By The Numbers

Number of days on vacation: 3
Number of yarn stores visited: 3 – so far here, here and here.
Number of bloggers I had an impromptu meet-up with at Artfibers: three – Cookie, Hannah and Jeni – LOVE you guys! Thanks for coming out! (And hi Matt! Great to meet you!)
Number of yards of yarn purchased: 3064
Number of rows I’ve knit since I’ve been on vacation: about five
Number of gorgeous Offhand Designs knitting bags purchased: one – it was on sale AND it’s fucking fantastic!
Number of wines we tasted: four
Number of boxes of pockies we bought in Japan Town: one – green tea
Number of times we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge: one
Number of times we drove over the Bay Bridge: two
Temperature in Sacramento: 99 degrees
Temperature in Lake Tahoe: 65 degrees
Amount lost at craps table: $85
Amount won at craps table, all while I was the shooter: $100
Amount I’m ahead at craps: $15. Yeah money!
Number of pounds of camera equipment I lugged across the country: 25
Number of photographs I’ve taken since I got here: 0.00

Guess the number of pictures I will take by the end of my vacation and win some kind of fabulous prize. I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m sure it will be FANTASTIC. Leave the number of pictures in a comment on this post and the person who gets closest without going over will win. One entry per customer. Contest ends 11:59 PM EDT Saturday, June 16.

Number of Curious George Riding a Bike T-Shirts that say “Divine Love” purchased on the street in Berkeley, CA: one and it’s priceless.

See you Sunday! We’re having a blast!


  1. 729
    Keep having fun. It sounds like a blast!

  2. With luck like that at craps, I know the winner of this contest will receive something wonderful. Makes me feel a bit sad that my guess of 47 is going to be way wrong.

  3. i am sure it will ba number some how divisible by 18 🙂
    18 is my guess.

  4. Have fun! I’m going to guess 60

  5. Isn’t it amazing how much cooler it is at my house! (Lake Tahoe) All the flatladers (Sacramento) are jealous.

  6. 333?

  7. 73 and I can’t wait for a photo of the bag…

  8. hmm… I’m gonna say 87.

  9. I figure you for the type of person who, once you break the camera out, winds up taking a squizzillion shots and keeping only a dozen. But they’re faaaaaabulous.
    Since I only figure you’re going to break the camera out once, I will say… 214.
    Have fun!

  10. 186 Glad you’re having fun!

  11. How can you not take loads of pictures here in CA! Welcome…Golden Gate Bridge..Napa (if you went wine tasting)…Lake Tahoe (so many to take there!!)….if you get to Yosemite…well then who knows what you will do!
    So I’ll say… 380 (I don’t know..I’m a peninsula girl…hwy 380 connects 101 and 280…I can’t imagine you’ll take just 80 pictures…you’ll spend a lot of time on Hwy 80). Enjoy the golden state!!!

  12. 189.
    Love the ‘by the numbers’ post and the links to all the fiber stores. Hope you have a great trip!

  13. I will guess 234. Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!

  14. I’m guessing 45. Have a great vacation!

  15. I would have to say that you probably took your camera out a lot seeing as you are a wonderful photographer my guess would have to be about 650 pictures to make sure that you got the perfect shot.
    Glad to hear that you are having fun!

  16. Ooh, some of my favorite knit shops, and some of my favorite bloggers — AND you won money? Good, good times!
    I guess 199 photos.

  17. Will you be going to the redwoods at all? Love it out there. The number of photos you’ll take depends on whether you use a digital camera or film. I’m much more discriminating with my film camera than my digicam. But since you haven’t taken any yet, my guess is film. I dunno. How about 144?
    BTW you should check out Kozo Arts ( They have shops at Union St. and Market St. They make the most beautiful hand bound photo albums covered in Japanese fabrics.

  18. 237.
    i highly recommend the drive up highway 101 if you have time.

