Carried Away

Thank you all so much for your comments and encouragement. I made it through the test. I have no idea if I passed or not, but I’m sort of counting on failing. It’s easier that way.

The dr’s office called a few minutes ago and I’m all like I failed didn’t I and the nurse was like, no, you passed! You’re fine! YAY! Don’t think this means I’m going to overdue it or anything, I’m just relieved that I don’t have to pay super microscopic attention to everything I eat. Eating continues to be a challenge for me – I still feel sick most days – and the idea that I can AT TIMES eat what I want because I want to is VERY freeing for me. Thanks again for all your support!

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. First off, I threw up before I left the house yesterday (at 7:30 AM) and that ended up being a GOOD thing, even though I’ve tried very very very hard not to throw up on an empty stomach my entire pregnancy. It was good because I found out that if I had thrown up DURING the test, the test becomes null and void and I’d have to do it over again. So the goal became DO NOT THROW UP – and I didn’t. The only other thing I was a bit apprehensive about was a panic attack. Not eating – low sugar – ups and downs with sugar – are a sure-fire prescription for panic in my life. It’s actually one of the ways I figured out how to keep it in check. Haven’t eaten? Feeling anxious? DUH. I was a little bit concerned about it and my thinking did get kind of wacky at some points, but otherwise I was okay. I got more and more tired and more and more famished as the test went on, but it was really okay.

I’ll tell you, the part I’m most grateful for is that the disgusting sugar drink I had to consume was the LEMON-LIME flavor. My sister always had the ORANGE flavor and she used to joke with me that I would love it because I am a HUGE orange soda fan, something she hates. My flavor tasted like flat-ish thick Sprite and I can still taste it and think I will never drink any kind of lemon-lime soda concoction again. I would be DEVASTATED if they had given me the orange drink and somehow my beloved Fanta was forever tainted. So I’m grateful for small things.

I also got a lot of knitting done! The lab was pretty quiet so I was sitting by myself most of the three hours – perfect for knitting away!

I’ve gotten QUITE carried away with Oblique! As far as I can tell (and my calculations might be off) I’ve knit a whole five inches more than the pattern calls for. Which is kind of okay with me. I see this cardigan like a big lacy blanket to wrap myself in! I don’t even care if it’s HUGE post baby! I love the yarn, the color, the pattern – MORE is definitely better! I’ve got a couple more waist increases to do and then I start the raglan so it’s all good. I’ll make the back and see how it fits and if it looks completely ridiculous, well, then, I guess I’ll rip it and start over. Otherwise I’ll start on the fronts! I LOVE THIS SWEATER so far! YAY!

I also bought some yarn yesterday:

Ever since Margene started knitting her Bird In Hand mittens I’ve been pretty smitten myself! Yesterday I ran out to Patricia’s and picked up some Cascade. The colors are a little bit out of my comfort zone, but I’m considering these mittens practice. I have very limited experience with color work, so we’ll see how it goes. If I love them and I can knit them okay, then maybe I’ll try some different colors. We’ll see how it goes. For now, I’m excited to start. We’re supposed to have some big storms this weekend and I think I’ll be pretty much done with my work so I’m going to get all cuddly with my boy and my babe and KNIT.

And last but certainly not least, as I was heading to check out with my Cascade, what should catch my eye, but some firey red and pink KOIGU!

I ask you – what girl who just suffered through a three hour endurance test replete with vomit, starvation, exhaustion and fear DOESN’T deserve some Koigu? I thought as much. So I bought it. 😉


  1. Absolutely right. And money spent on therapeutic wool purchases is like vacation money – it doesn’t really count as the real thing and may even disappear if not left behind at the yarn store!

  2. Glad for you it’s over – no reason for worry now!! I’ve been thinking of trying some color work – love what you chose for the mittens. OH – heard on NPR this a.m. – made me think of you – pregnancy and how your back is really MADE for it!!

  3. wool=comfy cozy therapy- totally HAD to buy it… can’t wait to see the mittens;) I have them in my must make ravelry queue;)
    Glad you puked before leaving the house;)
    Hope all goes well;)

  4. I hear you about wanting something with your pregnancy to just be easy, a no brainer. I am 27 weeks and I’ve had high blood pressure since about 16 weeks (not preeclampsia, just hypertension). My dr. has rightfully worried about it and became more worried about it around 20 weeks when I started measuring too big. at 26 weeks she ordered a 2nd ultrasound for me and the tech found that I was carrying way too much amniotic fluid, enough to be diagnosed with polyhydramnios! My dr. immediately sent me to a specialist for a level 3 u/s after which the specialist concluded there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with me or the baby! The baby was developing normally, I did NOT have extra fluid and my measurement was totally irrelevant, as long as we knew the baby was ok. I’m sure the same will happen for you. Clean bill of health and the rest of your pregnancy will be smooth sailing. Good luck!

  5. Wow! Thanks for posting the link to the Bird in Hand mittens. Those are stunning, and I hadn’t stumbled on them yet. Very exciting!
    And I definitely think the Koigu was a good reward for endurance. Koigu is *always* a good reward.

