Monkey Feet

Hey! Check it out! It’s a SOCK!

I finished my first purple monkey last night (STR Lightweight Purple Rain.) I honestly forgot how much I absolutely adore those tiny little sock stitches. They look so perfect. I’m so glad I’ve remembered!

So here’s the deal on why I haven’t worn any monkeys until recently (although now I haven’t taken them off.) I started knitting monkeys in May. The last pair I finished was in August and I started the first purple sock in August. I don’t think I need to tell you that May through August equals NO WOOL SOCKS. I’m a barefoot girl in general, but I do like to wear my handknit socks. I usually wear them all winter. But I also wear these shoes most of the winter. They have a very warm fleece lining which is perfect for bare feet. (I actually really like going out in the cold with bare feet and these shoes. It’s a little bit decadent and wrong.)

Also, this winter hadn’t been so cold until recently and I’M PREGNANT. Which means I’m 80 million degrees most of the time. And nothing makes you hotter faster than wool on your feet. Trust me.

There’s also a little secret weird thing I do with my socks. I don’t weave in the ends until I’m ready to wear them. I finish the sock, I photograph it for the blog, and then I stick it in my sock drawer. When I’m ready to wear them I take them out and weave in the ends. So strange. The real truth is that anytime I reached for a sock this winter I remembered I hadn’t woven in the ends and went for a Jaywalker instead. Sad but true. Now you know the whole story.

I can’t wait to cast on for the second sock and I’m already planning what I’m going to knit next! Jaywalkers and Monkeys are PERFECT for my beloved STR Variegated yarn – anyone have any other pattern they’ve had particular success with in terms of variegated yarns? I’d love to hear about it!

I’ve also finished the collar on Oblique.

Which means all I have left is some quicky ribbing on the sleeves and seams. I hope to have it finished by the weekend. This thing is HUGE. But I still love it.

I’ve got some yarn coming to me for a very special project that I’m chomping at the bit to start. Hopefully I’ll have it for next week! And I’ve got another project that I hope to get on the needles this weekend. At least cast on. If only I didn’t have all this cleaning to do. Or taxes. Or other work stuff I’d be KNITTING KNITTING KNITTING!

I’m also planning on a major fiber sale. Time to make room for baby. Stay tuned!
Have a great weekend!
L, C


  1. Lovely, lovely – I really like the purple! I came across your blog a while ago, after I bought my first STR and I googled to figure out which sock pattern I should knit up with it – I decided on Jaywalkers after seeing all the wonderful examples here! Right now, I’m knitting waving lace socks from the interweave sock book with variegated yarn and am loving them so far. 🙂

  2. i started (and sadly have not yet finished) anastasia socks (pattern by pepperknits) in a lovely handpainted variegated yarn (bought online at pippi kneesocks).
    i think the pattern shows off the yarn wonderfully.

  3. I love the Monkey pattern as well and am finishing up my 2nd pair. Another pattern that is really good for variegated yarns like STR and Claudia Hand Painted is Falling Leaves from the
    Fall 05 issue of .

  4. It’s a beauty.
    One pattern I just found which I think is lovely for variegated yarns is Fools Rush Socks by Cassandra Thoreson.

  5. Michele In Maine says:

    Another good one is the Sleepwalker sock on the Dream in Color website. I made a pair in their own yarn, but it would be great in variegated too I think. I have Monkeys on right now! STR Sunstone (I think that’s the color name). It’s around zero degrees here!

  6. I made Monkey socks with Claudia’s Hand Painted in the colorway Sea Dreams and I LOVE THEM! I call them my Sea Monkeys. hehehe.

  7. Major fiber sale???!! Does it include some STR???

  8. Oblique is looking great!!

  9. Mad color weave – perfect for variegateds!

  10. Sounds like someone’s knitting mojo has returned!

  11. Boy, do you give good sock! And I hear you about the 80 million degrees during pregnancy. Thank freakin god- it is not August!!

