He said I was his hero.

All because I taught him to knit. How amazing is that? This morning my nephew and I were knitting – quick – if you get dressed quick we can knit a little bit before you have to go to school! – and he managed to knit a couple stitches ALL BY HIMSELF and when we were done our mini lesson he told me I was his hero. All together now: AWWWW!!!! Tonight, on the ride to his bubbe’s, I told him I’d sit next to him in the back of the van and we’d knit some more.

Hanging with the kids is ALWAYS a good time. The baby isn’t a baby anymore, being that he’s one and all now. Okay, well he’s still a baby, but much less babyish all the time. Talking up a storm – if only we could understand what he’s saying! – and standing and laughing and dancing. He’s a sweetie pie if there ever was one.

And the princess is sick but still cute as a button. Although I think she got me sick too, or maybe it’s allergies, but my throat is scratchy and my eyes are all drippy and my nose is stuffed and I’m honestly sick of feeling like crap. Either tired or harried or stressed or like crap. I want to feel good! I want to RUN! The weather is definitely inspiring me to get my ass off the couch and strap those sneakers on. That and the fact that my sister and I tried on about 4,361 pairs of jeans and not one of them looked even remotely passable.

On the knitting front – a pair of socks is finally finished! But with a twist! Another sock is finished. And another one – the sock pal one – has been knit and ripped and knit and ripped and knit and ripped (literally!) and is finally on its way. I hope to have it finished by the end of the week and the next one started ASAP. I’m not worried about meeting the deadline.

I saw this over at Vicki’s the other day and it looked like fun fodder. Have a great day! Happy Pesach!

Do a Wikipedia search of your birthdate, minus the year; list three interesting events, three people who were born, and three people who died on that day.

1. 45 BC – The Julian calendar first takes effect.
2. 1818 – Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus is published.
3. 1901 – The first official Mummers Parade is held.
4. 1985 – The Internet’s Domain Name System is created.

1. 1735 – Paul Revere, American silversmith and patriot (d. 1818)
2. 1752 – Betsy Ross, American seamstress (d. 1836)
3. 1864 – Alfred Stieglitz, American photographer (d. 1946)
4. 1919 – J. D. Salinger, American novelist
5. 1970 – Gabriel Jarret, American actor

1. 1953 – Hank Williams is pronounced dead after passing out in the back seat of a car which was travelling to his next gig in Canton, Ohio.
2. 1958 – Edward Weston, American photographer (b. 1886)
3. 1972 – Maurice Chevalier, French actor and singer (b. 1888)

See you Friday!
PS – You all know that whole toilet paper thing? A joke. Just a joke. (Albeit a bad one!)


  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying your time with the kiddos. Have a nice time tonight, too.

  2. Katherine said you were crazy over Skye because he is the same age as your nephew. How cool to be a hero to a new knitter! Teach em young so they think it is total cool forever. Miss you kiddo!!

  3. Aww, that IS sweet. Isn’t being an aunt the best??

  4. Happy Pesach to you and your family.

  5. Fun! Thanks for the interesting tidbits.

  6. BIG Awwwwwwwwwwwww. Wow that’s neat.
    Great wiki-meme – I’m gonna try that!

  7. Ask Ann to tell you about her Mummer impersonation…!

  8. Norah Willett says:

    That is so cool about your nephew! I love that meme thing too. I wish I hadn’t deleted my blog.

  9. My ten-year-old son knits with me, but he’s made me promise not to tell his friends. Heh.
    (I have a really great toilet paper story, but better not post it publicly for fear of someone killing me, but if you want to hear it, let me know. Yeah, it’s that amusing.)

  10. Glad you’re having fun with the kidlets. And how sweet, you’re a hero. And because of your love for knitting. Could it get any better?

  11. Always fun with the kiddos, huh? It was hard to let Mack go home last weekend — he’s so much FUN these days.
    You are a super knitting hero in my book. ; ) Can you say, “Short rows”?

  12. aaawwwwwwwwwww!