The Little Children

Hey Nancy! This is for you!!! 😉

At 18:07:39 PM EDT, I handed back the keys to the minivan to my sister. The kids were a) all alive (I REPEAT – THEY WERE ALL ALIVE!!!!) b) fed (I won’t say well fed unless you consider a steady diet of pasta, butter, pancakes and syrup healthy) and c) happy (well, as happy as they could be now that their favorite aunt was running for the hills with nary a kiss goodbye.)


Honestly – we had a great time! We both miss the kids terribly and have talked about nothing else since we came home (remember when E did that? Remember when C said this? Remember how sweet M was when he helped out with that?) I always miss them when I leave – I love those kids so much it hurts sometimes – but I was weeping as we pulled off their street. I’m sure a lot of it had to do with exhaustion because, man, I have NEVER been so freaking tired in my LIFE. NEVER. EVER. NEVER. Bone crushing. That’s how tired.

Let’s refresh – three kids, 6, 4 and 2. Two childless adults, 37 and 44. Alone. For the weekend. We got down to my sister’s Friday around lunch and my mom, who had the kids the night before, handed off the littlest and said SEE YA! We hung out with E for a bit and then headed off to pick up the big kids from school. All went well – I even made three different dinners for each of the kids – short order cook now on the resume – and they pretty much went to bed without a hitch! Of course, I didn’t sleep for one second the entire first night. The baby co-sleeps with my sister, which means he was co-sleeping with G and I and the poor thing would semi-wake up crying for Mommy and thrashing about then stop suddenly and go back to sleep pretty much every hour. I think my big humongous EMPTY boobs were confusing him. Poor baby. And when he was sleeping, I was listening for the other kids – waiting for them to wake up and come into our room. They didn’t. They slept. Kids 1, Me Comatose.

The next day was Saturday and I told G that this would be our hardest day because we had all three of them for the ENTIRE DAY by OURSELVES. It was overcast and drizzly and not very warm and I told him that WE MUST LEAVE THE HOUSE. I know from experience with my sister that three kids in the house the entire day is a like a death wish for the adults so we all piled into the minivan and headed off to The Franklin Institute. In restrospect, I was probably sleep walking to think we could pull this off and truly it’s a testament to my sister and her husband and what great parents they are because these kids were fantastic. They didn’t whine, they didn’t cry, they didn’t fight, they didn’t run off – all was peaches and cream. We had a great time! And we tired them out! Everyone slept that night. Even me. This was the easiest day by far.

(OH MY GOD! How could I forget!! I gave them all baths on Saturday night. HAIR WASHING AND EVERYTHING! They were so good for me too. No one cried about rinsing out the shampoo! (Not that I’m patting myself on the back or anything. I should also note that I am extremely close with my sister and her kids. Closer than most, I think. ))

Sunday was a challenge – hebrew school by 9AM! Me, alone, with all the kids! Sweatpants under nightgowns and snow boots without socks! Superman pjs with cape! Oh NO! It’s a dog in the parking lot! Everyone in Aunt Cara’s arms! M got there ON TIME and he was dressed in actual clothes AND had breakfast!! Double points for Aunt Cara! Quick! Let’s run home! Time to get dressed for the birthday party and pick up! No! You can’t wear your nightgown snow boot combo! Hair combed! Teeth brushed! WHERE’S THE FREAKING PRESENT?!?! Birthday party pick-up complete! Time to go BACK to hebrew school! Where’s G?! I SAID NOON! Run through the parking lot. There at 12:15 on the dot. M last kid picked up. Teacher says: See, I told you your Aunt wouldn’t forget you! DAMN! Points deducted. Never pick up the kid last. Back home! LUNCH! (Who the hell came up with the three meal a day plan? They should be SHOT!) NAP! (Thank god!!!!) Birthday party girl arrives home! It’s NICE OUT! Let’s GO OUT! PLAYGROUND TIME! (Yes. G and I took all three kids to the playground. No broken bones. No bloody lips. No fistfights. 100 BONUS POINTS!!!) Come home. MORE OUTSIDE! Let’s RIDE BIKES! Helmet won’t fit over super curly hair. Tears. Lots of tears. Aunt Cara says fine. Don’t wear the helmet. But if you fall over and crack your head I WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU! Tricycle breaks. Damn. Let’s go in! DINNER! Pasta and butter AGAIN! Yes. You can watch a show. Turn show on. Do dishes (I did so many dishes!) KIDS ASLEEP!!!! IT’S ONLY 6:30!!! THEY HAVEN’T PEED AND THEY WILL WAKE UP IN THREE HOURS AND BE UP ALL NIGHT!!! You have no points left. YOU LOSE. Baby’s about to fall asleep when you realize he hasn’t pooped all weekend. He’s a once a day kind of guy. Shit. LITERALLY! Change diaper THREE TIMES in 45 minutes. Big kids still sleeping. Baby finally asleep. Big kids wake up. Okay. Let’s watch that movie you promised. Sorry, honey, it’s too late. BUT YOU PROMISED!!! Kids are all in various beds – some of them their own – most of them not. OTHER sister shows up sometime in the middle of the night. Don’t sleep so well. Hmmmm.

