The last time we visited my sister, I took one of my niece’s hair clips and stuck it in Meli’s growing hair. Oh my god she looked so freaking cute (and OLD!) that I totally plotzed and came home and bought a gazillion barrettes for her.

The one she’s wearing in the picture above is from Lil Chatterbox. I bought this one and this one. (I specifically bought the purple pansy one with Vicki in mind. I just know how she’s loves pansies.) I also bought barrettes from Baby K Designs, Tiny Sweets, and ElleBowsAndMore. I loved these from Baby K Designs so much I went back and bought a ton more from her store. And these wonderful birds from Tiny Sweets are so adorable I totally cried when I put one in Meli’s hair. And my absolute favorites these days are the dragonflies from Lil Sugarplum. They stay in Meli’s hair super well and are too too cute. (By the way, I found Tiny Sweets and Lil Sugarplum because they were recommended on Cool Mom Picks, a very nice product blog I follow. I’ve bought a bunch of interesting things through this blog and haven’t been disappointed yet.)

Meli totally has my hair. Or at least it’s a lot closer to my hair than G’s hair. It starting to flip up in the back and she’s got these really short bangs because her hair hasn’t grown over her forehead yet. Just like mine was when I was her age. I’m going back to my sister’s tomorrow and I’m going to have to take all the barrettes so I can show my niece. I just LOVE having a girl! I’m so not girly, not really, but my baby can be (and my niece is very girly so my sister, who’s more like me, are living vicariously!)

It’s been a really really rough week on all kinds of fronts. Personal, professional – you name it. We’ve barely had anyone come see our house which is really starting to stress me out. My husband works for a bank – although he’s NOT a banker (he works in corporate services) – lest anyone want to egg my blog – but really that’s all I have to say about that. Add to all this the fact that they start drilling outside every window in my house at 8AM and don’t finish until 5. Even when they’re not right outside my windows, the house reverberates with the noise (basically because they’re either above or below me.) I have a headache by 8:30. So we’re out of the house all day a lot of days (they don’t work when the weather’s bad, but that has it’s own stresses – like they’re never going to finish if it doesn’t stop raining!) and by the end of the day I’m so tired I can barely move.

Even with my complaining, I know things could be so much worse. Trust me. Stress still sucks. So I’ll be hanging at my sister’s for a while and there might even be another great date with my husband which would make us happy to no end. Cross your fingers we get some tickets. I’ll be back next week. L, C


  1. Have a wonderful time. I can’t imagine how you could live w/ that drilling noise. I hope they are finished by the time you come back home and that a buyer has come through by then, too. Best wishes! Oh, and Meli looks so cute. Love those barrettes.

  2. Love the hair clips — thanks for the links. I’m have always liked the look of the ‘no slippy hair clippy,’ but have never bought one. I’m too indecisive. Hope you have a better weekend.

  3. It’s hard to believe that my baby’s going to be 18 on Saturday… it’s been a long time since I was a member of the barrette brigade. Meli is so freakin’ adorable, I can hardly stand it. I hope things start improving on all fronts very soon. I’ve been thinking of you so much — I hope you have a good break at your sister’s. That date seems like it might be fun.
    ; ) XOXOXO

  4. Very cute! You’ll have many years of shopping for your girlie ahead of you! Still one of my favorite things to do! xoxoxo

  5. Very cute! You’ll have many years of shopping for your girlie ahead of you! Still one of my favorite things to do! xoxoxo

  6. I think my girl is just a bit older than yours and I WISH she’d let me put clips in her hair! She pulls them out immediately. I have bought some from Etsy, but I’m going to check out a few that you posted. You should also check out Made With Love and Glue’s page on Etsy. She makes the most adorable fabric Peony flowers that you can get on a headband (made from baby tights so it’s super soft.) They’re interchangeable so I think I got about 5 flowers! LOVE them!

  7. She looks like a grrly grrl! Such cute hair. You won’t need to worry about it much until she’s a teen. 😉
    Have a super fun weekend away.

  8. I just discovered you and your knit log cabin blocks. Being both a knitter and quilter I have “scraps” galore. I can’t wait to get out my needles and use up my yarn. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I have bookmarked you and will be following you weekly.

  9. Meli is beyond cute. I know you know this. I’m simply acknowledging her ridiculous level of cuteness. I hope you guys have a great weekend and that the stresses in your life lighten up soon. mwah.

  10. Those hair clips are so freakin cute. My twins are one next week and I have been putting bows in my daughters hair, but every time her brother sees them in there he pulls them out and throws them. Now she has started doing the same. Babies are so much fun. Good luck with the next one. My husband and I had fertility issues also and it totally sucks. My twins are ivf babies and I wouldn’t change a thing about them or the process to get them.

  11. that’s awesome, that Meli will let you put clips in her hair; Lucy won’t tolerate them, and her hair is starting to poke her in the eyes, but I’m opposed to bangs…Not sure which of us is going to yield first… perhaps she just needs cuter clips. We’ll have to see. 🙂

  12. Meli is adorable! I only had boys so I’m a tad bit jealous. 🙂 Not to discourage you at all, truly, but we’re discouraged as our house has been on the market almost four months, with very little action. And they’re about to start ripping up our road and lawn and who knows what else to replace water lines. Ugh.

  13. One day, Raley will have hair, and then I’ll have to follow all of your links. One day!
    And I admit, I am also not so girly, but I’m loving dressing my girl up in pink and dresses! Especially now, while she can’t tell me no!

  14. Oh, Meli is so cute with her barrettes! And I’m glad you’re letting her do (or at least try out) being a girly-girl. I was like 30 before I let myself be very girly, because it didn’t seem to be all that accepted — it seemed to be that you couldn’t be a girly-girl and be smart, too. However, I make up for it now… 😉

  15. What ARE they drilling for anyway? Oil?

  16. I may live in this 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom house until everyone else who currently lives here too is long gone, and I am a wizened old lady tottering about and not climbing the stairs out of fear that I would never get down again, and sending my laundry out because the washer and dryer are in the basement and see stairs above, because if there’s anything I cannot stand it is even thinking about moving. We did it 15 years ago and I don’t want to do it ever again.
    Which is to say, I feel your pain. I hate noise too. I hope they finish soon. Maybe you should offer to make them really awesome brownies and/or buy them a case of beer if they can finish before you go stark, staring mad?
    On the other hand, you do have the world’s cutest barrette model.
    (I weaned my 17-month-old son when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter; by then he was down to once a day since I was working, and when he realized there would be no more he fussed for about two minutes and that was that. My daughter also got down to once a day and then when she was 14 months old we more or less mutually decided to pack it in. It was a loss, no question. For a couple of months after weaning I used to make my daughter a bottle every morning, easy because by then she could drink plain old milk, and cuddle with her while she drank it.
    (Last week she turned 13. Thirteen! How did this happen? I now have a teenaged daughter. Half of whose genes are mine. Yikes.)
    (Could I think of something else to write to make this comment even more ridiculously long? Probably, but I’ll spare you. Hang in there, it will get better.)

  17. P.S. Your header is showing me the Martian Potato Picture! I love that picture.

  18. Thanks. I needed another etsy item to obsess over. 😀

  19. Ohhhh I should not have clicked on those links! So cute. My little one barely has hair but it has to grow some day!