  6. Oblique is looking great! And Koigu is the perfect “love yourself” pick me up!

  7. Koigu! How perfect. The mittens will be gorgeous…remember what everyone said…blocking (and snowball throwing) will make them perfect;-)

  8. YAY! I’m soo happy that things went well!

  9. Oh, thank goodness. Congrats on passing! I was thinking about you yesterday, when I was in my own OB’s office, getting a very mild reminder that I would need to take the test at the next appt, and that the three extra pounds I’m carrying now should encourage me to “slow the rate of gain” for the rest of my term. ACK!
    I’ll just hope for lemon-lime, because I don’t think I could handle the orange 😉
    Love your Koigu – enjoy it!

  10. I’m so happy to read your good news! Enjoy your yarn—I hear some of the ice we just suffered through is coming your way, so I hope you’ll have plenty of time to knit!

  11. Yay for passing your test! Yay for small blessings! And triple YAY for beautiful knitting and yarn pr0n!! 🙂

  12. Congratulations on passing!

  13. A yarn treat is absolutely appropriate and necessary. That way you can enjoy the cookies too! Isn’t it nice to have that worry off your chest?

  14. So happy you passed! And you are right paying the microscopic attention to food sucks!

  15. Great news, Cara! I just knew, with all of us behind you, you (and baby) would be fine and dandy.
    BTW, did you ever receive Chris’s yarn for Cherry? Just checking…wouldn’t want a customer to go away dissatisfied…
    Snuggle up and enjoy your knitting weekend – stress free!

  16. Congratulations! So glad to hear that you passed your test! You’re going to love the Bird in Hand mittens (I’m close to done with mitten #1 in about 4 days), but I’d advise taking a break between the braids–they’re pretty, but hand-wrenching!

  17. So happy to hear you’re okay.

  18. YAYAYAY! Congrats on passing!
    And dude, I hear ya on the lemon-lime- I had to drink some flavored stuff one time for a colonscopy (Sorry, TMI) and they flavored it with Crystal Light lime and I’m totally off lemon-lime forever. For reals.
    And also, I think I’m going to knit Oblique next! You have inspired me.

  19. What fantastic news on such a crummy day whoo-hoo! Cookie away 🙂
    Enjoy your cuddly time this weekend, that’s a delicious idea – way better than Christmas shopping! I may just have to copy.

  20. Excellent! Way to go, you test-passer you. Eat up.

  21. Yes! That’s great news. Have a wonderful, restful weekend 🙂

  22. Oh, sweetie, you deserve Koigu for that.
    And FWIW, I’m not an orange soda fan, but I really didn’t hate the taste of the glucose syrup. Kept in the fridge, it doesn’t taste bad, IMO. And I’ve had four of those things.

  23. Posted too quickly!
    I was going to say that if I had had the lemon/lime version I might not have fared as well. The orange really didn’t taste much different to me than orange soda, but because I drink so little of it I probably didn’t know the difference.
    Glad you passed!

  24. Congrats on passing! I love those yarn colors!

  25. So very glad all went well. You very much deserved a treat! Enjoy!

  26. Congrats on passing the test. You deserved the shopping spree.

  27. Congratulations!
    And the mittens are fun, fun, fun! I have my first one done except for the thumb. I believe it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever knit.

  28. See? That expecting the worst thing is brilliant. I’m so happy for you. I envy your Koigu, it is gorgeous.

  29. Yay! I’m so glad you’re ok. Bring on the koigu!!

  30. My sister, who is due in 8 weeks, passed her 3 hour test that she took last week! Yay for healthy mothers and babies! Have fun knitting this weekend.

  31. lemon lime? not fair! i’ve never had anything but orange and it did put me off orange soda. so glad you passed 🙂

  32. Nothing wrong with a bit of yarny retail therapy after a stressful medical appointment!! Glad to hear all went well and you passed 😉 I’ve only ever seen orange and ‘fruit punch’ for those GD tests, both tasted like pure sugar to me anyway. But it would have been nice to have lemon-lime as a choice!!

  33. Interesting how you used “overdue” instead of “overdo”. Glad you passed the test, knitters shouldn’t be sticking their fingers for blood sugar counts unless they have to.

  34. you totally deserve the Koigu.
    Glad you passed – it keeps life simpler for the next few months.
    Oblique is looking gorgeous. absolutely wonderful.
    and you know what.. that baby has GOT to be a boy to be giving you so much grief (grin) only joking, truly… I send you wishes for a wonderful snow-bound weekend of knitting delight.

  35. Koigu, a perfect choice as compensation for having to suffer more tests. Glad to hear everything is good, have a fun weekend knitting.

  36. Yay! There’s enough food stuff to think about with pregnancy it’s great not to have to worry about that…

  37. Way to go! Grow baby grow!

  38. YAY for passed tests, pretty cardigans, Koigu, and healthy babes! Pregnancy is such a stressful time without having anything extra to worry about. Enjoy the rest of your gestation!

  39. Congratulations on passing your test! YAY!!

  40. Congratulations on passing! And you definitely deserve Koigu.

  41. why oh why do they make that stuff carbonated? truly adds insult to injury.
    glad you passed.