Two Little Monkeys

Jumping on the bed!
One fell off and bumped his head.
Mama called the doctor and the doctor said,

The monkey thing never gets old, does it?

Just this morning I finished my STR Dutch Canyon (Lightweight) Monkey Socks and I love them! So much so I’m casting on another pair this afternoon – using Margene’s FAB mod – the picot edge! Truly the new jaywalker has been born. I’m taking a chance with the new pair and going with the old put up – 325 yds – so we’ll see how I do.

(Oh yeah – and to all the people that questioned the validity of a DUTCH Canyon since Holland doesn’t seem to have any, Dutch Canyon is an area in Oregon near to Blue Moon Fiber Arts headquarters. I’ve got an answer for everything!)

In the meantime, a baby or a book?! That’s the best you could come up with it? Where’s your sense of adventure? Your sense of imagination? Mad props to those of you who thought things like – creative director of Red Heart – what was it? Acrylic Czar? HAHAHAHAHA! And especially to Kathy – she thought I might be taking over for Rosie at the View. Not on your life, my friend. Not on your life.

You’ll all just have to have a bit of patience. All will be revealed in time. Including what to do with miles of acrylic. I couldn’t get it together for today, so you’ll have to wait for Tuesday. I hope I don’t disappoint.

Have a great weekend everyone! Long or otherwise!


  1. Great, now I am going to have monkeys on the bed, on the brain ALL DAY. Cannot tell you how many times I have read that book! I may just have to cast on for a pair of these. As always, your knitting is beautiful.

  2. i LOVE those socks! i haven’t yet knit a pair of socks, but you are making me want to!!!

  3. Cara, those are T-riff! My son is 2.5, and that’s one of his favorite songs right now!
    I dunno, I am planning on making mermaid sox for my sockapal, but maybe monkeys will be sox for me!

  4. I simply HAVE to cast on for these socks. I wonder how well sailing and knitting go together? I might have to find out since I’m on a boat for 3 days starting tomorrow and I don’t think I can wait that long to start these socks…

  5. monkey rhymes, jokes stories can never get old! as for your “secret” I just hope it involves a whole lot of monkeeying around… see, there, i just did it.

  6. “Just” a baby or a book? But that’s what knitters do, after all. 🙂

  7. Yeah I Googled Dutch Canyon b/c I was so perplexed by such a thing. We live below sea level here in Holland. Maybe the whole country is a canyon of Germany and Belgium. Still you have to wonder why anyone would be in Oregon, gazing out over beautiful mountains and valleys and thinking about pancake, flat Holland. 😉
    As for your surprise, tell me you seamed the miter blanket. I’d need juju to get through that.

  8. Love the Monkeys, it’s a fabulous pattern, and the STR is great with it! And my guess: you recently won a game show, and you can’t wait to tell us when it will air.

  9. Photography gig – taking pictures of Morrocans knitting socks for Afghani children.
    Research gig – underwater sock knitting.
    Science gig – knitting in no-gravity
    Science gig – does a knitter adjust more quickly to knitting without gravity if they are listening to Bruce Springsteen?

  10. The Monkey Socks look fabulous in this color. I smell a new obsession.

  11. Very pretty! I need to make this pattern 🙂

  12. You are planning a Christo-type project in which you weave an acrylic web over all of northern New Jersey. Sheesh, am I the only one who guessed it?

  13. Imagination? I have no imagination.
    Ok, I’ll be patient and wait to see what is in store. Keep the color coming to tide me over.

  14. My guess is that it has to do with photography and a book but not necessarily writing said book. But I am being patient as instructed (which is against my nature, by the way).

  15. Lovely socks. OK, in addition to the standard two I did suggest running for president, but since I really shouldn’t wish that on you I guess I’ll have to come up with some better ones…
    1) you are Rudy Giuliani’s new official photographer
    2) there will be a major exhibit of your pix at the Guggenheim (including some of Rudy that he doesn’t know you took)
    3) a new sculpture based on, or possibly built out of, your miters is being installed in Central Park
    4) you are the new art director for Better Homes and Gardens and/or Playboy
    5) you are moving to Wyoming and opening a llama ranch
    6) you are moving to Paris and opening a chocolaterie (can I come?)
    7) you need to get moving and take your trash to the dump… oops, sorry, that one’s me.
    (I am just having fun here, as you know, and don’t expect any of these to be in spitting distance of being right. Except maybe 5, spitting distance, heh. OK, OK, going.)

  16. Pretty little monkeys!
    You have a great weekend too, Cara.

  17. LOVE the socks. The art of sock knitting has not become a skill set of mine, although the pressure is mounting.
    Well, if it’s not replacing Rosie, then I’ll try option #2. Your are flying to the West Coast to teach Paris Hilton how to “mitre” away her days in jail. Very civic minded of you.

  18. Hope there’s room on the Monkey bandwagon for me! Your gorgeous socks have convinced me it’s time to jump on.

  19. Hooray for finished Monkeys! And who knew you could make me fall in love with crocheted acrylic squares? Seriously, it is brilliant!

  20. Wait, wait–You’re being profiled in Psychology Today as a case study of Craft-OCD! (Bless your heart for opening up to help others in need…)

  21. PICAdrienne says:

    I have to admit, with a little more thought applied, I am thinking something to do with your photography. Now, is it a big job, or a small gallery show. I am not thinking museum, more small, unique gallery. Your very lovely photography would work well in a show like that. Or…someone has hired you to take photographs of knitting. We have all seen your wonderful work, now someone is going to pay you for knitting still lifes.
    (Or you are knitting Monkeys for monkeys?)

