Welcome to Yarnival!, Eve’s spectacular creation. This is Issue 11 and and it’s just the prefect summer reading! I hope you enjoy the issue. Thanks everyone for your submissions. This is my second chance at editing, and it hasn’t gotten any easier choosing submissions. If you like it, love it, can’t live without it, please consider submitting to the next issue, which will be edited by Kelp!. This is a GREAT resource in finding new patterns, new techniques and new ideas and most definitely, new knitting blogs. Even if you don’t get into one issue of Yarnival!, try, try again! Everyone is welcome and every issue is different – you might be the perfect fit for the next one! Let’s get started!

I’m warning you now – you might want to get the tissues out for the first two. “Knit on…through all crises,” Elizabeth Zimmermann said and that applies to saving your own life, and the lives of others. Gina gives her account of what knitting can do to help people in “Hokie Healing.” Gina’s yarn shop, Mosaic Yarn Shop, located in Blacksburg, VA, the home of Virginia Tech, put out the call for blanket squares in the wake of the awful tragedy that occurred on the campus earlier this year. “Hokie Healing” is about giving back to a community that lost so much. Kim tells yet another story of knitting healing a heart – this time her own. It’s heartbreaking, but uplifting and it shows the power of knitting, especially when it comes to the heart and soul.

Who taught you to knit? For many of us, it was a beloved older relative. And even if they didn’t knit or they didn’t teach us themselves, their own crafty pursuits often leave a lasting legacy long after they’re gone. Ruth gives us “Love Letters,” a moving tale of the grandmother whose knits shaped Ruth’s life. Christine tells the story of href=”http://threedogknits.blogspot.com/2007/05/great-great-grandmother-daughertys.html” target=”_blank”>”(Great-Great) Grandmother Daugherty’s Quilt” and how her own crafty history is intertwined within its borders.

Sarah provides a different kind of history lesson with href=”http://shaxophile.blogspot.com/2007/05/homefront-meets-battlefront.html” target=”_blank”>”Homefront meets battlefront.” Sarah embarked on a school project that wove history and knitting, war and the people left behind.

Last but not least, all together now: She knit the whole world, with her hands, she knit the whole world, with her hands! Chicago artist Lindsay Obermeyer is one of the contributors to a public works exhibition on display in Chicago this summer entitled href=” http://www.coolglobes.com/globe.htm?page=ajaxfiles/globe_20.htm” target=”_blank”> Cool Globes. Lindsay undertook to paint and design a globe, then knit it a cover! Her unique vision and how it came to be should be read. Follow these blog links to read all about it: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11.

Who doesn’t love a free pattern? This month we’ve got two!
Gracielou has taken a love of video games and a love of blankets to give us Tetris! High score wins more yarn! And Nicole has given us a sock pattern designed to bring out our best Dolly Parton! Working 9-5, what a way to knit a so-ock! Her 9-5 sock pattern is free and gorgeous-no work necessary! Thank you both so much!

How to do a tubular cast-on, Italian style by Francesca. (Italians do it without waste!)

How to do a toe-up sock gusset by Maia.

How to do a half-graft hem by Julie.

How to choose a spinning wheel by Abby.

How to crochet cast-on by KarenJo.

How to purl like a Norwegian by Cheryl.

This might just be the cutest freaking dinosaur I’ve ever seen! Leigh presents Stegalicious!

Monique’s gorgeous butterfly has her place in the sun!

Mandy still might not be a shawl person, but her Leaf Lace is fantastic! And look at her eyes! Great self-portrait!

Baby knits are everywhere! Vicki’s trying to blow up my ovaries with her href=”http://knitorious.typepad.com/knitorious/2007/07/its-thyme-for-a.html” target=”_blank”>baby surprise jacket and Nova? Well, there’s just no defense for target=_blank>a baby
that cute
! The trellis sweater ain’t bad either!

Socks, socks, SOCKS! Tinky gives us some sockapalooza socks from start to finish. Kelp has her own take on the sockapalooza swap – Ironstone socks – her own creation to boot! Lastly, Tiennie just about kills me with the matching socks she made her daughters – look at those sweet little feet!

Helen tries to put her best foot forward. What’s your favorite sock pose?

Dr. B tells the cautionary tale of asking a friend to bring home souvenir yarn. Then she asks the age old question: can you have too much?

Disaster, yarn and poetry – perfect together! Karen shares her Dance of the Stitches and Donyale her Ode to My Clapotis.

No, she’s not making soup! Anne’s knitting mittens! With lima beans. Check it out.

It doesn’t get any more hardcore than Christina! Now that’s some rockstar knitting!

As Heather learned the hard way, NEVER GO THROUGH YOUR PARENT’S DRAWERS! Ew! And yet, cool folks!

We all know that knitting lace can cause brain contortions, but Janet says it’s more like meditation. I can’t do downward dog, how am I going to assume the Lace position?

I’m doing it! I’m bringing back the Yarnival HUNK! This month’s pick is Alyson’s husband Travis! Check out her man and his sock.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this issue of Yarnival! And remember, when you visit, it’s nice to leave a comment letting folks know you’ve been there. Some of the blogs listed today have had barely a comment. Let them know how it good it feels! One more thing – don’t forget to SUBMIT to next month’s Yarnival! And if you’re interested in editing a future edition of Yarnival!, head over to Eve’s and let her know. THANK YOU and HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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