  12. Hooray for new socks! I think Feather & Fan works really well with handpainted yarn.

  13. Beautiful color!! Oblique is coming right along!

  14. Have you see the Aquaphobia socks?
    It’s a slip stitch pattern, which is great for handpaints. Can’t wait to browse your fiber sale! I bet you have lots of good stuff. ;o)

  15. Your Oblique is looking AWESOME! And the Monkey socks. Hurray! I have a pair of purple monkey socks, but I think I’ve only worn them a few times. I’m even worse with end weaving in than you are. I have a few pairs where the end at the toe has just felted into the inside of the sock, and I’m happy with that.

  16. I love my monkeys, too – I should really knit more.
    But don’t your ankles get cold with no socks???? My ankles hate the cold!

  17. The socks are very cute. Eventually I may have to give in and knit one of those oh-so-popular patterns – for now I will enjoy yours. I love oblique and can’t wait to see it all done. Big is good when you’re pregnant and it’s nice to have a sweater that you love which will fit! I’m glad to hear you sounding so spunky!
    xox, J

  18. Lovely! it is amazing how warm you are when pregnant. The sweater looks great!

  19. It’s inspiring to see finished Monkeys! I’ve just started on my first pair. The size 2 needles have kept me away.
    I think Charade is a nice pattern for variegated yarn and isn’t terribly complicated.

  20. I agree with Stacey – Mad Color Weave is a great pattern for variegated yarns.

  21. I absolutely love the fact that you say anything on your blog! Or rather, admit to anything. I, too, am a don’t weave in the ends til I wear them kind of girl. My knitting friends mostly tell me that that is wrong and I should do it when I finish my socks, but come on. I’ve worked so hard!! Shouldn’t I get a rest from the sock? So I’m glad that you’ve admitted to not weaving in your ends right away. Now I can hang my head up high because I know I’m not the only one!

  22. Oblique is lovely!

  23. I have seen the Anastasia socks look really pretty in varigated ( Oblique is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it on you with that big baby belly!!! 🙂

  24. Eagles Flight from the Opal website works nicely with handpainted or variegated. I’ve used it for Fleece Artist and yarn from Fearless Fibers (Etsy). Saucy from Cider Moon also works.
    Oblique is looking good!

  25. Wool socks make feet hot when you aren’t pregnant! I thought I was going to die today in my Monkeys, but I love wearing the socks that I knit so I block it out. Sockbug’s River Rapids work well with variegated yarns. I used the STR Silkie with pretty good success. Photos are on the Ravelry page.

  26. I designed a sock pattern that I think looks really good with variegated yarns. If you can count to 10 (which I’m guessing you’re pretty good at :)), you can easily memorize the pattern. You can find it here:
    I’m glad it’s cooled down enough that you can wear your socks. There’s nothing better than slipping those handknit socks onto your feet…

  27. OMG she’s nesting! I sure hope you get store credit for all the orders you’re going to generate. Those shoes are FABulous!! FL or no, they’re perfect. You know, you’re the first woman I ever knew who is nesting by knitting. What a wonderful thing 🙂

  28. Oh, Oblique is so lovely! I’m feeling we need to get Tina (at BMFA) to bring back Purple Rain! You really have a lovely sock collection. Thanks for the inspiration. Do you expect Oblique to change much when she’s blocked? I recall you did a previous project with this same fiber. Great job!

  29. Hey those are my shoes!
    Well, mine don’t have the fleece insides…warm enough without socks, you say? I must try these…I’m totally a barefoot girl too. 🙂

  30. Any Chevron or Feather and Fan patterns work great with variagated yarn. Oblique is looking great!

  31. My favourite pattern for stripy yarn is Speedway Socks ( It’s like Jaywalker, separated by ribs so the fit is better. Plus, it’s knit on 4 needles instead of 5, so I feel it’s so much faster!

  32. I love the purple sock!

  33. A really beautiful pattern – wow!

  34. Gosh, your socks are always so gorgeous! I so, so wish I had a magic STR number. 🙂 And congrats on Oblique in advance, too!

  35. I can’t wait to see Oblique finished…it looks lovely!!
    I hear you on the 80 million degrees…it happens in pregnancy and menopause and I am so not pregnant…LOL.

  36. I can’t wait to see Oblique finished…it looks lovely!!
    I hear you on the 80 million degrees…it happens in pregnancy and menopause and I am so not pregnant…LOL.