Eff U!

I can’t get off of level 3. Now I’m going to feel stupid all day long. Thanks, Internets. Thanks a alot.

UPDATE 11:22 AM – Okay I’m back and I got past 3 and am now stuck on 6. I had the right answer to 3 the whole time I just couldn’t figure out the right url. Sorry everybody.

UPDATE 12:19 PM – Stuck on 10. I gotta go do some work. Or play Snood. Snood is the BOMB.


  1. Don’t feel stupid – I followed your link and after reading it, I can’t even figure out how to start.
    🙂 I will figure it out, but this isn’t a good start.

  2. I figured out how to begin! quite tricky, though.

  3. Check the forums . . .

  4. Dude, I can’t even get past the first one.

  5. This is how I felt when I couldn’t for the life of me get over here yesterday. I see nothing about sleeves that screams boobies or Brittney, but apparently our filter re-labelled you as you-know-what. Anyhoots, I wanted to let you know I bought a sheep the other day from Heiffer and thought of you when I did. Do you feel birthday-ish yet?

  6. oooh say it out loud.. and figure out what is missing.. I am now stuck at level 5.. thanks.. hehehheh

  7. Well, now I’m stuck at level 3 with you. Crap.

  8. What do you do to a megaphone? If you do to the phrase above what you do to a megaphone, I think you’ll figure it out.

  9. I am now stuck on 5 as well. Thanks, Cara – this is fun. Though someone better hit me with a 2X4 if I continue with this over the weekend! I have a house that needs decorating and charity knitting to get done.
    Thanks, for the fun! 🙂

  10. I’ts really rather literal. Do as it suggests, and you’ll figure it out. Then you can help me with level 6.

  11. Man, I was totally overthinking this. Now I’m on level 7. Clearly this is more fun than being productive.

  12. Just a hint to everyone who is doing this write your answers down. You will need to previous answers for some of the later questions.
    Some answers are just a letter. Check the forums. I got up to level 17 the other day.

  13. Ack. I’m stuck on level 7, and this may come back to bite me in the butt, but I’m fairly certain that it’s an error on their part. I googled, and the answer I find elsewhere to the info they’re looking for does not work. gaaaaaah!

  14. Yup stuck on level 1 too. I get the idea, but I don’t get how to do it 🙁

  15. Okay, just did level three. Why, oh, why did my filter not block you today? I still have two report cards to write!

  16. I get what #3 is saying I just don’t know what to write for the URL.

  17. I’d be glad to help any time I’m around, just IM me. I’m on level 48.
    YIM: spoofhound89
    AIM: dj081994

  18. Thank you, Wanda. I didn’t want to have to use it, but even after looking at the answer for #7, I still don’t get what it has to do with the clue, at all. Of course, now that I’ve gotten through the next several after that without cheating, I’m just prepared to blame it on a bad clue and not my own stupidity. If anybody knows why the answer to 7 is what it is, feel free to click through to my blog, where you can find my email address and tell me. I’m baffled.
    (Oh, and Cara, you are evil! In the best kind of way.)

  19. Thanks a lot Cara, now I’m stuck on level 5.

  20. OPkay I solved it and got to 10, but i didnt’ do it by actually paying attention to any of the puzels once I got pas 7 I knew the direction it was going.. if that makes sence…

  21. I hate riddles. I just don’t have that sort of brain.

  22. Heh…um…I suspect this is all my fault. I’m on level 57. Feel free to hunt me down and kill me (or, you know, ask for hints. I’m happy to give hints. Less happy about the killing.)

  23. I’m so not getting 16.

  24. WTF are you all doing! I’m afraid to even found out!

  25. Now I KNOW I not gonna get sucked into this;) Hat e to bug ya about something knitty, but I’m certain an honest answer can be had here. Re: Ariann, do you think it would look good in black? Since you have a worked up one in your possession, I’d just like to know what you think.

  26. That should say ‘find’.

  27. What have you done?!?!?!? Now I’m hooked….on to level 4.

  28. Stuck on 14!

  29. Ohhh, I hate you so much right now. Getting sucked into this is the last thing I need…I’m on 3, and I’m so close I can taste it, but still no cigar.

  30. I got all the way to level 36 about three weeks ago before I finally quit! I was staying up all hours addicted to that crap. No more for me…

  31. Trash, I’m at 6 now, and I’m stuck!

  32. Scroll down on level 10

  33. *&^#@#*(**&^^% 😯
    Just what I need, something else to keep me from this pile of work!
    I’m currently stuck on 6, but through accidental guesses, already have the answers for levels 7, 8 and 9.

  34. Whoops–my bad–that’s the next level. Had my answers misnumbered

  35. Got to 19 and have quit. That Edith Wharton one was absolute hogwash.

  36. yeah 10 is where i kinda gave up, but I got from 7-10 without using the clues because I figured out the word.

