Seriously – I completely peed in my pants jumping off the sofa after THE CATCH. We were taping the game and watching it on tape so we were a couple of minutes behind and I told G to pause it so I could clean myself up – best pants pee of the entire pregnancy! – and when we started the game up again we could hear the people upstairs screaming and yelling. So we knew they scored the touchdown. It was the only bummer in an all around thoroughly enjoyable game! The baby was STOKED! I swear to god – when the Pats scored their touchdown to go ahead 14-10 the baby kicked me so hard and so violently there were tears in my eyes. When the Giants won? Only lovely rolls of contentment. This baby knows where it’s AT!

Anyway – enough of football. There’s knitting to talk about!

Before I talk about the sweater, can we just discuss how FREAKING HUGE I am?! I must have popped or something because people keep (or kept) telling me how little I am belly-wise, but I don’t think I look little in these pictures! JEEZ!

The other night I was trying to fall asleep and I kept getting this itchy tingling electric sensation along the top of my belly. I’d scratch it and tickle it and it’d go away and then just as I was falling asleep it would come back. For like an HOUR. Ann said it was my skin stretching. (Apparently “skin” is an okay word.) Anyway – so here I am. Huge. And 33 weeks.

The sweater! It looks HUGE too. Somehow it doesn’t seem as big on as it looks in the pictures. I lightly blocked it by rolling it up in wet towels and laying it out hoping it wouldn’t grow too much. The only thing that really changed were the sleeves and they seem to have gotten longer. I need buttons for it still. But otherwise, I really like the sweater!


Pattern: from Knitty, by Veronik Avery.
Yarn: Beaverslide, Catbird, 90% Wool/10% Kid Mohair. I used about 6 3/4 skeins. FABULOUS YARN! ABSOLUTELY one of my favorites. I can’t wait to use it again – and I will.
Needles: Addi Turbo, US size 9 (5.5 mm) and 10 (6.0 mm).
Pictures: By Georgie. I’m not sure why he puts up with my and my photographer ways. It’s so hard to relinquish control!

What did I change? Well, for one thing, I did the bottom ribbing on size 10s per Emily’s comments here. I used ThatLaurie’s modification for the sleeves – knit them with provisional cast ons and went back and added ribbing at the end. They still turned out too long, but oh well. I made the body a bit longer and definitely made a size larger than I normally would have. (I made the 46″ chest version. I most likely would’ve made the size smaller if I wasn’t as big as a HOUSE.)

I can say nothing bad about this pattern (very well written!), the yarn (one of my all time favorites) or the sweater! SUCCESS all around!

Tomorrow – SOCKS! Or maybe the new project. No, most likely SOCKS! I have a finished pair! YAY!
Thanks for reading!
L, C

PS – Lest anyone think we’ve been holding out, the word her was italicized in the poem I posted on February 2nd because the poet herself italicized it – not because I’m sending out any secret sex signals. We do NOT know the baby’s sex. Thank you for speculating though.


  1. Lookie how cute you are!!!
    It was one incredible game! Amazing, and deserved!
    The sweater is beautiful. I’ve got some Beaverslide sitting in the stash. I really should decide on a project for it. I keep hearing such good things about the yarn.

  2. From a sad Pat’s fan…you look mahvelous. I’m going boy. You’ve got that look. Great job on the sweater, it’s just beautiful.

  3. I love the belly! It looks as if all your weight is baby–cause the rest of your body looks just like before you were pg… envy… Oblique turned out awesome!

  4. Lookin’ good!

  5. You’re bee-YOO-ti-ful. I’m gonna say girl, just to be contrary. The old wives’ tale has it that if you carry more out in front (don’t look pregnant from the back), you’re having a boy, and if you carry more side to side and waddle when you walk, you’re carrying a girl. As far as I can tell I carried mine (one of each) exactly the same way. Taz gave me 2 weeks of morning sickness and a tiny bit of heartburn at the end; Miss B gave me about a month of morning sickness and 8 months of heartburn (yep, simultaneous heartburn and morning sickness, great fun).
    As for football, all I can say is I grabbed a chunk of the office pool, so it wasn’t all bad. Where was the Pats’ O-line? Not in the stadium, that’s for sure.

  6. You look so adorable ! and the sweater is lovely too (grin) truly, you have popped – yippeee.
    And you sure don’t look pregnant from behind. The wives tales say that means its a boy. Well, little Plaxico, we’re all starting the count down!

  7. Congratulations, it (and you) are lovely and it looks sooooo comfortable.

  8. Like a brick house, darling – hear that music play! You have definitely popped and are as cute as a button.
    And now I just have to rant. Why is it that after all the crappy things women do tell you about pregnancy, there is stuff they leave out?! (I suppose the rest of us might not do it otherwise?) You get to pee yourself, too? The joys are unending, aren’t they?
    Oblique is awesome and you look great. Although I am so sad about the Pats, that catch was incredible, and we screwed up so much that I suppose NY deserves to win. (Can’t believe I just wrote that.) Enjoy your victory, but please don’t name her/him Plaxico!

  9. Great sweater and all that but ohmygod, really? Secret messages and signals and code about the baby? What might I find if I start reading your posts backwards? Hm???
    ; )

  10. Great sweater! It will be perfect for snuggling the baby in. That is NOT a small belly. And your hair is looking particularly foxy. Oh how I miss pregnancy hair!

