Calling All Virgins!

I’ve been astonished to learn that there are actually people out there in the world that have never tried Socks That Rock! It has occured to me that the best way I can help Blue Moon, and the greater world at large, is to do my best to rectify this situation.

But I have ways of finding out…mwahahahaha!

Go at it. Remember, you only pop that cherry once. Make it a good one!




  1. I have been wanting to try STR for so long, but have not gotten around to purchasing any. I am now doing the Knit from your Stash 2007 (and have included sock yarn on my list of do not buy for 9 monthes) so the only way I can try STR is if you give me a skein! Please!!

  2. I need this yarn because the heat is out in my workplace and my feet are freeeezing. I’ll knit fast!

  3. Why haven’t I tried STR? Because I am so afraid I will fall in love with it. Then what will I do? I started knitting less than a year ago and there are already so many yarns that I love and projects I want to try. I am downright scared to fall in love with something else.

  4. (with a demure look) me. I’m waiting until I get married. Wait. I *am* married. I must be ready.

  5. I’ve never knitted with STR before – in fact I didn’t even know it existed until some time last year when I started looking around on Teh Knitblog Intarwebs. I would love to knit with it because I feel like I’m missing out on something special, but it’s hard to locate STR on the ground in Canada.
    And a propos of nothing, I very much enjoy reading your blog and your sock encouragement in particular. And your Ariann posts have, I think, pushed me over the edge into putting that sweater on my 2007 to-do list!

  6. I need this yarn because if I start my next pair of socks from yarn already in my sock bin it will create a disturbance in the biomagnetic balance of the bin. I need this yarn because every time I think of buying some, I think I don’t really need it. And when I went yesterday to buy some and support Blue Moon, their site was down. Pick me, pick me! And hey, when I went to my library website to see if I could check out Half Magic, all copies were out and some on old. Kids today are reading good books.

  7. Let’s see. 1)I live overseas and I don’t know if I can get it here. 2)I’d like to make some socks for myself once I’ve finished everyone else’s and most people seem to like STR 3)Even if I could order it from the States A)Money’s too tight and even if it wasn’t B)I don’t have a credit card.
    Happy Belated Birthday!

  8. Because it is my birthday on the 15th and what could be better than STR yarn as a present!! The January girls need socks…

  9. This is an entry for my friend Denise. She has only knit 2 pairs of socks in her whole life. If you pick me, I will give the yarn to her and some other little something to go with the yarn. She’s in her 50s so she’s a 50 something STR virgin.

  10. Why do I need STR yarn?
    I live in FLOYDS KNOBS, Indiana. Yes, that’s right – Floyds Knobs. I have to drive 30 minutes just to get friggin’ MILK, never mind being able to get to a yarn shop and fondle the fiber! I grew up on the south side of Chicago – whoda thunk I’d wind up here?
    Besides, after 2 marriages and 3 kids – I kinda like being thought of as a virgin again!
    Thanks for making my day!

  11. I’m 51 years old, short, and have never experienced STR!! I’m still paying for DD’s grad school and have a 24 year old son living at home. I need more joy in my life. Please pick me!

  12. If this is a random drawing, there’s not much I can say to convince you, but I’d love to try STR for the first time. I’m getting ready to join Sockapalooza 4 (my first Sockapalooza, too) and if I’m going to knit some fabulous socks for someone else, I’ll need some inspiration by making some for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. After hearing such wonderful things about STR, I went to their website and found it CLOSED! Before that, STR can also be known as Yarn Expense Above Budget (YEAB, so I resisted. Also, I am a rare knitter who doesn’t like to increase my stash without first finishing another project!

  14. I live in India (ouch, the postage!) and have never knit socks (with any yarn, haven’t finished any, that is). I have only ever seen Patons Kroy sock yarn. Does that qualify me?
    Also I’ve always wondered why people looking to swap always ask for sock yarn in exchange…

  15. I have only knit socks with my handspun or Lorna’s Laces–I *heart* Lorna’s Laces. I am a true blue companion to what I know. I’ve been with my sweetie for 13 years–my only boyfriend and now husband. I would love to branch out to other loves, and Socks that Rock fit my love of color. But fear of betraying my sock yarn companion has me not ordering STR. I hope I win, so I have a good excuse to knit a nice pair of socks with STR. I can’t let a good free yarn go to waste, now can I?

  16. Pick me! I’m old. Time is running out.

  17. Debbeeanne says:

    I need this yarn because 1) I live in a place where the only place to buy yarn is AC Moore, JoAnns, Michaels, and Walmart. So I haven’t actually seen this yarn, and didn’t know it existed till I read blogs like yours. And 2) I am ready to try a pattern other than basic ribbed socks and I would love to have some really cool yarn to knit them with, and 3) I can never make up my mind which colorway to buy, so I can just trust you to send me something great!

  18. It’s a sad sad day that I admit I have never even finished my first pair of socks, much less knit with STR. It’s not that I dislike knitting them other things just call my name. Maybe STR would change that.

  19. I was entranced by the idea of the STR club and did pre-registration. However, I’ve only ever seen a skein and haven’t acutally had the priviledge of working with it. The club would eat up my yarn budget (a laughable concept I know, but a sad reality nonetheless). I’m having commitment issues about registering, but I’m sure working with a skein would make me a lifelong convert.

  20. I have never tried Socks That Rock. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen a real live skein of them. Oh, I’ve heard rumours and tales of them, but I don’t think they exist. Prove me wrong!

  21. I need the STR yarn because I’ve been knitting for less than a year. I’ve only completed two pairs of socks. One out of Cascade Fixation and the other lion brand magic stripes.
    Plus, I’ve been sick at home all week with a nasty virus and have been too sick to knit even. It would be a very nice “get well and have great socks” present.

  22. ooh! ooh! me, please! i once tried to scour the internet to see all the available shades of STR before making a purchase, but all that googling nearly made my head explode. i recently had to move from boston to virginia, so now my chance of ever find it in a real-live store is exactly zero ๐Ÿ™

  23. This morning, I got up early to finish my first (!) pair of socks (rather than working out with my boyfriend… oops). I just started knitting in November, and so I’m a virgin for most things knitting wise!! Therefore, I need STR. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Stefanie Summerer says:

    I’m a newbie sock knitter. Still trying to finish/start my first pair out of Koigu. I’ve heard so many great things about STR, but by the time I got to the Loop store at Rhinebeck they were already sold out. I’d love to try it!
    I think I will love being a sock knitter. I don’t really have a choice because I love buying sock yarn. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I received a skein as a Christmas present, but I’ve yet to use it because I have other things that I want to use first. I’m guessing that doesn’t count, yes? Oh well.

  26. My name is FemiKnit Mafia, and I am a Socks that Rock virgin. [hello, Mafia] In fact, the only high quality sock yarn that I’ve ever purchased for myself is Koigu, and I flinched at the cost. See … I have a small child, a small yarn budget and a new-to-me fixer-upper house. The daycare center and Home Depot get all of my money. But I love the colorways on the Blue Moon website and would love to try it.
    [Fingers tightly crossed for the random draw]

  27. Kathryn Estelle says:

    I am another person who lives in the middle of nowhere. I live 90 miles from an LYS, and as I have visited several LYSs in my travels, I have never even seen a hank of STR. The photos on your blog are sooo… enticing. In addition to being an STR virgin, I am a sock virgin. I have yet to knit a sock. If I’m going to start knitting socks, I might as well start with the best sock yarn! Thanks for this opportunity!

  28. I knit my first pair of socks last fall. I’d love some STR to make my second pair! Perhaps jaywalkers? And, no one sells STR up here in the wilds of NH. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I don’t know if I can best the Floyd’s Knobs lady. I have made one pair of socks, and it was for my father for Christmas. It wasn’t very enjoyable, as I knit it with Cascade something or other in a solid (but lovely) chocolate color. It was very very boring. Emphasis on the very. And the boring. I’m worried, though, that like every loss of virginity experience, I’ll fall into a love that won’t be reciprocated. I’ll turn into some sort of sad, clingy girl, and look for the bittersweet tang of First Love with the entire STR line! Here’s how it’ll go down:
    “STR, you never call me!” “But after we met you bought eighteen of my brothers!” “But but but… you were my first! The most special! Doesn’t that MEAN anything to you?” “I thought it meant something to you! But all you do is walk all over me!” “Well, you’re *socks*. I thought that’s what you wanted!” “How would you know what I want? You just stuck needles into me, twisted me around, and you wouldn’t even do Magic Loop!” “Magic Loop! I’m not that kind of girl!” And that’s when I’d throw that pair of socks in for a wash, because only dirty socks would suggest such a thing.
    I’ve taken this way too far.

  30. I’ve not tried STR for the simple reason that I am still finanically putting myself together after my divorce. As such, if I’m splurging on yarn, I tend to buy locally to avoid such things as shipping costs. (Every penny counts.)
    I NEED this yarn because you’ve put the idea in my head. I’d love to knit my next pair of socks in something new, something people are raving about, something not cotton (for my mom, almost done, can’t wait). Whenever you post about STR I click on over to the website to look at all the color choices, then pretty much sigh as I close the window. Someday, but looking at the checkbook, not today.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  31. Generosity, thy name is Cara. You do-gooder you.

  32. Christine says:

    I have poor knitting self esteem. While I’ve been knitting for 4 years I constantly doubt my abilities. Maybe some STR will puff up my knitting self esteem and I will become the superstar knitter that I know is living inside.

  33. Here’s why I need some STR: I am a lawyer–a female lawyer in the South, no less–which means I must wear pretty boring things pretty much every day of the week. A pair of socks knit in STR will make me feel free and alive again! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, my best friend is a January One baby, which means that you and I are, like, practically twins, right?

  34. I have been reading your blog for ages. I have watched the rabid STR love that possesses you. I watched while you knit Jaywalkers again and again and your fabulous Log Cabin quilts. Frankly I haven’t tried STR because I am scared. Let’s face it, we’re all scared a little the first time. There is so much excitement and all your friends are doing it. Will it be a good as I have heard? Will I be satisfied? Will I get a disease? Oh, wait. Yarn. We’re talking about yarn. Yes. It’s about time I am a STR virgin no more.

  35. I’ve kept myself chaste and pure, despite some early flirtation (MDS&W, when I got there, the table was empty) and some heavy petting. Well not really petting, since it’s been through the internet, but well, STR and I have, what my friends call ” a long-distance relationship”. We chat online and have become…intimate online, as I gaze into its colorfull depths, it taunts me with it’s distance. I whisper what I’d like to do to it and it promises things it cannot fulfill.
    I’m not just chaste with the STR; in fact, I’ve been with very few sock yarns and only have enough stash to knit 3 pair of socks! My finances force this chastity; I can’t afford to become pregnant with lust and start binging on yarns.
    So I knit with my Cascade 220, chastity belt firmly placed around the wallet.

  36. I need this because DD just got into her first choice of college. And the line was too long at Rhinebeck. And the whole “I might fall in love” issue…

  37. Because I’ve only tried Regia, Opal, Lorna’s Laces and once Koigu and reading your blog for a while now makes me think STR must be the greatest of all sock yarns in the entire world. If this is indeed true, convince me with your skein and I swear I’ll get back to blue moon and order a whole bunch! cheers!

  38. I have been lusting after STR ever since I started knitting socks over a year and a half ago. I have never even touch it – so I am a true virgin. I had the yarn listed on my Christmas list, but my hubby just doesn’t understand. Needless to say, I didn’t get the yarn. I did receive a ball winder, so I am all set to wind that skein of STR and knit up a beautiful pair of socks!

  39. I ran out of sock knitting mojo long before STR came into existence. My friends all rave about it, run to the booth to buy it when we hit the fiber fest. I just had no reason to try it. But I am sure I could make a lovely scarf with it. Or be tempted to try socks again.

  40. HaHaHaHa!! LOL! I am NOT a STR virgin, and I am NOT entering the contest, but just wanted to say that Kathy H’s entry has me cracking up!
    Thanks for making my morning!
    A STR Lover

  41. I do have sock yarn. But no Socks that Rock. Astonishingly enough, no one in Texas carries any and I have always hesitated to buy sock yarn off the internet. I always want to see the colors first. When I finally gave up on this whole not buying it off the internet, I went to the website, got a couple of skeins picked out and poof! Their shopping cart is disabled for web stuff. At the same time, I don’t understand what the fascination with it is. Yo no se. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. I need the STR because not only am I an STR virgin, I’m a sock knitting virgin as well. It would be amazing if I could use the best yarn on my first pair of socks!

  43. Like many young women, I had little self-esteem and no taste when I began hooking up with bad yarn sheerly for socks. I thought the blown-out heels, knot-filled skeins, and sandpaper caresses of substandard yarn were all that socks would give me. I didn’t have the guts to toss the crap fiber to the curb and tell it never to come knocking on my stash again. Go without socks? Are you kidding me?
    With age, however, comes wisdom, and now I know I’m worth more than plastic yarn. I now have the self-confidence to start a long-term relationship with something better–all I lack is the introduction to a good yarn.
    After so much blind fumbling with any fiber that came down the pike, I deserve socks that will rock me.

  44. I really want to try STR, but as a poor student I can’t afford ordering expensive yarn from abroad… Maybe you can get me hooked, so I’ll know what to use my first paycheck on? *giggle*

  45. Hi-
    I have never used Blue Moon’s yarn. Not for lack of desire but I am in Canada and at present can’t really justify ordering sock yarn in american dollars. I would like to be entered in your contest! However I think I am going to start saving up my pennies to place an order. In all the controversy I took another look at their website and fell in love with henpecked! Even dreamed about it last night.
    Have a great day

  46. I’m a brand-new mom, finishing a PhD. Clearly, I am certifiable and some STR would be nice knitting in the padded cell (never mind knitting needles probably aren’t allowed. I’m delusional, too.).

  47. Hi-
    I have never used Blue Moon’s yarn. Not for lack of desire but I am in Canada and at present can’t really justify ordering sock yarn in american dollars. I would like to be entered in your contest! However I think I am going to start saving up my pennies to place an order. In all the controversy I took another look at their website and fell in love with henpecked! Even dreamt about it last night.
    Have a great day

  48. Pick me! Normally, I lurk, but I really enjoy your blog, and the chance to knit with STR would make my day. My LYS doesn’t sell much in the higher end sock yarn – they have nice yarn, but not REALLY NICE yarn. Thanks!

  49. I get sooooooooo jealous everytime I see the rapturous comments about STR … no one stocks it here in Australia. It’s just not fair [ stamps foot ]
    I NEED to know how good this stuff is.

  50. Until this year I’d never seen STR “in the flesh”. That changed when I received a swap box which contained a skein of STR. Needless to say I did a happy dance. I’m currently knitting it up and it’s wonderful to work with, and hopefully there’s more STR in my future.

  51. I have never used STR before but it is on my list of yarn to try. The reason I need this yarn is that you are picking a winner on the 14th and my birthday is on the 15th so it would be the perfect present for one Capricorn to send to another!!

  52. I’ve never knit with STR, and I’m unable to order it in the near future because I had not one, but TWO computers break while I was trying to use them this week. ๐Ÿ™ Socks that Rock wouldn’t fix my computer, but they might make me feel better about not having one.

  53. Oh Cara!! I have been vicariously living through you when it comes to STR!! I must say I am a virgin when it comes to this gorgeous yarn (I think this is the only time it’s a shame to be a virgin!) Almost everyday I go to the Blue Moon site to drool over the colors, but I’ve been afraid to take the plunge in buying a skein! My LYS (the only one within a few hours) carries only a few boring skeins of sock yarn, so this would be a great opportunity to fall in love with a new yarn, make so beautiful socks, share them with the other knitter ladies and make them fall in love as well!

  54. I’ve never knit with STR due to the fear that my drool over it’s yummy goodness would dampen the skein. Plus the owner of my LYS has (gasp!) never heard of it. So just think, if I am randomly picked I could help initiate other STR newbs.

  55. Hi! Until the past 6 months, I had never heard of STR. I’ve been knitting for over 20 years but on a solitary basis. There are very few LYSs in my area and with 3 young kids, I don’t have time for a S and B evening. But, with the advent of the internet and my recent discovery of all the wonderful knitting blogs out there, I have seen so many beautiful socks made with STR yarn. I last made a pair of socks about 15 years ago and I’m anxious to try again with something other than the boring colours of years past!

  56. There once was a virgin demure,
    Whose knitting was chaste, plain, and pure.
    ‘Til her stitching, so mild,
    Was made funky and wild.
    Socks That Rock were the cure, that’s for sure!
    (Please pick my crappy limerick–“A” for effort?).

  57. I never win anything. I don’t even know why I am entering except to say that I can’t afford *the good stuff* yarn. We only have Michael’s and Hobby Lobby here in my part of Louisiana. Even then, some of their stuff is too expensive for our meager budget. I have completed two pairs of socks – one from Lion Brand Magic Stripes that I gave to my husband and one in Bernat Sox that I will save for my daughter to wear when she grows into her feet. I would LOVE to try STR (even contemplated signing up for the Sock Club – to stick it to the man – before I saw the price tag). I know I won’t win…I’ll stick to the cheap stuff. Happy hunting!!

  58. I’ve never used STR but that still doesn’t stop me from having heartburn over what is having heartburn over what happened to Blue Moon. My father was 9 in 1929 and raised me in the code that banks were run by funny (strange minded) men and a person should never trust a bank. He died with that code. GO BLUE MOON!

  59. I’ve never knit with STR because I’ve been afraid that if I buy one skein I’ll want to buy lots more!! And since the bank account is a little small right now, I’ve settled for drooling over pictures of STR.

  60. I need it because I can’t buy my own. Well, I could, but I have been going to that site at least once a week for close to a year now, and I just agonize over all the beautiful colors. Since I can’t afford to buy them all, I haven’t been able to choose just one. I need you to choose one for me.

  61. Why I need Socks That Rock.
    I need Socks that Rock because although I have been knitting for about 40 years, I have made very few socks. If I win some Socks that Rock, I promise to knit them promptly and show them off to everyone I know. I’ll also promise I will clean behind the refrigerator if that would up my chances.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  62. I’ve never used STR because…I haven’t knitted my first pair of socks yet! I just learned to knit last summer (not that I have no fiber history I used to spin my own yarn for fiber arts but then life and kids and scrapbooking got in the way.) Anyway I am taking a sock class in early February and can’t wait so please take pity on me. I did pre-register for the Rockin’ Sock Club but what if I hate making socks?? What if I am not ready for socks? What if I am doomed to make scarves, hats and mittens for the rest of my life? Will STR help me over these fears?

  63. I don’t live in the US so STR is difficult to get hold of. Also it is very hard to choose colourways, they are all so yummy!

  64. Because (as Eliza Doolittle once said) “I’m a good girl, I am!”

  65. Okay, I’m cheating. I’m not a true STR virgin–but hear me out! In the spring of 2006 I knit a pair of socks using STR that I bought at Rhinebeck in 2005. I finished them in July and promptly packed them up for a trip to the Adirondacks. When I got there I could only find one sock. One. And the other one has never reappeared. It was heartbreaking, I tell you. Every time I open my sock drawer I see that one perfect Fir Tree sock and the trauma is terrible. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe some new STR would help me to heal?

  66. damn, i lost my v-card long ago… sigh. not to mention i’m using it Right Now! HEE HEE.

  67. I’d love to work with STR. I am a full-time student, working 2 jobs so I can as I go pay for what scholarships don’t cover. My fiance helps out with most of our costs of living, but our budget is stretched pretty thin. Not much room for yarn! I’ve been knitting for three years and knitting socks for one – a pair of STR socks for myself would be an amazing treasure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. because i have a really bad sock knitting mojo. all socks i have knitted have either been too loose, too big, or too small, or too itchy. it’s a goldilocks situation here.
    however, i believe in the power of socks that rock. i believe that they will make an absolute perfect pair of socks, no matter what. i mean this is sock yarn that is practically blessed by knitters everywhere, so i don’t think it can go wrong with all this karma. ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. You know what, Cara? I was going to be clever, wise, tres needy and otherwise throw myself on the generosity of your goodness, just to get some of your STR yarn. I read all the 63 comments up there. Just forget about it. My yarn diet, my KFYS year is going along nicely. I can live without it, as I have for all these years. Really, I can. Some one of those other poor souls can have it. Really. I won’t mind at all. Really. Let the other Gretchen have it (I got your back, Gretch!). I’m sure it will go to a loving, nurturing home. Don’t give me another thought…

  70. I tried to get STR at MDSW, but always arrived at the booth too late. And every time I’m shopping online, it’s either gifts for others or the shop where I’m purchasing what I “need” doesn’t carry it. Not sure I should be writing, especially since actually winning a skein might mean STR becomes a “need”.

  71. I have never knit with Socks That Rock. Why? Because I have never been able to get my hands on a skein, and I’ve been trying to limit my yarn splurging. However, if I do not win this little contest (which is unlikely because I never win anything) than I must place a substantial order with this great company to spread the love and support a fabulous women run small business.

  72. technically i have yet to knit with STR even though i have plenty of it. it’s so beautiful that i don’t want to “ruin” it by actually knitting with it.
    i know how stupid that sounds by the way. it’s ok to mock.

  73. My LYS doesn’t carry Socks that Rocks, and they few sock yarns they do carry just don’t motivate me. I haven’t ‘popped my cherry’ by ordering any from online venders yet, because I want to see it and feel it in person. The sock yarns I have come across just don’t motivate me to knit socks. The last time I knit socks, the yarn had sat in my stash for over a year because the yarn just didn’t sing to me.

  74. I am addicted to sock knitting. I am knitting socks for my ALL of my friends who are 30 this year. That is a lot of socks. I have tried most sock yarns that I lust after on blogs every day, but koigu and STR are on my list of “never tried but must”. I can get Koigu here in the UK, but not STR. I enter every SP or sock swap with the hope of getting some, but it hasn’t materialised. :0( I am rockless. Help!

  75. I’ve never knit with STR but I’ve wanted to for quite some time. I’m a lurker on your lovely blog, but I always enjoy the entries and the gorgeous pictures that accompany at the top.
    I’m an STR virgin. There, I said it.

  76. I have been knitting for about 4 years, but I have not (gasp) made any socks yet. Sweater, hats, wraps, scarves, mittens, purses, etc. but, sadly, no socks. It is on my list of things to learn this year! And, STR isn’t available around here, so I’ve never seen, felt or smelled it in person. Pick me!

  77. OH I need socks that rock because I gave up buying it for a friend! I was at Rhinebeck, and ran past the line at the booth to see my good friend who I had never met in person.. After looking at the line and seeing how long it was.. I decided it was more important to spend time with my friend than to wait in line to buy it.. Though it was tempting..
    And she didn’t get any either.. so I sorta owe her a skein too.. heheh

  78. Saleknitter says:

    I have just begun to knit socks and love it…which is a surprise to me. I couldn’t understand what the “BIG FUSS” was about knitting something so small and so “expensive”.
    Well I’ve been bitten by the bug. I enjoy the “calmness” of making all those tiny stitches.
    You sparked my interest in STR after I saw your Log Cabin…but unfortunately, I know I won’t be able to make one out of STR…too expensive. But…I would like to taste “the good life” by making socks!

