I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

It feels weird to follow up such a serious post with of all things a knitting question, ; ) but that’s what we’re here for right?

So, I’m making Clap-o-TEE. I’m using Achemy Yarns Silk Purse. I have seven hanks – each about 138 yds. I’ve just about finished the increase section (as specified by the pattern), with less than a 1/4 of the hank still left – really it’s not much. I could probably do another 12 rows of the increase section and finish off with the final six, and be done with the hank.

My question to all you Clap experts – what’s the breakdown? If I were to use 2 hanks for increases, would three hanks be enough for the straight rows and two for the decreases? Will that make it too short? Do you use the same amount for increases as decreases? Should I try to do about a hank and a half for the increases? I’d like it to be pretty big. I was also thinking of just doing one hank each for the increases and decreases and if I have left over making some kind of little silk purse to match. What do you think of that? It’s a birthday gift, by the way.

Thanks for any and info on the clap. I’m liking this pattern – I think it’s going to be awhile before the pencillin kicks in.

Have a great day! We’re off to the zoo! The REAL zoo, not the one it seems like I’m living in….


  1. I wanted my 2nd one to be more narrow and just as long. So I decided to do mine in DK weight with a longer straight section. The original Clapotis is pretty wide, so I think if you like the length – quit now with the increase and put that toward your length. You will like the results any way you do it – trust me.

  2. Yes, you will use the same amount of yarn for the decreases. At this point, the longest edge of your knitting is how long the clap will be. The straight section is what increases your length the most. Here’s what I would recommend: Set aside 1 hank for the descreases. You have five hanks left to knit the straight section. Start knitting the straight section. When you get through 2.5 of the hanks look at your length…know that your length will be double what it is at that point if you use all 5 hanks designated for the staight section. Decide if you should keep knitting. What ever you decide you should be okay…just don’t forget to set aside the yarn for the decrease!