Monday, M had school and I was relieved a bit my other sister. She came down the night before and suprised the kids in the morning by managing to wake before noon. I took M to school (I PACKED A LUNCH! And wrote him a note – my mom always wrote us notes in our lunch bags) and came home to find my sister playing with the other two kids. Took five minutes to clean up the freaking kitchen AGAIN. And straighten up some toys. Sister leaves. Toddler melts down SPECTACULARLY! I made sure he couldn’t hurt himself and let him go at it. Quite impressive. Finally he calmed down and we drove around in the minivan with a movie going for C and hoping the baby would fall asleep. He does, but doesn’t make the transfer from the car to the bed. More melt downs. MY SISTER IS ON THE AIRPLANE HOME! Lots of TV that afternoon as I try to put the house back together. Pick up M from school. Twist ankle on front yard as kids climb through ivy and get stuck. Start crying. Scare kids. Love kids. MOM HOME!!!!

That was my weekend. How was yours?

I’m being sort of funny, but it was quite the weekend. G and I were stressed but we loved it too. We missed each other – I would see him and want to hug and cuddle but there were three kids on the couch between him and me and it was tough. He was a real trooper and the kids and he bonded which makes so happy. My sister and b-i-l got to get away. I proved to myself I’m much tougher than I think I am. We’re all winners!!!!

I even got to knit. A little bit.

Square #6

I started this square right before I left for my sister’s. I finished it this morning. I’ve already started the next one. This square was completely influenced by this post over at Ruth’s. Ruth has been exploring color by taking photographs and breaking them down into their elemental colors. It’s a great idea and I may just follow suit. I’ve got some flower pictures that might need to be broken down. Thanks for the inspiration Ruth!

I wanted to thank you all again for your participation in the discussion on comments and blogs. I’ve seen the topic come up quite a bit around the blogs and everything I’ve seen remains thoughtful and respectful. That’s no small task in this day and age where everything seems to break down to a toddler’s level rather quickly among the adults in this world. I said it first! I said it best! I’m RIGHT! She’s WRONG! It’s NOT FAIR! Honestly, I didn’t see any of that and I thank you so much. I hope we can have more give and take like this real soon. Thanks again for reading.

Up next: More miters! If you’re sick of these, you might want to take a break from reading. That’s about all you’re going to get for a while, I’m afraid. Well, I’m not really afraid because I love them more and more each day, but you might be bored.

PS – I almost forgot! While I was being SUPER AUNT, I also managed to do an interview with Tara for Create A Connection and the Interview Tuesday series. Check out the site – there’s lots of great stuff. Melba‘s done a great job putting it out there. Thanks girls!


  1. “pasta, butter, pancakes and syrup” — yup, you covered all the major childhood food groups.

  2. Honestly, when did you go to the University of Subliminal Hipnotism? First it was that damn Jake Snood, taking over my life and making my kids and husband jealous. Now it’s TC Cotton Classic. The rainbow of possibilities is endless. Am I just a big sucker or what? Glad you had a good weekend but I’m sorry you weren’t able to attend the Represent – your pictures would have been wonderful, I’m sure.

  3. No, not bored yet. This square is lovely. Keep ’em coming.
    About the kids, wow. I give you a whole lot of points for doing any of it!

  4. Ah, yes. That sounds about like the game of Life With Kids…
    Nope, not bored with miters – they’re my color fix for the day!

  5. OMG! I’m exhausted just reading that. Glad you had fun though. 🙂

  6. I just wanted to say hi, and that I am enjoying seeing your progress on the mitered squares. When I first looked through the Mason Dixon book I breezed right by the small projects and the big mitered square blanket just jumped out at me (well, that and the nightie – I keep looking for FOs of that but no luck yet) – but I know it’s not something I’ll be able to put in my queue for a long long while 😉 For now I can just live vicariously.
    I enjoyed reading your comments about the blogging/comments thing, and really had a lot of sympathy since I’m one of those new bloggers who doesn’t get many comments yet. It’s a big ol’ blogosphere out there!