  79. Hmmm. . . I’ll go with the “it’s my birthday on Jan 16” excuse and the “I’m remodeling my house and have no extra money” excuse.

  80. Emma in Baltimore says:

    Because after 9 months off to work 40 hours a week for FREE doing clinical rotations, my last semester of pharmacy school ever is about to start. I took up knitting 4 years ago to help me get through this stressful program without killing someone, and some gorgeous STR will make the last couple months much more pleasant. Plus it might make me more likely to study for the boards.

  81. I need Socks That Rock because I’m a math teacher. Huh? You say? Well, knitting socks is a great way to teach a math lesson….all that counting, figuring out how many stitches per inch to fit the circumference of your foot. And well…7th graders would not be impressed with Lorna’s Laces or Koigu, lovely as they are, but a yarn named Socks That Rock? They’d listen. I need this yarn! (And those that don’t listen might still be mesmerized by the swirly label)

  82. I need this yarn because I am the world’s WORST do-it-yourself dyer. I ruined eight skeins of yarn last night, trying to dye something fun. No saturation. No depth. No interest. And oh–it makes the yarn smell funny. Obviously I’m dyeing-impaired and need be just *given* pretty yarn. Right?

  83. I have had such a crush on STR for a while now, but I guess I have self esteem issues. Why would such a lovely yarn want to go out with me?? I keep thinking that whan I finish the next pair of socks THEN I will be ready to ask STR out on a date…but so far I haven’t gotten up the nerve to move past the drooling from a distance stage.

  84. I haven’t knit with STR, before. I’m almost afraid to try it, you know. Yarn buying can somehow be a sickness for me.
    I, too, signed up for the Club – it was almost on a whim and now that they’re going to be refunding the money and I’d have to purchase again – I probably won’t because money issues are a real concern for us at the moment. Not to desperately plead, or anything, but my husband was desperately sick last year and we came close to losing him. Even now he’s not back to “real” work and is gearing up an attempt to make it buying and selling on ebay. Although I haven’t “officially” committed to knitting from my stash this year, it’s looking more and more like that’s what I’m going to have to do – more out of need than anything.
    Umm, let’s see – oh, and my 12 year old fell down at school yesterday and skinned both knees so bad she can barely walk. And my 9 year old has four loose teeth.
    Can I BE any more pathetic? I could beg, you know. I’m not ashamed.

  85. I have just knitted my first pair of socks and I am HOOKED! I want to knit another 100 pairs!!!! I would love to try this yarn as so many people rave about it..

  86. I have been wanting to try some for ages! But, I have two small boys, 2 1/2 & 4, and they keep growing! So I have to keep buying shoes and clothes for them, instead of STR! I have been working from the stash lately, not for 2007 knit from your stash. Just because my kids always come first! And my God, my Boys eat a lot! Since we are always on a tight budget so I can be a stay at home Mom, STR is just a dream to me! I was planning to purchase some in April. If it comes from you, I would be so grateful to let you “pop my cherry”! It’s been awhile since anyone has claimed I was a virgin! Ha!ha!

  87. I have never knit with STR. I’m a graduate student and I usually ask for yarn for presents and try to buy budget yarns otherwise. I love knitting socks and would love to knit with STR>

  88. I have coveted STR from afar…read posts about yarn festivals and blog posts with awesome socks. I live in Delaware….and no stores around here sell it. I have thought about buying some online…but thought I should knit thru my stash first….So I finally worked up the nerve and joined the sock club for 2007….only to have my money refunded!
    EVERYTHING you have made with it is gorgeous! I love mail! Send me some!

  89. IwouldlovetoqualifyforSTR,*utmykey*oardis*roke*.*uessw*ic*keys.T*eo*esI*eedtotellyoumy*ame.Si**.Rat*er,FUCK.

  90. I was all set to sign up for the STR Sock Club…until my car broke down on Christmas Day in the Rocky Mountains. After paying to have it towed and repaired ($700), I couldn’t afford any STR ๐Ÿ™ You could be my belated Santa Claus!

  91. Mary Beth says:

    I have never tried Socks that Rock and would love to. I got an honorable mention in your haiku contest (my daughter was born on January 1st and won’t wear wool), so this could be a belated prize for my poetic skills!

  92. Two reasons why I haven’t tried STR yet 1) it is difficut to get stuff shipped here – a lot of people don’t know where we are. 2) Everytime I am on the blue moon website I can never make up my mind which one to buy!

  93. Happy Hands says:

    Oh….pretty please with a cherry on top! I have become a sockaholic and practically threw my elbows out knitting socks as Christmas gifts ( I have the heel flaps under my eyes to prove it) AND…I promise that sending some rockin’ STR my way would not constitute feeding the addiction…I already admitted I have a problem -and isn’t that the first step?

  94. does being a total sock virgin count? would making my first pair of socks with STR be an amazing experience?

  95. I’m an STR virgin! I haven’t used it because there is no way I could justify spending that much money on sock yarn. I’m currently unemployed and just too poor. I’ve also never used Koigu, Lorna’s Laces, or most other luxury sock yarns. Heck, I’ve never even seen them in person. I’m ready to quit knitting because I just can’t afford it any more.

  96. I’ve knitted 3 pairs of socks – 2 for my son (3 yo) and 1 for my daughter (7 yo). I’ve always wanted to splurge on a sock yarn for me. My LYS does not carry STR. The colors look gorgeous – I’d love to try it firsthand before buying sight unseen.

  97. Kristine G. says:

    A Sockish Haiku
    (Haunting dreams of socks,
    Unrealized, unfulfilled.
    Inspiration sought.)
    I yearn, long, CRAVE to knit socks! Socks are my Everest! They call my name like devilish sirens, flaunting their woolen tresses with wild abandon! But I have yet to begin my expedition into Sockingdom. I am stranded at the threshold, hampered by a lack of inspiration. Tragically, my quest for the Holy Grail of sock yarns has been fruitless and barren. I have gazed upon glorious troves of sock yarns reminiscent of Rapunzelโ€™s gold, but alas, my muse has yet to be unearthed. But perhaps Socks That Rock will break this wicked cycle! With this bright and shining paragon of sock yarn utopia, I will at last triumph over the mighty sock! Please grace me with some of this lovely yarn!!!

  98. I’ve never even SEEN STR to touch and fondle. And I love knitting socks, they’re my knitting therapy. Especially since we’re having an awful cold January in a normally milder climate. I think winning some STR would be just the medicine I need to make it through to spring.

  99. I’ve never knit with socks that rock because I’ve never actually SEEN a skein in person. Here in Toronto, I KNOW that Lettuceknit carries it, but damned if I’ve ever managed to get to the store in time to actually snap up a skein!
    I’m beginning to think that socks that rock is some sort of legendary creature, heard of and told about but never to be glimpsed by mere mortals such as myself. Kind of like unicorns and satyrs and Santa Claus.

  100. Oooh, ooh, pick me! Then, you can call up your buddy Tina and ask if she will create a new STR colorway for you to market — for decency’s sake, it should probably just be called “Cherry”. Everyone in the know can snigger behind their hands like teenagers because they will know what that REALLY means. And then, every yarn-spouse out there will roll their eyes about how juvenile their knitter and hher/his bloggy friends can be ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. Why do I need STR? Well, because I am an admitted sock knitting addict keen on trying every sock yarn I can… I just started knitting my first pair of socks with Trekking XXL, and I’m dying to try Socks That Rock!

  102. Another rockless sock knitter… no where to get it locally, never seen it while traveling. In the yarn-as-souvenir category it’s never presented itself. (Although no for lack of trying.)

  103. I may be a yarn whore, but I am a Socks That Rock virgin.

  104. I’ve never tried STR because, as with many here I’ve never seen a skein in person. By the time I got to The Fold at MDS&W, there wasn’t anything left and my LYS caters to the South Texas knitting crowd, which has an average age of 65 and leans towards novelty yarns. I’m slowly converting sock knitters down here and showing them a skein of STR might convince more than a few to finally give them a shot.

  105. Holy wow, that was fast! If I am the 100th commenter on this post, is that a good reason? Well, probably not, and besides I’ll probably get beaten out.
    Aha! You should give me some STR because I am too slow ever to score any on my own. Too slow at Rhinebeck, and with yesterday’s brouhaha I’m sure Blue Moon now has a 10-year waiting list.

  106. I need the STR because: a) I LOVE knitting socks, but have never used STR b/c my own obsession has been Lorna’s Laces; it’s time to branch out; b) I just got two new Nancy Bush sock books and am ready to really start rocking some socks; but c) I have pretty much tapped out my yarn budget for awhile.

  107. Not only am I a Socks That Rock virgin, I’m a posting a comment virgin! That’s how bad I need to win. Plus I’m knitting from stash this year and can’t buy my own. P.S. I really do love this blog. So much that I am posting just to say so.

  108. Why do I need STR?
    My boyfriend of six years has just left me. I might deserve it, but I still have a permanent knot in my stomach. The worst bit? I still have to go on a romantic trip to NYC with him next month. He was going to propose in Tiffanys.
    With STR by my side, I might stop myself bankrupting myself in Purl. Maybe.

  109. I have yet to experience the magic of hand knit socks or the wonders of sock yarn and I’ve heard that hand knit socks = happy feet. My feet have been so sad lately.
    Amazing yarn = a superdooperecstatic Wendy
    (off topic but I was wondering if there are any books (or other resources) on photography you would recommend? I’m a passionate photo novice and would really like to learn more.)

  110. First try free, eh?
    I haven’t tried STR yet. I need to try it because I need to make a pair of socks for my mother, and what better way to induct her into the realm of handknit socks than with the crack of sock yarn?

  111. I accidentally originally posted this as a comment to the wrong post. Take two–
    Me: Sock knitter extraoridinaire. Have knit with everything but…Now ready to take the plunge with the right yarn.
    You: Sexy sock yarn that can rock my world, if you know what I mean.

  112. It’s delurking week, and so I am delurking to say that I would love to try STR. I haven’t found it anywhere around me (but then again, I only first heard of it a few months ago….) and can’t wait to try it out.

  113. I was already lusting after the STR when I read your post yesterday. I used to work for a bank. I can’t think of a better way of symbolically thumbing my nose at the finacial industry that to knit my first pair of Jaywalkers with my first skein of Socks That Rock. Because, you know, there couldn’t possibly be that many people interested in sock yarn.

  114. I already commented but am laughing at the thought that we all can go so quickly from STR virgins to comment whores for the chance at making out with STR.

  115. Yep. That’s me. A STR virgin. I’ve made socks. I’ve heard about STR. But…I’ve never bit the bullet and bought any STR for myself. “Why not?” You ask. Well, I think that it’s because I can never decide which colorway to go with. They’re all so beautiful, I can’t pick one. And I don’t have nearly a large enough yarn budget to buy all of the ones that I want!
    Pathetic excuse, but true. ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. Because I went to all the trouble of re-writing the jaywalker pattern toe-up, but have only ever knit them out of other yarns. ๐Ÿ™‚

  117. I grew up with a mother who would look at a designer dress and say, “$500! I could sew that for [insert ridiculously low amount of money]!” And the scary part was that she could.
    So I absorbed the idea that paying X dollars for something was just crazed, and still have “wallet issues” when it comes to buying good sock yarn. *sigh*

  118. you’re so nice. i can guarantee that this post gets the most comments of all!

  119. I need this yarn to feed my sock-knitting fixation. I knit my first pair of socks in 2006…Jaywalkers! In total I made 3 pairs in that year. I want to know what all of the hubbub is about…and whether the yarn deserves all the hype.

  120. I’ve spent the last month doing nothing but write my dissertation – even on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve! I’m going batsh*t crazy and I need something soft and luscious to soothe my frazzled nerves after this is handed in next week. If only STR were available in England…

  121. Well I have become HOOKED on socks. Just now getting into the “good stuff” with fun patterns and nice nice yarn! I have heard much about STR and have been wanting to do a pair. I am on my 4th pair of socks in the last 6 months……you can check my latest socks: Jaywalkers from Yarn Pirate yarn on my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. Cindy Ericsson says:

    For my first pair of socks, I bought some really squeaky Bernat (I think) acrylic SOX yarn from Hobby Lobby, and used the pattern from the ball band. I basically just wanted to see if I could do it, you know? The second sock of that pair still needs about one inch of knitting. I found out I could do it, and the pattern worked up to a good fit for my foot, but I’m not in love with it.
    For the second pair, I chose a bamboo/polypropylene mix and purchased a pattern for a hiking sock from the manufacturer. The yarn is soft and the color combo I chose is nice (in an eye-exploding kind of way), but I’m still not feeling the sock love. The second sock is about 65% complete, in spite of attending various conferences with me.
    I’m looking for a real sock yarn, something that will make me want to knit an outstanding sock and wear it as much as possible.

  123. Thank god I’m not the only virgin. I’d love it give STR a try because I’m on a search for the perfect sock yarn. Great color, texture, feel and washing abilites! That last one is just about killing me. I have yet to find sock yarn that cleans up well. Makes me afraid to wash them, & I’ve got stinky feet!

  124. I never allow myself to spend money on hand-dyed yarn. I tell myself over and over that I could make it myself. I suppose I’m wrong about this STR, huh?

  125. I need STR because the first (and only) pair of socks that I’ve knit were with some stringy boring sock yarn. Because of the stringy yarn, those socks have been sitting unfinished in my knitting basket for months, and I didn’t catch the sock bug. There must be something fabulous about knitting socks, and I think this yarn will help me to see the light.

  126. Nothing gets me to delurk like prizes! I NEED the STR for 2 main reasons:
    1) I’ve committed to not purchasing ANY yarn until June 1;
    2) The only sock yarn in my stash, or that I’ve ever used, is of the ‘el cheapo’ variety.
    Also, I’m dieting, and STR looks like the next best thing to chocolate, but with no POINTS! Help a hungry girl out!

  127. Oh, Cara, you know my story. I went to Rhinebeck to find STR but because of horrible traffic conditions I got there after the hordes had bought it all up. I told you that sad story in person that afternoon when I met you. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent asking Pearl Chin when Knitty City is going to start carrying STR since that day!
    Flash forward to your birthday, January 1, when I happily join the Rockin’ Sock Club and note that there is now a shopping cart function on the Blue Moon webpage and so I can order with ease – yay! I fork over my $210 and wait for the glorious moment when my first Sock Club shipment will arrive.
    And then I am thwarted by an evil bank who doesn’t understand that some of us have been waiting a YEAR for this sock yarn. Foiled again. And waiting for the shopping cart function on BMFA’s webpage to work again so I can re-sign up for the Club.
    (Was that sad and pathetic enough for you? ;))

  128. What a sweet thing to do! Ummm, lessee, well, STR would be my first ever knit socks so how’s that? 2 cherries for the price of one, hehe. I’ve petted STR, drooled over the colors, but resisted because it’s bloody expensive (and worth it) and I suspected I’d have to knit a full sweater in it which kinda breaks the budget. Anyway, thanks again for corrupting the ‘innocent’!

  129. Through anamazing coincidence, I wandered over to the Blue Moon website right when sign-ups were open for the sock club. In the cold light of day when the ‘send your money’ email arrived, I realized actually how much it’ll cost, me being an international (Canadian) customer. With the exchange rate, possible duty on top of everything else, it is way out of my price range.
    Anyone need a sign up code? ๐Ÿ˜›

  130. Never seen, touched (fondled), smelled, knit with, or otherwise experienced a single smidge of STR. Ever! It’s on my “to buy someday” list, but I’m not buying any more sock yarn until I work through all (or nearly all) of what I currently own. No stores around here carry it, and none of the localish fiber festivals have had any either.
    I’ve been wondering what all the hype is about–and can it possibly live up to it?

  131. I have never knit socks and since hearing you wax rhapsodic about this yarn, I am dying to! There’s no place near me that has it, however. I keep going to the website and ogling it, then coming back and imagining fondling your STR stash. I’m getting pretty perverse over this yarn for a virgin! Hope my lucky number comes up…

  132. Here’s the thing…when I was learning to knit socks, I only wanted to use cheap yarn, you know, to practice on, in case I screwed them up – I didn’t want to waste really good yarn on my crappy socks. Now I’ve made a few (5) pair, and have even done a couple more interesting patterns, and I feel like I’m ready to graduate to the good stuff. And, as I hear it, Socks that Rock is the best there is.

  133. Yes, I am a STR virgin. I’ve never even seen STR in real life. But after reading your blog for ages with you going on and on about STR, you have convinced me that this must be the best stuff on the face of the earth. I don’t have a sad story so I guess if you don’t pick me, I’m just going to have to suck it up and buy some of my own.

  134. Lynn in Virginia says:

    Memememememememememe. Oh please. I am desperately longing to knit some gorgeous socks from this yarn.

  135. I have never used STR yarn in my knitting career yet. I don’t keep much of a stash, mostly just yarn leftovers and three skeins of worth of other sock yarn. I had great intentions to keep a sock on my needles at all times. They are great to travel with afterall. Then I had a terrible jaywalker experience. Tried doing it toe up, and with a short row heal. It was too snug and I couldn’t get the cuff over my heal. It put me into a deap frogging depression and I have not touched a sock since. Perhaps I need some renewed inspiration? Some fabulous yarn to put me back into the sock groove. Maybe something to give the Jaywalker pattern another shot. Please consider me for your give away.
    In other news I recently lost a skein of angora\wool to my dog. *SOB* His spit felted the knots in place and I couldn’t untangle it. RIP angora\wool blend.

  136. i’m a sock knitting virgin! but i’d love to try… also- its getting down into the 20s at night in california! i need beautiful hand knit socks! ; ) yours are always so amazing, i’d love to try the jaywalk pattern which looks sooooo good in the str.
    thanks for your blog! its always good to read!

  137. Because my $$ for yarn is on SERIOUS husband lockdown…
    **weeps in shame**
    I’ve been dying to try this yarn since I started reading about it on your blog. And I was thinking, who better to pop my cherry than Cara?

  138. Pick Me—I’m a Socks-That-Rock-Groupie-Wanna-Be!!!!!!
    PLEASE xoxoxoo

  139. I need it badly because I am on a yarn diet. Also because I’m from Finland, and we definitely don’t have STR here. And my feet are cold. And also because I think that you are a very nice person. ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. I haven’t knit with this yarn because I haven’t been able to shell out the bucks to get it. I’ve got a tight knitting budget and unfortunately it hasn’t been in the cards. I got to the Blue Moon website occasionally and look at the colors, but I haven’t been able to place an order. I love knitting socks but I’m in a sock funk right now. Some STR would definitely pull me out!

  141. I’m no virgin. I’m a Sock Yarn Harlot. I joined the STR Sock Club last year and I still have 3 skeins left. I even gave one away. I think this yarn is too good for socks. It should be knit into scarves and blankets and baby clothes.
    You’d have to pay me to take that yarn. >:p

  142. I have wanted to try this yarn, but have never found it in any of the local yarn shops. I do try to shop locally whenever I can.
    Thank you.
    Happy New Year!

  143. I love to knit socks(you can see my blog)but here (in Mexico), there is only one yarn for socks (a yarn that is the same as Cascade Fixation, but with other name). I discovered STR because of your blog, and I love the colors and the socks you made. In fact there are sock patterns that I will knit until I have STR (Jaywalkers, Pomatomus, RPM). I registered for the club,but I’m on a tight budget now, I think I won’t make it.

  144. I need this yarn because the only yarn I have been able to afford to knit socks is knitpicks essentials. I have abandoned kinky dreams of lusty nights with my Darling for fairy-tale like fantacy’s of colorfull waves of superwash merino bliss. I find my blog time filled with wistfully surfing the Blue Moon site, picking my favorite colorways and trying to figure out the market value of my left kidney.
    I am a 20 yo college student knitter of two years with 15 bucks in my checking account. I work in a stable (by ‘work’ I mean I come in everyday and school horses/clean stalls for free for 10 hours a day) on top of an upstate NY hill where my poor feet get frozen. I NEED to knit some socks for myself, and you can bet any STR would not be given away, I am just not that nice.
    Please PLEASE help me Cara, this obsession is driving my poor muggle boyfriend insane (even if he loves the striped socks I knit him, hypocrite) My feet and my lovelife will both be ruined if I don’t get my greedy paws on some STR soon, I can feel it.

  145. Well, I would LOVE to try STR, but there don’t seem to be any sellers around me. I don’t want to order it, never having tried it. If I win, this would be a great opportunity for me to see how it knits up!

  146. I’m afraid I’ll have to abandon all of my Trekking socks to knit up STR because they’ll be so much softer–and I don’t have enough meetings to go to and knit to do that!

  147. Well, not only have I never used the coveted STR, but I still have yet to knit socks. I have complete faith that they would turn out great- I’ve made half a pair of fuzzy feet, mastered the dpns, and can execute beautiful cables. I just haven’t had time! Not to mention, my yarn budget falls way short of affording such luxurious sock yarn…

  148. Why do I need STR yarn? Honestly, I probably don’t. I have 2 pairs of socks waiting for me to have the time to knit them, and I knit slowly.
    Why do I _want_ the STR? For the delicious, so-vivid-I-can-taste-them colors! When I was 4, I used to look through catalogs so I could lose myself the “rainbows” of colors in which each item was offered. My months, music, flavors, feelings and sensations have colors associated with them. The leaves of a white ash in October look like vouvray wine tastes. From what I hear, STR colors are a visceral experience. I crave that kind of color.
    You’re very kind, by the way, offering people the chance to try it for free. Either that, or you’re like a crack dealer. That’s why I haven’t tried it yet. I can’t afford to become a STR junkie.

  149. I need this yarn because being a virgin at my advanced age is oh so painful and shameful and oh what not,,,

  150. I am an STR virgin, it’s true. I have never let a skein of STR have its way with me. The whys don’t matter.
    The reason why you want to give me a skein of STR is to save lives. Because if there is one less virgin promised in heaven to a suicide bomber then the whole deal is off, and the terrorists don’t win.

  151. WOW! Did you get the comments on this one! You’ve popped my cherry already with your birthday contest. I fell asleep with my STR last night. Granted it was just sitting on the passenger side of my bed…taunting me to knit a swatch.
    I actually want to nominate La – from Jen La. She is on the knit from your stash diet, so she can’t actually ask for it herself. Cara, she has recently discovered socks and has no STR. And, have you seen her stash? It’s anorexic already. It’s calling to be fed. Please consider sending a hank to her and converting her to the one and only true sock yarn. If she doesn’t get picked, she will be unable to experience this amazing yarn until the middle of the year. (I want her to have it so bad, that I would send her one of mine, but I have made an unholy alliance and can’t)

  152. Once upon a time I managed to score two skeins STR at a fiber fest. Alas I have since gifted both skeins to others who have no opportunity to experience it. So even though Iโ€™ve bought it I still havenโ€™t knit with it. If I received some as a giftโ€ฆ well then I wouldnโ€™t be tempted to give it away and Iโ€™d finally be able to knit with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  153. I need some STR because I just recently started expanding my sock yarn stash to include the fancy sock yarns, like Fleece Artist, Schaeffer Anne, Interlacements, Lorna’s Laces etc. I never used any fancy sock yarns before so I thought I should get a sample of each one and one of the only fancy sock yarns I don’t have in my collection to try is STR. It wouldn’t be right to not have it in this collection since it would not be a representative sample of fancy sock yarns without it ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. I am another Canadian kntter and avowed “natural fibre snob”. My husband is continually saying that I must not love him very much because I never knit him socks. This is becuase I really haven’t enjoyed knittng socks — I’ve only made about three pairs, all for him, and all out of fat and scratchy yarns. And yet… there are so many beautiful patterns for socks knit in actual sock-weight yarn, so many avowed sock-knitting fanatics, and so many beautiful colours at BMFA. Perhaps a sampling of STR would convert me !

