Have you seen this? To quote:

We Feel Your Pain

We’re not going to beat around the bush about this. Bloglines performance has sucked eggs lately. [emphasis mine] Why? In short, Bloglines has been busting at the seams like the Incredible Hulk.

All of us here at Bloglines have been foregoing sleep and social lives over the past several months to keep Bloglines running and preparing for our move to a new access center (with bigger britches and a very elastic waistline).

So hang tight because there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The move will happen soon; we’ll keep you posted.

– The Bloglines Team Wed, 15 Dec 2005 7:00:00 PST”

There’s a scheduled outage for tomorrow. The timeline is in the link above. What do you think? I’m all for companies stepping up when things go bad – I mean, nothing is perfect and shit happens. For pete’s sakes – it’s FREE, so how much can we really expect? I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and crossing my fingers things will improve. I’ll also be blogging way early tomorrow, even though I doubt an update will come. 😉


  1. Don’t worry, Cara! People in the know ditched Bloglines a long time ago and will see your update without a problem 😉 :).

  2. Yeah, I hear Newsgater (sp?) is where it’s at these days….

  3. If people keep leaving Bloglines at the rate I think they’ve been, they’re not going to need to make that move ;o)

  4. I guess there are so many knit bloggers out there that we have caused Typepad and Bloglines to expand beyond their limitations. At least they are both doing what they can to fix things.

  5. You have to admire a company that can admit they suck. I posted this morning. We’ll see how long it takes for bloglines to pick it up this time. I’ve been avoiding migrating to Newsgator because I’m lazy, I suppose. I’m just hoping bloglines will get their act together so we can all live in harmony again, lol.

  6. I’ve been using Bloglines in parallel with Newsgator for the past week, and I can’t say Newsgator is any better. Bloglines will get some feeds before newsgator does, and vice versa. I also have some issues with certain pieces of Newsgator’s interface – just way to clunky in my book. I hope the Bloglines move eases some of their issues, because I like it the best for sure.

  7. Well, you’re right about that update; it’s 10:15 am ET and your Sunday post is still on Bloglines…

  8. i’m happy for bloglines! overgrowing your hosting and then having to migrate to a new provider is probably one of THE most STRESSFUL things that anyone in IT can do. it’s probably been in the works for them to move for months now because it seriously takes that long to get a contingency plan together, back everything up and still stay in service. i feel their pain as much as they feel mine. i’m glad that i haven’t given up on them yet.