  7. What a weekend! congrats on surviving.
    I’ve been thinking about miters. What do you think it would take to make a blanket out of ONE big miter — one that started with maybe 400-500 stitches cast on to start. Is that insane? (I’ve never mitred anything, but I have this thought in my head and now it won’t go away.)

  8. OK you are right, one of your last posts made me think about, that I read a lot of blogs but rarey give comments. Most of it because I just do not want to write anything just for the writing, on the other hand I so do love getting comments on my blog aswel. So I promised myself to give more comments, as long as I can say something to the belonging post.
    This one made me lough. I have two kids, 1 and 3 and I know the daily chaos that much. I wish I had a sister coming over and taking them for a weekend. I have not been without my kids for over three years now. It made me happy, that it seems I am not the only long time nursing mum who likes/ practice cosleeping.
    I read you want to have kids on you own, so every new Mum is kind of shocked, but if you keep on babysitting for your sister, having only one demanding baby around will be soooo easy 😉
    I like your mites and am excited how it all together will look like.
    Have a nice day and my best wishes from Germany.

  9. I love miters!!! I did a Noro afghan from mitered squares and each one was a fresh amusement. Keep ’em coming!

  10. The above metered squares are definetely my favourite. Your colour combinations are great. Such an artistic eye.

  11. You like me, you really like me:D
    Dude, I’m going to go home put my feet up and watch the stat counter fly as I hear it will.
    Thanks Cara, of course now I’m really going to be spoiled.

  12. I just noticed that the list of recent posts currently reads like this: The Little Children, One Million Possiblities, Best Laid Plans…
    I love those pixel posts of Ruth’s. ; )

  13. never a dull moment when kids are around! My grandma used to say, when I see my grandkids I wave furiously to them with one hand, when they leave, I wave furiously again but with both hands, hehehe.
    I love kids, their energy amazes me–never tired, never a dull moment.

  14. Glad you enjoyed and had a successful weekend with the kids. I still like watching the miters. I know you are having fun with them, but your KH cardi will soon call to you.

  15. I think the recurrent use of CAPITALIZATION really captures the MOOD! It’s the SLEEP DEPRIVATION that REALLY does you in.
    miter miter miter…ah, order and sanity return. Keep em coming. This block is JUICY!

  16. As a co-sleeping mom of 2 little ones, I am overjoyed to hear that you co-slept with the kids. I’m not ready to leave my kids overnight yet, but I hope when I do I can find someone as willing to meet their needs as you were with your sister’s kids.

  17. lordy! i’m exhausted just reading about it! congrats on being a great aunt AND a great sister 🙂

  18. Wait until you babysit when you’re 63!! OMG!
    Everytime I do this, I remember why young women have kids. New muscles every time. The last time I did this way back in Oct, I so clobbered my back that my doctor put me in PT for 2 months, and the third month, the PT folks got me ready for a gym. So I’ve been seriously working out since December, and last week in Minneapols I realized that I’m still not young!
    The 4.5 yr old wore me out. Did you know that there are achy parts between your hip and your thigh? I just found that out. Still, it was lots of fun and I miss the munchkin. Don’t feel sorry for me, however: there are 3 more munchkins in NY waiting for me.
    I own the poor woman’s version of Adobe: Print Shop Pro, and I love Ruth’s idea of breaking down colors, which I can do with PSP. You’re so smart, Cara.
    Pooped, ex-librarian Ruth in No. NJ

  19. Ah, childcare. It’s so exhausting, isn’t it? People say having a kid is like throwing a grenade into your marriage. You can see how now, right? 😉 Glad you had a good time in the end!

  20. Ruth is an inspiration! I love the way she looks at color in the landscape. When we were on the phone this morning I saw an image of all your miters in green! I thought it was a flashback to your blanket. Rest up;-)

  21. Cara, kudos to you. It’s really hard to take care of other people’s kids for days on end. Really. And you had a 2yr- old? That’s like two extra kids sometimes. As is a 4yr-old. Which makes the 6yr-old look like a college student. So, five kids, really, and one of them off to college. Kudos, again. Glad you and G lived through it.

  22. You ARE the super aunt! I have only two boys, and my sister (an elementary school teacher, I’ll add) hasn’t braved watching both of them at the same time yet. Can’t really blame her – they could turn Ghandi homicidal.