  155. You really know how to bring the commenters of the woodwork! I’m an STR virgin and I needs me some because I’m knitting an Aran sweater for my 6’3″ 240 lb. husband in yarn I don’t particularly care for, on size 5 needles. Have mercy!

  156. I must admit to having owned a skein of STR. Yet I too gifted it to someone, since it was so beautiful, and exactly to the tastes of the recipient. Since then I’ve never even been in the same room as another skein of STR,and I’ve always wished I could find it again…

  157. I need socks that rock since the winter in Finland doesn’t rock. We haven’t got real snow yet (usually it happens before Christmas) and it is COLD. All this darkness and coldness would be nicely brightened by this gorgeous yarn to cuddle, knit and love :).

  158. Because my DH has said I can’t buy any more yarn until I lose 10 more pounds.
    (Well, I’ll go ahead and buy some and then apologize. It’s easier to do that then to ask for permission.)

  159. I haven’t knit with STR – I love the colours but these are expensive high-end yarns what with shipping to Europe would be luxury I cannot afford. I knit only three (3) pairs for myself last year (using cheap 80% wool) but I knit a lot for my family and friends. But I never ever won anything in my entire life, either! Ah well….

  160. I have been wanting to try this yarn for a while too. I am unable to make any purchases right now (and sadly that includes yarn, even sock yarn). Have mercy on a POOR girl. Thanks

  161. Joan Robertson says:

    I have never even knit socks before..last Saturday I bought a couple sizes of dbl pointed needles, I am determined to learn to knit socks, there are SO many people knitting them. I want to be with the IN crowd.
    So, I have never used STR, but hope to soon with your help.
    Thanks, and crossing my fingers, Joanie R.

  162. Debi Barry says:

    I have been wanting to try “socks that rock” yarn for a long time now. I’ve seen it on “the Harlot’s” site more than once and think it is beautiful and the patterns are beautiful and challenging. I work at a little yarn shop and think it would be benificial for the customers if I could broaden my experience with new yarns. How’s that? Should I start begging now? Please, please, please pick me!!!
    I promise I’ll knit it up as fast as I can!

  163. Wow! There sure are a lot of people who want in on the STR action! Pick me, pick me! The only fancy sock yarn I have ever used is Lorna’s Laces… (lovely lovely lovely!) Plus, I am currently enamoured with ‘La dame blanche’ and think some nice socks in tribute to this work would be excellent. (But only if they were very pale, of course.) ๐Ÿ™‚

  164. It is true, there are those like me that have never knit with Socks that Rock. The only sock yarn that I bought for myself (the first set was a gift) was actually bought for another project, and I just happened to have bought enough for a pair of socks as well. Since I’m low on spending cash, I just haven’t gone and bought some yet. I hope my expectations aren’t too high!

  165. I deserve to try STR for a couple of reasons. For one, I’ve not yet knit a sock! Yep, though I own tons of sock yarn, I haven’t yet knit a sock (check my blog for confirmation). The reason for that is that I just graduated from nursing school! Now that I have time to knit, I’d love to try out STR. I was going to join the 2007 club, but right now I just can’t afford it. I think that as an STR and sock knitting virgin making my first pair with STR would be fitting, don’t you think? ๐Ÿ™‚

  166. I’ve never tried it b/c I’ve never been able to get my hands on some locally – the LYS that sells it sells it quickly before I can get to it. I’m tired of non-descript socks – I need socks that rock ๐Ÿ™‚

  167. I need STR because I want to experience the joy of knitting nirvana! Please help me.

  168. My friends, they make fun of me, because they KNOW. At the yarn store, they laugh and point and I cower, for I feel I am less of a knitter. My inexperience glows red on my cheeks. Because my affections for STR, which I thought I hid so well, my unfulfilled passion remains unrequited.
    I noticed the yarn long ago, splayed across the table as half finished socks my friends toss about at knitting group, the saturated colors glorious in the summer light. My friends pass the STR from hand to hand, sharing their skeins and mingling them in an orgy of color and pleasure. At times, when my friends were distracted by a K7tog or a particulary preplexing bind off, I’ve even reached my hand deep into the cleft of a nearby skein, delved into the warmth and softness in its center. It made me feel dirty, but oh, so good, this illicit flirtation. But I am a woman. I need more.
    At Rhinebeck, I slipped away from my group, hovered in the shadows in anticipation of a tryst at the STR booth. I brought my best Addies. And wore clean underwear. I even shaved my legs.
    But my lover, um, I mean the STR, abandoned me there, knee deep in mud among the lowing sheep and the bunnies, for unfaithful STR had long since departed in the eager hands of other, looser admirers. I cried, arms empty of the STR I so desired, then sought solace in a sordid pile of Morehouse. I am ashamed, yet can you blame me?
    And so I languish here, staring at the STR on your site, trying to reign in the jealousy that rages in my heart. For I need STR. I want it.
    STR and I ~ we are meant to be together.

  169. I’m an STR virgin! I need some because I need to try many more sock yarns before next October so I can write another information sock yarn review about easy of knitting, washing, and wear of the resulting socks! Plus, I’d love to design a pattern using STR!

  170. I NEED your STR yarn because I don’t seem able to get any any other way in the UK. There’s a whole new market here, that really would make the bank scared!

  171. I’ve been knitting socks for a year with some super ugly sock yarn picked up from a local discount yarn outlet. I need some non-ugly yarn to knit with!

  172. I’ve never used STR because I couldn’t buy any at Rhinebeck. It was all sold out by Sunday.
    And I’m studying for my CPA exams and all can I knit are small things. No powers of concentration left over for my knitting.

  173. Because … because I have too much sock yarn that is Regia and Opal and none of which is calling my name, and because I am on a yarn diet, *sob*, and BECAUSE I ACTUALLY ASKED FOR STR FOR HANNUKAH AND DIDN’T GET IT!!!! *big sob*
    On an unrelated note, I LOVED “Half Magic” as a child, and recently introduced it to my son, who says it is “the best book he has ever read.” Ha!

  174. I would love, love, love to knit with STR sock yarn! I’ve never tried it! In fact, when I considered buying some @ Rhinebeck, the line was SO long that I decided against it….I should have realized that the long line was just a testament to how amazing STR is! Upon realizing my mistake, I flogged myself 100 times with a wet strand of yarn…

  175. I’d love some STR because I’ve been having some sock-knitting issues with my fat ankles, and I just have a feeling that if I casted on with STR, they would miraculously fit perfectly, no matter what the pattern. Let’s give it a try, heh?

  176. I have never knit with STR, but I’d love to! I know everyone says it’s amazing, but I’ve never had the chance to feel it in person (I live in the middle of nowhere), and haven’t yet gotten the courage up to buy it un-fondled. So, if I win, this could definitely be a gateway drug ๐Ÿ˜‰

  177. I’ve not yet tried Socks that Rock, but I am starting to covet the yarn. I look at the site regularly, consider buying some but talk myself out of it since I already have so much yarn. Please help me in my obsession with STR!

  178. so i just went through a breakup with a guy that i thought was “the one”. so rather than spend my days snuggling with my cat and watching golden girls re-reuns on lifetime i’ve decided to look for “other ones” in other parts of my life. my mission has led to my embrace of the pointy knitpicks needles that are oh so perfect for knitting socks on circulars. but, but, what to knit the socks that will be “the one” pair out of? befuddled i turned to the web and eyed, lustily. i’ve tried a couple of pick up lines (“is that an addi in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” and “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”) but alas, STR has had many generous, and far more experienced sock lovers … and I am, quite honestly, intimidated. What if I don’t measure up to previous sock knitters? What if STR compares me to its other sockfriends?
    To be sure, there are many risks – but I’d love the opportunity to make STR proud to be mine.

  179. I’m a Socks That Rock virgin and the reason I need that yarn is to help me true the beginning of this new year around. 2007 has begun with me being suspended from my job for standing up for myself. I won’t known until Tuesday the 16th if I’m going to be terminated (which will start a legal saga of my own.) This has been an extremely hard week. Being gifted a skein of STR would be a spark of goodness and restore my faith in karma. (Ok that last part might be a bit dramatic but in my heart today – it’s true.)

  180. STR is the whole reason I came to your blog. I did a search on something abstract term relating to color, and lo and behold, in the Google Images window, was the loveliest yarn I’d ever seen. It was a photo of STR from your blog. I had just gotten back from my first trip ever to Pennsylvania, which included a night in Philadelphia; I stayed near Rittenhouse Square and visited the Mutter Museum the next day.
    After reading your blog, I decided: I MUST TRY SOCKS. I went to my LYS and got tiny bamboo dpns. I looked at the sock yarn. It didn’t look like any great shakes but I thought, well, it will look nicer when it’s all knit up. Shah! So wrong! Where do people get the ideas for those colors? I wasn’t real happy with the sock and I doubted I’d be able to make it through the second one, if I ever finished the first.
    Then my three-year-old son pulled the dpns out of the sock not once, twice, or thrice, but four times. After that I pretty much bagged it.
    So. I guess what I’m saying is that the right yarn could turn me around and make me want to knit socks again. Especially if they made me look as fabulous as you do in your knee highs.
    And this time I’ll be getting circulars.

  181. Ah, Socks that Rock. Perhaps they can help me create the elusive heaven-for-the-feet that handknit socks are supposed to deliver. I’ve only used KnitPicks thus far (budget, you see) and they’re good, but they’re not great.
    Also, the Westing Game was a favorite of mine too. I mentioned it to my husband and couldn’t believe when he said he’d never heard of it!

  182. LOL! You’re going to get some weird visitors with that title to your post…LOL! Why do I need it? Because I need more yarn like I need a hole in the head…and STR would be worth the hole…LOL

  183. I live in Nebraska and my feet are cold. They need some STR to keep them warm and to make them look hot!

  184. Elise Hiller says:

    I have not had the chance to knit with STR…I waited and waited at Rhinebeck, but the line was sooooo long and there was soooooo little left that I was afraid I would never make it out of Building A. Finally I had to run up to random people (happily clutching their STR) just to ask to touch it. Ah well….

  185. I am a virgin turning 30 in 52 more days so I need a little present to cheer me up. Oh yeah, and I have never knit with STR before. So I guess my cherry needs to be popped in more ways than one :O)

  186. Dear Bountiful Goddess Bequeathing STR,
    I have never knit with STR. The first time I saw STR in person was at The Fold at Rhinebeck this past year… but I could only attend Sunday. By the time I got there, the only skeins they had left were in a funny mustard colour. I had heard *so* much about STR. Could all the hype be true? Did that hype really apply to the funny mustard coloured skein? Did I want to risk my limited yarn money on it? *Dilemma*! I decided to think it over and come back later. If the skein was still there, it was meant to be. Otherwise? I guess not.
    Sadly, it was not to be. When I returned later in the day (having already spent more than I should have), the skein was *gone*. *sigh*
    Although I would dearly *love* (with lots of asterisks) for you to choose me as one of your STR virgins to have their cherries popped, I feel I am not worthy. I have squandered a perfectly good opportunity at Rhinebeck. I do not deserve a second chance… not when so many people couldn’t even make it to Rhinebeck at all!
    Plus, after joining the Lime and Violet sock yarn marathon, I discovered I have approximately 4.68 *miles* (more asterisks… miles are *big*) of lovely sock yarn. Truly, with such bounty at hand, I am not deserving of STR.
    Instead of imploring you to send some lovely STR to me, here in *frozen* (and thus *need* wool socks) Winterpeg (official name on the map is Winnipeg), I will strive to improve myself by appreciating (and knitting) my stash, and hope that my toes don’t freeze off in the -48 C (-54.4 F) windchill.
    STR Virgin Andrea (Noricum)

  187. I’ll tell you why I don’t need this yarn. I already have 20 skeins (or is that 20 x 2?) of Lorna’s Laces and I’ve yet to knit a sock out of it. I have Koigu, Opal, Louet Gems, JaWolle, Regia, Sakatelli, Wildefoote, Lion Brand Magic Stripes, Sheaffer Anne, Cascade Fixation, and too many others to remember. If you pick my name, I hearby designate you, Cara, as my backup recipient and the yarn is YOURS to keep! Yes, I knit socks but I’m S…L…O…W…..

  188. I’m a STR Virgin! I think it’s because there is only 1 retailer in Canada, and it’s not in my hometown. I’ve been a knitter for a year, and I just just just found out about STR! I’m dying to try it!!!

  189. I am a virgin on STR yarn! I live in Europe, am a poor graduate student with a part-time job, and never had the guts to try ordering an expensive yarn from the USA, after two lousy times where customs made yarn packages I bought from USA stores arrive A MONTH AND A HALF later, with a customs tax which doubled the yarn’s price ๐Ÿ™ So, I was waiting to get a bit richer to try the wonderful colours…
    Pleaaaase, pick me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ You can see that I REALLY am a virgin on this yarn, if you check my stash blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  190. I truly wish I had the pleasure of trying STR but unfortunately I have a non understanding muggle husband that just doesn’t condone such spending (plus shipping) for sock yarn that has to travel across the border at double the shipping. I have on occasion snuck some cherry tree hill into the house diguised as a gift for a secret pal, and oh my I fell in love. If STR is anything like it, I’m just gonna have to kick some muggle butt and insist on this little pleasure. There’s gotta be other hiding places in this house. Just gotta find em between the four kids and the hub,they seem to be able to track down anything I stash. As long as STR Rocks as much as the boss, I’m sure I’d love it.

  191. i am a STR virgin (we wont discuss the other kind of virgin) and socks is my favourite thing to knit. i always have one going, and in fact i am just ten rows from starting toe decreases on the second of a new pair today! i’ve used Trekking, Opal, LanaGrosse MegaBoots, Universal Ditto, LionBrand Magic Stripes (deeeeeeesgusting but cheap!) and i would *so* like to knit with a gourmet yarn just once. now, to be fully honest, i did find 2 balls of DB Baby Cashermerino in a grab bag of yarn at the thrift store which i hand-dyed at a dyeing workshop last summer, and with that i knit a lovely pair of heavy socks, but from all i’ve heard, STR is even better.
    ~~crossing fingers that i am chosen~~

  192. i just knit my first sock ever. and it aint pretty. must be the yarn. i know that a STR sock would make a much better sock.
    and the 14th is my birthday. wouldn’t you like to give a birthday present to a random stranger?

  193. I am a sock yarn junkie but I can’t make up my mind between all their beautiful colors. This would be a great way to be introduced to their yarns! Thanks for having this giveaway!

  194. I have been on their site – wanting to join the club but didn’t.
    I knit sock – i call that mindless knitting !!!!
    I have knitted socks with Regia and Koigu… Wanted to try SweetGeorgia handdyeds but didn’t and frankly with all the turmoil about STR I go to their site everyday…. call that teasing yourself, or being a bit on a “maso” side! Ah! Ah!

  195. I don’t know why I haven’t tried STR either…I know I would eventually, but if I can get it thru a drawing, even better. I need it for the same reason I need ANY yarn…do I need to say why??

  196. I’ve been reading about STR for some time. I even thought about joining the Club this year, but financial circumstances convinced me I should wait. As well as the fact that the only pair of socks I have ever knit was a small toddler size pair on size 6 needles with DK yarn.
    I purchased a couple of Dave’s ( beautiful yarn to try socks, but haven’t tried. I figured I should use one of the ones I bought before I spend more $$ on STR.
    But, hey, if it’s free, I’ll use it first! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve been knitting for less than a year and have learned many new things… it’s time for socks!

  197. I’ve never knit with Socks That Rock because I was worried it was overhyped and the one skein I actually saw in a yarn store was in a color that reminded me of peaches and cream and nothing like the gorgeous skeins I’ve seen all over the internet.
    I have yet to take the plunge and go order some for myself, and now I’m knitting from my stash for a while. Gifts are allowed, naturally.
    I’ve knit with just about everything else. I need some Socks That Rock.
    True story.

  198. Dear Cara,
    I have never knit with STR, though I have oogled it on blogs and websites. I have never seen any in person though and my LYS doesn’t carry it.
    I am a college student and single mom which kind of puts me on a Non-voluntary yarn diet. ๐Ÿ™ My purchases have been few and far between lately. I keep meaning to pick up a skein, but I never have.
    Thanks for doing this contest!!

  199. Socks. The first thing I learned to knit. Because I learned at the end of a German winter and never wanted to see another sweater as long as I lived.
    I will admit, I’ve fooled around with STR. I’ve gone to third base with Granite. I swooned, I ogled, I even BOUGHT some for my mother. I showed my handsome friend off to all my friends. We parked at my place for a little while, but I maintained the purity of my resolve. To give, rather than to enjoy it all for myself.

  200. Oh my gosh, look at all the comments…I’ve looked at the yarn, so many times, and have lusted after it, drool dripping down my mouth…today, 12 Jan, is my birthday, I’m 53 years old, I love to knit socks and rarely knit them for myself (most always gifted, out of all the socks I’ve knit I have 2 pair) and at my age, seriously, if there’s a cherry left out there to pop…it just oughta be popped! If I were to receive a skein of this wonder-yarn I promise I would consider it a birthday gift and therefore the socks would be mine….I know that sounds selfish but I’m really not at all a selfish woman….I am in fact sending out gifts to a woman who guessed my birthdate in a little contest I had at my blog. Thank you for this opportunity.

  201. The sad truth is that, not only have I never used STR yarn, but I have not yet knit any socks- it’s one of my resolutions for 2007 – to learn to knit socks. I can’t think of a better way to do that than on STR yarn!

  202. I have never knit with STR because…. my well-meaning mother keeps promising to buy me some for birthday, Christmas, whathaveyou. But when it comes to the actual ordering, liek over the phone and everything?, she gets a little confused. They don’t have the color she picked out on the webpage, so she just doesn’t order. Doesn’t she know I would lile ANY color? But I just keep waiting… surely she’ll just it right one of these day!

  203. Holy shit! I thought I was in the minority, but apparently there are a few others out there who haven’t knit with STR. I need some of your most excellent STR because I’m living in the frozen north up here – Wyoming and Colorado appear to be the only states actually having winter – and my feet love warm handmade socks. Plus, I’d kind of like to figure out what all the fuss is about.

  204. I’ve always enjoyed reading about STR on your blog (and others’ blogs), but have never knit with it. None of my LYSs carry STR and I fear purchasing yarn that I’ve never touched after a few disappointments purchasing yarn online and not having it be as great as I expected. The STR colors are so gorgeous I don’t want to be disappointed. I’ve been trying to talk my LYSs into carrying it so I can touch it, but no luck so far. Thanks for the opportunity.

  205. I am a double virgin! I’ve never knit with socks that rock (or for that matter knit and completed a sock) and have also never commented on a blog. I keep hoping to find that special yarn that will make me understand the passion for knitting socks. So far it hasn’t happened…

  206. I’ve made exactly one purchase of STR, but haven’t ever knit with it, since I actually gave those skeins away as gifts to people who couldn’t get it otherwise. ๐Ÿ˜€

  207. It’s simple, really.
    I have never before knitted a pair of socks.
    To start the sock knitting, one requires the best, most fun sock yarn out there. Hence, I neeeeeeeed a skein of STR if I’m ever going to start knitting socks!
    Thanks for the drawing!

  208. I haven’t tried STR because of the price. I wont lie…it’s not that I don’t WANT the yarn. I NEED the yarn.I find myself asking….yarn? bills? ……..bills? yarn? Always a hard decision.
    Alot of times if I’m having a bad day I just go to their website and browse. Heck,knitpicks too. It always helps.
    ( I need to get out more)
    Socks are pretty much all I have knit. I just recently cast on for a cardigan.I guess I’m a virgin at most things knitting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  209. I have not tried STR cuz I am easily addicted to the pretty sock yarns, ie, Koigu, Plain and Fancy Sheep and Wool, etc. if I receive the STR I will have to set aside every other project OTN to devote full attn to this lovely yarn. But I will not be able to take it to knit group until they are done for fear of them “walking away” before they are done, hehe.

  210. I haven’t tried STR, yet! I had my first sock lesson in Sept and I have knit nothing but socks since. I made my first pair with ArtYarn, my next four pairs with Crown Mountain (VT), my next pair with Koigu and my current pair with Colinette Jitterbug. So you see I haven’t found my one true love yet…..except for socks!

  211. 44 year old virgin. Enough said.

  212. I’m a STR virgin because, as I try to pull myself out of the spiraling black hole of despair that is the first year of law school, I’m getting no action, knitting or otherwise. None. And a skein of STR has got to be more comforting to curl up with, with a glass of wine on a dark, dismal night, than the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

  213. I have puchased 1 skein of it, but never knit with it. I gave away my skein (it was the Lucy colorway). So I still have yet to knit with STR! Not sure that’s a very powerful reason but being how terribly picky I am about sock yarn I just have yet to find any I like.

  214. I have a medical condition that causes my extremeties to be extremely cold (especially my feet). I learned to knit socks this summer and in addition to becoming absolutely addicted, my feet have never been warmer! Unfortunately, I still do not have enough handknit socks to wear every day. I’ve never knit with STR, mainly because I haven’t found a source nearby, but it has been high on my list for quite some time now. Please, please, my cold feet *need* that STR sock yarn!

  215. I need it like a hole in the head right now, but that’s okay, I’d still love it if I won it. And I never have knit with it. And I’m knitting from stash this year, so you are my only hope…

  216. I’ve been drooling at pictures of that yarn, pictures of socks made from that yarn. I think at some point I promised myself some gorgeous sock yarn as a reward for something, but sadly that something never happened…

  217. LeighB in ATL says:

    Hi, please pick me. Here’s the thing. I want to looooove sock knitting. So far, it’s ok, but maybe it’s the yarn. I want to love sock knitting so much that every person I love will have a pair of socks handknit by me. But that’s not going to happen unless I fall deeply and irrevocably in love with sock knitting. I think STR could be my sock Georgie.

  218. I’d like this yarn because I’ve vowed not to buy any yarn for the next 6 months when I go to a local yarn festival, and I’m praying that there is a STR booth there so I can purchase some. My LYS doesn’t carry it, and I don’t have a credit card so I can’t order it online. Thanks for the run contest!

  219. From reading your blog I know how much you love it, so I gatta try it!

  220. Yes, I too am a STR virgin. I’ve only just found out about this yarn in the last few months, but I am intrigued by it. None of the LYS in my neck of the woods carries it, so I would have to order it online.
    I’ve been knitting for just over a year. I have knit about a dozen pair of socks since then ranging in size from infant to adult. If I were to get this yarn, I would finally knit a pair for me! I do not wear socks very often, much to the consernation of my hubby. So I am thinking this might break the habit as I have noticed that my oldest son has started wearing socks much more often since I knit him 2 pairs of socks.

  221. I have never knitted with STR….hell I can’t even get past the heel of a sock it goes all murky on me. But I would love to knit with some STR…pick me pick me please.

