Mommy Says

Here are some Meli tricks. She’s my rambunctious 16 month old now – no more a baby!

A Command Performance from January One on Vimeo.

Meli and the Jets from January One on Vimeo.

Thanks for watching!
L, C & M


  1. I can’t believe how big she’s getting! And she did look a lot like Elton John with those chic glasses!

  2. seashoreknits says:

    she’s a GENIUS!! knows all those body parts!! and looks so happy!
    (and, yes, just like Sir Elton in the pink frames)
    Thanks for sharing! sooooo cuuuute

  3. I am a long time reader, but rarely comment. I must say that Meli is one of the cutest girls I’ve ever seen. She is so bright too. I am amazed at her language skills at her age. I can see that you put in valuable time with her. Love the videos!

  4. OMZG Cara could she be any more awesome? All smiles and love and cuteness!!! Since she is just a little older than my nephew it makes me so excited for when he’s talking and SO mobile like her! I mean, he’s awesome right now but watching them grow is just… stellar. Thanks so much for sharing! What a special family 🙂

  5. That was so much fun to watch! I loved the first video – she’s so interactive and fun! And her vocabulary – amazing! She truly is a beautiful little girl!

  6. Oh my . . . has she gotten big! Love how kids always, always, always find their bellybutton and then pull up their shirts to show you.

  7. Meli is growing fast and she is so cute.

  8. I want pictures of the new house!!! 😉
    I can’t BELIEVE how big Meli is…wow!
    Love you.

  9. She’s absolutely adorable!!!

  10. Oh my God, your daughter is so gorgeous and smart! I don’t even know you, but I have become addicted to your blog.

  11. the sweetest video!

  12. Those videos are priceless! Looks like Meli would get along with my son! He’s a little chatterbox too. Isn’t it funny how fast they pick up words and actions? Little sponges, aren’t they?! Thanks for sharing!

  13. It’s hard to believe it’s been 16 months. She’s beautiful and you are right to enjoy the sweetness. I hope the apartment sell soon and you can all move. The feeling of being in two places is frustrating.

  14. beautifull girl.

  15. Love her! And what a genius!!! Raley is not nearly so verbal, but does a great job of moving laundry from one bin to the other (see latest post for details).
    So glad to hear from you again. Sorry about the apartment stuff – I know that’s super stressful. Fingers crossed that it works out soon and you can really enjoy your new house!!