  23. Congratulations!! You survived your crash course in Parenting 101. 11 BAJILLION GAZILLION TRILLION BALLS OF SEASILK FOR YOU!!
    I spewed tea when I read the 3 diapers in 45 minutes. Too funny.
    I cringed when you said empty boobs…um…toddler is TWO. That means ALOT of teeth!! OUUUUCH!

  24. Reading this, I’m feeling pangs of delayed guilt for the times we left my mom alone for a week w/ the three kids while we left the country! Now that they’re 13, 11 and 7 it’s all about games, practices, pickups, dropoffs. Just you wait…
    You’re a good Auntie.

  25. By the way as a mom of a measly two kids, you truly did a great job this weekend. I am very impressed, but not at all suprised:D

  26. I believe for you next trick you should come out here and babysit for a 16 year old!

  27. Thanks Cara – I’m honored I inspired you! Love the square!
    Congrats on surviving the weekend – some days I don’t think I’ll survive my own kids, let alone anyone elses! Sounds like you did a great job.

  28. Amy Weaver says:

    Hey Cara, I’ve never posted before, but felt compelled to comment after I read the interview link. I only read a few blogs (maybe 5 every day a few more when I get bored)but I read yours everyday, and the reason I do is because you are 100% totally no holds barred YOU all of the time. You seem very open and engaging. I also love the photos and what you knit. I love miters, so I’ll keep on reading. Also,I’m almost 34 with no kids and my brother has four, six years and under, I ain’t keeping ’em that long!! Good job!

  29. I applaud you Cara! No matter how much you love the kiddos – that is a lot of work when you’re not used to it. Great auntie you are. Great uncle G is!

  30. As a Momma of 3 (ages 5, 3, and 1) this post had me laughing! And even though I do this full time, what you did takes a lot of guts. I mean, I eased into the whole 3 kid thing -you know-one at a time. Plus you helped out one of my own get a much deserved break! Not that I know your sister, but us with the BIG 3 have to root for each other…since we are already out numbered at home! So you defenitely get a A+ and then some!

  31. Whew..I need a nap now after reading that! Glad you and G survived and all the kids too! what are you doing this weekend 😉

  32. You have accumulated so many bonus points for this weekend – you have no idea. As mom to two boys (6 and 7 3/4 – I’d be shot if I forgot the 3/4) it is not easy. I hope your sister sends you a cape and a shirt with a big “A” on it. I love my sister, but she is not a Super Aunt.
    Are you and G for hire? Yarn for childcare??

  33. You are one freakin’ awesome auntie! Y’know, there are lots of people — not bad people — who would plop the kids down in front of a weekend of DVDs. You did it the hard — but much better — way!
    I’m not (yet) a miter person, but your miters are terrifically interesting because of the way you work with color. Keep at’em. I can’t wait to see more!

  34. I’m tired just reading about watching three kids.
    Bring on the miters – I can’t wait!

  35. Will you please show us ALL of the squares you’ve knit so far? I’m dying to see them. Can’t wait for the finished product. I’m loving every square you’ve teased us with so far.

  36. Love the miters…kiddies are fun, aren’t they? I miss my little ones!

  37. I LOVE seeing your miters — I’m not worried about getting bored!

  38. I love the colors on your latest mitered square! I’m definitely not getting sick of them at all. 🙂
    Pasta, butter, pancakes, and syrup? Replace the pancakes with waffles and add Romano cheese and you’ve got a list of what my son (3 1/2) eats most days.

  39. I’m glad you survived your weekend! And you even got some knitting done. The colors in those miters look great!

  40. Having spent the past four days laid up with a variant form of the cold that made you so miserable last week, I think that your being able to keep up with the kids was nothing short of spectacular. Well done. 🙂
    I have also been impressed with the conversation regarding blog commentary. Of course, I’ve been a loathsome comment slacker recently, but I’ve been reading faithfully — and with a little rest, said loathsome slacking behavior should abate soon. 🙂

  41. PICAdrienne says:

    As a solo mom of three (15, 11 and 10) I had to laugh (with empathy) at your weekend. I know that weekend, I have lived and survived that weekend.
    What I have not lived, but I am drooling over it square 6. Oh…pretties…
    I am glad you survived your weekend with the kidlinks…I would miss you if you were gone.

  42. Well, I’m glad I stayed home and fasted. Seems easier than three kids. I would have probably killed somebody. 😀
    You done good.

