Educating Jen*

Jen came over yesterday. I saved her from 90 degrees in a construction zone. (She’s renovating her gorgeous house!) I love Jen – we met about a year ago online and found we lived very close to each other and both loved to knit. It’s been bliss every since. I can be myself around her totally (read, I don’t feel compelled to clean my house before she comes over – now that’s a REAL friend!)

One of the things I’m learning about my dear friend is that she’s absolutely clueless about many aspects of pop culture. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing mind you. And in fact it makes it very easy when choosing movies to knit by.

For instance, a snippet of yesterday’s conversation:

Me (scrolling through ON DEMAND movies): Oooh! Ooh! Here’s a funny one. Ever seen Manhattan Murder Mystery? Hysterical.

Jen (looking blank-eyed): Nope. Never seen it.

Me (squinting at her): It’s Woody Allen.

Jen (suspiciously concentrating on her knitting – a gorgeous baby cardigan by the way): Uh huh.

Me (utter shock on my face): Have you EVER SEEN a Woody Allen movie?

Jen (looking a little bit scared of me): Umm. No?

Me (shaking my head with pity): Well we can’t start with this one. You’ve got to start with Annie Hall. It would just throw off the whole balance. Definitely Annie Hall.

Brrring. Brrring.

Me: Hey. If you were with someone who had never seen a Woody Allen movie before, you wouldn’t start with Manhattan Murder Mystery, would you?
Georgie (choking down his disbelief): No. Annie Hall. It’s quintessential Or Hannah and Her Sisters. That’s the best one anyway.
Me: What about Crimes and Misdemeanors?
Georgie: I have work to do.

Suffice it to say, we watched Flirting With Disaster. And then, when she was about to leave, we heard that Anne Bancroft died. You guessed it. She’s never seen The Graduate. I said to her, so when someone says “Plastics” to you, you don’t get it! She says, yeah, no, but I still laugh. Because, you know, “Plastics.” That’s funny.

It’s gonna be a long summer, god love her! We’ve got a lot to catch up on!

I shouldn’t make fun, because Jen was a tremendous sport in helping me photograph my finished Clap-o-TEE!

Look at my girl! She even wore a shirt to match!

She was so good! In my wacked artistic vision I had images of a slowly cascading Clap-o-TEE – so I had her stand on my bed, while I lay on the floor – and gently toss the Clap over my head while I took pictures. Yeah. It didn’t work so well. But we laughed a lot! I ended up with these artsy fartsy snaps:

This was a great project. To reiterate, Alchemy Yarns of Transformation, Silk Purse in the Sea of Cortez colorway. I used a little more than six five hanks (I just used a little of the sixth) and extended the pattern by one round of increases (so two more dropped stitches.) I liked both the yarn and the pattern. Something I would definitely knit again.

Thanks, Jen, for a great afternoon! I’m loving the new you. 😉
(Oh and I hope Oscar’s doing better today. Poor guy!)

* Of course, the title is a nod to yet another movie I’m sure Jen’s never seen, Educating Rita!


  1. The Clap is fab! Love the artsy fartsy photos, too!

  2. Thanks, Cara, for a great day and the start of my education. There are few things better than sitting on your comfy couch knitting and watching movies. Jumping on the bed was icing on the cake. 🙂
    Your Clap is gorgeous and so so soft; I missed fondling it as soon as I left.

  3. You will have a fun summer bringing her up to date! In Utah it’s not rare to find someone who hasn’t seen a Woody Allen flick (he is subversive afterall) but in the East!?
    The color of your Clapotis is fabulous. I love the image of you trying to get arty shots…I’ll giggle over that all day;-)

  4. The clapotis looks fabulous — your friend is going to love it!
    I was so sad to hear about Anne Bancroft — love The Graduate.

  5. The Clapotis is stunning! And of course so is Jen as she models it.
    Guilty confession: I’ve never seen the Graduate either. Although I have seen Annie Hall.
    P.S. Georgie’s response is hilarious – ‘I have work to do.’ I’ve definitely heard that one before!

  6. My boyfriend and I have conversations like this all the time. He is shocked by how few movies I’ve seen, but we both couldn’t understand how a friend of ours had never seen “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”
    I mean, they showed it nearly every weekend on regular TV (no cable or nothing). I don’t know how someone could have missed it.

  7. What a gorgeous clapotis! The colors are just awesome.

  8. Well, spending a good part of the summer educating Jen in movie culture (which isn’t the same as pop culture, is it?) while knitting in A/C sounds like fun. Can I come? No A/C here, I’m dying.

  9. And like an idiot, she’s back. Gorgeous clapotis!!

  10. At the risk of sounding blasphemous, I have not seen many Woody Allen movies that I can honestly say I loved. Liked, maybe. Now, Educating Rita, that was a great movie.
    I had a friend that had never seen a John Wayne movie (definitely questionable here in the South),
    so you know I had to break her in. nfortunately, I chose “The Cowboys” with which to introduce her to this icon of the American Western; it is one of only seven of Wayne’s movies (or is it eight?) in which he dies. Next, I sat down with her to watch “The Shootist”…
    The clapotis rocks, by the way.

  11. It’s beautiful! What a nice friend, wearing a matching shirt and all. You’ll have a fun summer of watching movies — and I always liked the way early Woody Allen movies, myself, though Annie Hall had a Wisconsin part…

  12. Can we please some of the outtakes from the photoshoot?

  13. Wow that Clapotis is gorgeous, and you made it so freaking fast! I still have aways on mine and you started way after me!
    Great pics. Jen looks so pretty.

  14. patricia says:

    OMG, I almost missed your finished Clap-o-tee because of the faulty bloglines! Phew.
    It’s lovely (the Clap, not the bloglines). Nice job.

  15. patricia says:

    Me again. BTW, did you block it? (I have something of a Clapotis fixation due to disappointing results with my own attempt).

  16. gorgeous clapotis.

  17. Flirting with Disaster is one of Robby’s favs. Have you seen Box of Moonlight? I actually like that one better.