Love it lifts you up it brings you down

makes you want to shout

I’m sort of feeling like I’ve lost my blog voice. Hopefully I’ll get it back over the weekend. The title of today’s post was brought to you by a google search that landed someone on my blog. Have a good one.


  1. Blogging waxes and wanes sometimes. We all go through those times I hope that you have a relaxing weekend and some rejuvenation in the processes.

  2. I really like those colors…really. I would have never ventured to put them together like that.
    Have a relaxing weekend.

  3. Just think out of the mass quantity of info that is out there you were #3 on the list. I still think that is Damn good!
    Loving the mitered square.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Maybe I don’t understand – you’re not happy with being #3???? I’m with Tonia – you hafta know how many blogs are out there – The Third? I’d be jumping all over the place with a joyous humble heart. Your glass is 2/3s full, Cara! Certainly one of the top two in terms of photos (Can’t forget my man Brooklyn Tweed!). Knit on, girl.

  5. Then have some virtual tea with honey and put your feet up for a spell.

  6. Have fun with the KIDS this weekend. Lovin’ the mitered squares – gotta’ get back to working on mine. Although you may be #3 for something you’re #1 to lots of us in terms of the knitting, the photography and the writing. Checkin’ your blog is always a high point in my day!!

  7. cool colors. And stockinette stitch mitered squares that are square: what a feat! (double decreases, no?)
    funny search.

  8. I don’t know what you are talking about – I just googled January One and there you were – top two. I am loving those squares, the colors are fantastic.

  9. Oh my goodness I have mitered square envy, or menvy! Those colors make my spine tingle in a happy way.

  10. Ah Ha. So thats what that piece of mitered square was.

  11. I know what you mean… I’ve been lagging as well. I’m hoping that the somewhat spring-ier weather that we’ve been getting will help get me re-oriented. Enjoy your weekend and don’t think too much about the blog. Sometimes a little break is a good thing.

  12. those squares remind me a lot of both blankets i’m working on right now. love the color combo! (did you block them? they are so flat!)

  13. I miss your words, but thank you for gifting us with fantastic images in their absence.
    Have a great weekend with the kids!

  14. PICAdrienne says:

    Love the mitered squares. Very pretty. Have fun with the kidlinks this weekend.

  15. I am sorry that I mis-read what you ment. I hope you get your “blog voice” back soon. Have a great weekend and hopefully you will feel better on Monday and will have a post full to talk about. Sorry for mis-understanding.
    Have a Wonderful Weekend. =)

  16. Your mitered squares look fantastic! Will come over to my house and photograph my blanket for me? 🙂

  17. Oy vey, I’m reminded that I have to sew my mitered squares together! I’m not happy with my first attempt so I’m dragging my feet a bit.

  18. bloggy laryngitis.
    gargle with some hot salted water. either that, or I’ve got some cream you could try.

  19. And how is it that you find out what Google searches land people at January One? Is there some site for this? I’m intrigued.

  20. Hey Julie, check your stats at typepad — scrolling over a referring address when it’s a search will tell you what the search was, and when you click on it, you’ll see the search results themselves (not that I’m obsessive about my stats or anything…) and Cara, the pictures are gorgeous, just the thing on a grey New England day. Thanks.

  21. I could look at that coral with those blues FOREVER.

  22. Waxes and wanes. I ask myself, “Where has all the mojo gone?” It’s not just blogging (for me, anyway).
    I hope you have a good weekend.

  23. Beautiful! Have a great weekend

  24. You remember back when there was an alphabetic meme going around? You sent me the letter V and I wrote a big long diatribe about “voice” and what that meant for me. I never published that post and it’s a very good thing. Voice, shmoice–who needs it? Just take it easy. Maybe go spin something.

  25. The Beatles and Jesus had it right,”All you need is love!”
    I can’t wait to see the last mitre. I love mixing any blue with coral, it has been a theme “In My Life” (fave Beatles tune)….
    Simplicity is the statement of elegance. Yep, you can qoute me on that one.

  26. Beautiful mitred squared, Cara. Beautiful. We’ll be here when you have your “voice” back. (((HUGS)))

  27. I have no doubt you’re only suffering a little laryngitis. Rest, relax and enjoy your beautiful knitting.

  28. Cara,
    I love your photos so much…would you make a coffee table book of knitting photos? If they can sell so many of the travel books, you can certainly sell tons of your artwork.
    I love it…your blog makes me v. happy

  29. hope the weekend is as wonderful as you are.

  30. um. hmmm. i’m really not sure that as a knitter you are allowed to post photos like that without saying what yarn you are using. *grin* i’m always curious about that…always! 😀 i agree with the other person… i want you to come photograph my knits too!! 😀

  31. Well, if it’s frustrating you, hopefully you get over your blog laryngitis soon, but the pictures are pretty. =D

  32. I’m confused. You say you’ve temporarily lost your blog voice. Do I offer hand lotion or a throat lozenge?

  33. It’s ok to take a little rest and renewal from time to time :-).
    I’m sensing a new blanket…..great squares!

  34. Well, you know, sometimes, there’s just nothing to say! Or you have a block, where something unbloggable is on your mind, but you can’t think of anything else to blog, either. It’s normal. Your photos are beautiful. We’ll be here. I hope you’re having a nice weekend!

  35. What’s your plan of attack for joining the squares? I’m going to have (too) many log-cabin type squares to join for an afghan.
    Glad you posted knitting content. That part of my voice has been VERY silent.

  36. great title. loads of mitre-y goodness. cara, you are such a great source for colour/photo inspiration!