  43. Remember in As Good as It Gets when Jack N told Helen H that he made her want to be a better man?
    In that same vein, I say you make me want to knit mitered squares!

  44. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comments about my blanket. As for sewing together–I’ve used various techniques. The flag blanket–I crocheted around each square to make the squares a uniform size, then I single crocheted the squares together. This is the fastest way I’ve found. For the bias square blanket, all the squares are knit in garter stitch. I lay the squares in front of me, right sides up. Then I take a needle and yarn and go into the garter bumps, so that the squares fit together in a zipper like fashion. I think of it as the mattress stitch for garter stitch. Note that you can’t pull the yarn too tight. this makes a fairly reversible blanket, except for where you weave in the ends. I’m making another bias square blanket for my 15 year old, out of left over sock yarn. I use the same technique, but I also turn the blanket over and do the same seaming technique on the reverse side–to make the seams more secure. The sock yarn blanket will be washed in a machine in a college dorm someday, so I want to make sure it doesn’t come apart. The other blanket in my blog is Cascade 220 and it will be hand washed or dry cleaned.

  45. Pasta with butter is MANNA!

  46. Weird, I just put together a square a LOT like that one.
    Aren’t kids fabulous? It sounds like you did an excellent job.

  47. Oh my goodness, that post was too funny. I started having daydreams about starting a miter blanket after seeing your squares, and I totally wanted to make it the color of irises (my favorite flower). White irises, blue irises, deep gushing purple irises, with lots of green and little bits of yellow. Thanks for sending me over to the crocuses!

  48. Holy cow, I’m tired just reading that. Yikes. Great job, super aunt!
    That new square is gorgeous. You’re making me want to knit a mitered blanket!

  49. Phew! I’m tired just reading your post!! Glad you survived the weekend!

  50. I need a nap after reading about you weekend! I have fallen in love with your mitered sqs. and now want to try them. I just fear not having your great eye for color. I can’t wait to see it finished.

  51. Lord almighty, the girls still prefer pasta with butter (don’t get me started about stuffed shells). Kids truly can tire you out like nobody’s business, but they are worth it in the end. The girls knew better than complain on Saturday’s trek to Philly. Veronica nearly jumped out of her skin when the owner of Loop said the cashmere (it’s a family thing) said it was 40% off and I said she could get it. Hope to yarn with you over the summer if possible.

  52. ooh, i love square 6! i NEVER get sick of miters – i’ll be here!

  53. Knowing those three – you are a Saint my friend! Sounds like you had a crazy weekend and hopefully you are sleeping off the effects as we speak.

  54. Welcome to being responsible of little lives. =) It is a tough job, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It is so great that you have such a wonderful relationship with them. That in it itself is priceless. Oh and don’t feel bad about the food. LOL My son only wants to eat chicken nuggets, mac n cheese and grilled cheese. Really healthy don’t you think.? 😉
    Love the mitered squares. Bring them on.

  55. So Funny! I remember the first time dh and I babysat one of our nephews for the weekend. He was just a little baby and he had us hopping. It took all of both our efforts to take of him and I kept thinking, how does ONE person ever take care of a baby all by him/herself??? ; )

  56. From a Mom of 4 (8, 4, almost 3, and almost 1), Bravo! I will knit you anything if you will come and watch mine for a weekend. My mother visited us during spring break last week and by Tuesday she was telling me that she would completely understand if I needed a ride to an AA meeting. They’re good kids, but…well, you know. Now you really do. Great description of the weekend, CAPS & all.

  57. Dude! My daughter holds her poop too! Whenever she’s in a different than normal situation (different people, different places, whatever), she won’t go for days. On about day three of the no pooping I start to go a little crazy because I really don’t want to deal with that mess, but I know that with every passing day it will only get worse. As if what I want controls what happens.
    Anyway, bravo for surviving the weekend! Can’t wait to see square #7!

  58. What a Great Aunt you are!
    so funny that I assumed you were the Mama. You are a natural!

  59. So glad you survived your ordeal. Really not a bit surprised. You get over that wanting to cuddle the husband thing. (Sorry! TMI!)
    In the words of Borat, square #6: “Very Nice!”
    I’m loving the combos and how yours are so different from mine when I thought I’d covered all possible combos. You know?
    xox Kay

  60. Hearing the perspective of a babysitter, especially one as dedicated and caring as you, is really helpful and interesting for a me (co-sleeping parent of a 2 yr old). The fact that you kept all their social engagements and also respected their routines is so wonderful. Your sister is lucky she has you, and probably knows it. Now, get some sleep so you can keep posting!