  37. I’m on 15 and I’m stuck …

  38. **sniffles** I’m stuck at level 5. 😉

  39. Got stuck at 10 and needed to give my full attention to work. I agree with the Edith Wharton one being complete bunk!

  40. Can anyone explain Edith Wharton one? I used the spoiler so I’m on level 8 now (stuck, duh) but that EW one bugs me.

  41. I suppose saying I’m stuck on 28 will only get me hit? (I did lean on spoilers a bit too much. I’m trying to back off from that)
    the Edith Wharton one drove me nuts… It was only a wild guess that got me through it.

  42. Oh no, not another time suck! I already spend too much time on your blog. 😉

  43. I am also stuck on 10!
    this is fun, though.

  44. I can’t believe I just got sucked into this – well at least it will make the rest of my day go by quicker – thanks Cara 🙂

  45. oh, god. I l just figured out how the Edith Wharton one worked out….

  46. Thanks for the prizes 🙂 You rock!

  47. Don’t worry you’ll get passed them. I finished the first set I think it went to about 30…but they just get harder and more convoluted. There are a few cheat sites out there…but only if you get REALLY stumped…lol.

  48. You suck. Now I am playing this damn thing…

  49. LOL – Cara, I’m thru all the levels. If you want any help, just let me know. It’s definitely a great way to suck your mind into other things. I hope you and G are doing okay.

  50. oh bloody H*ll I’m stuck at Level one coz I can’t figure out how to get out of the site you sent us too.

  51. I’m totally stuck on level 26, and have been for two days now (sigh).
    Figuring out how to get started was hard! Because you don’t yet realize how tricksy you have to be to figure out each level . . . um . . . as I said. Completely stuck on 26 . . . (grin).

  52. You SUCK! I have stuff to do, knitting, sewing, shopping, cooking, cleaning, work, excercise……. and I can’t even get the FIRST ONE! I’m not much of an outside the box person, at least not at first. In the dark. I’M IN THE DARK!
    Hey, thanks for the birthday wishes. I love you!

  53. AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Level Three!!!

  54. Now you’ve done it, I’m a total sucker for puzzles/riddles, now I’m up to level 22!

  55. Dammit, Cara! First Snood, now this. Why? Why do you introduce me to these things???
    Here, Ill return the favor: http://www.gamehouse.com/gamedetails/?game=Zuma&navpage=downloadgames

  56. Egads! I got sucked into this last night and went to bed stuck on level 5. I’m now on level 19 procrastinating my night away. But just till the kids get to bed – that’s right as soon as the kids are in bed then I will get busy….hopefully.

  57. Augh! Thanks a lot, Cara! Now I’m addicted too…..

  58. Now I’m absolutely hooked! I just found out about this today and I’m already on level 49! Why oh why did you blog this the weekend before my finals?!?! 🙂
    I’m TOTALLY into this.

  59. Thanks a lot for the new obsession. This is exactly the kind of game I love!! I’m on level 3 now and cannot stop until I figure out the url.

  60. I’m totally stuck on 16. yeah, thanks a lot Cara!

  61. No fair. I’m completely stuck on 11. I hate this game! 🙁 Must solve the puzzle.

  62. I’ve got 10. Working on 11. Suckered my daughter in and she’s way better at this than me. Help…get me out of here!!

  63. You totally, absolutely suck. I hate you. Like a need another addiction. But noooo….. now I have one. I spent all day on Friday playing that game. Urghhh.
    Oh … I really don’t hate you. I actually really like you!

  64. We’re weirdly in sync. I just started playing this before I read your post. And I had just gotten back into Snood before the Snood post.

  65. Stuck on 11. But it’s finals week, I really have to stop!

  66. I bought Snood. What more do you want???

  67. 10 is all about the letters. Wait until you get to 11. I’ve been stuck here since yesterday!

  68. Level 34. Guess what I did all weekend? *sigh*

  69. Thanks Cara NOW I AM STUCK on freaking level 7 what a time waster!

  70. I’ll have you know that because of you my final paper, due on Friday, is just sitting here, looking all thin and so unfinished…. I finished the first batch, btw. 😉

  71. Cara, happy thoughts winging your way for tomorrow! But “damn you!” ; ) for weffriddles!

  72. I am sending positive healthy thoughts your way today.
    Thank you for the riddles….I am way to occupied by this.
    Best Wishes!

  73. Cara, I read your post at 11. Now it’s 1:30 and I am stuck on 14. Damn you for showng me this site. I’m dragging my ass to bed so I can look at level 14 again when I am at work tomorrow. 🙂

  74. Like E to the M, I have to blame you for the new weffriddle craze of mine. I’m now on 16, and it’s time to sleep…..

  75. Ugh…I’m obsessed!! At level 10, and I have to go to work!

  76. omg i cant get 16 its soo hard and i dont even understand the riddle!

  77. Here’s a site that will help. Cryptic clues, complete walkthroughs, and solution!