  222. I drool over your STR images wheneve you post and no LYS carries it in Vancouver. I just learned how to knit socks on 2 circs and I am absolutely loving my new addiction and a skein of STR will just put me over the top!!!!

  223. Hi Cara,
    What a generous offer! I love your passion for the things you love.
    It’s true I am a STR virgin, and I NEED this yarn so I could have the COOLEST post ever on my brand new blog.
    p.s. your blog is gonna get some crazy google hits after this!

  224. hi cara,
    i am another STR virgin! i’ve drooled over the lovely colorways, imagined its silky softness, admired all the lovely STR projects on your blog… yet i’ve never used it ๐Ÿ™ i’m a relatively new sock knitter and i would *love* to try this… thanks for the contest opportunity!

  225. I have not used STR and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try it. I keep putting it on my birthday and Christmas list but my family is afraid of yarn shopping, even though they do love to wear the finished results (especially handknit socks).

  226. I need this sock yarn as one of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2007 was to “fall in love” and give up my virginity – to STR of course – you could help me keep one resolution this year!

  227. Psssst. Hi. Amber’s feet here. Amber is too shy to post this, but she is a STR virgin. And WE are suffering. Oh, how we long to be engulfed in those beautiful colors, oh how we dream of the softness, oh how deprived we feel when we read about your lucky feet, Cara.
    Please help us. Please.

  228. I can’t bring myself to buy yarn sight unseen. And I have never sighted a skein of STR. At last year MDS&W, the booth disappeared on Sunday when I had a chance to get there (apparently from running out of skeins the Saturday before?). At Churchmouse Yarns and Teas, it was on order.
    Would love to get a skein.
    Thank you,

  229. Well, I never in my life wore selfknitted socks, although I did knit quite many pairs. Why? Because I did not like the feeling on my feet.
    So, from all the good things you told us, this must be THE yarn for my feet.
    So far I never had my hands on STR. Why? I’m living abroad.
    I love those ever changing pictures on your page.

  230. Why haven’t I tried STR? Because I’m a poor person with no credit card, and my LYS doesn’t carry it. Got to admit, though, from reading knitblogs, I haven’t heard a single bad thing about STR. People trust STR. STR is widespread and versatile. Can’t say that losing my sock vriginity to someyarn so experienced would be a bad thing.

  231. You know, I love knitting socks. Love them. But, for some reason I am completely intimidated by the beauty of STR and have much anxiety over not doing the yarn justice.

  232. Laura Dundas says:

    Hi, Cara, I’m 71 and have been reading your blog because you keep me up to date on a young person’s life. I have never made a comment on anyone’s blog. This past week-end I went to our hospital auxiliaries retreat at the beach in Lincoln City, Or. (BTW it snowed for the 1st time on the beach. Beautiful.)
    One of the gals was knitting socks. Everyone ooohed and aaahed at the socks. I was knitting my usual wash cloth. (I used to knit socks and sweaters and baby caps.) No one really believed that I could knit socks. I would like your pattern to prove that I can do socks.
    Belated Happy Birthday. I think you’re amazing. Love, Laura

  233. I NEED this yarn because I have lusted over the gorgeous colorways for months and months, but have never had the opportunity to actually fondle the yarn.
    p.s. I also love Bruce, does that help?

  234. STR?? What’s STR??? Have heard about it but never used it.

  235. Holy cow, the competition is fierce! I have never knit with STR because I can’t seem to get my hands on it at fiber festivals. The booth is raided within the first five minutes and we’re usually distracted on our way to the booth by something else, meaning no STR for me!

  236. I love knitting socks and have never tried STR. It would be just the thing to turn my so far crappy 2007 around to the brighter side. I started the year sick and haven’t kicked it yet. On Monday my washing machine freaked out and flooded my house. The insurance adjuster can’t come out until next week and won’t authorize any work until he sees the damage. The laundry room and garage need to be gutted and the furnace replaced. I hope they can get it together before my whole house turns into a moldy death trap. The light in the hotel room we are in sucks for knitting, but I would totally work it out if I could finally experience the joy of some STR!

  237. I need STR (socks that rock) because my closet is full of STPACM (socks that prefer adult contemporary music).

  238. I know I probably don’t deserve it, but I’ve been coveting STR since I first saw a pair of socks knit with it on a blog. Being a college student, paying her own way with no support from anyone (not even student loans) makes it difficult for me to get good yarn period.
    I usually get left with acrylic just so I have something to knit with.
    Only just this past week was I able to get to a store an hour away from me that offered Trekking XXL so that I could try that (before I’d only ever knit with Regia and Paton’s Kroy, usually Kroy as that’s all I can find around me).
    I would love to be able to try out a higher quality sock yarn, especially one with such beautiful colour patterns as STR.

  239. STR Virgin here (and almost a senior to boot – how scary)! Married twice however…so I’m sure the husbands would be confused over the virgin status.
    All the socks I’ve ever knit have gone to other people. If I had some STR yarn, those socks would be mine forever and ever.
    You rock for doing this, Cara!

  240. I forgot to buy STR before I started the Knit from Your Stash 2007. Now, I will have to wait until September until I purchase some for myself.

  241. I have never knitted a sock in my life, but I am seriously deprived of socks and am yearning to learn to knit them! I’ve checked out STR website before and just cannot afford such a beautiful yarn. It’s cold in South Dakota, we’re hitting below 0 temps here today! Dude, Mama Needs some Socks That Rock!!!!

  242. I have to chime in. You need to send it to another Volvo R owner who has yearned to save up the dough to buy STR. I can see a lovely color scheme that would coordinate with the Atacama leather and gray exterior of our ’04 R.
    And yes, I’ve made about 20 pairs of socks, but most from cheaper brand yarn. The best yarn I’ve used for them yet is Trekking XL, so I’ve got a long way to go in the learning curve up in quality. So send me the best, please?

  243. I need this yarn because I’ve never used Socks that Rock and I’m so darn cute! *grins* *flutters eyelashes*

  244. Never seen the stuff, but know of it by reputation. Dying to knit a cunning pair of footless sox to wear under yoga pants on cold Colorado days!
    (Thanks for your post about the STR brouhaha. Unbelievable.)

  245. ooh, me please! i need some str because there is snow on the ground here in seattle and my toes are freezing, and they could do with some super colorful socks.

  246. I have finished 1 sock in my life (and saying it was ‘finished’ is a stretch…I couldn’t figure out the kitchener on it). That one was Sugar n’ Cream cotton. Second sock, Wool-Ease, got to the toe decreases and abandonded it. 3rd sock, sportweight acrylic yarn on size 0(US) needles for a baby. Abandoned midway though the toe decreases because I lost track of where I was…and the yarn/needle combo was threatening to drive me insane. Current socks: Lang Jawoll Cotton (toe up – on the instep now), Sockotta (infant size, cuff down, currently in time out), and a third one that I have the yarn for (can’t even remember what the yarn is…)but have yet to cast on (for the third time).
    The worst thing is…I have no stash! I have maybe 10 different yarns in my house at the moment. That doesn’t even fill a shelf! And none of them are STR!!

  247. good grief! i never thought i’d be called a virgin again ; ) but yeah, i’m an STR virgin, mainly because i’ve been a broke student since i started knitting (and an even more broke now-graduation girl these days). not that high quality sock yarn isn’t worth the cash, but i occasionally need to eat. i’d love to try STR so – thanks for the opportunity!

  248. I am a STR virgin …..but I won’t be for long! I have splurged BIG TIME and joined the 2007 Rockin Sock Club – YAHOO – I can’t wait til February!

  249. *
    Hello !
    Thanks for your great blog.
    I am amazed with the knitting community – Incredibly Wonderful !
    In the spirit of “socks that rock” I will photograph and post the beginnings of MY FIRST SOCKS on my blog today.
    Soon to be a Virgin No More !
    Love to All !

  250. I need this yarn to break Lorna’s hold on me. Cherry Tree Hill tried, but it wasn’t up to the challenge. Show me the light!

  251. I am a STR virgin, and a first-time (therefore virginal) commenter here (but a long-time reader)who has recently lost a source of joyful brightness in my life. Having some cheerful colour come into my world right now, with such a riotous, ebullient name like STR, won’t obviously help me replace what I’ve lost, but it would be a colourful spark in what has been a bleak start to 2007.
    More importantly, however, than all of that is this: firstly, since I’ve now delurked, I want to simply say that I am ever so happy that you and G are well and *healthy*. Happy New Year to you both, and Happy Belated Birthday to you.
    Secondly, thanks for always providing such a passionate, energizing, honest blog to read. Like so many others, I was especially moved by your post on your decision not to pursue a career in the academy, and what it really means to choose the life one wants to live. With warm regards, K.

  252. I have made many, many socks, but have yet to try STR. It’s not been a deliberate snub – it’s just that I always have so much sock yarn in my stash and there’s no place around here that sells it! So i would love to get a chance to try out this miraculous yarn, just to see if it’s really as awesome as everyone says it is!

  253. Right about the time that STR burst onto the scene, I was just starting out on my “must save $, must buy house” campagain. Hoping they would be a passing fad, I’ve shown more willpower than you would believe when it comes to NOT purchasing this yarn. The last time I was in a LYS, I actually had a beautiful hank in my hands… carried it around the store… then put it back :(.

  254. I’ve been rolling my eyes at all the hype surrounding this yarn for at least a year now. I could never bring myself to decide on a color and place an order. I’d like to try it to see if I agree with all the others.

  255. I need this yarn because I’m a STR virgin and I’ve read the Socks That Rock story on your blog and several others. I feel for the ladies but I don’t want to commit to a sock club membership before I have a chance to test out their lovely yarn. What better chance than through you? Besides, I’m an avid hiker and it would be great to have some super cozy hiking socks that I knit myself!

  256. I have not tried this yarn for the same reason as some others: I’m terrified of becoming addicted! I’d be more than willing to turn over to the dark side if someone was supplying my first hit ๐Ÿ™‚

  257. I need STR yarn lest I remain a virgin forever. I confess that I’ve gazed at it through the computer, but worried about what kind of girl I would be if I paid for it. Now I read of your kind offer. I have empty sock needles and think that I might be ready to be deflowered. Please be gentle with me. It’s my first time.

  258. Now I know a knitter named Mickey;
    Sheโ€™s knit socks that feel quite prickly!
    With Socks that Rock yarn
    She wonโ€™t have to darn
    the socks she wears now which are icky!

  259. I would really like to try knitting socks but have been terrified for way too long. Maybe using STR will be my lucky charm and make this scary process a little easier?
    Best wishes to you and G for a Happy and Healthy 2007! Really enjoy your blog.

  260. i have never tried socks that rock. why…i have 6 kids! there are 16 feet in this family. i would love to try it. i actually have a plan to make “mother’s socks” using STR in each kids gemstone colorway..except jade for jaden. ๐Ÿ™‚
    i have not tried STR because i know once i do i can never go back. ๐Ÿ™‚ this is why i have remained a STR virgin….hopefully only for now.

  261. I’ve never tried STR because I didn’t believe all of the hype surrounding it. As soon as I decided I NEEDED to have some (this week) BMFA has this bank issue and now I’ve got to wait.

  262. I haven’t knit with STR yet because I keep missing out when it arrives at my LYS. That stuff has legs!

  263. I really need STR! My knitting resolution this year is to learn to knit socks! What better way to do this than with some really, really awesome yarn? I’m not afraid of becoming addicted to such wonderful yarn… I’ve been afraid of knitting socks.

  264. Okay, I’m answering this for a blogless friend who, I believe, NEEDS STR. (I have some, although I have yet to put it on the needles – it’s next after I finish the current socks.) She has never been to a fiber festival (I KNOW!) and thus has never seen the glory that is STR. She loves knitting socks, but she, like me, is a poor grad student and doesn’t really have the assets to pony up for much yarn, especially the good stuff that costs, well, a pretty penny, let’s face it. Anyway, I would love to expose her (first hit is free!) to the joy that is socks that rock.

  265. OMY – I bet you bust your server with the number of comments. But truely I am a STR virgin. With hubbo in school, knitting is on the cheap lately with the majority coming from the stash.

  266. I too have never tried STR, although it certainly sounds like I am missing out on something great! Also, I am a new sock knitter, just finishing up my second sock ever right now, but regardless, I would love to try it, thanks for making this offer.

  267. You are going to have a hard time choosing. There are a lot of comments here. Me? I’d never heard of Blue Moon before this week. I followed a link from another blog to yours and this is where I learned about Socks That Rock yarn. I basically only knit sox (with an occasional hat or scarf thrown in) and have been using some really nasty yarn: think Lion. That’s my story.

  268. My resolution was to buy no more yarn
    I have enough to fill up a barn
    But my sock-yarn supply
    Is devoid of the joy
    Of finally tryin’ STR, oh darn!
    Well, maybe not to fill up a barn, but close. But I just used up my last skein of sock yarn, which is sad! And as I am a poor college student, I can’t afford a lot of yarn. I’ve always wanted to try it, I have such a crush on sock yarn, it’s unbelievable.

  269. I’ve never knitted with STR. My hubby took claim to our only stash of it and knitted the most wonderful cabled scarf from it. But me no. Please feel sorry enough for me to have me win. Please please.

  270. oh there are lots of worthy virgins here. I tried – I really did. I got dressed up all nice and went to Lettuce Knit in Toronto to find myself some. But they had sold out and so had Blue Moon, cuz they had sold just about every last skein at Maryland. So I”m still waiting, but I know it’s going to be really special when it finally happens for me.

  271. I have never tried STR because it’s unavailable in Europe :sob:

  272. I too am a STR virgin. I would love to knit socks with STR, but have never been able to find it. I think you should pick me because 1) today is my birthday! 2) for my birthday Aunt Flo came to visit (TMI? Maybe, but what a way to spend your bday! =( plus, I’m desperate!) 3) I’m moving home to Virginia after three years in Germany, so it would be a Coming Home Gift. I’ve not been happy living overseas, and learning to knit (and crochet) has kept me sane these past three years. What better way to celebrate leaving than with STR?

  273. Pick me! I’ve never knit with STR or seen it in person, but I’ve been ogling the website. I’ve never even knit socks, but they are on my list. Give me that push I need!

  274. Yes, I am a virgin for STR. I just started knitting socks this past year and graduated from Knit Picks to Fortissima and finally to Trekking, but due to the sad little excuse I have for a budget, I can’t afford yarn right now. I read your blog every day and see you hail the almighty STR and it makes me really want to lose my STR virginity, you know, kind of like when you’re a teen and you saw Top Gun for the first time…

  275. I love to knit socks, but as yet have not tried STR. Just found out about the STR club and tried to sign up, but just got the waiting list. I really need to try this stuff!

  276. Holy cats, I don’t think I have a snowball’s chance in hell of acquiring a skein of STR from your stash, but I’ll try anyway.
    I’d like a skein because I’ve been promising my mom for about 18 months that I’ll knit her some socks. It’s not that I’m a terrible daughter, but my backlog of stuff to knit is very long. So, since she’s had to wait so long for socks (and because she’s a super fabulous lady who I love & like dearly), I’d love to gift her with some STR, since all y’all seem to love it so much. I’ve never used it, so I wouldn’t know. I promise that if I win a skein, I’ll post my progress on my blog ( and will get the socks out to her as my very next project.
    Also, I’m seriously pissed at that bank. WTF, thinking that Blue Moon & all the STR Club members were just pulling some kind of scam?! Crazy bank people. Burns my butt.

  277. Me Ayla. Before knit socks only with Broud [Patons]. Jondalar [STR] say “that not really knitting socks.” Ayla want to learn more. Jondalar promises Ayla many Pleasures.

  278. miss magpie says:

    Oh me… Oh my… oh socks that rock… How terrible it is to live in Portland (STR homeland) and not be able to get my hands on this stuff… I plague the local yarn stores… I hear about new shipments arriving and get there to late… Why can’t the sock gods bless me just once? YOU have the power to smile down on me my dear Sock Goddess Cara (can you feel my pleading?).
    I am a newby to socks, having finished a knee high pair that won’t stay up (but I stubbornly wear the bagging socks anyway), just finished my first Jaywalkers, and am currently struggling through Pomatomous (spelling?). I promise to pick a beautiful pattern if you deem me worthy!

  279. I have not knit with STR before.
    I had the opportunity to go to the Blue Moon booth at Stitches West last year but got sidetracked and bankrupt at the Habu booth and Tess’ Yarns Booth.
    I had even gone to the Blue Moon url before Stitches West and saw STR and wanted to get me some but alas, the planets were not aligned. It was not my time.
    I was hoping to track some STR down after Stitches West but it never happened. And I could not afford to sign up for the STR club online.
    I am an eager STR virgin, waiting for the right skein to deflower me. Please, help my dream come true!
    And definitely, I’m going to the Blue Moon booth FIRST THING, at this years Stitches West. :o)

  280. Well here goes! My friend RAVES about STR. I have never purchased the yarn but I have decided that 2007 is my year of socks. I am going to knit a months worth of socks for myself so I have wonderful hand knit socks for each day of the month. I am slowly knitting socks and bulding my sock stash for my year of socks!

  281. I am shamefully a STR Virgin! I have so wanted some since the first time I had seen a skein in someone elses hands. A few of the woman at my LYS had some and were taunting me with it. How mean is that?! LOL I want to be able to taunt them back. I have looked at their web site just recently and love all the colors that they have up. I don’t think that they make anything that I wouldn’t want. I ended up spending $$ on yarn for a sweater so I am under a no spend $ on yarn lock down. So I really need a gift of yarn. It is so depressing only being able to sniff, fondle and caress the yarn. I would say that it would round out my sock stash, but I know I couldn’t resist knitting it up once I got it. Besides if I have enough extra I could knit up a pair for my son as well, like I do with any boy appropriate yarn.
    Choose me you know ya wanna:) *bats big green eyes*

  282. I would like this yarn so I can knit my very first pair of socks.
    I chose a pattern already just in case (Tiger Eyes from the Socks Socks Socks! book).
    I am ready.

  283. I need some because I`m Scottish. We don`t get STR here. All we get is whisky, haggis and shortbread and none of them are any good for knitting socks with.

  284. I’m afraid I don’t have anything near as clever or interesting to offer as those who have preceeded me. Much of it is the same, all of it the truth. I’m on a stash diet to start with (before I go SABLE), and I’m budgeted very tightly this year. My nearly $700/month student loan payment is holding me back, frankly, particularly with replacing my 12 year old car. But one skein of STR could really comfort me in this stressful time. After all, we all know how therapeutic sock knitting is. And besides, another resolution for 2007 is to knit only things that make me happy. This would make me happy.

  285. I am an STR virgin, take pity on me…Grandma refused to teach me how to cast on and bind off (she was a control freak) and all she ever made were socks with crummy acrylic and size 2 metal dpns….(no sweaters or anything else!) so I learned to make socks that way by watching her surreptitiously, and stealing her paper pattern. The most I got out of it was carpal tunnel syndrome. A close friend has recently introduced me to the family of fine fiber, and I believe they have adopted me…I would love to be able to wear pretty socks with my dress shoes to work!

  286. I have never tried STR for several reasons, I have never even seen it in person. There is no LYS here that carries it, the only knitters I know that use anything but Fug fur are all online. Also, I am a poor college student to has to pinch pennies to afford Knit Picks much less STR. Somday I want to try all yarns, but this is on the top of my list.

  287. I deserve to win this sock yarn because I’m in college and therefore have (1)no money, and (2)need projects to take with me to various meetings. (I don’t, I promise, knit in class.)
    I love knitting socks and was given some sock pattern books during the holidays, and I might as well be super-adventurous, creating patterns and using new yarn at the same time.
    Maybe my excuse is a little pathetic, but, like so many other people who’ve posted comments, I look at pictures of good sock yarn online and imagine I have the money for it.

  288. 5elementknitr says:

    You have the best contests! With the best prizes, too! I haven’t knit w/STR because I havent’ had the cash! I’m doing the knit from stash thing but only because I’ve no choice! We just moved from Tucson to Colorado, my husband bought a business here and our house in AZ hasn’t sold yet! Also, I need to knit to stay warm, moving from the desert to the near-mountains was exactly what we wanted but we don’t have a lot of cold-weather clothes! Cold feet could use some Socks that Rock!

  289. Dear Ms. Cara,
    I’m sad to see that the list of us “never tried it”s has grown so long. Sadder still to say that I have to add my name and make the list longer. I’ve never knitted with STR… never seen it, smelt it, felt it. There’s three reasons right there to have possession of some STR.
    Thanks for your generosity is spreading the wealth!
    Sincerely yours,

  290. I keep seeing STR all over blogland but my LYS does not carry it (yet). I like to touch and smell my yarn before buying and just haven’t seen it in person. I do love the colors they have but I just like to see for myself first. Besides, would my feet want to wear anything else after STR socks?

  291. I have never knitted a sock!!! I have this Lion Brand Sock yarn and the plan was to knit some ankle socks and that just never happened.
    My fear is really the small needles but I have seen soooooo many gorgeous socks on the net in the most amazing colors that I really want to knit at least one pair…then I look at my Lion Brand Yarn and I am not so thrilled.
    If STR is as good as you say then maybe I will just be able to knit my first pair of socks!

  292. STR and I are from the same hood, but I’ve never convinced it to come home with me. Am I not cute enough? Or, more likely, not rich enough…

  293. I haven’t tried STR because there’s nowhere local that carries it. Sure, I know I can get it from a couple of places online, but in person sure makes for better impulse buying… I think too much when it’s online. Plus, there are so few colorways shown on the two sites I know of that sell STR, and while I do rather like some of them, it drives me nuts that I can’t see all the colorways to choose from them. I also keep thinking that as long as I’m paying for shipping, I might as well get all the bang for that buck that I can, but being as I have a limited budget, I don’t seem to manage to save up enough to get 2 or 3 skeins at once.
    Of course, all of those are just excuses, but one or more of them always seems to get the better of me when I’m considering buying some.

  294. Dara Klym says:

    Please I need to try socks that rock, I just started knitting socks…only on my fourth pair. I can’t buy it here in winnipeg, only one yarn store here (Gasp) and they don’t carry it. So sad…when i had the chance to buy some in edmonton in the fall I did not know enough to buy it and buy lots.

  295. Me, me! Because I’ve not only never used STR, but I’ve never knitted socks! (Well, that’s not quite true. I’ve knitted one lonely sock from whatever cheapo sock yarn was available at my nearest hobby shop. I can’t seem to get up excitement to do the second one.) But still; wouldn’t it be great to create a new sock knitter by initiating them on the Best Stuff?

  296. I am “comment 294”?
    This yarn must be great.
    Hope I get to try it ;-D
    Cathy in MN

  297. I’ve known about STR since your STR Jaywalker frenzy a year ago, but haven’t had a chance to buy any. Which is sad – I can’t seem to come down to a color decision when I look at the colors online, so I decided I would only buy some when I can see it in person. I figure then one color will “speak to me” and all will be good.
    I went to Rhinebeck, but since I live about 90 minutes from The Fold, I decided to let all the folks who /don’t/ have STR within easy access to have their chance (such as I hear it was), and I would get some later on. So far I still haven’t had my chance (twin toddlers will do that to you), but I’m hoping it’ll be sometime soonish.