  19. knitting rat says:

    Hi Cara!
    I am guessing 121 photos. Have a great vacation!
    Birgit from Vienna (Austria): Yes, you’ve got fans all over the world 🙂

  20. I’m going to say…5.
    have fun!

  21. 52
    I was going to say 5, but bunchkin did. I think your attention will be too divided and you lack the structure of projects to photograph for the blog.
    At least, that’s what I experienced on the days we were traveling during our recent trip to California. When we were in one spot, I did OK.
    I’ll be flying back down on Thursday for a Friday nephew-in-law high school graduation in Davis, right next door to Sacramento. I’m betting we’ll break 100 about the time we have to ‘dress’ for the event. Stick to the Bay Area, if you can.

  22. 362

  23. 53. Somehow it just feels lucky…

  24. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!
    (hmmm… 425!)

  25. Chrisitne says:

    Enjoy your vaca – I’m going to say 78.

  26. I’m going with 37.

  27. I’m going to guess 57. Have a great trip!

  28. 131 pictures!

  29. Hmm….I’m going to say 132.

  30. Melissa says:

    So glad to hear you’re having a great trip. I’m going to guess 36. Have fun!

  31. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Pocky, Artfibers, wine & Curious George – does it get much better that that?
    My guess: 87 – that is if you get around to pulling out that camera at all. Of course SF & Tahoe are too beautiful not to snap a few.

  32. 91 pictures. 🙂
    Sounds like an awesome vacation, Cara!

  33. I’m going to guess 8. You seem to almost be having too much fun for knitting OR pictures! Sounds like a great trip – enjoy your time out West!

  34. It looks like you’re having too much fun for photographs. I’ll guess 21.

  35. Have fun! My guess is 242.

  36. Sounds like fun! No Busman’s holiday for you: 33.

  37. I will guess…145. Sounds like you’re having a fabulous time!

  38. Tahoe will bring out the camera. Sounds like you’re having a fabulous vacy!!

  39. I’m guessing 365 (popped into my head when I read the challenge)… I’d thought that was a lot, but I see I’m not alone, and I’d maybe take about that many once I got going.
    I’m hoping to see your goodies as well — have a blast on the rest of your vacation, and hope you meet some more friendly faces along the way!

  40. I’m going to guess 99, just ‘caust I like the number. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  41. My guess is 84. Sounds like you are having a great time!

  42. 251. Have fun & start snapping that shutter.

  43. Stephanie says:

    My guess is 167. Hope you have a fabulous time!

  44. Think of me if you get to Emerald Bay – that’s where Mike and I got married last October! 🙂

  45. 243 – the first number that came to mind…

  46. Woo hoo for fun and relaxing vacation (AND for winning $$ at the tables!)
    My guess is 257!

  47. 123. You’ll find something that catches your fancy and go nuts.
    Have fun!

  48. I’m glad you’re having such a great time! Let’s see, I took 200+ pictures on my vacation of a week, and since you are a professional photographer, I’m going to say you are going to take 589 pictures!

  49. You must have a digital (and I’ve been to the fabulous places your’re going) so I’m going to say 759.

  50. hmmm – hard to say if the camera will remain packed away for the whole trip or if you will drag it out.
    I am going to guess 143.

  51. Your carrying around 25 lbs of camera crap, sounds like my husband, so your serious about it, once you get started. I have seen my hubby click up to a couple hundred in just one afternoon so I will guess once you get that puppy out it will be ‘click,click,click’ all the time. So guessing

  52. I am going with 142- have fun!

  53. my guess: 46

  54. I just now saw the post above me – Honest!

  55. I guess 222. Have fun!

  56. I am going to guess 235!

  57. Pauline says:

    I’m guessing 95 snap shots.

  58. I couldn’t decide between 12 and 22 but since Ann guessed 222, I’m going with 12!

  59. I guess 147. 🙂

  60. I guess 333. 3 is the magic number.

  61. I’m guessing 89. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  62. Glad to hear you’re having such a great time! My guess is 123.

  63. Jo-Anne says:

    I’m guessing 545.

  64. I say 58.

  65. Wanda in Ar says:

    my guess is 38

  66. 40? Sounds like you’re having a great time. Enjoy the trip!

  67. I’m going to guess 482. Enjoy your trip!

  68. I live in Sacramento!!! I would of loved to have seen all of you even if was just a quick stop at the local Starbucks.