  61. BRAVO to you and yours. What a mammoth undertaking! And the fact you CAN be humorous, keep your wits and sanity is a feat deserving manymany points. You came out ahead and so did the kiddos. I wish I’d had an Aunt to go visit.

  62. Wow what a weekend Cara, I hope you recover soon. Looking after 3 kids is tough, the diet doesn’t change as they get older either, carb, more carb and some sugar, sorted!

  63. Looove the colors in that last miter.
    But let me get this right: you knit (a bit), did an interview, and took care of the 3 little ones? You are superwoman.

  64. Of course, it’s so different when they are your own (and you can’t see the light at the end of the weekend tunnel!) and you do develop a groove.
    But one thing you picked up on: It’s hard to cuddle with hubby when there are children in between you (literally and figuratively)!
    Some days I feel exactly like what you described. How do parents do it? We just do and every day our kids don’t turn out to be ax murderers is a successful day.
    You are a good aunt. 🙂

  65. oh. my mom wrote notes on our napkins. Stuff like “love ya, toots” (pronounced like “tootsie” in “tootsie roll”, not like “boots”) Wow. Thanks for the memory. And congratulations for surviving the kids, tantrums and all! You and G are saints and the older kids will never forget the weekend, I’m sure.

  66. And you lived! I would have died! Of course I don’t have any kids and have this natural aversion to the little creatures. Congrats on a good weekend!

  67. If Auntie Cara can share her magic on toddler hair washing without tears, we would be MOST appreciative.
    Three years since download and I still live in fear of the neighbors calling CPS on me — Her Serene Highness STILL shrieks as though she’s been murdered every time I wash her hair.
    Sounds like y’all solidified Most Favored Auntie status, though!

  68. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s SUPER-AUNTIE!!!!
    I mean seriously, Cara. A weekend with three kids AND you managed to knit an entire mitered square. I only have two (6 and 4), and I’m lucky if I manage a freakin’ gauge swatch.

  69. *oh my*
    I nearly died laughing…
    I’m the 17 yo eldest of 9 kids.
    That was rich…oh my word!

  70. Oh man, I’m jealous…I wish my neice and nevvies were closer. Or that I could hang out with the one baby neice who’s here in NYC without experiencing paroxysms of bitter jealousy. You’re a better aunt by far!

  71. Laughing my silly head off – oh, my; brave childless ones taking on three children. You get a medal for that one, also it’s really, really funny reading. My own three children are older now, less traumatizing with the work, but YOW you had your work cut out for you. Good ‘un, kiddo.

  72. I was close to my nieces and nephews and it’s nice that now that they’re grown I have the status of MFA (my favorite aunt – my 2 other sisters are unaware of the SIGNIFICANCE of this status!!) I’m loving the miters – I started a block with some yarn my co-worker brought me from an elderly lady’s house he had help clean out. I had thought to make a throw with some of it to gift to him BUT I was not inspired by the colors and it is lanquoring in WIP land – NOW seeing yours and the color theory “stuff” from Ruth – I’m ready to go at it again. BTW – I did have a miter on the needles when I stopped!

  73. You are an extremely brave woman. EXTREMELY BRAVE!
    Now, as a blast from the past, I haven’t thought about The Franklin Institute in years. Do they still have the walk-thru heart? That was my absolute favorite part of it when we went in grade school.

  74. I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented here before or not. The comments are hard for me…as is my own blogging…and I’m still new at this. I’m glad you enjoyed your weekend. That’s my life in a nutshell…I have a 5, 4, and soon to be 2! But none of them are in school. The clean up in the kitchen…is ALL THE TIME! km

  75. Well done! My babies are 16 and 14 now, but my mother-in-law has always gladly taken them for weekends and even a few weeks. You have given your sister and her marriage a huge gift.
    I’m SO not bored with the squares. They are mezmerising. I feel like putting them in a slide show so I can muse over their subtle similarities and differences and imagine what the colours were saying to you when you let them meet each other.

  76. What a great experience!! It sounds like you did a fabulous job taking care of the kids, but then I knew you would. Isn’t it tough taking responsibility for three little lives? You don’t really know how tough it can be until you do it yourself but it sounds like you had it all covered really well.
    Keep the squares coming-I’m so into color right now.

  77. I’m glad the weekend went well and you had fun! I hope your ankle is feeling better by now.