  298. wow… losing one’s virgnity is such a big issue. Will my parents disown me? Will I still be able to wear a white lace wedding gown, handknit in kid silk haze? And will the other knitters think I’m just a yarn whore?

  299. I admit it ….. I vhant to be a sock knitter. Perhaps only this fiber, if I can soften my heart to believe the beauty of the colorways, can take me beyond the person who has heretofore knitted 2.17 socks. I want to be able to boast full numerals in my handknit sock column.

  300. Because I am a poor German Girl, living near Frankfurt without any Chance to get near such a legendary yarn!

  301. Nikkie S. says:

    Quick Knitting fix
    Cosmic high
    simple pleasure….whatever you want to call it but I have an love affair with knitting socks! I’ve only ever knitted socks with Trekking, & Kroy. I just finished (TODAY AS A MATTER OF FACT) my 1st pair in Koigu! I NEED MORE SOCKS–PLEASE! :=) I have never seen a skein of Socks that Rock & the ladies in my knitting circle talk about it all the time! I would love to knit some and share the experience with them! :=)

  302. I’m right there with Maryse…I have 2 skeins that I got from my Yarn Aboard pals and am absolutely petrified that I will love it so much that I will need and want a skein in every colorway and every weight (not good for the bank account). However, DH and son have touched the yarn and swoon over the goodness…lucky me the 2 skeins are in very girly colors.

  303. Wow, I feel like Sarah above, what with the $700 student loan. Although I don’t have a 12yr old car, or a car at all! My feet need to stay warm while I wait for the bus, and I don’t have enough handknit socks yet. I have not bought STR because I buy locally and they don’t carry it (yet?), and because I am also on a yarn crack down. I am working on keeping things simple – No car, no microwave, no TV, no washing machine, no dishwasher, and also no STR sock club membership, at least not this year. But I’m willing to be converted.

  304. With STR… EVERY Time is like the first time…..
    so pick me anyways;) please!

  305. Hi, my name is Donna, and though I’ve knit with many sock yarns and stashed many more, I have never knit with STR…because I can’t make up my mind which color to start with. I’ve never made Jaywalkers, either, but I think you see where I’m going with this ๐Ÿ˜‰

  306. I need STR because….well, because…I’ve never even felt the stuff! The only time I see it is online…in blogs. I hear about it…I’m told about it…but I’ve never had it in hands reach….I’ve tried touching it, but the damn computer screen prevents me! I NEED TO FEEL SOME STR!!! PALEEEZZZEEE! I’m not afraid to admit…I’m a STR VIRGIN! (Big time!) I’m the one knitter out there who 2 years ago said “I’ll never make socks…I LOVE MAKING SOCKS!!!” Pretty Please can I try it?!?!?!?!

  307. With all the popularity of this post, I’m not really expecting, nor even hoping, actually, to win. I’m also doing the Stashalong this year, so no option for STR for at least 3 months, probably 6, unless someone gifts me with it. But after that — I’m commenting because after that there’s no stopping me, promise — I’ve been lusting after STR ever since seeing your gazillion STR Jaywalkers way back when (I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I do remember you and your STR, indeed I do)…

  308. Ahh, I’m no virgin. I have a few skeins, though I’ve only knit up two pairs.
    You’re a saint to be willing to part with your stash. ๐Ÿ™‚

  309. In life, one comes to try many things. I would like to think of myself as a once-upon-a-time world traveller. I have tried many things, things that people who believe they are forward-thinking have yet to try. Not, perhaps, such things as illicit narcotics, tobacco-products or drinks that contained alcohol (accidental rum-filled chocolates on the other hand…well, we won’t go there).
    Still, Socks That Rock may be one of the few things I have yet to knit with. Oh, I have indeed held a skein in my stash but it passed through quickly, a casualty to an emergency need for cash. I would like, someday, to hold such a skein in my hands again. Perhaps this is my chance…

  310. Oh, I have been lusting after STR for so long! I need (and that really means desperately want and am longing for) the yarn because I have moved to Chicago a couple of months ago, and need a pair of handknit socks to keep my feet warm when the winter weather really hits! I live in an apartment that is fueled solely by radiators and it gets really cold in here…Blue fingers and toes are a daily occurrence…In any case, I would make very good use of the yarn! Thanks for for the consideration…:)

  311. I have to admit to not even realizing that ‘Socks That Rock’ is an actual yarn name and not just a cute knitblog term. Ok, I haven’t been knitting very long, and have only knitted two pairs of socks (but have many orders from my family for future pairs), but until this studipity over the supposed ‘sock club scam’ I never knew the truth. Truly an innocent virgin. At 50 years old. Yikes.

  312. I would just like to see what all the fuss is about!

  313. I need STR yarn because — well, — I’ve never “done it” with anything so purdy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  314. Hi. I’m a Socks that Rock Virgin. I’ve never seen a skein in person, and I’m a proponent of being able to touch before I give in and buy one in every colorway. Just sayin’. I’ve heard/read many good things, though, and I’d like to be chosen.
    P.S. If you don’t (randomly) pick me, I hope you’ll (randomly) pick the really funny lady who said the thing about dirty socks and magic loop. She is HILARIOUS. (no affiliation, but I know a kindred sense of humor when I read one).

  315. Oh. Well. I see there are approx 312 people before me vying for this, so it’d better be good, eh? Suffice it to say that I can’t physically visit the Blue Moon site because my husband complains about the soggy keyboard afterwards from my drooooool.

  316. For me it’s all about the colors! The STR color combinations are mouth-watering.

  317. I just started knitting socks and I am totally hooked. Obviously I need STR to really make that leap from sock-knitting newbie to fantastic sock goddess.

  318. Joy Fortune says:

    Reading blog after blog and their love of Sock that Rock have make me long to try knitting with said yarn. I love to knit socks and have knit with many brands of yarn but not the lovely socks that rock. I am in awe of the colours because I am like a magpie, the brighter the better. Living in the cold of northern British Columbia, we really need warm socks. Today it is -23 and I am wearing handknit socks. They are the best. All I can say it if you consider me, I would love the knitted socks forever.

  319. I haven’t tried Socks that Rock because I am too damn cheap to get a credit card. Also, banks don’t like giving you credit when you are a stay at home mommy with no credit rating. I hate banks.
    There is no STR yarn within 1,692km (the distance between the my town centre and Lettuce Knit) of me either so it’s kind of hard to come by and pay cash for too.
    Feel sorry for me, please. I live in a Godforsaken bush town.

  320. Lisa Rogers Lowrance says:

    I’ve been dying to try Socks that Rock, and look forward to the day that I can afford the club, but… For the last year hubby’s been in Seattle for work and I’ve been in Chicago, and it’s rough on the budget maintaining two households.
    Won’t you please send me STR? Knitting myself new socks would soothe my lonely soul until I can be reunited with my dearest husband.

  321. I was holding out on trying STR, in part as a strategy to get me to finish my dissertation. Sort of like a carrot on a stick. Yarn as reward. It hasn’t worked so far, but I sure would like to try that yarn! Perhaps I could knit socks for my dissertation committee instead? If you send me the yarn, I’ll give it a try.
    Thanks for your wonderful photos and enthusiastic writing. I enjoy reading your blog on a regular basis. Yes, I’m a comment virgin too.

  322. Every time someone reminds me to get some, they’re sold out!!
    This generally happens when a knit blogger mentions them again (not pointing any fingers here!) or when I’m at Stitches.
    I hit their booth at West the first day and they were already sold out of their lightweight yarn. I don’t wear bulky socks here in LA so I keep putting it off. Sad but true.
    And now I’m trying to do the knit from your stash thing (as EVERYONE else is) this year so now that you’ve reminded me again about this yarn, I’m trying hard not to buy any.

  323. I’ve never even seen a skein or touched STR before!
    I learned to knit socks over the summer and am totally hooked! I’ve knit 3 pairs so far and am working on my 4th or intentions (and yarn in hand!) of at least 3 more (they’re in my knitting queue.) However, I usually just resort to buying Sisu because it’s of guage and in my budget.
    I splurged the other week and got some real sock yarn (hand painted Sweet Georgia) because I was visiting family and went to the new yarn store in town. Oh how I am hooked on sock yarn now!!!
    Thanks for doing this giveaway. You rock!

  324. I just noticed that there are two Tally’s in the comments! And since you said we could only enter once, I felt I should clarify. Tally #1 (01/12/07 12:32 PM) is not me. LOL.
    I’m Tally (or Mindy in r/l) from 1/12/07 12:52PM.
    Just wanted both of us to get a fair shake. LOL.

  325. Because I NEEEEED it!!!!!!

  326. RandomRanter says:

    Well, at least I am in good company. I have not yet branched into STR because, I don’t knit socks. Don’t wear socks, not working on something that fiddly for other people (sorry other people, I will make you gloves and scarves). And for whatever reason, it took me until recently to realize that no one would come get me if I bought sock yarn and made a scarf, or a sweater, or whatever I wanted. So, no STR for me, yet.

  327. wow, I was going to be too shy (yeah,me…shy) to admit that I’ve never knit with STR but then noticed several hundred that had fessed up before me. I just started knitting socks this year and have them on my “must try” list but have never encountered this yarn in person so somehow the fates haven’t crossed. Yet.Maybe 07 is my year.

  328. I too have signed on to No yarn buying for the year. How can I call it Knit from your Stash when it’s really about seeing how many of your family members you can talk into giving you gifts.
    But the real horror, my LYS only carries about THREE brands of sock yarn!! And I’m way over the Fixation.

  329. Well, humm. I am a first time comment leaver, virgin #1, virgin #2 is STR, but truly, I think that Sue at 8:39 should get it because she is my same age and has a CHILD (?) (what do we call them at 24? C: ) living at home and needs all the help she can get. I can live on karma. C:
    (Oh yeah, and then buy STR later. )

  330. I’ve never knit with STR but I’m watched in awe at all your jaywalkers multiplying while oooh and ahhh overing the colourways!
    The 15th of Jan is my 2nd Anniversary, what would be a better way you celebrate that know STR is on the way to start a fab pair of socks.

  331. Those *poor* folks! ^^ Not having knit with STR?
    Thank you for fixing that, Cara!
    I got my first two skeins for Christmas and they are so soft when knit up!
    Any tips on keeping them from pilling, though??

  332. as a STR virgin i would have to say that i would need some convincing that the yarn is so great. what’s all the hype about?? i mean, i love me some koigu, but i have a hard time believing that STR yarn is that amazing. go ahead, try to impress me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  333. whosadele says:

    I tried knitting socks and I didn’t enjoy it. Maybe I just haven’t found the right yarn yet.

  334. I have never tried STR because I was holding off on buying some until I could join the Sock Club for 2007. Unfortunately, when January rolled around, so did a whole bunch of unexpected expenses (long and depressing story). I really can’t afford to do the club this year and I’m bummed. You may be my only chance this year!

  335. I just started knitting socks, so I’ve been working with the cheaper stuff — Knitpicks, some ebay yarn, etc. I would love to try STR.

  336. Hi Cara! I’m a STR virgin! Can you believe it? I haven’t used STR yet because every time I go to their site to have a look they either don’t have many colorways left at that moment OR they have so many colorways to choose from that I’m absolutely overwhelmed. I’m sure that if I saw some in person (my two favorite LYS don’t carry it, shame), it would be much easier for me to give it a try. At the moment, Seattle is under an arctic chill (no joke, it’s been below freezing for a coupla days and will be for a coupla more) and my toes are cold. I’d love to try STR! Thanks for this contest. Smoochies.

  337. So, I’ve never used STR because I have no credit card/way to purchase online and no place to get it that I know of in my hometown. ๐Ÿ™ Sad, no?
    I’m still working on my F entry…but it might take me awhile. ๐Ÿ˜› Silly COLLEGE getting in the way.

  338. because I love socks. because I love bright colours. because I have never seen this yarn in person!

  339. I will never knit socks if I do not get this yarn. That is excuse number one. My second excuse is that my friend, Leslie, will ridicule and berate me if I don’t eventually knit socks as beautifully as hers. I need that skein. GIMME!

  340. I have never knit with STR because I just have not gotten around to trying it. I’m currently using claudia handpainted and have done socks in Regina yarn and have Lorna’s laces (also haven’t used it yet, but at least it is in the stash). HOWEVER, after reading your site, I seriously considered getting STR to replicate the awesome green blanket you did. The REASON I haven’t gotten them yet? I just bougth a house and am on a glup…yarn diet. I know. Enought to start major anxiety. When that happens I just look at what I have a feel better instantly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  341. Seeing the number of comments this post has generated is a little overwhelming. Here goes… not only have I never used STR, I’ve never knit a sock! Not a single sock, ever. I think it would be a glorious de-virgining to knit my first sock with STR…don’t you agree?

  342. Deborah C. says:

    I’ve never used STR because I’ve never been able to find a colorway that was in stock that I liked! It’s so popular that it’s almost impossible to get my hands on (sigh). I would LOVE to try it out, I’m afraid if I do I’ll be so spoiled I won’t use anything else, but that wouldn’t be so bad, right?? BTW, are they still accepting applications for the sock club? THANKS!!

  343. OK well I have some STR yarn, but I haven’t knit it up yet…it is pretty , I keep pettying it…actually I’m trying to force myself to finish up another pair of socks and my dad’s b-day gift before casting on….my resistance is wearing down though!!

  344. I’ve never knit a pair of socks either and so I’ve never used sock yarn ever. I’ve been thinking about starting. I think it’d be so cool to wear socks that I knit myself. I would totally be bragging about them and tell them all about how Cara at January One made it all possible. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  345. We don’t have colors like that in Pleasantville….
    *insert gaze full of naked longing here*

  346. I’ve never tried STR b/c i’m afraid I will go into debt buying EVERY SINGLE skein i can get my greedy hands on. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Please pop my cherry!

  347. I am not writing for myself, I have plenty of STR and belong to the club. I am writing for a knitting neighbor who has been an amazing friend and knitting resource for me these past couple of years (not to mention her teenage daughter is the best sitter ever!). Judy is a wonderful and skilled knitter, a great neighbor and a good friend. She has been maintaining a strict stash non-enhancement policy for the same reasons so many of us do, but has admired the STR yarn I’ve worked with and wished she could try some. I guess if this doesn’t work I’ll just have to buy her some, but I’m trying for a little financial control here myself!! The most important thing is that she is willing to listen to me go on and on about my diabetes related dramas (I’ve been rejecting the insulin that I put in-this tends to make for a sick knitter) and she is always willing to pick up my dropped stitches.
    She’s blogless but I can give you her email if you need it!!!

  348. I need this yarn because I am a poor broke college student who cannot afford to buy any more yarn after spending $400 on textbooks…plus, I have knit socks before, but I like wearing storebought ones more than the ones I’ve knit..and I think there’s something wrong with that!!

  349. Thanks Cara and Blue Moon – you guys ROCK!
    20 virgins to be satisfied…hope I’m one of them!

  350. I’ve never tried STR because when I had extra money I’d never heard of it and now that I _have_ heard of it I don’t have any extra money for yarn. I’m a SAHM of a 3 year old boy – knitting helps me de-stress. (Nice as it is being a virgin again, I’d be only too happy to get my cherry popped!)

  351. Oh, I never used STR yarns before because I was trying to stop buying yarn but I would love to try it (and then get addicted) and then start buying yarn again, well,I would also like to be in the STR Club :-)! I am on the waiting list, hoping …

  352. I need STR because I’m just getting into sock knitting and could use a boost. You can read all about my second pair of socks on my blog. I would also like to learn how to knit socks on two circs.

  353. Being a single parent and a full-time student has contributed to my STR virginity. I hope you’ll pop my cherry.

  354. I am but a poor college kid.
    Take pity on me!

  355. Not only have I never knitted with STR but I’ve never knitted a sock! So I’d love to learn something new with a lovely sounding yarn.
    Great blog by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  356. I havent even knitted a sock yet.(Adult that is,I have knitted some baby ones.) I do have some sock yarn, but not Socks That Rock. If I had known how great and popular it was, I would have bought that first!!! So send me some PLEASE!!!

  357. Eh, Hope springs eternal. I thought I was going to get some when I saw my name for the birthday contest – until I saw 2 other Rachels in the comments. I am going to say this is definately a want and not a need as I do have a moderate stash of sock yarns. The colors of STR do make me want to dream though. I will take all the dreaming I can get living in western rural PA.
    -Rachel B. (to distingush myself from the other rachels)

  358. I have knit with Lorna’s , Mountain Colors, Regia, Opal, Meilenweit, Blauband, Koigu, Claudia …..hhhmmmm something is MISSING here… I NEED!!!!!! Socks that Rock. pretty please

  359. I have always admired STR, in fact I have gone several time to purchase me some STR and every time I’ve said no no you don’t need more sock yarn! Surely I don’t need more do I? YES YES YES I do! And really can you only pick just one! NOT LIKELY. “Once you pop, you can’t stop” (credit to the Pringles commercial) So because I live in the boonies, and have will power (HAHAHAHA) I have not yet knit with STR.
    Maybe the gals at blue moon can dye up a new colourway appropriately named, CHERRY POP!!!!!

  360. And I had to share this as it is the funniest thing I have heard in a while.
    and the result

  361. I’m a 65 year-old virgin!
    Years and years ago I knit sweaters in college. We bought our yarn in department stores (Donaldson’s). When I got married, had kids, and worked full-time I stopped knitting. A few years ago my daughter started knitting– actually, I can’t believe how much she knits. She now teaches classes, and often makes socks for me. (Red socks- my favorite color!) Each Saturday she meets friends for coffee and knitting time, and six months ago I picked up my needles again and I try to join them as much as possible. I’d like to return the favor and actually knit her a pair of socks.

  362. ahem, does just haven’t got around to it yet count?
    Yes, I have drooled.
    yes, I have lurked.
    I am just doing the kitty-wiggle-butt, getting ready to pounce.
    Help me pounce baby! ๐Ÿ˜€

  363. Simple, I have not tried STR because of my addictive personality…I worry that once I try it for “free” then I’ll be hooked…once hooked a downward spiral will occur…too much knitting, not enough working, then have to go and find a regular fix…you know the drill!
    Anyways, this is great, and very generous. I am glad that the ladies of Blue Moon have a good laugh…they deserve it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  364. Because, from what you say, the stuff is simply so gorgeous and fab that I would instantly fall in love with it and sell my soul, my house and maybe even the rest of my stash to get more! And I think my darling hubby would be a tad upset….

  365. I haven’t tried STR yet because I’m poor and limit my non Regia/Knitpicks sock yarn buying to what I can score at Destash/Knitswap/etc … but, if the first fix is (possibly, randomly) free…

  366. Although I love the look of STR yarn.. and I only knit socks… I cannot wear wool and have had trouble finding their STR yarn in cotton. I see now that they do that some.
    Currently I am stuck off my feet after surgery last Wednesday. In a couple weeks, I will finally be able to buy cute shoes in which to show off my great socks.
    And I think a pair of cotton STR socks when I premiere my new bendy happy feet?? The perfect thing.

  367. I knit my first socks last year during the Olympics, and have knit 6 more pairs since then, but none with STR. I would love to have a skein of their yarn – and you are so nice to do this. thanks.

  368. Hi Cara! Just leaving a shameless comment ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope I win!

  369. while I have some in the stash, I haven’t yet knit with STR, I’m looking forward to it (I just purchased the club too) and my mom says that I’m evil for showing her the gorgeous colorways and I’m only allowing her to pick one so this will let me knit her up a few pairs of socks
    Knit and Rock on ๐Ÿ™‚

  370. I have never knit with STR. I have never even held a skein in my hot little hands. Last year at Stitches West I saw the booth, but did not yet knit socks nor understood what the fuss was all about. Sigh. I could kick myself! Oh, what this sock addiction has led me too…but I see the pretty colours, and I want.

  371. Oh my God! It’s like the parable of the 10 wise virgins plus 10 foolish virgins! But here, all 20 virgins (the wise and the foolish, like me), will receive joy! (oh, how I wish I will be one of the lucky few! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  372. Oo, oo. Please, please! Pick me! My hubby recently saw that my stash is so large that it even includes a chair frame and has threatened to have me committed if I buy any yarn in 2007. So that I don’t go into new yarn withdrawal, it would be great to finally try STR and what can the BH say if it’s free?

  373. Here’s a STR virgin from far far away Finland. I have drooled over this yarn in blogs and on the BMFA website but so far I haven’t been able to purchase the yarn myself. Buying yarn from outside the EU tax region is veeery expensive ๐Ÿ™

  374. I desperately want to try STR. I live in Hawaii on a small island (Oahu) far away from any fiber festivals and stores that carry this wonderful stuff. I live and breathe knitting day after day. Even though I live in a tropical climate I wear my handknit wool socks.
    I specifically hunt down shoes that will enable me to wear my handknit socks. Right now my feet are crying for STR socks. My shoes cry for them. My needles cry for them.
    If you put your ear close the waves of the Pacific Ocean you can hear the cry, “Socks That Roooock, Sooocks That Roooock, Sooooocks Thaaaat Rooooock for Ooopal.” Who knows, maybe even the winds are picking up the desperate cry. Close your eyes. Can you hear it?

  375. I have never won anything. As a kid, my parents took all of us to our county’s annual Democratic Party Corn Roast, where everyone’s name was entered for doorprizes. At the end of the evening, the hosts would be pulling names for the half-empty bottles of ketchup left over from the picnic, and I never even won one of those. It’s pitiful.
    I love to knit socks! My feet love handknit socks. My favorite internet and LYS purveyors of sock yarn don’t carry STR. I learned about STR from your blog. You’ve been taunting me with their glorious colors.
    On the other hand, I am fortunate enough to be able to afford to buy STR, so you should also keep that in mind.

  376. Must!Have!STR!
    It’s not by choice that I’m still a STR virgin…. I live in a … … STR free zone! I have yet to find anywhere in Ottawa ON that sells STR! I need it! I crave it! How can I truely call my sock yarn stash complete if it has never tasted of the heights of pleasure that is STR! I tremble at the thought of even having the chance to touch the ends of a skein… I am not worthy. Take pity on a poor STR virgin… end the pain… send some STR!

  377. Because if I have to shove one more skein of yarn down my pants or into my bra to get it into the house I might be bloody spanked by my dh. BUT I mean if it was FREE yarn he might make an exception. No spankings and no smuggling…uh, wait.

  378. I have never knit with or laid my hands upon the famous STR yarn! Sooooo sad! I have been knitting for a little over a year now, started when I was younger but fizzled out till about a year ago, and have been knitting socks like crazy! I really want to try the STR but have promised the Hubby that I would not buy any yarn for a while. I would love to try it, I bet it is yummy yarn. I can’t believe my own younger sis beat me to the STR…knittingphilistine is my younger sis! and she knit awesome Pom’s out of the lemongrass colorway…I would love to try some….PLEASE!

  379. I have 5 kids which makes me rather unselfish. I never get to be bad and indulge in a luxury like STR yarn for myself. If I win I will be totally selfish and not knit anything for my children, not even mittens to keep their fingers from freezing off, until I’ve made myself some indulgent socks.

