Further Evidence

that I’m insane.

Yesterday I decided that I didn’t like the secret gift I’m making for Georgie – the needle size was giving me a headache because it seemed to be too slow going, the size of the gift was off and I was having a hard time convincing myself that it would work, and I was increasingly anxious about the yarn. It was leaving too many fuzzies around for G’s taste.

Therefore, because I’m C-R-A-Z-Y I decided I needed NEW yarn for a NEW secret project RIGHT THIS MINUTE. I threw on some pants appropriate for the outdoors and booked over to A.C. Moore. I had some stuff to return and I remembered that they now have some fake Cashmerino Aran – I’m pretty sure it’s distributed by KFI too. Georgie won’t know the difference between “real” yarn and “fake” yarn and I was desperate. Besides, this stuff is really soft.

I picked some up for a very cheap price, ran home, and got started. Things are going MUCH better now. I feel good and so far I’ve managed to keep the gift a secret (Of course this did include throwing my body on it and having a ten minute conversation with said gift recipient when he surprised me with how fast he got home. I was contorted in an odd position and G didnt say anything – either he’s oblivous to me, or he’s in on the surprise.)

Even though I jumped three needle sizes, it still seems to be slow going. It’s rainy and icky here today so that’s ALL I’m doing.

Some things that have impressed me in the last couple of days:

  • Amazon
    I have done minimal Xmas shopping this year, but what I have done has been through Amazon. All in the last two days. They have had everything I’ve needed for good prices and the shipping has been next to nothing and guaranteed for right before Xmas. In fact, they keep upgrading my shipping for free – it seems like I order it and it’s here within the hour. Better than Chinese!

Apparently I really fucked up! I didn’t realize I wasn’t supposed to shop here – well at least they only gave 61% to Republicans. Not 100% like those Nazis Coors. Can I help it if I’m a sucker for good customer service? I’ll try to do better. I promise. (Thank you Cursing Mama for setting me straight! Oh and I feel your pain!)

  • Toni’s sweater for her boss.
    This amazes me on so many levels. First off, the sweater is gorgeous – so intricate – it clearly took many hours and much dedication. Impressive all on it’s own. But the fact that she made it for her BOSS! I’m impressed with the boss. I’ve had lots of bosses in my life (heck, I count myself as one since I’m self-employed) and while some of them I’ve liked, never enough to knit a masterpiece like that. They’re both incredibly lucky. C’mon, Toni – he’s your father or something right? Call me a cynic. I’m just really impressed.

I think I might be closing down for Xmas – I need to migrate over to a new host and from what I’ve read, it seems very complicated. (If anyone’s done this and can reassure me, I’d appreciate it.) In the meantime, I’ll be closing down comments on Xmas Eve and Xmas so I can migrate without losing stuff (fingers crossed!) I’ll put a sign up when it starts.



  1. So….here’s my Amazon-this-holiday story. I ordered the two things I needed for my nephew from them. They said they were in stock. About a day later they wrote me an email saying, “We are so chagrined (they didn’t use that word, hee) that the Thomas the Tank Engine bridge you ordered is not available, we are giving you a certificate for $15 worth of merchandise — free.” This wasn’t COMPLETELY without a catch — they sent the email at about 6 p.m. and said it had to be used by 11:59 that evening. So there was a chance I might not have actually got the email. But I did, and I ended up getting the book that Cassie recommended (Ann Budd’s Sweater Patterns) for $2.79, plus $3.00 shipping. I was pretty happy. The kid doesn’t need the damn bridge anyway. Shoot, though, this reminds me that I need to get him another gift by Sunday. Oops, I better get on that!

  2. Good luck keeping your secret and making your move! The idea of moving hosts makes my toes curl.