HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL! Mommy and Daddy love you more than anything!

Lots to report, LOTS, as life has been incredibly hectic the last ten days. In VERY good ways, but I haven’t had a minute to breathe. We’re actually in Florida right now on a lovely vacation. All we’re doing is eating, sleeping and beaching it. The weather is a fantastic 80 degrees and sunny and as soon as Meli’s feet hit the hotel room floor, she walked straight across the room. Trying to get to the beach no doubt.

This has been the most tremendous year of our lives. The ups, the downs, the in-betweens. Thank you all for sharing this journey with us. We so appreciate the support we’ve been given in the first year of our daughter’s life. I, for one, can’t wait for the next year!

Thank you!
L, C, G & M!


  1. Happy Birthday to Meli! (though I always thought the mommies deserve a birthday present on the day of our child’s birth) It’s amazing how fast the first year goes by (and the next and next and next). Enjoy it all…from the smiles to the tantrums. It’s all wonderful. All the best to your family.

  2. craftycrocheter says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful first year with your beautiful daughter! I hope you have a relaxing, fun-filled, enjoyable, vacation!

  3. Happy Birthday Meli!!
    And congratulations Cara, you’re raising a wonderful little girl!

  4. Happy birthday, little Meli! Can’t wait to see how you grow during the next year!

  5. Happy Mother’s Day C, Happy Father’s Day G, and of course, Happy Birthday Miss Meli!!

  6. Happy, happy birthday to the whole family! Enjoy your vacation!

  7. Aw, Happy birth day!

  8. Happy Birthday, Meli!! Love, love, love to you all.

  9. Congratulations! I have followed your blog through your pregnancy and this first year. I was just about 2 weeks ahead of you pregnancy wise, and my daughter is 1 month older than yours. I have loved following your journey as it parallels to ours! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  10. WOW…that’s so hard to believe, time flies!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELI!!!

  11. Happy Birthday to your little one! The weather in FL sure seems nice! Enjoy it!

  12. Happy Birthday Meli!
    Cara and G, if you thought this first year was amazing, just wait. This next year will really be rockin’! Hang on to your hats Mom and Dad! 🙂

    Wishing Meli, Cara & G a wonderful vacation & birthday celebration.

  14. Happy Birthday, Meli! How big is Meli? Meli’s sooooo big!

  15. Happy Birthday to all of you!

  16. Happy birthday Meli and congratulations to her awesome parents! *hugs*

  17. Happy Birthday Meli!! Congrats to mom and dad for surviving year one. It only gets more exciting, exhausting, and fun! Enjoy your trip.

  18. Happy Baby Birthday!

  19. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

  20. Happy Birthday Meli!!

  21. Happy Birthday, sweet Meli!!!!!

  22. Happy birthday! Enjoy sandy baby time, I know I’m looking forward to some soon.

  23. Wow, the time sure flew. Happy Birthday Meli

  24. Hey girlie! Biggest Happy Birthday to Meli! I wish somebody would take me to FL for my birthday!

  25. Happy birthday to all three of you! Enjoy your vacation.

  26. time just flies by! birthday wishes for happiness to all your family.

  27. Happy Birthday!!

  28. Happy Birthday Meli! And happy vacation to you all!

  29. Happy Birthday Meli!

  30. Yay!!! G turned 6 MONTHS on Monday — can you believe it? We were pregnant yesterday. Give Meli a big birthday smooch for me.

  31. Happy Birthday Meli! And Congratulations to Mommy and Daddy for making it through the first year. It only gets more fun from here! BTW, after seeing video of Meli, my 4-year-old daughter who has two baby brothers, informs me that we need a sister baby like Meli. 🙂

  32. Thank you for sharing Meli’s first year with us…that little walker! Happy birthday, kidlet!

  33. Happy Birthday sweet Meli! And Congrats to her wonderful parents, of course.

  34. HB to the cutest toddler in blogland

  35. Happy birthday, Meli!

  36. Happy Birthday, beautiful little Miss Meli!

  37. Happy Birthday Little M!!!

  38. Happy Birthday Meli! Hope it was ONEderful!
    Did you get cake? Raley thinks it’s very yummy!!
    Can’t wait to see what you girls have in store for us next…

  39. How wonderful, I can’t believe it’s been a year. Can’t wait to see how big she is!

  40. Happy Birthday, Meli! Happy Birth day, Cara! Congratulations on a great first year.

  41. I was wondering when Meli’s birthday was — when you said she was walking I was thinking she was probably near her first b’day. I agree w/ the Elise in the first comment. I also think the mom should deserves a present on the baby’s b’day. A vacation is a good present. Happy birthday to that sweet girl and her loving parents!

  42. Happy Birthday Meli!

  43. Happy Birthday!!

  44. welcome to year 2 Meli. Rock it on in style 🙂

  45. Happy Birthy Day to all of you!!!

  46. Happy Birthday, Meli!
    Happy Birth Day, Cara!

  47. Has it really been a year already?
    Happy Birthday Meli!
    BTW, the image at the top when I came here was the mitered square blanket… Any chance we’ll see the finished version anytime soon? 🙂 🙂

  48. Happy birthday, big girl! And happy birthing day, mama!

  49. I can’t believe it! Way to go Meli! Happy birthday, big girl!

  50. Arrgh! I missed it! I was sick! I’m sorry!
    Happy Birthday little Meli. 🙂

  51. Happy Birthday Meli!