No Access

I’ve been blissfully Internet free since Tuesday, but now that we’re safely ensconced in Silicon Valley, I’m back. Big Sur was big and sur and even though it was rainy and foggy and gray it was fantastic. Clothing Optional Japanese Baths. ‘Nuff said.

Judging from my bloglines list, you guys didn’t get the memo about no access – so pick your comment:


— I’m so so sorry. My thoughts are with you. Big hugs.

— GORGEOUS! Fantastic knit! The fit is PERFECT!

— I”m so so sorry you have to rip. I know just how you feel. In the end you’ll be happier.


— ugh.

— 😉

That should cover everything, no? I won’t be posting again until I’m home and settled – probably not until Monday night or Tuesday. There will be pictures and stories and bloggers and a shocking lack of knitting. Hope you’ll check in! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

L, C


  1. XOXO!

  2. Okay, I live near enough to Big Sur to be able to go there for the weekend, but I need to know where are these Japanese baths?

  3. mmm, I went to Kabuki Springs when I was in San Francisco over Christmas. I LOVE Japanese baths!

  4. LOL. You left out “I have never visited your blog before but I am writing to tell you that your post totally offended me so I am never coming back.”
    Have fun!

  5. i am so jealous.
    i grew up in palo alto and all my family live in the bay area and i miss it (not all of it but a lot of it) like crazy (i now live in vermont) AND my mother in law lives in carmel, so we used to go down there quite frequently.
    have a GREAT time!

  6. Sounds like you are having a great time. Have fun.

  7. So who takes a bath with their clothes on? And who’s watching Ann?

  8. hey, how did Other Ann get to comment before I did? and so wittily too? harumph.

  9. Hi Cara! Enjoy your time and have lots of fun with hubby, its always good to get away and relax!

  10. Got the STR recently, and it has blown me away. THANK YOU!!! It’s an intriguing combination of rockin’ yarn and jazzy colourway… sure to shake up my sock collection. Yay Cara!

  11. i like that – “blissfully internet free” i was in that “blissful” state a week ago for a week and a half because my power supply and cooling fan needed to be replaced in my tower, and then there were a series of power outages, and i didn’t want to turn on the computer-oh, and thank you for your comments!

  12. Cara, I had to pick up G Rocks and January One the other day. I was only going to get one skein but really…I didn’t feel right separating them. They are beeeutiful. Have fun in CA!

  13. I got my STR! Thank you so much – I love it! Two of my girlfriends and I have already combined forces to order more STR.

  14. Mmm, mmm. What I wouldn’t do for some alone time with my man. Did I just write that? I guess so.
    Cali. sounds wonderful. I might enforce “no access” on myself with all that going on.

  15. Funny!

  16. oooh- can’t wait to see those pictures!

  17. I have never visited your blog before but I am writing to tell you that I enjoy reading your post. I use to live in California, Monterey.

  18. Oh I am vicariously enjoying your trip. It’s great!! You can’t really knit in a hot tub;)

  19. my husband and I just spent an amazing weekend in Big Sur… Clothing Optional Japanese Baths… sounds like Ventana Inn and Spa?