  22. Beautiful!!!

  23. One of my favorite rhymes! And another beautiful pair! I’m not even guessing what’s coming. I know better, you’re way too original. Happy weekend!

  24. Adventure….. hmm…. a big move for a fabulous new career? New editor of Vogue Knitting?
    Wait, we weren’t supposed to speculate, were we?

  25. Actually, you’d be the Acrylic Czarina. 😉

  26. Forgot to say: Lovely socks! Looks like the Monkey’s jumped from Cookie’s back to yours. 🙂

  27. Hey there, your Monkeys look awesome!
    Whatever it is that you’ve got brewing there, I’m looking forward to it and thinking good thoughts about it.

  28. Eunny has recruited you to do ALL the photography for her first edition of IK!!
    Have a fab weekend. I’m staffing a Master Gardener booth at an Herb Festival tomorrow so I plan to knit some socks while I’m sittin- MAYBE I’ll start some MONKEY SOCKS – or perchance I’ll work on my first Rockin’ Sock club pair that I haven’t finished yet!!

  29. Those are awesome. I’ve just started my first Monkey sock and have been thinking of you as I watch this beautiful pattern grow. Thanks for the link to Margene’s picot edge Monkeys – I’m going to have to try that.

  30. Love the new socks. Makes me want to join the monkey bandwagon!

  31. OK, since you said we’re allowed to guess, I’m going to take a stab at it:
    You’ve got a fabulous photography gig for Interweave Knits or NYT Magazine
    I’m probably not the first to guess that…anyway, good luck with whatever it is!

  32. Love, love LOVE your Monkey socks! I can’t wait until mine are done, I’m on the heel flap of sock 2. Woo!!

  33. Ok, I must know; what size needles did you use and how many stitches cast on Cara? Your STR looks fab but mine (also lightweight, in G-Rocks) pooled in a most unpleasant fashion *sob*. I am finishing up my second Monkey’s at the mo, and definitely have more planned…

  34. I think you get credit for single-handedly starting a Monkey sock revolution. Dang.

  35. I think you get credit for single-handedly starting a Monkey sock revolution. Dang.

  36. We sing that monkey song several times a day! 🙂 *Love* the socks. I’m guessing something to do with your photography, but I can’t imagine what.

  37. Christine says:

    You have beautiful notecards. I have a suggestion: Contact Wild and Wooly, a yarn shop in Lexington, MA.
    Here’s a blurb from their latest newsletter:
    The Stationery Show, while not as huge as in past years, still yielded some exciting new lines of notecards which will arrive over the summer…the creativity and imagination of the artists continue to inspire and
    delight — one group derives its Muse from the Odyssey, while another depends on felting… another benefits the children of Rwanda, who make the cards themselves in order to fund a badly needed new school…. too many more to describe…
    Wild & Woolly Studio
    7A Meriam Street
    Lexington, Ma 02420
    781 861 7717
    Hours: Monday-Friday10-5:30; Saturday 10-5;

  38. I just love those socks and the yarn you chose is such a great compliment to them. Nice work!

  39. There is no amount of crochet to touch your beautiful and amazing sock knitting.
    I, too, want to join the monkey pod.

  40. I started my Cabin Cove Summer Campe Monkey Socks yesterday. What a fun pattern! This it the first time I’ve knitted the same pattern as a bunch of people at the same time. (nope,no Jaywalkers in my sock drawer)

  41. Ooooh. Those are beautiful in that colorway!

  42. OMG – those are GORGEOUS! I love the colorway and the pattern shows it off beautifully. I’m just making my first pair of Jaywalkers and I haven’t used the lovely STR you sent me, so Monkey may be down the road a bit. Sigh.

  43. A baby or a book never occurred to me – ever since the miter project, I’ve just had an intuition that your inner artist is ready to break out in a big way. A gallery exhibit? Admission to an MFA program for either photography or fiber art (or a combination)? I dunno – something artsy is my guess! Although you would make a great creative director for a fiber-related business!

  44. Lovely Monkeys.
    You have become the new editor of Crochet Today. 🙂

  45. Man, everyone is loving the Monkey Socks. Maybe I need to make a pair…they sure are cute!

  46. I love the monkey socks too. Made a couple of pairs a few months ago and then started again on the weekend after seeing how good yours look. I think they are close to the perfect pattern, for me.

  47. That is a gorgeous colourway!! I love the monkey pattern. (I just finished one myself!)

  48. Love those socks. Now I have monkey song in my head.

  49. Meg McG says:

    Well, my intital guess is that you’re doing a shoot for the new MDK book. That would be awesome. But if it’s not a book, then I’m going to guess that you’re buying a new house.

  50. SO, you know my life is crazy when my SISTER, who is not a knitter, tells me you some crazy secret thing that is happening to you that you can’t tell us! Congrats and hope all is well!
    I have no guesses. I couldn’t possibly guess. Unless that you will get to photograph someone famous. Or you will be a photographer for IK. Or something. 😉

  51. I love those socks. I have yet to knit a pair but I have the yarn and the desire just not the time but I’m sure going to find the time now cause I want those socks!

  52. I love those socks!

  53. Miles of acrylic, eh? You knit a cozy for your front door! That way you don’t have to paint it and it insulates (marginally) better!

  54. Thank you for the birthday wishes, and I can’t wait to hear the big secret! The monkeys look great–I think I have even BEEN to Dutch Canyon… Perfect scrubby wildflowery colorway.