  69. Brittany says:

    I’ll say 298. And I do feel like I’m low-balling it. 😉
    This feels like The Price is Right. haha

  70. 230 is my guess cause ya sure love you some photos.

  71. I’m going to guess 192. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  72. 143
    Have fun!

  73. 529, and we want to see them! xox

  74. Aw, man! Somebody already took my number. No, I can’t pick another one, because I’m sure that number is right.
    Have a wonderful rest of your trip, hon!

  75. Have a blast durring the rest of your vacation! Ok, I’m guessing…well, it was going go be 18, but someone already guessed that… about 118. 🙂

  76. Jennifer says:

    I guess 78. I love it out there! Enjoy.

  77. Glad you’re having a good time! I’m going to guess 258 pictures.

  78. I’m going to guess 23. I hope that you have a great time!

  79. I’m going to guess an even 400.

  80. Jeannie says:

    I’m guessing 32, sounds like you’re having fun. It’s been 25 years since I was there!

  81. 121

  82. Lucky 13. Ooh, I’ve been mooning over some Offhand Design bags myself. Your endorsement may push me over the edge!

  83. Hmmm. No pictures yet? I will go with 43. But for you, I really hope it is more!

  84. 375

  85. 512.. and I can’t wait to see them!

  86. I am going to say 83, because that is the number of comments posted so far.
    The bay area is so cool. We went for New Years and had a blast, but I didn’t get to any yarn stores. 🙁

  87. 172
    mmm, Pocky! Bean and I went to the Japanese dollar store on Monday and I found the rare and desired “Men’s Pocky” which is bittersweet chocolate!

  88. you’ve got the numbers!
    i’m so glad that you’re having a good time.
    yarn, knit bloggers, winning money, and great fun? how can you beat it.
    hmmm… how about 111?

  89. Hmm… I just came back from my weeklong vacation with my digital camera, and I know how many photos I took…
    However, 3 days without taking a single shot is knocking the total down a bit I think…
    540 is my guess!

  90. 76
    have fun

  91. 427
    yeah- that’s it.
    But if i knew how big your memory card was……2 gig? 1 gig? Multiple cards? I’ll stick with 427

  92. sounds like a fantastic vacation.
    it’s hard to know whether you’re the type to take zillions of pictures (i could take hundreds in a single afternoon) or if you’re more deliberate about it (being a professional and all).
    but i’ve gotta make a guess here – the challenge is calling me – so i’m gonna say…111 pictures.
    i do hope you take the camera out for a spin, since you’ve lugged all of that equipment with you!
    hope you have fun either way.

  93. I would say your going to take 364. Have a good time!

  94. My guess for the photos: 143. 🙂 Horray for holidays!

  95. 68?

  96. well, i guess that if you carry 25 pounds of equipment, it has to be worth it in the end..
    825 photos?
    enjoy the rest of your vacation !

  97. Let’s say 47. More than one roll, not quite a second (the third one is rolling around in the bottom of Zelda!). Enjoy the rest of your time. Don’t give us another thought!

  98. I’m glad you are enjoying your vacation. Of course I’m a little jealous too – it sounds fantastic. I’m going to guess 34 pictures.

  99. 248 pictures is my guess!!

  100. Have a great time.
    My guess is 125.

  101. 45 photos
    Can’t wait to see Curious George…..LOVE Curious George on a bike!

  102. 213 fabulous pictures.

  103. OK, I figure with the gambling, the wine, the yarn stores and the meetups…and of course just alone time with G. you will take 642 pictures. Will they all be up to your high standards?? probably not but hey you are on vacay…enjoy

  104. Jeez – these all seem low to me!! I say 1250.

  105. OK, I figure with the gambling, the wine, the yarn stores and the meetups…and of course just alone time with G. you will take 642 pictures. Will they all be up to your high standards?? probably not but hey you are on vacay…enjoy

  106. Bob, I’m gonna guess a dollah. Oh wait I mean One. One Photo.

  107. You only bought one box of Pocky?!?! Wow. I must say that I absolutely admire your restraint. I probably would’ve tried to buy every flavor they had.
    And I’m going to guess 31 pictures. Have a great rest of the trip!

