DUDE!!!! I totally did it!

I took up Bonne Marie‘s double dog dare and GOT ON THE RADIO TO TALK TO ANN AND KAY!!! Ohmygod I was so freaking nervous. There’s still time to call!


  1. Your better pal says:

    I heard you while I was getting together your package. How weird was THAT!?
    (You sounded fine! Waiting for the surprise guest now…)

  2. Cara, you’ve got balls!!! Damn, I only clicked on this NOW, and I can’t seem to figure out how to even listen. And there’s only a minute or two left. Hopefully there’ll be a recording that we can listen to?

  3. What? I miss everything. Damn.
    The header – perfect…and I love that it changes. Wonderful work dude.
    I missed you this past weekend.

  4. Cara- your new blog design is an inspiration. soon, everybody is going to try to emulate this the way everybody loves jaywalker. you are truely our blog leader. keep up the inspirational work!

  5. I love radio. I know how you must feel. You hear your Voice warbling and it is distressing. Thoughts turn into jello and you sound like a moron. You’ve prepared yourself for some though provoking discussion, but your just so excited. Well, that’s what happens to me. I’m sure you were GREAT! Congratulations, radio is sexy.