Charting A Course

And yes, I know I’m missing a WS knit stitch. Already fixed!

It’s amazing how much fun you can have with some knitting software and excel. I basically ended up making up the symbols for the twists and cables (I copied the ones from the Harmony book – it’s what I’m used to) and I’m pretty proud of my chart. Georgie thinks I’m crazy. (But hey, he was playing TENNIS all weekend, so what does he care what I do with my time? 😉 )

Even more fun than charting? Knitting up the swatch!

I changed some things from the last swatch, namely, made the small cable (the one in the middle that breaks up the two larger cables) a CB4 instead of a CB6 and there are now only two purl stitches between the big cable and the little cable. (Isn’t it so convenient that the cables are small, medium and large!?!) I’m VERY happy with the third cable – the new one that everyone was SO HELPFUL with Friday night! I couldn’t have done this without you!

And in true geek fashion, I’ve cut out a bunch of component pieces, if you will, so I can map out my plan for the back, fronts, sleeves. It’s like a big puzzle!

In other knitting news, I worked on Clap-o-TEE through the weekend, with some extra special love time on Friday (that was my friend’s birthday.) She hates to be reminded of it, so instead of calling her, I knit for her. Works out well, I think. I’ve now dropped 10 stitches, including the really long one that goes to the other corner (you all know what I mean, right?)

It’s amazing how different this yarn looks in sunlight. Trust me – it positively glows.

What else, what else? We did a little more taking back the house, as G likes to call it, by cleaning out our little front closet with 451 gym bags. Now we only have 401 bags. Sentimental value and all. And while we were moving all the TVs around (because the big one in the living room is still broken and probably will be forever, unless the kind Sony people come on Wednesday and tell us that it really will be broken forever and then, I guarantee you, by midnight Wednesday night we’ll have a brand new big TV) we watched this incredible storm roll through. We have windows in every room, big windows, all facing west. We also live in the middle of a swamp, so we get to see these great sunsets, and clouds, and storms. Well the storm came in about 7PM on Saturday and the clouds were amazing – you know how the air smells wet, before it even rains, and the gray light makes everything look clearer? The amazing thing – the sun was still out – far off on the horizon. The rains brought lighting and thunder and wind and all the while the sun was boldly setting. I didn’t get the camera out because I don’t think I would’ve captured it really and besides, I didn’t want to leave the window where Georgie was hugging me and we were watching nature be poetic.

I also read a bunch of The Time Traveler’s Wife. From a craft standpoint, this book has some serious flaws (what’s the conflict, really?) and the author made one of my DREADED description mistakes on p. 175 – a mistake I love berating my students about. Want me to tell you what it is? The author uses a brand name as an adjective – for instance, a character is describing a room and says “It looks like an ad from Pottery Barn.” There’s only one way to describe this people – LAZY! The author is using “pottery barn” as an easy way out of describing the room, because she assumes that her readers will know what this means. Not only is she being lazy, but she’s also damning her book to lose relevance within time. 100 years from now, no one will give a shit about Pottery Barn and an instant room will not pop into their minds so what are they to make of this? USE YOUR IMAGINATION writers! I understand how hard writing is, truly I do, but that’s no excuse. If you’re going to put your blood sweat and tears into this – don’t take short cuts.

Okay. Rant over. Truly, I am enjoying the book. I easily read over a hundred pages in one sitting yesterday – something I haven’t done in a long time. So it’s all good.

Enough already. Back to your day. Thanks for stopping.


  1. After a weekend of non-blogging I could spend the whole day at your blog. The flower pictures you posted over the weekend are incredible. I can’t believe the daisy with ladybugs and the bumblebee! It’s all eye candy. And in your post today…Clapotis DOES glow and your cabled sweater is going to be fabulous. What a great idea to cut and paste up all the different sections to make a chart (Excel is the perfect knitting tool). But your description of the coming storm brought its picture to my mind immediately and I could smell the rain (don’t you just LOVE that smell?) Thanks for it all.

  2. What a pretty swatch. I’m looking forward to the finished product!

  3. Your cables look great. That silk clapotis must feel amazing. Have you read Gilead yet? I started it yesterday and think you MUST READ IT NOW. Also, are you going to ma s&w?

  4. Those cables are going to look really great together! Good eye! Oh, and on the rain thing, I firmly believe that some moments are created to be experienced rather than captured. I grew up with a photographer dad who didn’t always know the difference, so I applaud you for recognizing that!

  5. I like hearing your perspective on TTW. I look forward to hearing your thoughts after you finish the book. Have you gotten “Prep” yet? Another first time author, and I’m really enjoying the story.

  6. I read 200 pages of Time Traveler’s Wife in one sitting (about 2.5 hours) I could not believe how it flies… I need to go back and see that Pottery Barn thing, I missed it 😛
    Love the Silk Purse Clapotis. It is a beautiful yarn…

  7. What a lovely swatch.
    Umm, can you go into a little more detail about how you made those charts? It might come in handy for a little challenge that I’m having right now….

  8. awesome charts. i’m with colleen — details, please! i read what lolly wrote about gilead and i agree. my husband surprised me with it a couple of months ago after he found a clipping that i’d saved about it…beautiful book.

  9. You could make up one crazy knitting/drinking game with those pieces!! (Seriously, how cool is that knitting software.) I’m about to start the Time Traveler’s Wife — interesting observation about the description.