  108. Kristina says:

    My guess is 321.
    Missing you and your regular blogging. *sigh* Have a wonderful rest of your vacation!

  109. I’m a photographer, I know how many digital pictures I take on trips…. so I’m going to guess 1601. (I’ve taken more than that in 4 days in Vegas…!)

  110. You will take 234 pictures.
    Have a wonderful vacation!

  111. My guess is 102 (I don’t think it’s taken yet?)

  112. Hmmmm…I’m going to say 99. And have fun, no matter how many you take!

  113. A hundred and one! Have a great time!

  114. I am going to go with 67. Have a great time!

  115. Yay, you’re in my neck of the woods! It’s a great place to vacation, can’t wait to see your purchases. I’m going to guess 147 pictures.

  116. 27 photos!!
    Have a great time!

  117. I’m guessing 37 photos. Have a great vacation!

  118. 103. Keep enjoying yourself!!

  119. That sounds like a wonderful vacation so far, and I’m jealous! I hope that the rest of it is just as enjoyable for you…My pictures guess is 203…

  120. 29, but I was really tempted to put 0! 🙂

  121. Looks like you’re haviong a great time! And I’ll guess 45 pictures!

  122. Guessing 1280 pictures. Know you’ll be having sooo-ooo-ooo much fun!

  123. 179
    number just popped in my head and i’m going with it.

  124. I guess.. 3!

  125. I was going to guess 666 because I love that number and all it’s hype. I mean it’s only a number, right? Then I thought, no, wait, you’re on vacation. And so my guess is you’ll take 69 pictures.

  126. 237. why? who knows.

  127. Hope you’re having fun in our wonderful (extended) bay area! I’m gonna guess 50 pictures.

  128. I guese 254. Sounds like you’re having a great time!

  129. 48

  130. I’ll guess… 263 pictures.
    Hope you’re having an awesome vacation!

  131. Hmmm, I’m going to say 122. Your vacation sounds lovely. Can’t wait to see the pictures, regardless of how many there end up being.

  132. i’ll guess 62

  133. 15 – one for each dollar you won…

  134. Margaret says:

    I’m guessing 137

  135. Such a beautiful area of the country…I’ll guess 301 pictures.

  136. I guess 79, since my original guess of 78 has been taken, twice!

  137. PICAdrienne says:

    151 pictures.
    Have fun, and looking forward to hearing from you next week.

  138. Mary Beth says:

    52 photos!

  139. 872
    I’ve always wanted to go to on a yarn crawl when in Northern California. Have fun. 🙂

  140. 42. And isn’t Artfibers fantastic? Man, I could have spent days there just fondling the swatches.

  141. 138. punk rawk!

  142. 15 pictures. Hope you are having a great time!!

  143. 437.
    Sounds like a fabulous time! Go Cara!

  144. 68.
    Snap a picture of that t-shirt & I’ll start crying. I love that little monkey & the Man with the Yellow hat.

  145. Vacations are so much fun! Thanks for taking us along 😉
    My guess is 136.

  146. ok, my guess is 168.. no clue why that came to my mind…
    Sounds like afun trip. COOKIE A.. cool!

  147. My guess is 72. Can’t wait to see the pictures!! Have a great time!!

  148. I will guess 99 pictures. Glad to hear you are having a great time!

  149. 276 – don’t why – it’s just a guess. Sounds like you’re REALLY vacationing and you do it (like everything else) so well!!

  150. I’ll guess 120. Hope you’re having fun on vacation!

  151. The numbers are quite entertaining….as for the photo numbers…..183, the same number I took on my recent vacation.

  152. I hope you find plenty of photo-worthy sights to see — I’m guessing 43 photos come home with you.

  153. 725!

  154. I guess 27. Glad to see you’re having a great time!

  155. 177
    Have fun!

  156. Hopefully we’re talking some digital here, unless you’re developing your own! Sorry, don’t know the answer to that one…I’m a completely “hooked” January One newbie, having discovered your site just yesterday. That being said, 432!! Love you some San Fran for me…I haven’t been in a decade.

