by Tahki Cotton Classic.
Full details tomorrow.


  1. Holy Toledo! How can you crank them out so fast?? LOL

  2. You may have lost your voice but you’re needles are singing!

  3. Please tell us that you had some of those stashed away and didn’t knit them all in the past two days! They’re gorgeous, btw. I have some stashed away meant to be a bedspread for my almost 2yo dd when she kicks the crib, but I’m not sure I’ll ever get to sewing them together. sigh.

  4. yessss i am so glad you are doing this…i can live vicariously. a whole blankie in TCC is a little to $ for a college student like me! but the colors are SO fantastic!

  5. WOW… seeing these & how fast your doing them, makes ME want to do them. 🙂 can’t wait to see the stack!

  6. I’ve got such a kick looking at these squares over the past few days –I can’t wait to hear all the details!

  7. I love the color combinations! Excited to see the whole thing…
    (BTW, received the yarn and cards – thank you, so pretty!!!)

  8. Isn’t it addictive, though? Yours are beautiful!

  9. Seeing all your awesome squares, I’m really getting the urge to make them! However… I should finish off some current projects first, and some others that are waiting in stash…

  10. PicAdrienne says:

    Wow, what beautiful colors. Looking at those squares, just confirms I will be making one of those for middle child.

  11. Wow! The colors are beautiful! It is going to look amazing all put together.

  12. Dude – I so told you! Beware the mitered square! Well, there are worse things you could be addicted to, for sure. Glad that we’re both working on the squares, but it will be embarrassing how much faster you finish all of them. Did you consider using Kay’s patented no-sew block technique? I’ve been using it, and so far so good. Looking forward to the update!

  13. oh my you are obsessed! but they all are looking mighty good.

  14. Your blocks are gorgeous. With your color choices and photographic expertise, I know that this project is going to be fun for us to watch!

  15. Yummmmm, I love seeing all the different color combos you put together!

  16. The colors! The colors!

  17. Who says pastels don’t work? The mint green is a great a neutral with the juicies that you put with it. S’marvelous! (And they won’t make you fat…)

  18. I don’t pay attention for a few days and you go mad with colour when I am not looking, they are all fabulous.

  19. I forgot your blog address so I just googled Love Lifts You Up It Brings You Down It Makes You Want To Shout.
    Ooo-weee, T-Shane! You are going to town on the miters! Don’t forget to eat a yogurt every couple of days. xoxo Kay