  380. Rob Baxter says:

    I never have (And really never will) knit with STR. I’ve not the talent for it.
    But, in truth, neither has my wife and she’s a knitting fiend. I would love to be able to suprise her with a project’s worth of the stuff, as her knitting friends keep IMing me about how good a gift it would make.
    They keep saying it’s the best in the world, and I’m always greedy for the sweet sweet sox that she gives out.

  381. Well, I have never knit with Socks that Rock because until only last March, I wasn’t just a Socks that Rock virgin, I was a knitting virgin, too! Since picking up my first needles in March 2006, I’ve made 28 finished objects, including two completed pairs of socks (and two more on the needles).
    Why do a need a skein of Socks that Rock? Because knitting socks is a great way to avoid writing a dissertation! (Please pick me.)

  382. I’m no virgin — in fact, I’m a downright STR slut. But I did bust something laughing at the entries… thanks for a real guffaw, Cara.

  383. Linda in Maine says:

    Oh I want that yarn so bad I can taste it! There is no place to buy it here, and I’ve been waiting until I was a good enough sock knitter to send away for some. I am SO READY!!

  384. Dear god in heaven, I’d do anything for a free skein of luscious sock yarn. Really. Especially delicious sock yarn I’ve not yet been fortunate enough to try. Once, my boyfriend asked me what the strangest thing I would do for a million dollars was, and my prompt response was a sex change. I think I’d do the same for Socks that Rock. Gender is mutable, incredible socks are forever!

  385. I’m a STR virgin though I admit that I bought a hank of their beautiful merino/tencel after I missed out on the mele at MS&W this year. I love the colors of their yarn, especially the way you seem to capture them in photos.

  386. Wow! You’re awesome! Why should you pick me? Not only am I a STR virgin, I’m also a sock virgin!!! My knitting resolution this year is to learn to knit socks. Yes, Cara, you get two cherries with this one!

  387. Believe it or not I’m an STR virgin. Never knit with it yet, but I do have a few skeins in my stash.

  388. I have yet to knit with the STR because I too am afraid that once I start, I will unable to stop. For the sake of my budget, I’ve been keeping myself in ignorance of its magnificence.

  389. I haven’t tried STR because I’ve sworn off variegated sock yarns. I’m just never happy with the way the yarn pools/flashes/etc. Is STR the holy grail of variegated sock yarn? I’d love to try some and find out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  390. I’m definitely curious about Socks that Rock, though I’m more of a foodblogger than a knitter. Still, I finally had my first finished object last month, and have just picked up the supplies to make the Fuzzy Feet slippers for my boyfriend, so the next frontier is knitting things to fit properly! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    (I was Secret Santa to a knitter last month, so I asked Rose for knitting links and she steered me here.)

  391. Gads, Cara ๐Ÿ˜€ Almost 400 virginal comments.
    Please add me to the list, I’m an STR Virgin. Why? I don’t know -I think I’ve been slowly trying to work my way thru the various sock yarns out there to find the holy grail – and I’ve not yet purchased STR yet. Or Koigu for that matter. Help a girl out ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

  392. I deserve a sekin of Socks that rock because a.) I’ve never had it, b.)I work in public education so I will probably never be able to afford STR on my pitiful salary, c.) the weather is absolutely dreadful (snow, sleet, and ice in OKLAHOMA!!!!!), so I just spent 30 minutes scraping my car and wishing I had a warm pair of handknit socks instead of the thin novelty socks I fished out of the dryer, and d.) the sanity of my husband is in a precarious state such that if he caught me spending money on yet more sock yarn, he might go over the deep end.

  393. Betty Morrissey says:

    Reading your blog has convinced me I NEED STR. I have the gnarliest Psoriasis on my feet. It’s of the pustular variety, (sorry more than you need to know, Gross). I have been on a quest for the grail of soft sock yarn – hope this is it.
    Am also gonna attempt the CPH and want to do it all in one piece keep us posted on your adventures through that. Thanks

  394. I would like to give some sob story as to why I’ve not tried STR but with 393 entries above me, I’m positive my one would not be one of the 20 chosen. I have no luck in blog contests. However, I’ve not tried STR because I’ve not had the opportunity. Nothing more than that.

  395. I haff heard ov zeez “Zocks zhat Rock” und I do not beleef zat it ees anythink more zan an elaborate plot to up zee blog traffic.
    Alzoโ€ฆ I vould need concluzive proof zat zee one skein covers zee beeg feets.
    Proof! I need proof! Until zhen, you may carry on vit your beezniss.
    (Cripes, but I can’t even write a lousy accent. How do you expect me to knit with this stuff?)

  396. It’s like this – I’ve been afraid to start because I’m afraid I’ll never be able to go without once I do.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ In all seriousness, I’ve been wanting to try it, but the only store that sells it near me is pretty snooty and charges more than MSRP for most of their yarns which I think is ridiculous.

  397. Because I went to the STR website and the shopping cart was down and now I really really need some and I can’t call as I’m in Australia. I have no LYS and I just ordered 3 more sock books off Amazon and need something to knt them with.

  398. I am about to go into my second half century (50th birthday) and am still a STR virgin. I would love to try some — I’ve never even seen it. I have two teenaged daughters and we all do irish dance so feet are a big deal at our house. Very cool socks would be very appreciated.

  399. Be gentle. For the love of all that is holy (or The Westing Game, “sister”), the comments on this post are of Harlot proportions. I think you rock! Okay, never have knit with STR – yet! That being said, my New Year’s resolution to only knit from the stash lasted 10 days as I put myself on the STR list. So, if you pick little old me, know that I am soon making my way to being a wanton woman in the STR department (Lola is splitting the cost).

  400. Stephanie says:

    STR has been on my wish list for a long time. But with my husband being laid off I’ve had to limit my yarn purchases. Sigh. I’m teaching a sock knitting class next month and would love to turn my students on to some really fine sock yarn. Thanks for sponsoring such a fun giveaway.

  401. Hi Cara, I have never knit with STR before but would love to try… I just read the first “bank posting” about Blue Moon today, and said “ooooooh my gawd” in dire tones, prompting my honey bunny to gasp and sit upright, and actually get a little huddy when I then launched into my story of, “key, there’s this sock yarn…” cuz he thought I was going to tell him that someone had died…

  402. I am not only a Socks That Rock virgin, but a sock virgin! And how wonderful would it be to knit my first pair ever with Socks That Rock! I mean, really?

  403. I’m simply amazed that the Planet Earth has not spun completely out of it’s orbit, since I have never tried STR. At this time, I think we can prevent the Earth flying off of it’s course, risking the chance of it colliding with another planet by sending me some STR!
    Thanks for the opportunity, and what a fun giveaway!

  404. I haven’t knit with STR, mainly because I found Trekking first and I adore the subtle colors, plus the socks wear like iron. But as I have learned to dye and my appreciation for new colors have developed, I have become curious about the mythic, magical dyeing ability of the STR team.I need to know what I’m missing, and I need to have an inspiration skein so I’ll have something to aspire to as a dyer.

  405. As a new knitter, I’ve been having difficulty getting my nerve up to try to knit socks; I don’t even own DPNs! But some beautiful sock yarn in my possession would make it impossible for me to NOT try, and yes, I’ll purchase some DPNs straightaway!

  406. I haven’t tried STR! Pick me?

  407. Oooh, I’d love to fondle a skein of STR for the first time. Maybe there’ll be mood lighting and romantic music…

  408. I would LOVE to try Socks that Rock. I live in New Zealand, yes New Zealand. We have 4 million people and 40 million sheep including thousands of Merino sheep. You’d think we’d have an amazing choice of sock yarns, especially Merino sock yarns, but no such luck. The only sock yarns available come from England or Germany! My husband doesn’t understand why I need to buy yarn that comes from anywhere other than New Zealand, so while we live in New Zealand I’m only allowed to buy yarns made in New Zealand!
    Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  409. The other girls have said it only hurts for a second, then it feels really good, so I want to try…but I promised myself I’d wait (until I finished the pair of Jaywalkers in koigu that I started last January). Now I’ve told myself that I wouldn’t do it with a stranger, but that stranger is so tempting, so sexy, but I promised…but I am susceptible to peer pressure!

  410. This is the funniest list of comments possibly ever! I am cracking up here! Cara, you are a serious enabler. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am also wondering if this means that those of us who have buttloads of STR in stash are … STR Sluts? And if you have it delivered to the house via the club… what does that make you? Or Blue Moon? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    [I think now that I must start my Prove it All Night socks. I have no idea what pattern I will use, but I have been holding onto the hank for a special time — like now!]

  411. Hello, my name is Kimberly and…
    …I’m addicted to knitting socks.
    I’m also a virgin Socks That Rock yarn knitter. I live in Germany which makes shipping costs very expensive, therefore forcing me to stick to native German and European yarn. I hope to continue my addiction and would love to belong to the group.
    Thanks for listening. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hugs from accross the pond.

  412. Why haven’t I tried STR? Because I’m broke, what’s why! My broke-ass has only knitted socks in KnitPiks sucky splitty sock yarns.

  413. I’ve been knitting forever and I’ve never seen STR in stores. I’d rather feel yarn before buying it online too. You should pick me because I’m about to start a pair of socks for my cousin who, living in Sweden where yarn shops appear on nearly every corner, has never owned a pair of handknit socks and her feet are always cold. She wants crazy socks too – nothing muted.

  414. I have made a sock or two, but haven’t fully converted yet to a bona fide sock knitter… I’m sure if I tried STR I would fall as in love with them as everyone else that sings their praises! Hope I get picked!!! *crosses fingers*

  415. wow, that’s a lot of comments! i need this yarn becasue ihave a rare form of asthma that demands me to sniff, on a daily basis, only yarn that was spun with pure canadian air

  416. Theresa Livsey says:

    I am greatly impressed with the number of comments and their lust for STR. I have been saving up to join the sock club this year and while the budget is a little tight, after this banking FU, I will definately be making that penny stretch and joining. However, a free skein would be absolutely delicious.

  417. I need this yarn as every morning on the London tube I have to suffer the stares of other communters as I knit a jumper (I think they suspect my big knitting bag).
    A pair of socks made from beautiful yarn would surely make them stare for all the right reasons?
    Would it help if I said pleaseeee….
    Did I mention I’ve never made a pair of socks and really want to give it a go.

  418. I have this sick thing that makes me give things away. I give away practically everything I’ve knit. Believe it or not I have BOUGHT a few skeins of STR and then… yes… GIVEN THEM AWAY. Before knitting with them. So I’m not an STR virgin, I’m like the nerd that brings the pretty boy to the prom but then stands by the punch bowl all night while he goes out and romances everyone else. I’m like George McFly but without the part where I rush out to the car thinking that my future son Marty is fake-molesting my future wife and then I punch him out but actually it’s Biff and I am redeemed.
    That’s me – a girl George McFly. Please, pop my STR cherry. I wanna be a STR slut and smoke in the girls room!

  419. Socks that Rock – now that’s sounds like catnip for a cat, drugs for a junkie, STR to plunge a sock virgin right into Sockland – guess what? that’s right, not only have I not tried STR, I have not tried S(ocks). Period. I am afraid. Yes, fear holds me back… yet I have the pattern, the needles, the tiny DPNs, I have the tutor, I even have the knit club to cheer me on (they knit socks while I tremble in awe)…alas, I have no gorgeous yarn (convenient excuse, right?). Go ahead, send the yarn that no one can resist, shove me right over that cliff into sock-knitting. There, that’s all you need to know.

  420. I’m a (STR) virgin but have visited their site often just for the yarn porn… would love to try the real thing!

  421. I’ve never knitted socks and I’m do a SOCK KAL for the first time on Monday. I want to try dpn’s and circulars so I’ll be doing two sets.
    I want this yarn because I had never even heard of it before reading it here and that’s the only reason I have. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Susie in northern NY

  422. Oh, me, me! But I won’t try to be funny. Not great at it right now.
    Why would I like some STR? Well, I’m just getting over a year-long bout of depression, and I knit almost NOTHING in 2006. One pair of socks, I think. One dishcloth.
    2007 is the year I’m going to knit for myself, to start teaching myself I deserve good things as much as anyone else. How much better would it make me feel to try some absolutely lovely yarn, and not have to justify buying it first? *big puppy dog eyes*

  423. Candy Glendening says:

    Obviously, I need to try it if all you bloggers do nothing but rave about it! I’ve knit 3 pairs of socks (with differnt yarns) and have yet to find a delicious yarn – I’ll bet STR is just that!
    Thanks for the fun contest!

  424. Goodness! So many people jumped in. I don’t have a really good reason for wanting/deserving the yarn other than I’m curious as heck at what the fuss is about. The blogosphere is agog over this yarn and, c’mon, a knitta just has to know! Besides, any new virginity I can lose is a cool thing to me…’cause it doesn’t happen very often anymore. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  425. I took the plunge based on all your previous sincere and enthusiastic recommendations, and am now waitlisted for the STR club.
    I guess that makes me a virgin but hovering around third base?

  426. OMG those are a lot of virgins!

  427. I have never knit with STR. I know, hard to believe. Today a very kind knitter sent me a scarf knit with STR wool. It isn’t socks, but it is incredible. I am a STR virgin, but I’m ready to take the next step….. I will knit socks with it, though it may take awhile….

  428. elayne alexander says:

    Am I TOOO late for a chance at STR? Did I need to be on the top 10 hit list? I live in the frozen north (Canada) and absolutely NEED a pick me up of gorgeousness. I have heard that STR is the ticket to a little oasis called Nirvana. Knock Knock can I please come in? I, like all good whisperers will spread the word of STR as far and wide as my frozen fingers will let me. cheers. elayne

  429. I’m an STR virgin and a newbie sock knitter. I’ve shamelessly ogled STR on BMFA’s website, yet haven’t dared make an overture; STR is Donald Trump, I’m on a fixed budget, and I’m too shy to make an approach even online. (You know how it is with those rich guys, they’re suspicious of us working girls– Not that kind of working girl, I said I was a virgin!) But wait, there’s more! Truly, you can right a karmic wrong here!
    1. Like another commenter, I also live so tantalizingly close, in Portland for god’s sake, but I have agoraphobia. So I never get out to our LYS’s that carry STR, where close quarters (ooh) might encourage flirtation, indiscreet fondling, and possible reckless spending without protection.
    2. My life’s timing was terrible. When I was 15, my family moved out to the country, only 7 miles away from Scappoose, where BMFA is located. I lived up the Vernonia Highway in a wide spot in the road called Spitzenberg, just over the hill from another WSitR, Chapman, which I suspect might be the inspiration for the name of their colorway Chapman Springs. I graduated from Scappoose High School, for heaven’s sake. But this was all back in the early 70’s!! It was the wrong time! STR and I could have met and had a mad, passionate sock affair when I was young and pretty, but BMFA didn’t exist yet and I missed it! Oh cruel fates…my destiny went awry! I never even went on my first date until I was 19 and had moved back to Portland! ::sobs::
    3. Just to prove that an encounter with STR was foretold by the stars and somehow foiled by evil forces of the universe, some of our neighbors were Mollenhours…so were several fellow Grange members…my parents were friends with some of the Mollenhours – which name, as I found out yesterday much to my astonishment, is the very name of the the street on which BFMA physically resides. I am obviously meant to have a wild affair with STR. It is my destiny. It cannot be denied.
    And, y’know, there’s that greed thing. Free yarn? Oh! Did I say that out loud? Um. I mean, I’d really, really be overwhelmingly grateful, I’d do anything ::meaningful glance:: to get up closer and in person with some gorgeous STR. You know. Just to fulfill the obvious purpose of my life. Unfulfilled yet, please note. Hasn’t happened. Still waiting. 30 years or so is long enough, don’t you think? Please?

  430. Why should you give the STR to me? Besides the fact that the only sock yarn I have knit with is the knitpicks superwash sock yarn and some hand dyed sock yarn from which was really quite nice. What is in the stash is Patons Kroy Socks and some Brown Sheep Wildfoote that I’m looking forward to using, but that is it, all my sock yarn. Besides that? The yarn stores around here haven’t even heard of it(well, I asked one)!! The other two within a 30 mile radius did not have any fancy sock yarn I think the best was trekking and sockatta. Is that pitiful enough for you? Thanks for giving it away!

  431. I’m 33 and I’m a STR Virgin and today is my birthday. I have never experienced the joy and true love that Socks that Rock are supposed to bring. I can’t get no fiberaction with plain old sock yarn. I began to knit socks in earnest (as opposed to the one pair I knit a couple of years ago) just this April. Ever since I’ve been learning all about sock yarns.
    The first time I heard about STR was on YOUR webpage and I’ve been crying about it ever since. (It’s my comment and I can cry if I want to.) You have made gorgeous blankets and other things. For some reason, STR seems like something other people GIVE to you rather than something you buy yourself. It comes in oh so many colors and weights and I’m sure once I’m hooked I’ll be back for more.
    If I am among the winners, I will send you a photograph of me lovin’ life and lovin’ the STR.

  432. Okay. I’ll admit it. I’m a STR virgin. Why? Because I’m skeptical. I find it hard to believe that STR is as amazing as everyone says it is. Also, I find it even more difficult to believe that there’s yarn out there that might even be nicer than Koigu. [Sigh. I love the Koigu.] So, I’m hoping I’ll win and be proven wrong.
    Thanks for the contest!

  433. OK, I’m ready for STR. I’m retired, I knit socks, but never with anything as wonderful as you’re describing. Time for the pop! Right?

  434. *Blush* I am an STR virgin who is ready, and willing, to be seduced. I’m tired of being courted by the cheap and the fugly. “Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match!” (If I win, thanks so much for your generosity.)

  435. Okay, with 434 comments already, my chances are slim to none at winning this, but I’d love to enter. I’ve never knit with STR, never even touched it, but having read so many great things about it and seen the phenomenal photos of finished socks, I can’t wait to try. It’s so great of you to host this contest, and how wonderful of Blue Moon to match it. More evidence of their genuine care and respect for their customers. I may be an STR virgin, but I am definitely a future customer. Kudos to them in this frustrating time!

  436. How did I miss this????? I just bought (and you can verify with Blue Moon) the RocknWeave pattern about 2 weeks ago. What would be better for that pattern? ~snif~2 pets, 2 kids, 2 sets of braces, 1 private high school, Christmas aftershock, ~snif~ there’s nothing left for me ~snif~ Hard to build a respectible stash when you’re on a fiber diet and (see wimpering above)

  437. I am in the dark and a virgin when it comes to STR and knitting socks. I would love to touch and feel your STR and make me a pair of lucious socks to wear.
    Hugs Kari-Ann

  438. I turn 40 this year(not a bad thing). It has started with surgery yesterday and waiting for results from it. I would love to try STR and cheer myself up after surgery:-)

  439. i am a socks that rock virgin. and this needs to change.
    yeah, i need a new crack habit like Arnie needs another Hummer. but currently i am a non-believer, kinda like Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ bank. this stuff is THAT good? if it IS that good (and you make a believer out of me), i might just knit myself a carpet out of the stuff so I can not only walk around on it, but roll around on it.

  440. Why I need the STR: Because I knit socks on hall duty. ๐Ÿ™‚ Teaching in a public high school, hall duty goes a lot faster with knitting in hand. And this time of year, yarn like STR would go a LOOOONG way to staving off the stress of dealing with restless kids inside as it gets colder outside…

  441. I need STR? Yes. Why? Because. ‘Nuf said.
    Okay, now that just sounds lazy, but truly, since I’ve never knit with STR and I barely popped my sock-knitting cherry with Larissa’s Socks 101, I don’t know how to explain the fact that deep in my heart I know that I’m destined to do great things with this yarn. Yes, we’re talking about the great, unifying forces of the cosmos here–let’s not fight them. heh

  442. No only am I a STR virgin but I’m a sock virgin. Period. The thought of knitting socks kinda scares me. So many needles! I’d put an eye! But…I secretly really want to try it. And I have seen STR yarn live and in person. It looked like candy! I wanted it. But I was afraid of it.

  443. I need it so I can give it to my Momma in yarn or sock form. I’ve only ever made 1 pair of socks and they went straight to her. ^_^ she started her first pair a few days ago and i know she’d love to have it.
    crossing my fingers for myself.

  444. Throwing my hat in. I would love some STR. I’m in a total knitting funk uninspired by anything. I need some fabulous yarn I can’t get locally to get my mojo back!

  445. I need to win the STR (but only if you have a non-wool version – damn allergies) ’cause the thrift store doesn’t sell anything made of STR that I can frog and re-use. And more importantly, what better way to pop the sock cherry than with the best sock yarn ever.
    That’s right, a double virgin. I’ve been chaste for 36 years. Time to give it up to STR!

  446. Because I have never knit socks before and finally feel that I am ready

  447. Wow, this is a lot of comments already! Here goes my little entry.
    I have been in love with STR ever since I learned how to make socks. However, being a poor student has not been very conducive to saving up for such lovely things as STR. I’d love to have a skein – to make something really special with.

  448. I need some Socks that Rock because I just had a baby, and the only thing that keeps me sane during those middle of the night feedings is knitting. I’ve discovered how to knit and breastfeed at the same time, it involves a boppy and blankets in strategic spots to prop up Robby’s head. I also have to keep my arms waaaay out so the dpns don’t get close to his head. With all that said, I would love some STR to rock my 1am, 3am, and 5am feedings! I’ve never used STR before, I heard about it for the first time on this blog.

  449. My name is Allison and I’m a (recovering) Koigu addict. The STR is just what I need to kick the habit.

  450. STR virgin here too. Pick me! I need beautiful, soft sock yarn.

  451. Yep, I’m an STR virgin. In fact, I think STR is the only thing I haven’t done in bed.

  452. I’ve never used STR, but I did see them once at Rhinebeck. Of course it was the end of the day and there was just about nothing left. Apparently it just flew out the door. I would love some STR, but I can’t buy any right now since I’m supposed to be knitting from my stash. But I can receive free yarn. I just can’t buy yarn right now.

  453. Well, after reading some of these reasonings, I am not sure quite how to state my case… well, there’s the: I just learned to knit socks, and I made 5 pairs (all for men – we’re talking tall, big footed men) and I just finished my first pair for myself from yarn that La dyed for mein the Dye-o-Rama, and uhm, the only possible follow up to Sock Yarn straight from La, is: it has to be STR for the second pair!

  454. I’ve actually got some STR because I was in the last club, but I still haven’t used any of it cause I’ve been too busy to cast on!!!

  455. Ok, I’m not a sock knitting virgin, but I am a STR virgin. I’ve been lusting after this yarn since first reading about it on the Yarn Harlot’s blog. I’ve knit socks for my husband (size 11 1/2 – that’s 9 3/4 of just FOOT) both kids (size 7 1/2 +), my dad and brother (both size 9) but have yet to make any for myself. Wouldn’t it be nice to win sock yarn so I can finally make a pair for me?
    (besides, I never win anything…..!)
    Most sincerely and hopefully,

  456. Delurker here. I’m an STR virgin, and hoping to pop my cherry very soon. Right now I’m trying to stay on a yarn diet. But I hope to win some STR right here. I need it because it’s in my list of yarns to knit with before I die. And it’s important, especially in the New Year, to try to knock things off that life list.
    Thanks for the fun contest!