  157. I know that when my camera finally comes out, I go nuts with it.

  158. I guess… 85!… have fun!!

  159. Hmmm I took about 550 on my last vacation and I’m not a photographer. So I’ll go with 753 for you.
    Have a great time!

  160. Tiffanie says:

    I wish for 777 photos and more happy, yarny, knitty good luck with your travel adventures in CA from this former-NJ now-California knitter who loves the monkey socks. I’m naming my first pair GEORGE!

  161. Melissa says:

    I’ll say 216 pictures–have a great rest of your trip, Cara!

  162. 187 pictures. Sounds like a wonderful vacation! I’ve been knitting my first pair of Monkey socks and been thinking about how every single word you’ve said about them is true, true, true!

  163. I was going to calculate the odds in honor of the craps win but I’m lazy. So I’m guessing here…5.

  164. 4

  165. I’m going to saaaaay……72

  166. 281
    I’m glad you’re enjoyed our beautiful Bay Area! Have a great vacation!

  167. Well, I’ll guess…. 74!

  168. 153. I’m actually hoping you will take LOTs more than that as I love seeing your photographs…

  169. 124. Wooo! Have fun!

  170. cassidy says:

    i am guessing 115!
    have a great vacation. cassidy

  171. Im gonna say….72 photos

  172. I guess that you’ll take 1442 photos.
    That’s how many I took on my last holiday and you’re a much better photographer than I am so you’ll probably want to take fewer photos as finished pieces but take a whole bunch of each composition to make sure you get a great shot.
    Plus I just like the numbers 14 and 42.

  173. I’m going to guess 127 – have fun!

  174. Josiane says:

    Ok, according to my calculations based on a formula involving all the numbers provided in your post, I’ll go with 386 (rounding down the final result of 386.6 in order not to go over!). That being said, take that camera out only if it’s going to be fun for you! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  175. Annette Fettig says:

    636 pictures. Yup, that sounds like a good number.

  176. Anita May says:

    I say…….31

  177. I usually take quite a few, but seeing that you love taking pics, I’ll go 207. 🙂

  178. I’m gonna guess 30. It’s all the prevalence of 3s.

  179. I’m guessing…37 photos.
    and um, **nervous** was that you at the Berkeley/Oakland WWKIP Day on Saturday? I wasn’t sure and I didn’t want to be an obnoxious blogger fan but o.m.g. i thought you looked familiar but i wasn’t sure from where and i remembered you said you were going on vacation but… okay. i’m going to stop blabbering now.
    thanks for coming out and kip-ing with us in Berkeley! :o) ek.

  180. i vote 11 photos, because that’s about how many i usually manage to take in one “shoot” (ie, moment that i suddenly remember that i haven’t taken ANY, CRAP!)
    99 in sacto? noooooooo i am driving up there today. booooooo!

  181. I’ll guess 23.

  182. I’m delurking to guess 39.

  183. Hi Cara… glad you’re having a fun vacation. I’m putting in my guess for number of photos:

  184. What a perfect sounding vacation… I vote 564 photos.

  185. So glad you’re enjoying yourself while you’re in my neck of the woods. Makes me dream about a vacation of my own, as soon as I figure out where I want to go. Since Lake Tahoe is gorgeous, you have to take some pictures. I’m hoping that you’re having more than 0! With a digital, you have a digital, right? I’m going to guess 241 pictures.

  186. i guess 17 pictures. i always bring my camera, and end up taking hardly any pics, so i’m hoping you’re like me! have a great time 🙂

  187. 144. Sounds like a great trip!

  188. I’m gona say that just for the sake of saying you DID take photos, you’ll pop a camera out and take 1

  189. I’m guessing you’ll take 82 photos! Have fun in CA – I know all of those places. Well, I’ve only been to ArtFibers for the yarn shops, but I know of the others.

  190. 29
    Seems like a good number.

  191. Melissa says:

    My guess was 31, but someone else already guessed that amount; so, I’ll guess 30.

