E Train. Around 9AM. You were a Blonde Knitting Fool!

Georgie saw you – and he was impressed. He said he could barely hold on and not fall but you kept on knitting away on something green. You didn’t even stop knitting as you were walking up that long, long staircase at the Fifth Avenue stop. When you tripped, YOU STILL DIDN’T STOP KNITTING, even though he tried to help you. You had a red leather alligator pocketbook on one arm and a big canvas knitting bag on the other and you just knit and knit and knit. Georgie wanted to talk to you – tell you that he understood because his wife is crazy like that but he was too shy. I told him I probably knew you.

Speak up oh KIPper!


  1. Wasn’t me, but damn do I envy anyone who can knit while walking up stairs. Especially the massive staircase at the Fifth Avenue stop. *That* is the level of knitting I aspire to.

  2. wasn’t me.. i was on the 6 going to midtown and i had brown hair this morning.. but now it is read and i was knitting a sock.. but did get some people trying to move around others to watch.. funny looks too.. you’d think i was going to poke someone.. hee..hee.. 🙂 hope you find the blonde!

  3. wasn’t me…but I find my balance while knitting standing up on the N train is much better than when I am standing and holding on!

  4. i’ve never commented before, but I am blonde, and I was knitting on the subway, but it was the A-train and my current knitting is brown so sorry