  457. even though I’m a STR V, I know it has to be better then real sex, here’s why:
    It lasts more than 15 mins
    When you pay for it it’s legal
    You know going into it that STR aren’t going to call you when you’re done
    Its gental, STR care how I’m feeling
    You can do it in public and no one will think you’re dirty
    When it’s over you have something new to wear!
    Love the contest Cara!

  458. I have never used STR, but I look at their site almost daily. I’m sure someday I will purchase the yarn myself, but for now, I am a underpaid teacher of students with special needs and most of my extra money goes back to things for them…. Yeah… I’m looking for that sympathy vote!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  459. Because my birthday is on Tuesday, Jan 16 ๐Ÿ™‚

  460. I haven’t tried STR because I’m a poor college student and am on a serious yarn budget. I started spinning for CMF recently to help assuage this situation, but now I just want to buy another spinning wheel.

  461. I’ve seen it in the how to manuals – but always been afraid to try it! Please help me become a virgin no more! I’m ready for my first Socks That Rock experience… just don’t write my email address on the bathroom walls, okay? And promise you’ll respect me in the morning???~

  462. So for Christmas my roommate got me the book “Wendy Knits,” which I read cover to cover. And for the first time I thought, here’s a basic sock pattern that I’m not afraid of. Toe-up, I get that.
    So I went out and got some double-pointeds and some sock yarn. The toe took three tries (purl wraps are tricky!), but then I was off and up through the heel in not time. I was ready to start the ribbing when I realized I’d added a stitch… at the heel.
    Obsessive soul that I am, I ripped all the way back and am about to start my way back up to the top of my first sock. Then it will be one down and one to go.
    Oh, but I broke a needle trying my sock on for size – before the rip down. So I had to head back to my LYS for more needles.
    And, uh, they sell sock yarn there. So I got some more. Not that I’m even halfway done with sock one! But I am falling madly in love with knitting socks.
    So, yeah, I’m An STR Virgin (I’m here from BlogHer), and CLEARLY I NEED EVEN MORE SOCK YARN!!! Let the obsession continue to grow! ๐Ÿ™‚

  463. I have never knit with STR, however due to the ringing endorsements all over the knitting ‘net, I steamrolled ahead and joined the sock club. Does that disqualify me from the “random drawing”? I hope not. ๐Ÿ™‚

  464. Cara – your generosity is unbelievable! And I can’t believe there are sooo many STR virgins out there! ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately, I happen to be one of them too. I have tried in vain to buy just one itty bitty skein of STR at my LYS whenever they happened to get it in stock and I have NEVER EVER managed to get my hands on one! Not even the time that I madly ran over to the shop an hour after getting the e-mail notice from the lys that new STR were in. Hmm, maybe I didn’t run fast enough?

  465. my mom won’t let me use anything from her stash. ๐Ÿ™ it is very sad since I am not old enough to work legally.

  466. I’m a relatively new knitter and I love knitting socks. This unbelievable response makes me very anxious to try a yarn that can cause such an uproar. Knitter are so funny!

  467. I already took my mom’s shoes. sh wouldn’t like it if i took her yarn,too

  468. Cara – I love your blog and your comments on the force and positivity of Blue Moon made me laugh on an otherwise lousy day. Thank you. I, too, am an STR virgin. (Please add me to the drawing.) I am planning to knit my first pair of socks “any day now” – aided by my wonderful officemate, who can’t believe that Americans knit socks for fun but is willing to teach me anyway.


  470. Unalike most knitters, I knit socks out of necessity, not because I absolutely love handknit socks. Though I do! I am extremely allergic to latex, and this means storebought sock buying, never mind wearing, is one of those things I gave up because I was tired of going into shock and/or losing large swathes of my skin. Gross I know. Sorry.
    People tell me to “avoid latex”, and that’s annoying because don’t you think I would if I could? It’s in 40,000 consumer products and is used to make elastic, which is in most socks, even if not labeled as such. Did you know that if an “ingredient” is under 2% of a sock, the manufacturer doesn’t have to list that?
    Don’t ask how long it took me to figure that out.
    Long story short? I love color. I love design. The sproingier and happier the yarn, the better. And I have to love socks and little needles, even if I don’t. And for me, that means I must absolutely find the knitting experience to be a positive one.
    And from your posts, I just know Socks That Rock could be it for me. Please prove me right ๐Ÿ™‚

  471. I can’t believe all these comments! Awesome. Take pity on poor LYS-less me! I want Socks That Rock! How else will I know I should actually buy some? Must pet the yarn before buying, you know! ๐Ÿ™‚

  472. I have never even touched a skein of Socks that Rock. I tried once. Blue Moon had a booth at the Canby, Oregon, Flock and Fiber Festival. It was so crowded there was no way to squeeze into the booth and so I moved on. Thank you for so generously offering to make up for that experience for a few lucky ones. I appreciate being entered into your drawing and the chance to experience this yarn.

  473. I am a STR virgin because I could never justify spending that much money on socks for myself… but, this year I’ve made a commitment to try and make a handmade gift for everyone I care about, so a beautiful pair of STR would be wonderful for someone else ๐Ÿ™‚

  474. I’m an STR Virgin. I’ve read about it on various blogs, but I have tended to spend my yarn money at my two lovely LYS unless I’m looking for deals…in which case I order from Knitpicks.
    You should choose me because I’m 8 months pregnant and I’m not going to have money to buy yarn to make myself socks again for years…

  475. Hi Cara. Please enter me in your random drawing.
    I have never even petted STR much less gone all the way and knit with it. If I don’t want to be a 50-year old virgin I need to make it (socks that is) with STR before my birthday in July.

  476. i would love to have fun sock that rock yarn! i want to support blue moon. and the colorways have such fun names. pick me, pick me.

  477. Yes, I too am an STR virgin. And I seem willing to lose my virginity in exchange for yarn. I think there’s a few words for that. I want to be happy at last!

  478. I would love to try that yarn- I knit other yarns but Have always wanted to try them – then when I read about all this craziness it brought it back into my mind- signed, 35 year old yarn virgin in los angeles

  479. Holy shit. I’m just stopping in to say… well, it wasn’t “holy shit,” but HOLY SHIT!! There are a lot more virgins out there than I thought there’d be.
    That is all. ; )

  480. Why have I never knit with Socks that Rocks? Because college isn’t cheap. I’ve actually never knit socks, because I don’t have any sock yarn, and this semester I think I should probably buy textbooks instead of yarn…
    Also, my feet get cold! Today’s the coldest day in Minnesota in almost a year.
    I’m 20 – prime time to pop the STR cherry.

  481. Why me? Because I’m just now knitting my first pair of socks!!!! I’m not only a STR virgin…but until this past Monday I was a SOCK VIRGIN!

  482. My mom introduced me to sock knitting in June and now I’m addicted. I’ve been lusting after the Socks that Rock yarn since I started, but all the colorways are so gorgeous I can’t pick just one or two to purchase. I go to the Blue Moon site almost everyday to make sure I didn’t imagine that all that beautiful yarn exists!

  483. I thought I was the only person on earth who hadn’t tried STR! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one!
    I’ve been meaning and meaning to try it….I swear….I stare at all the colours on the website ALL the time, but I haven’t bought any because I can’t decide what colourways I like best! Horrible horrible indecisiveness! Please put me out of my misery and decide for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  484. I am a STR virgin, as well. As a poor graduate student, married to another poor graduate student, I’ve been afraid that if I splurged, I’d never go back.
    I’m willing to take that chance, though . . .
    [what a neat and generous idea! thanks for the chance, even if the odds are against me!]

  485. Mmmmm, STR. The things that sock fantasies are made of…the colours,the finished pairs all over the internet,the stash envy that spare skeins creates.
    I knew I should have tried a little harder to at least fondle the yarn in the Fold booth at MDSW last spring. As soon as I buy some I’m sunk, there will be no more sweaters, no more scarves, no more baby blankets, no more shawls. Just socks. But that’s not such a bad thing…

  486. I don’t need to win it, although I’ve never knit with STR before. Yes, I am a STR virgin, but with the amount of people vying for your contest, I think I’ll just order some. Good luck to everyone else.

  487. Yes, I am a STR virgin. I have only knitted 2 pairs of socks so far and I’ve never seen STR in person. I hear it is very nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  488. I guess you better crank up that 500 count RNG – I guess I’m about 466. I’m a STR virgin – I am signed up for the 2007 club and they did send my money back and by golly I’m just sending it back again. Why if I get a GIFTED skein of STR I’ll just have to whip (ha, I’m a SLLOOOOWWWWW sock knitter) out a pair of socks before my first rockin’ sock club kit arrives!!

  489. I have not knit, but that yarn and those socks make me want to learn right now!!

  490. Cara, I’ve been enjoying your blog for awhile, but haven’t commented till tonight – I just couldn’t resist your generous offer because I am an STR virgin. I’m a fairly new knitter(my one year anniversary is this month)and just finished my first two pairs of socks with Knitpicks yarn. It’d be great to upgrade to STR now and the introduction from you would make it so much more memorable. BTW, your Log Cabin blanket you knit in STR is absolutely gorgeous. That was enough to make me green with yarn envy. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  491. I had asked to join the STR club for 2007 for Christmas, but alas, it wasn’t to be for this year. I will admit, though, that hubby did get me a Sock Candy (cotton yarn) kit and pattern to try. But, I still have never used the Socks that Rocks yarn itself. Would love to try and see if I could be monogomous when it comes to socks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  492. PICAdrienne says:

    Oh, after the raptures I have heard about this yarn, I am pretty sure I am NOT worthy of the yarn. Be that as it may, I would really like to try the yarn. I have admired your socks knit with it, and Wendy’s and several other knitters. The yarn is just wonderful. I am new to sock knitting, I completed my first pair on January second of this year. They are the sock 101 socks, therefore knit with worsted weight Manos yarn. I am going to set forth and knit my first pair of ‘real’ socks starting this weekend, (after finishing my black and blue ‘red’ scarf.)
    I notice you have a rather large number of comments, and I am hoping to be one of the very blessed 20.

  493. Now that requests have reached epic proportion, I have to enter my own. I am not yet a convinced sock knitter: I have knit 1.5 pairs of socks. The lone sock has been sitting with my stash for more than a year now, but maybe the glorious color of STR will break through my diffidence and convert me to sock knitting. I am indeed a STR virgin, having chosen more pedestrian (ahem) yarns for the other two pairs (um… 1.5 pairs) of socks.
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but haven’t posted. I appreciate your reflections on life and knitting.

  494. It is true.
    I have NEVER used STR.
    And have been dying to for a looong time.
    I am the most deserving recipient:
    a) because I love to knit sock(s);
    b) yarn mileage. Can one skein really make 2 socks? I only have ONE LEG, and that means I can get one really decent sock and feel fulfilled. Unlike the rest of youze bipeds who will end up with shortie socks.
    c) because you like me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  495. I’ll play. I’ve heard about STR, but have been waiting to see it in person before buying.

  496. yes, I’m an STR virgin. and my poor first sock has been cast on so many times I’ve lost count. but I will survive!!! I will have socks. some day.

  497. I need some STR lovin’ because I have been having the suckiest couple of weeks of my life and that’s really saying something. I need to move before my twins(!!!*&*@#@) are born and I have to figure out some way to get two newborns and a 16 month old who refuses to walk up three flights of stairs. That’s not to mention that I have fallen into bad terms with the new management of the place where we live and have cried everyday for the last five days. On TOP of that I was already nervous about passing last semesters classes because it was my last semester, when I got my last minute before deadline grades and received an unexplained INC in one class. After a mini panic attack and the longest wait for an email response ever my Prof. corrected the mistake. My long suffering husband(also Georgie) was very patient with me the entire time which makes me feel guilty that I haven’t knit him anything yet and have been promising him socks. What better way to say thank you and be inspired to actually finish a sock I start than to knit them with the mother of all sock yarn. Whew! When I get on a roll it’s hard to stop, I could add more but I’ll leave it at that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  498. Yvonne in Southwest Virginia says:

    I, too, have never knit with STR. Why? Well, I’ve only recently knit my first pair of socks…and being unsure that I’d be able to…didn’t want to invest a lot of money in what might be a losing proposition so I just used acrylic. Now that I know that I *can*, I’m eager to make sox in really nice sock yarn.

  499. I have been looking at the beautiful yarn on STR for a long time now. The reason I am still a virgin is that I am a single mother of 3 kids (ages 3, 5 &6) and with money being tight STR would be a BIG extravagance for me. If I “win” the STR I will knit it only for myself. Also my birthday is coming up on the 22nd and us January Girls have to stick together. (also it is my 30th and I am taking it badly) Nothing better to cheer a girl up than a little bit of luxe sock yarn.

  500. Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy says:

    Count me in: I love fruit! … did I say something wrong? What! Hey! Ow, stop that!
    Thanks for your generosity, Cara!

  501. I need to lose my STR virginity because I am a penny-pinching university student and although I try to use good yarn as much as possible, I really can’t afford it.
    Plus, although I’ve made myself a few pairs of socks there are certainly none that I’d say rock!

  502. I am not only an STR virgin, but a virtual sock knitting virgin (in that I have never made socks meant to be worn by a person) (or animal).
    Please! Help me rectify this deficit!
    On a side note, that you for allowing me to use the word “virgin” in re: myself. It’s been a while!

  503. While I have never knitted with STR, I am currently having a torrid affair with the German Austermann Step and simply Do Not Believe there is anything that can tear me away from their entertaining colors or the Aloe + Jojoba infused goodness!
    Care to prove me wrong?

  504. STR AND a sock knitting virgin here! I figure I need STR becuase I don’t want to give it up to just anyone- Only the BEST! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  505. I am technically a STR virgin because I have never knit with it. I do own one skein that has been in my stash since last February. I’ve admired its luminous shades of red, but I know I’ll never be able to knit it – it’s just too beautiful.
    The only way to solve my problem is for a second skein to enter the house. The two can then emotionally mate, and I will be free to knit with any off spring that will emerge.
    Should I be lucky enough to win a skein, could it be a female one? I’m pretty sure the one I have is male, given it’s dark rich tones. I’m not willing to look underneath and know for sure.

  506. my feet are still virgins when it comes to any kind of knitted socks and they have decided that they have waited 47 years for this moment…

  507. I need some Socks That Rock! Not just because I haven’t used it before, but because I’ve been knitting only from my stash for the last nine months (I moved across the country and I’ve been staying with friends and family) and the yarn supply is running low…so now that we’ve bought a house I have a yarn room (aka office, aka guest room) and it has NO YARN in it! This is clearly a desperate situation ๐Ÿ™‚

  508. My mom bought me the Sock Club as a hannukah present in order to pop my STR cherry but apparently that didn’t work. I hope this will?

  509. Socks that Rock
    I crave knitting you
    Alas, broke.

  510. Amy O'Dell says:

    Because this is how I feel without STR in my life:
    Shirts in the closet, shoes in the hall
    Mama’s in the kitchen, baby and all
    Everything is everything
    Everything is everything
    But you’re missing
    Coffee cups on the counter, jackets on the chair
    Papers on the doorstep, but you’re not there
    Everything is everything
    Everything is everything
    But you’re missing
    O.K., perhaps that song is just too tragic and beautiful for this situation but I bet I got on your good side, didn’t I?!?

  511. I LOVE Socks That Rock. I finally purchased a skein last year and ended up giving it to a friend for a gift. So, even though I’ve paid good money for the opportunity, I still haven’t had a chance to knit a pair. Last year was the year of the sock for me. I knit 6 pair of socks for family gifts. And still, no STR. I think it is about time I knit some socks for myself. And why not go for the very best??!!!

  512. Gather โ€˜round and listen closely as I share
    A story of desire and true love so rare
    For now I shall begin to say
    The story of why Iโ€™m an STR virgin to this
    Knitting socks is something I love to do
    But Iโ€™m an undergrad at NYU
    Each year is costing me 50 k
    And I fall more in debt every day
    To save money I skip my midday meal
    For Iโ€™d much rather have wool than veal!
    I pick up pennies from the street
    Dreaming of the day thereโ€™d be enough for a yarny treat
    Iโ€™m envious of everyone with a stash
    I have none cuz Iโ€™m always short on cash
    I wander stores to look at pretty yarn I canโ€™t buy
    Then I go home, turn off the lights and cry
    So please, please hear my plea
    Give some STR to me!
    Not only would you make a girlโ€™s dream come true
    Youโ€™d save me some money for dinner too!

  513. I have read so much about it but haven’t seen or felt it up. haven’t even seen it from across the room. please break my cherry and make me cheery. latifa

  514. I know this is my second comment but I must…Shall I continue to plead???? I’m a VERY desperate Virgin!!! I need new sock yarn!! Paleeeze!!!!

  515. Gosh! This was super successful!I am an STR virgin because I only just heard about STR this past year. I also haven’t tried STR yet because I am a mom on a tight budget! I learned to knit socks last summer and I have been searching for my favorite since then. So far I like a lot of the sock yarn I try but no favorite yet. So please if the lucky gods smile on me I promise to knit the most beautiful socks out of the gift of Socks that Rock!

  516. I’m a STR virgin. I’ve never seen it in any store, though I *did* get to hold a skein once, and it was heaven. I keep seeing gorgeous pictures everywhere and I want some, dammit!
    Besides, I’m starting a wedding shawl for my soon to be married sister in COBWEB weight yarn, and I’ll be needing a break, I’m guessing.

  517. I must confess, I am a socks that rocks virgin. Heck, I’d never even tried Lorna’s Laces until I finally found some on ebay. I have no LYS you see, it’s all very sad!

  518. Kniterature says:

    Why pick me?
    I’m a 54 year old virgin (well, as far as STR are concerned).
    My husband has been working in India for the past three months so my feet are cold…
    my nights are lonely…
    I have six more weeks until he comes home – surely long enough to knit and enjoy a warm pair of socks.
    And I want to check out the rumors that sox are better than sex!!!

  519. I have never knit socks that rock because….well, I have no money. But my mom was a geology major, and we had a blast looking at all the rock named colors. And I’m almost out of sock yarn. Almost…out of sock knitting to keep me awake during class.

  520. Randi Ammons says:

    Oh, see, here’s the thing. There are STR skeins in my family. I’ve seen them. They are quite elusive and shy but they have been brought out ONCE to be shown. I gasped at the overwhelming beauty my poor unworthy eyes beheld. There was a glow coming from them I am sure (my Mom pulled me away yelling something about men and white jackets but I digress). The skeins were quickly put away, ne’er to be seen again (at least by MY unworthy and coveting eyes). I plotted, I schemed, I snuck into the stash. DAMN! Where DID she put them . . . .????? I walked away ashamed, not so much for having thought of thievery but for having been unsuccessful!
    Needless to say I have not acquired any of my own for reasons all stated previously (fear of obsession, er, “love”; lack of sufficient financial backing; unavailability (STR you shall be MINE!)
    Anyway, I would love to be able to pull out a “looky what I got” on the clan. I truly am evil but will be a devout worshipper, er, purchaser of STR one day. Meanwhile, can I have a skein?????

  521. Here is my dark confession;
    I’ve never knitted a sock. I’ve made a lace shawl, a sweater, a Clapotis, but never a sock. I have forgone the NATURAL order of things. I must be corrected. I must be taught the way of the light. I must use good yarn, great yarn, YARN THAT IS DESERVING OF BEING A FIRST SOCK, A FIRST TIME!

  522. Dawn-Marie says:

    You know, at NYS Sheep and Wool there was a gigundous line of knitters desperately clutching beautiful yarn. The got it all in moments. All of it. Every skein. It was so lovely…One nice woman let me touch hers. That’s the closest I’ve gotten. It’s like having a crush on that really fine boy in high school and knowing that you’ll never have a chance to knit with him. My toes ache with longing.

  523. OK – I’m the opposite – a STR SLUT – I have every skein from the last year still INTACT AND I bought ENOUGH STR HEAVYWEIGHT to make a “Curve of Pursuit” afghan – in the colors that you made your wonderful Log Cabin blanky from – the exact same ones, m’dear – and guess what – neither that nor any of the other socky skeins have either been finished or touched – but, I’m happy that you are doing this – you are the ultimate RABBLE ROUSER!!!
    PS – were you quite possibly a cheerleader in HS? because you certainly are a great one now in the year of Bond, James Bond …
    and off I go to attempt to eat a bite of dinner and then off to bed –
    nitey nite and keep up the splendid work,

  524. Probably can’t say much that hasn’t been said but hells yeah I’ll put my name in for some sock yarn that I’VE NEVER TRIED BEFORE! Why the heck not??

  525. I have been lusting after STR for six months, but I have put off buying any because I needed to finish my master’s thesis before buying any stash-enhancing yarn, and am also a poor student!

  526. I’ve been really cautious about buying yarn and am trying to use stash except for specific projects. I would love to try STR, and may not otherwise get the chance for sometime. I’d be really pleased to be included.

  527. I think you should pick me because it’s (literally) freezing in So. California. And us poor left coasters aren’t used to real weather. We have no natural insulation to keep our poor tootsies warm. It would be a humanitarian gesture.
    And I’ve never knit a sock and I’ve never used STR. But I want to. I really really want to. Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Want To. (But I’ve crocheted socks. Lots of socks. But still no STR.)

  528. I tried to buy some STR at Rhinebeck this year–it was gone. I’ll admit I don’t deserve free sock yarn because I dye my own! And I ended up not being able to find any hand-dyed yarn at Rhinebeck that I wanted, though I saw many lovely things–I liked mine better. But hey; I’d love a free chance for someone to change my mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  529. I, too, am an STR virgin. I am not a sock virgin, but my first time was so traumatic that I never tried knitting socks again. Second Sock Syndrome and the one sock I finished was long enough in the foot for clown shoes. I need that special sock yarn to seduce me into trying again. (This whole controversy convinced me to visit the Blue Moon website for the first time. Ooh, la, la.)

  530. I am a STR virgin – but honestly, I’m a “complete pair of knit socks” virgin as well, but give me just a few more days. I am a 30 year crocheter who took up knitting at the beginning of December. I finished two scarves and a poncho and dived straight into sock knitting and I am highly impressed with myself and the results. I’m actually half way through sock two of the pair (see my blog for sock #1). I would be delighted to continue to hone my skills with some wonderful STR!

  531. My name is Kathy and I’m a STR virgin. Please, please pop my cherry.
    I lost my job last month, so buying yarn is not possible right now. I need this yarn. I need to knit socks while surfing the Internet for a job.
    For the love of yarn, help me.

  532. I’ve actually had the pleasure of fondling STR yarn. It was very tempting to make a purchase as I could imagine this delectable yarn sweetly caressing my skin. However, I was held back by my inability to knit! Currently I am taking classes to ammend this flaw & would love to learn to knit socks with the very best, which know will leave me yearning for more….

  533. Barb in Dallas says:

    I have been trying to learn to knit socks for SOCKS FOR SOLDIERS charity for the soldiers serving in Iraq. I just joined and am driving Kim CRAZY asking for advice while I learn to knit socks by myself in Texas. Please give me something interesting to use besides this BIG BLACK KNIT PICKS YARN that they use for soldiers sock. Just one pretty skein would be sooooo nice to learn on. I know it would be better and I could learn faster. So see I can’t have ever knitted socks that rock… ๐Ÿ™‚

  534. WOW!! I don’t think I can begin to equal some of the creative reasons that are “towering” above mine. I am a STR virgin, and have only just began my first 32 stitch “class” sock, so it would be quite the indulgent act to knit my first “real” socks from such a prestigious yarn! Great website!