  192. I’m guessing 362. In spite of the slow start.

  193. I’m not even going to look and see if anyone else has guessed my guess, there are just too many. I guess 65.

  194. hmm, my guess is that the last day you will go snap happy – I say about 32

  195. 126! Have fun!

  196. Barbara A.M. says:

    have a great vacation – my guess is 239 photos.

  197. It’s always cool to see kooky little Berekeley (my current home) get mentioned in the blogs! I hope you are enjoying california!

  198. 24!
    Sounds like fun. I love SF. I was hoping to get there for my birthday in October, but we’re doing so much other travel between now and then, I think I might just wanna stay home!

  199. Ooh, tough guess….considering you’re at 0 right now…I’m going with 16.

  200. I’m going to say 64. Have fun!!

  201. Ahh, the Bay Area! I wanna be there! 🙂
    Glad to hear that you are having fun, Cara girl! I guess 432.

  202. 256

  203. Samantha says:

    Hope you are having a great vacation – my guess is 186

  204. samantha says:

    ummm….. 35.

  205. Enjoy! 24 pictures

  206. 15

  207. 16

  208. Sounds like you are having a great time. If you are ever in the Los Angeles area let me know.
    My guess is 365.

  209. I think you’ll start working the camera eventually. Let’s say 366!

  210. Dang, 78 is taken. 77.

  211. 128 is my guess.

  212. I say 143. Have Fun!

  213. i was going to look through and make sure i didn’t guess a number that someone else has already guessed, but there are way too many comments for that…so my guess is…162

  214. Woo Hoo! Another contest?! You’re too much:) Hope I’m not, my guess is: 267

  215. sounds like you’re having fun! I guess 35 pictures.

  216. 101-keep having fun (totally intentional)

  217. I was going to say 30 – but that was already taken. So, umm. I’ll say 309.

  218. i’m guessing 100

  219. 81
    Keep rockin your vacay!

  220. 61?

  221. Sounds like a wonderful time! My guess is 47. I hope you continue to enjoy yourself!

  222. I guess 167. 🙂 Have fun and start shooting.

  223. 568 pics?

  224. I’m going to guess low…. 25.
    have fun on the remainder of your vacation!

  225. 120, a seriously cool number.

  226. 81 pictures.
    Have a great time!

  227. Try JimmyBeans in Truckee (at the train station) and loopy at the village at northstar if you’re vacationing on the north side of Tahoe.

  228. 241 – Just a wild guess. My trip to California isn’t until August. Have fun.

  229. I’ll go with 127. Sounds like a great trip!

  230. My guess is 76. Enjoy the rest of the trip!!

  231. I’m guessing 71 🙂
    hope the vacation was fantastic!

  232. I guess 67 🙂

  233. carolyn m says:

    it’s like guessing the weight of a halloween pumpkin! hmmm……123.

  234. 145

  235. I can’t decide between 98, which popped into my head, or 629 because it’s my birthdate…
    Just have fun!

  236. I’m going with 109… just ’cause.

  237. 58 – my current age …

  238. I’m going to guess 97, because that was always my favorite test score. Why not a 100? Because then you become an overachiever.

  239. My guess is 82.
    I’m so glad you posted from the road! I swear, I was having january one withdrawls! Have a great rest of your vacation!

  240. I’m guessing 49. Way to go on the craps!

  241. Sounds like lotsa fun! 🙂 I’m going to guess 523, you can never take too many pics. And with a digital camera, it is way too easy to take every one that will fit on your memory card 🙂

  242. Lee-Fay says:

    321. Have a fun holiday!

  243. Cassandra says:

    I’ll go with 77 – the year I was born…

  244. Hope you are having fun on vacation!
    I think that you will take 112 pictures. So, if you could please take 112 pictures so I can win, that would be awesome. 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  245. 17 pictures

  246. What timing! Article Pract’s got their big sale going on.
    And I’m going to guess 24 pics. Simply ’cause I like the number.
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  247. jeannette says:


  248. I hope you take 422 pictures on your vacation!!!

  249. I’m going to guess about 134 photos. Have a great rest of vacation!
    I finished one monkey sock after being inspired by you. It moves very fast! LOVE the pattern.

