.

  18. What a cool effect – even with the detail obscured, the colors are working really well together. Looking forward to the final unveiling!

  19. Another one saying: You are such a TEASE!! And the obsession lives. You just can’t not share every second. so funny.

  20. OK, I want to take pictures of all of my yarn and play with it in Photoshop now! That looks so cool!

  21. What Betsey said. Me too. I keep checking…

  22. Hmm methinks that stained glass function is not entirely accurate as I thought you had no black in the blanket…? Irrelevant, most probably. I love it and I hope you turn THAT into a postcard for sale. 🙂

  23. I cannot wait to see the finished product! Is this the final layout? The stained glass pic looks like it may be a little heavy on the bottom, but nothing serious. I like to save color palettes from a widget I have, pics are here:
    They help me whn I am feeling uninspired.

  24. you, you…YOU!

  25. Now who’s teasing whom?

  26. Yes!

  27. For my birthday, I would like a set of cards made out of the stained glass clip at the top . . . seriously, I’ll pay for my own damn present. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  28. Yeah and double yeah!

  29. PICAdrienne says:

    Are you going to make a miter out of your miters?

  30. Congratulations! Like everyone else, I can’t wait to see it!
    (BTW: I *SO* didn’t win. I must sheepishly admit I underestimated your powers.)

  31. I can’t wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Very cool picture … can’t wait to see the real thing!

  33. WOW. Ma’am, may I have this for my desktop background? Dude. It’s painful, but the good kind of painful. I love it.

  34. You are such the tease with the miters. It looks like it is going to be beautiful!!

  35. That is so cool. I too am thinking “modern postcard”.
    (And you are such a Tease!)

  36. Wow. It looks great (even all stained-glass-y). I am in awe of your power of commitment. I finally admitted to myself that I have a problem with Second Sock Syndrome. I never thought it was a problem, y’know? There were just always other shinier yarns to play with and the next thing I know I’ve got a number of single socks whining at me for their mates. Sheesh. So, moral of the story: yay for commitment and your blanket, boo for SSS.

  37. is this your idea of not posting miters?

  38. If you can’t post them you’ll stain glass them. The colors look great together.

  39. The trompe l’oeil of multi-coloured miters makes my eye twitch; your mosaic makes my eyes glaze over in a hypnotic trance.

  40. So cool. 🙂