  11. You look absolutely fabulous!!! The sweater looks great too!! Great job!!! Bring on the socks!!

  12. I can see why you loved this pattern. Excellent job!
    And that’s a nice size baby bump. It makes me miss mine a little. The 7 month size. Not the 10 month size. That was just painful.

  13. The sweater looks big, comfy and warm! You look so cute…love the belly;-)

  14. Oblique looks so nice and cozy!

  15. Secret sex signals? Hmmmm – I think you’re going to be in for a lot of Google hits you hadn’t planned on…

  16. Oblique is fabulous and so is your belly! I can’t wait to you can articulate the joys of breastfeeding for Ann 😉

  17. Oh my gost you look fabulous! You are not huge –looks to me like it all baby:)
    Way to go – Great Sweater! Oh and I received the cards on Saturday. They are beautiful thank you so much!

  18. I agree, looks like it’s all baby. You look good. I really like the sleeves–the design down the length of them is very appealing. Oh, and when I was preggers, the skin above the belly was sooo sensitive I couldn’t even touch it.

  19. you look so cute! and the cardi is beautiful; well done on both ends (or shall i say inside and outside ;-))

  20. it looks awesome! comfy and warm.. perfect for the last trimester and into mommyhood (when you most certainly will want to be comfortable!)

  21. Oblique looks just lovely (as do you!). Good job! I especially like the great way the neckline fits and lays just so around the neck. I’m thinking that beaverslide must be some great fiber in person. Hmm, maybe I should be sucked into Beaverslide and Oblique?

  22. You don’t look huge: you look beautiful! Really and truly. Oblique is fabulous! I’m glad you got your knitting mojo back in such a big way.

  23. hey HOT MAMA!! that looks fantastic! and I’m loving that your baby is a Giants fan from the womb… love it. How about that catch!?! Tyree!??? WHA!!!
    Lovin’ it!

  24. You look FABULOUS lady!!!!

  25. YEA! you look great, and the cardi looks great too!

  26. Great sweater . . . even greater belly shots! You look awesome, Cara. Hang in there . . . almost done!

  27. So much for not having much belly! You got a righteous belly there, girl! And it suits you to a tee. As does the sweater. You look just so cute. There’s something that pregnancy does to a woman. That glow. The new sweater is beautiful, too.

  28. It looks so warm and comfortable – perfect for wrapping up that baby belly!

  29. What a great sweater!!!

  30. as another Jersey girl who grew up eating, sleeping, and breathing the Giants… I could have peed myself at that game last night not being pregnant!
    Go Giants… I am sure little PLAXICO is sleeping soundly now.

  31. Okay – maybe Tyree?? Plaxico wouldn’t have had a catch to make with Tyree’s!! BTW – I’m a Peyton fan ’cause he was a Tennessee Vol and I’m an Eli fan ’cause his big bro LOVES him!! That game was just too much fun to watch – sorry, I just think Brady got a little too big for his britches. You look simply mahvalous!! That sweater is gorgeous (as is all yore stuff). You look sooo happy!!

  32. Beautiful sweater — but more important, you look adorable! Very Mom-ish, in a completely good way.

  33. Sweater looks great! Straight frontal pictures of any pregnant woman make her look huge. It is a cruel angle! You look very cute!

  34. Your sweater is gorgeous !!!

  35. Oh that looks like such a comfy sweater. I’ve got one and I love to just wear it everywhere! Enjoy the sweater!

  36. boy, boy boy. I am telling you, it has to be a boy!! you look beautiful!

  37. You look so fantastic mama. Awesome sweater. 🙂

  38. Aren’t you loving pregnancy hair? You look marvelous!

  39. The sweater is lovely, Cara, as are you:) Don’t worry about belly size…you are exactly as big as your baby needs you to be. It’s all good!

  40. Ahem. Has anyone whispered the words “stretch marks” to you yet? Because that’s what you’re getting if your skin is tingling like that. If your belly has taken on a sudden growth spurt, that’s what the skin is doing. Stretching.
    Suits you though! But can I suggest cocoa butter, shea butter and some Vitamin E oil capsules rubbed on your belly, or at least a skin cream that contains some of the above?

  41. it looks great! i’m so glad you’re knitting again 🙂
    and the 4th quarter of the game was AMAZING (the first three almost put me to sleep). i was the only one rooting for the giants, so i was THRILLED!

  42. It’s not that the lovely baby belly is at all small, it’s just those bodacious ta-tas that overshadow it (AKA breasts, Ann, are you listening??) They have nipples on them, I believe.) It’s a very nice bump!
    What’s nice about a cozy sweater that enfolds you and your tummy now is that it will do the same after the baby’s born and snuggling on your chest or stomach or out & about in the sling or carrier. I know, it doesn’t seem real, does it? That the little wiggly squirmy presence will exist separately from you soon enough? That sweater will be perfect for baby-wearing, though.

  43. It’s beautiful but oh my–very huge! How are you going to wear it when you’re…reduced? It’s really really big!
    xo Kay

  44. I think the sweater will be so nice to cuddle up under and nurse that baby. What fun! Nice sweater (now I think I’ll make one) and very nice belly… it’s looking really impressive. Can’t wait to see what’s in there