  250. Ummm…I’m going to guess 122. Can’t wait to see them!

  251. Elizabeth says:

    I too have let your monkey socks inspire me and I love mine! Thanks for the great idea.

  252. i am thinking 105 pictures to be taken while you are on vacation!

  253. i’m going to say 134… you’ll get bored and want to take some pictures at some point! 😀 have fun for all of us! 😀

  254. 595?

  255. My guess will be 33. Have a great vacation!

  256. 84

  257. Briana! says:

    Briana says one hundred and seventy seven. 177. That is my guess.

  258. 39
    just a guess…..

  259. my guess is 311 pictures (hopefully no one guessed that already…that’s a long list of guesses to get through!). Hope you are having fun in CA.

  260. 447? Heck knows, just so glad you are having a great time.

  261. 103.
    I am happy to hear that you are enjoying yourself.

  262. How about 23?

  263. 83. eighty-three. An 8 and a 3. Both lovely round numbers.
    Yes, I’m odd… and so is 83. :^)

  264. 164

  265. I hope the press is the green tea pocky. and I hope I win. 237 photos.

  266. Prize, not press. I’m an idiot.

  267. 156 would be my guess! Good to know you had fun 🙂

  268. Enjoy your vacation! did you like the green tea pocky, I’m not that fond of it and I’ve got a couple of boxes…
    I guess 624!

  269. What a great post!!
    I suppose I better guess too eh? Um… 159.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip – and many more yarn stores 🙂

  270. Oh for pete’s sake. Forgive me for not scanning to see if this number is already taken, but I’m going with 214.
    You and Curious George keep on rocking! Happy vacation!

  271. I’m going to guess 37.
    Here’s to hoping that the rest of your vacation is fabulous!
    p.s. I just picked up some STR in Watermelon Tourmaline today after seeing your latest monkey sock. Thanks for the early-summer-sock inspiration!

  272. I’ll guess 191 — have fun!

  273. I’m going to guess 116 pictures, cuz it’s my oldest daughters birthdate and I couldn’t think of anything more original!

  274. Hey, you were right in my ‘hood, visiting my 2 favr LYSs!! How did you like Artfibers? I have to limit my visits to keep from bankrupting myself….

  275. Rachael says:

    I adore your blog.
    I’ll guess 203
    I started a pair of monkey socks. You’re my inspiration.
    I doubt I’ll win but we’ll see.

  276. I’ll say 56.

  277. My guess is 467. Enjoy your time in Northern CA.
    Northside Knitter
    San Jose, CA

  278. I guess…63. Have a great time. I wish I could go to Japan town again.

  279. 122

  280. This is a really fun guessing contest. Hmmm, I love taking tons of pics so I’m gonna guess 375. Hope your are have a lot of fun and enjoying the amazing surroundings. 🙂

  281. My guess is 25. Hope you enjoy your vacation. Sure sounds like your having fun.

  282. Meg McG says:


  283. I guess 52. Sounds like you are having a great vacation!!

  284. Loretta says:


  285. Linda B. says:

    Vaca photos? I’ll say 129. Sounds like a knitters PERFECT vacation.
    Glad you are having so much fun!

  286. 114. That is a lot, by my standards!

  287. Annette says:

    It ‘just came to me’ 17!
    Keep having fun!

  288. 452 🙂
    I can take 400 picture easily if on vacation… hehe

  289. I think you will take 184 pictures! Have a great vacation!

  290. If you’re anything like my husband when he takes photos, you’ll easily make up for lost time once you do crack out the camera again! My guess, 244.

  291. 52?
    Have fun!

  292. 318, but you better get started.

  293. Hmmmm… I can shoot 200 photos if there is a good sunset… and you’re in California, God’s country. Except it really depends where you are and you kept that a secret, except you said No.CA. So, I say 777.
    On a side note, I’ve never knitted socks, and since you are the sock queen, I was wondering if you might suggest a pattern that is easy enough to understand, and gives a good foundation for foundation and structure. I’d like to try one and see what all the fuss is about!
    Enjoy your travels!

