to the pain and desperation and frustration in this man’s voice. It breaks my heart.


  1. I heard the Nagin interview on CNN early this morning. My favorite part, “Get off your asses and do something…”

  2. Thanks for posting that one, Cara. I don’t have cable, and I would have missed it. I just don’t understand why more isn’t being done. It’s unconscionable.

    (and thanks for posting this, Cara)

  4. Thanks for posting that, Cara. His frustration is overwhelming. And I love his frankness about the government’s lack of response!

  5. I see and hear all of it with my own eyes and ears and still cannot believe it. I wish I lived closer so I could help.

  6. I can’t watch, I can’t listen, I can’t believe the horror any more. It is all too surreal. We are all doing what we can and yet still feel helpless. I do plan to enjoy my weekend away from this but the pain of it will still be with me. Take care, Cara.