  294. Let me see………….64.

  295. 672 😀

  296. Kate Finn says:

    369! Let’s try that one. 😀

  297. 85 is my guess. Have fun can’t wait to see some of the 82 (subliminal messaging alert) pictures.

  298. Yeesh. I’m gonna go with 48.

  299. Um, 13?

  300. With that much yarn and fun going on, I’m guessing 459. 🙂

  301. I’ll guess 43.

  302. I’m going to guess 429 pictures

  303. Charlene says:

    My guess for pictures taken is 470

  304. Diana Wessel says:

    15 pictures is my guess…have fun

  305. Hmm, 138?

  306. 353…is the number swirling in my head and no one so far has put their faith in it…i’m sticking with it!

  307. As a SF Bay Area resident I can assure you there are more than 3 yarn shops here! Have a great time, and I’m guessing 98 pictures.

  308. I’m guessing it’ll be 27. I’m hoping that it’s that few because you’re having so much fun!

  309. I am going to guess lucky number 7. I hope you are having way too much fun to remember to take pictures.

  310. Welcome to the Bay Area!
    Seeing as how I’m not entirely sure how long your vacation is, and the camera crap is probably taunting you, I’m going to guess:
    209 picts.
    Hope you had fun at our local shops, doncha just love the snow on those mountains still, over there in Tahoe ~neat.

  311. 137

  312. I think you are going to get your groove on, and take 133 pictures. Seriously. You’ve gotta take some Tahoe pix.

  313. 629 – please let it be me 😉

  314. 150 — first comment, possibility of a prize lured me out of hiding. Enjoy your vacation and your picture-taking!

  315. margaret says:


  316. 163…how many 1GB cards do you have?
    Huh, thought I was reading Harper’s Index.

  317. 162
    I’m so jealous that you’re in Cali! 🙂

  318. Am I just being totally ridiculous in saying 1,000??

  319. OMG, People do love a contest, especially knitters. How about 137 photos? I would take that many in such a lovely place, but…you’ve been dragging your feet if you haven’t taken any yet. Your photos are so beautiful!

  320. 174 photos? I think you’ll bring it in on the home stretch.

  321. Well, I was gonna say 666 ’cause I’m evil that way. But I realized that was just stupid so I’ll go with 110. No real reason.

  322. How about 222?

  323. 92

  324. 24 photos–reminiscent of the days of film.

  325. 118 pictures

  326. Girl, you sure do love the contests! 115. Have fun!

  327. 133 pictures

  328. UCFknitGirl says:

    20 pictures!

  329. 44? Always tough – you’ve led us to believe you aren’t taking pictures, what with the zero so far. I’ve never been lucky at guessing games!

  330. How fun! So jealous! My guess is 309.

  331. 33 and 1/3.
    Happy Vacationing…I will live vicariously through you. Memories of Lake Tahoe living, sniff…

  332. Seems like 3 is your vacation number, so I guess 333. Funny T-shirt – totally priceless.

  333. 323! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  334. I’m going to say 569. hope your vacation is spacular ask you make it sound!!

  335. 17 is my quess. After so many comments, I am not sure if anyone else has chosen that number. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time!

  336. Amanda in GA says:

    throwing my hat in the ring with a guess of 47

  337. 42
    It’s the answer to the ulitmate question of life, the univers, and everything.
    Have fun on vacation!

  338. i think i might be delurking?
    91 photos
    hope the trip was great 🙂

  339. Margaret says:

    I say 67!

  340. My guess is 136. No idea why. Have fun on your vacation!

  341. 555 pics?

  342. 217 pics? Only because you haven’t taken any yet as of the post, otherwise, that would seem WAY low.

  343. Cynthia A says:

    I’m guessing 141. Sounds like you have had a great time!

  344. Holy shit. Are you sure you don’t want to add a little HAIKU to this contest?
    ; )
    Love you. Hope you’re having FUN!!!

  345. 117…have fun!!

  346. 312. How will you ever read all of these? The most comments I’ve ever gotten is 3 I think…and boy was I excited!

  347. Hope you’re having a great vacation!
    My guess is 108.

  348. That bag is gorgeous!
    My guess? 547 pictures.