  535. I’m a STR virgin b/c I’m afraid I’ll get addicted.

  536. Yes, I am a STR virgin. Who knew there were so many of us? I learned to knit specifically for the sock experience (finished my 1st pair, working on my second) and have listened to my knitting friends talk about this yarn. I might even get brave enough to try a new sock pattern!

  537. Hi, not only am I a STR virgin, I’m a newbie to knitting. My very first project is a pair of socks and I am refusing to let it get the best of me – and trust me, sometimes I feel like throwing the whole lot across the room. But I shall overcome ๐Ÿ™‚ And I need STR yarn because it’s beautiful!

  538. I’ve never knitted socks before. Just graducated from Dishcloths and Scarves to Afghans and Baby Booties. Its actually one of my 2007 New Year Resolutions. I wanted to sign up but heard the club was closed. I’ve read several blogs about this issue, some very interesting comments and I just put myself on the waiting list for the club. Would be cool to win!

  539. So many comments. Who knew yarn could be such a come on?

  540. My 28th wedding anniversary is the 13th, and this would make a wonderful anniversary present, so that I can knit something wonderful to keep my feet warm in this unusually COLD California weather!

  541. So many comments. Who knew yarn could be such a come on?

  542. Sigh, I’m always just a little behind the times,I’m a follower and even though I have christened some beautiful Australian sock wool “Socks That Uluru” I’d love some of the real stuff!!!

  543. Oops, my fingers are trembling with so much excitement and anticipation that I clicked “post” twice. Only STR can save me!

  544. I’ve never tried STR but would love to. Socks are my favorite things to knit! I would love to make at least one pair with their yarn.

  545. Yep. I’d like to check out this yarn. I’ve knitted for decades. I’ve never used STR. Probably that’s wrong, but could be rectified. I notice someone up above has their heat out in their workspace. There never was any heat in mine to go out. The current external temp is 0 degrees F. (That was ZERO.) I don’t care to know what the temp is in my office. I do have a handknitted small rug here and some felted clogs. I also do knit socks, but I need more. Obviously. Although I have the rug under my feet now and the clogs on them, my feet are chilly and I’m about to leave the computer because of it. Glad I read your blog first! I can at least leave a hopeful note and think warm sock thoughts.

  546. In a crowd of clearly deserving virgins, I can’t really think of a reason why I stand out. While I would love to get my hands on a delicious bit of STR, mostly I’m thrilled to see that there are 500+ of us panting after yarn like, well, knitters in heat.

  547. Because I just finished my very first original pattern design – kneesocks, natch – and despite the blood, sweat and tears shed in the process I’m still glowing. (Wow, sorry for all the double entendre there…) Why not continue the firsts?

  548. I should have a skein of STR because….I’m a wonderful, kind, generous, funny, intelligent, beautiful, gifted, strong, wise and deserving woman who has her 50th birthday coming up at the end of January, and what a very fine gift that would be.

  549. I am a college student with limited funds, who has been eyeing and reading about STR yarn for a long time… plus my birthday is on February 22nd! (I know its a while away, but STR would make it come faster!) Knitting with STR would probably be a great way to get me hooked, and if I were hooked, well then I would be able to justify spending more money at BlueMoonFibers… not only now, but when I am rich from the job I get with my bachelor’s degree! (Ha ha, right?)

  550. not only am i a str virgin i am a 23 year old true virgin. come on don’t i deserve some orgasmic str yarn to ease my lonely nights???
    thanks goodness i am not a sock virgin anymore…i finished my first sock this week and now i think i have second sock syndrome, but some beautiful str yarn should be inspirational!

  551. Elaine in NYC says:

    I’m an STR virgin because I couldn’t get any at Rhinebeck, and now am unable to afford it. Sure is pretty stuff!

  552. I never seem to win these kind of random drawings. I qualify as an STRV and am always up to see if my luck will change.
    Plus, I’ve finished one sock in my life which has needed frogging at the toe for over a year now. Ripping out kitchener is overwhleming. I think that winning some STR yarn would help me get back on track with the sock knitting.
    I believe, I believe…

  553. I need a skein of STR because otherwise I will be the ONLY knitter in the whole wide world that has not knit with it!

  554. I’ll admit it, I am a STR virgin. I even live(Scappoose Oregon) near where the yarn is dyed. Please help my favorite set of dpn’s “get some”!

  555. Not only am I an STR virgin, I am a sock virgin. (Yes, I can hear the gasps of dismay from the crowd.) Shouldn’t my first pair of socks be with yarn that will love me, respect me and comfort me? With whom I can fall in love and live a life filled with warmth and joy? After all, I have been saving myself for just the right yarn…

  556. I’m a STR virgin, too! I’d love to have a skein! None of my local yarn shops carry it. But if I’m one of the lucky winners, I am certain that I’ll end up joining the skads of knitters keeping Blue Moon growing! I haven’t met too many sock yarns that I haven’t become obsessed with….

  557. I popped my cherry last week with a delicious pair of knee highs. Yea. They rocked my world! STR is so comfy that I literally wear my socks around my ankles (I sized them wrong and safety pins can’t even hold ’em up). But I still love them. I do have three kinds of “less desirable” sock yarn I’d love to give away. You know that kind–you don’t tell anyone you’ve been with ‘im. They just fulfill that basic need. You hang your head low and what for Mr. Right to come along and Rock Your World! Since STR knocked my socks off…or should I say knocked me off my feet (Hey! That’s better than knocking me up! Though a little baby STR skein would be nice…) Anyway I don’t think I’ll ever use the other yarn so I’d be happy to pass them along.

  558. I have never tried STR either, I see there is many many hear that haven’t either. Poor us!
    I usually wait for sock yarn to jump at me before I will make a pair of socks, I have seen STR and believe that if it saw me in a shop it would indeed fly through the air to land in my shopping bag.

  559. I’ve heard my friends talking about doing It, some of them have even considered paying for It, but somehow I can’t seem to get around to getting It without my husbands credit card.. Please let me be STR virgin no more!

  560. I am a lowly college student with money only for books and tuition. As a result I have looked longingly at the Blue Moon site but I can never decide on just one colorway and since I can’t drop more than $100 dollars for yarn instead of say, a Chemistry book, I have remained a Socks that Rock virgin.

  561. My cat has cut his leg open and is now the male equivalent of a screaming virago; I’m having a disaster with moving house and may be homeless in a month and we live in the UK which isn’t the home to Blue Moon Fiber Arts (and for some reason we are unlucky enough to get hit by stupid import tax if we buy stuff from the US.)

  562. Why do I need this yarn? Because I am an addict and the addition needs to be fed. Why do I need it because being out of work I won’t buy it for myself.Why do I need it? To show me good things will happen in 2007. Why do I need it, to feel and see how really great it is.

  563. oh i have DREAMED of socks that rock. so many people rave about it. would love to try it. pity it’s not sold in australia. :0( x

  564. I think you should pick me as one of the honoured and lucky winners of a beautiful skein of STR because my cherry is begging to be popped. I can not find it here in England and I do not have credit card to order it so I will never have this chance again! Its always so beautiful and I drool over it all the time. Our flat is abit chilly at times to so my feet get cold and I wear alot of boring store bought socks, please dont faint! Im trying to build my hand knit collection up! ๐Ÿ™‚ Please pick me, my feet and I will give the STR a GREAT home!

  565. I am a STR virgin but I know I am ready to embark in this life time experience. Yes, I know that afther nothing will never, ever be same…I am aware of that! Aahh! and if I win I will most likely be the first non STR virgin in the old continent! Lets spread the love!!

  566. I’m a STR virgin because I could not get yet any of it as I live in Europe, and no one is selling it over here. I was about to make a purchase this week, but each time I tried, the site was down. I would like to try this yarn as 1) I love colour, and I like what I saw on the website when it was not down yet, 2) the other knitters are showing what I think are very handsome colours, and the yarn itself has good feedback 3) it may be the sock yarn love of my life.
    pick me, pick me, I’ll show it off in the european capitals ๐Ÿ™‚

  567. Jenny in Jersey says:

    You probably should not pick me. I am a terrible color junkie. A total addict. As a child I was madly in love with the big Crayola boxes. I could not bear to share or color with them. I would arrange the crayons from darkest to lightest….then by color groups…then by contrasts. I fear that if you were to send me a skein of STR, I would develop an uncontrollable craving for this yarn and you would be overwhelmed with guilt, knowing that you had sent me down the path to ruin.

  568. I’ve been knitting away on socks with cheaper (and inferior) yarn. The last yarn store I was in was selling some nicer sock yarn and I bought some — but I still haven’t even laid eyes on STR….

  569. 1. wait list
    2. 855 miles from nyc to closest retailer, the fold, chicago.

  570. Wah! But, but, I’ve only used STR once. Okay twice. But the first pair I sent to my mother, so they don’t count, right? But then there’s the second pair that are my absolute favourite pair to wear. Fine, so I’m not a virgin. I can accept that!
    Good luck to all you real virgins.

  571. Cara,
    This is for me, isnยดt it? As i told you ( i posted a comment about STR), here in Brazil there are only low-quality yarns and if i want really good yarn, i need to buy it from the U.S. or U.K… which makes knitting too expensive.. we donยดt even have a socks club here… anyway, thatยดs i do for passion and the satisfaction i get from having the perfect color, the perfect gauge and, as result, the perfect project. So, i am a Socks that Rock virgin, and iยดm sure that knitting it would be an unforgettable experience!! Well, i would be very glad if you picked me. (I am willing to pay the shipping expenses).

  572. Cara, I have been knitting for 3 years and have yet to knit the first sock. Shocking, yes I know. It is not that I don’t want to knit socks, it is just that 1. I don’t have the correct yarn, 2. feel I need smaller needles, 3. have no idea on how to get started. 4. a little scared! So what better way to cattle prod me into starting my adventure into the wonderful world of sock making than with some STR yarn?? That’s what I thought, wonderful idea!

  573. Why haven’t I used it? I may like it too much and my other sock yarn will seem sub-par and then it’s all spoiled for me-but I should take a chance and see, shouldn’t I??

  574. My 2007 knitting resolution was to buy NO SOCK YARN, so I figure the only way to try STR (for the FIRST TIME EVER) this year is to wish on my magic nickel for HALF a skein of STR…

  575. How many people commented already?? I won’t have a chance, but my reason : it’s hard to get by here in Belgium. I can’t order it inside the EU and when I order in the US I can order only one skein at the time due to customs. So there are 2 possibilities : I fly to the US to buy a huge amount, or I find someone to ship me a few skeins. But so far, none of the 2 options worked.

  576. Mary McKnight says:

    I would love love love a skein of STR! My closest “local” LYS is a good 45 minutes away, so there is a shortage of lovely, soft fiber in my home! And I’ve just done a huge amount of gift and community knitting in non-natural fibers to accommodate those who won’t/can’wear wool or don’t choose to handwash. My hands are itchin’ for a wonderful yarn! Not to mention my menopausal tootsies that burn in acrylic, but feel wonderful in woolies! Oh, and even at this late age, I AM an STR virgin!

  577. My best friend and I have been dying for some STR. I was going to buy her some for her birthday at the end of the month and she is so excited. Now whenever we have a conversation (which is daily at least), one of us will intermittently yell, “SOCKS THAT ROCK!” It tickles us every time. We’re even training my husband to join in! I can’t wait to try it! SOCKS THAT ROCK!

  578. I started reading your blog because of its name. My son was born January 1, 2000, which is a big deal anyone finds out. I think of you and him as birthday twins! So, in honor of your birthday twin, maybe I can try this yarn that everyone loves so much? I’ve never seen it where I live. Happy belated birthday!!!

  579. You and the Harlot and Wendy (of Wendy Knits!) would have me believe that STR is the best thing in the world but let me tell you, I don’t
    believe you. I’m sure it’s all a conspiracy. I can’t see how STR can be any better than any other yarn. Don’t bother sending me all ten hanks or anything.
    (Please tell me reverse psychology works. I want that yarn!)

  580. But it’s so pretty! And while I am a STR virgin I’m not entirely a sock virgin for I’ve crocheted socks in the past. However, lately I’ve got a massive urge to attempt to knit socks and can you think of anything better to guarantee I’d finish that second knit sock than STR for my first pair? Pretty please!?

  581. Hello. My name is Maya, and I’m an STR virgin (and first time commenter).
    Why? Well, that’s easy. I started knitting socks (and knitting in general, actually) early last spring, halfway through my first year living in Tokyo, and sock yarn of any type is very difficult to come by over here. I have splurged and placed a few online orders for Lorna’s Laces, Koigu, and Sundara sock yarns in the past.. but alas.. I have yet to find a good source for STR with international shipping rates decent enough to justify the expense. I’ve been dying to get my hands on some since I first saw pictures of it online and hope not to remain a virgin too much longer…
    Share the STR love with the overseas knitters!

  582. I am having a sock-knitting slump and have two unfinished pairs of socks in my knitting basket. I need something to get me excited again about knitting socks. STR sounds like it is just what I need.

  583. “Like a virgin! Touched for the very first time…”
    Ooopps…that’s Madonna not Bruce…
    Well, since I’m from Sweden and STR don’t exist here (neither does Koigu or LL) you should definitely pick me! And I’ve read your blog for over a year (without commenting, I know) and been eager to try STR ever since you started writning about it. (and I adore your pictures). ๐Ÿ™‚

  584. Jennifer Allen says:

    As a mother of 5, 3, & 1 year olds, it’s very rare that I am not holding somebody! But every now and then (when my husband is home) I can free up my hands and get some projects done because I LOVE KNITTING! I’ve been repeatedly reported “Missing-In-Action” for short moments and found knitting in the tub, car, & most recently the closet. I knit, therefore I am! Pick me, it’s something I truely treasure!

  585. Oh Cara, I don’t want the STR. We are on a tight budget this year and if I win the STR I may become addicted. My husband will be wondering where this new yarn keeps coming from. Not only will I have to keep buying STR, but then I will need new shoes to show off my new socks. Then I will have to get a new job to afford my new habit, which will seriously cut into my knitting time. I will be going down a long dark path if I win the STR. Oh h@## who am I kidding, I would love some STR.

  586. I NEED this yarn. I live in Newfoundland Canada, and am totally addicted to sock knitting. I have not tried this yarn but am dying to. There are no yarn stores anywhere here, so I think I deserve a break!!!!! Please let me win, so I can know just what all you knit bloggers are so excited about. I wanna ROCK SOME SOCKS TOO!!!!!!

  587. I have wanted to try this yarn for so long. But, guilt keeps me from ordering. Since I started dying my own yarn I feel guilty buying someone else’s hand dyed yarns. Since I started raising alpacas and stockpiling fleece I feel guilty buying other yarns, especially non-alpaca yarns. And, every time a skein of yarn does make it’s way into the house if I can’t prove to DH that it was a gift or a contest win he makes me feel guilty for buying yet more “outsider” yarn.

  588. Another STR virgin, here… I live in extreme northeastern Vermont – can you say, rural? I’ve read about STR on the internet, but have never seen it in person…

  589. I just started knitting last summer I have made one sock and loved it (I got the pattern online and it was so easy to follow.) I am now knitting the Divine lace scarf from “Hats gloves scarves” by Louisa Harding This is so easy. I would love to learn more about sock knitting and try this yarn.

  590. I need some STR. Because I’ve knit socks from almost every other kind of sock yarn and – incredibly – not this one.

  591. I have never experienced love like that before.

  592. I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED STR! I’d actually never heard of them until your post the other day! But after a year of knitting basic stuff (scarves mostly) I finally broke into sock knitting and knit my first pair of socks last month– and I fell in LOVE with sock knitting! But… now I’m knitting with Lorna’s Laces and I don’t like it at all! I need someting pretty and soft to knit with, but with a new house and grad school and research to pay for, I can’t afford to experiment with new yarns (woe is me!).

  593. jen morton says:

    Not only have I never knit with STR before, I have been slightly afraid (no…petrified) to knit socks. So what better way to motivate myself, and finally cast on for some darn socks.
    mmmmmmm…….STR yarn…………must win some STR…………

  594. Frog Princess says:

    Please may I enter the drawing for the STR contest? I live in Oregon, home of BMFA, I’m a poor but honest English instructor at a community college. I unwind from the rigors of teaching grammar and syntax and pointing out careless typographical errors with pointy sticks and yarn.
    Help me help others avoid the shame of confusing their/there/they’re and it’s/its! Everyone deserves the respect and credibility that comes with using proper punctuation!
    It’s a long and never-ending struggle, this work I do. Give me the strength to go on. Send me yarn.
    Thank you,
    Frog Princess

  595. I FINALLY treated myself for Christmas and got a ball winder with some money my mom sent me. A week later my sister (aka- the thrift store goddess) sent me my present which included a vintage ball winder that she had picked up for ONE DOLLAR! I can’t stand any more knitting related disappointment in my life! Does anyone need a slightly used ball winder?

  596. Rats. This would mark the only time that I wished to be a 45 year old virgin!

  597. Having come to knitting from crochet, I’ve fallen in love with it; I’m completely obsessed! Socks have been on my short list of things to do, but I don’t know where to begin. I’m sure a good starting point with be a skein of fabulous sock yarn, like STR! Plus, I’ll be between jobs for a week or two at the end of the month, so I’ll have time to indulge in sock knitting.

  598. I have not tried STR yet simply because none of my LYS carry it! I can see the beautiful colors online, but I have never felt it.
    I would be forever grateful if you sent me a skein……………:-)

  599. All the girls in my Stitch and Bitch just talk non stop about Socks that Rock. I have fondled the yarn and drooled over it but I made a vow to knit up my stash before I bought anymore. I know we have all made this vow in the past and I know I will break it here real soon but…….
    So I am an excellant canidate for the prize. I will even vow to finish the other pair of socks and the 15 other projects I have going now as fast as I can; then I can really enjoy the prize!

  600. I was given a skein of yarn from Socks that Rock and it is in a coveted place so I can admire it before I wind it and knit a pair of socks. I just learned how to knit socks but have been using a lowly not too attractive yarn. Now I’m amped to get my game going and knit some badass socks that truly ROCK. I teach kindergarten and believe me, I HAVE TO KNIT everyday for my sanity. Rock on – I’m excited about your site and yarns!

  601. I never got the speech from my mother, but I did from the after-school TV specials… “Wait until you are married, stay a virgin.” Well, I kinda did… I’m married now… even have a baby on the way (who is due any day now and is currently kicking/punching my bladder, my sciatic nerve and my left kidney all at the same time)— but I AM STILL A VIRGIN. Something is missing in my life and I think I have stubbled upon the cause… SOCKS THAT ROCK! I never knew one could still be a virgin and be ready to pop out a beautiful baby at the same time… I must keep this quiet, lest the world find out and I become a media sensation!

  602. Hello, my name is Sade, and I’ve never knitted with STR.
    *waits for group cheer*
    Why do I deserve the yarn? I don’t know, really. Maybe cause I have been a good girl? Wait, that’s not true, I haven’t been a good girl, but who really cares at this point.
    I deserve the yarn because I’m worth it! (like the other 600 commenters before me).

  603. I need the STR yarn because I’ve never knit myself socks before and why not start on the best??? Besides, I’ll probably get hooked and buy STR yarn like crazy once I try it ๐Ÿ™‚
    I deserve great socks, I’m a veterinarian who is on her feet all day (and large, wide feet they are). Make my feet happy! Thanks!

  604. And yet another STR virgin here. I’d be very happy to get the yarn tomorrow to celebrate my running the Houston Half Marathon! (I signed up for the full marathon, but various illnesses impeded my training, so the half it is.)
    *fingers crossed*

  605. I have absatined- sue to necessity— from intercoursing with STR for over 30 days…. may I be considered a “born again STR Virgin?”
    I just keep trying…..;)

  606. I’ve been knitting socks for years, and I spend a lot of time drooling over other people’s delicious STR creations, but I live in Toronto and have never seen the stuff in person! I know it’s possible to buy it over the internet, but I’ve never done that before, either! I like the process of walking to my LYS, fondling the available choices and then walking home with purchase in hand. I would love love love to win this contest! Deflower me, baby!!

  607. am i too late? i’m so won over by all the STR love that i’m practically ready to join the 2007 club without ever having made a pair of socks…let my first real pair of socks be STR socks…

  608. Oh me! I have not seen at any LYS that I frequent and I tried to get some at NY Sheep and Wool but the line was unbelievable. When I went back the next day they were pretty much out. ๐Ÿ™

  609. I have 2 kids… One in college, one in high school. No stash here. I live through everyone’s stash on the net. I NEED the fix! I would love to try STR!

  610. I’m a poor nursing student! My experience w/ sock yarn has been limited– Lorna’s Laces, Jawoll, and Koigu… please send me some STR, help me pop my cherry! I drool everytime I see a FO in STR out in blogland. Don’t even get me started on the colorways! Aw man!

  611. I’m a very poor graduate student working to complete a double Master’s, and the STR Club has been C A L L I N G to me! I’ve never even seen STR yarn in person, but I’m dying to get my hands on it! I’ve only knit socks from wool purchased at a (whispering) craft store. I’m sending out a S.S.O.S. (sock S.O.S.)!!! PLEASE pick me!!!

  612. I’ve been saving my STR virginity for … STR. Which, unless you’re willing to sleep with someone, is not available in Las Vegas (oh, wait. That’s actually illegal in Las Vegas. But if I go “over the hump” to Pahrump, I _can_ prostitute myself for yarn legally…). Anyway. I’d love a chance to pop my STR cherry!

  613. Well, I feel like a yarnslut now, but I cannot resist this one. I am a STR virgin. Please help me!

  614. cathy goldman says:

    FEAR!!!! Plain and simple FEAR! Once you try it, you can’t go back to anything else…..FEAR!
    LOL cg

  615. -I am also a New Year’s baby.
    -Who was once again shafted out of birthday presents.
    -Who is a grad student struggling to get motivated to finish her thesis.
    -Who does not have a credit card and therefore cannot get STR yarn, not that I can afford it [see above].
    -Who loves to knit socks, but has not knit any for herself for two years as budget and time have behooved me to knit socks solely for others!
    -But I have inspired the women in my family to take up sock knitting again!
    -Who would never forget the generosity of another New Year’s baby!

  616. Why do I deserve some STR?
    1) I have never heard of STR until I perused through Cookie’s wonderful blog and saw the deliciousness of her yarn porn.
    2) I have splashed into the world of sock knitting (and I’ve only been knitting for a year) and thoroughly loved it).
    3) I have to knit socks for my mom who wears a size US10. Ahh, the stockinette on tiny needles!
    3) I am a college student who spends her extra money on yarn and not food. Ramen noodles, anyone?

  617. I’m a STR virgin and will likely remain so for a good long time unless helped. In August I’m leaving for college after a 3 year delay to achieve my dream of becoming a college professor and all my yarn money had been turned into savings for school.

  618. susan maroni says:

    Hi Cara,
    I am among the innocent. I’ve knitted for years; intricate lace and cables, full length coats, etc. But, I’ve never caught the sock bug, having only made a couple of pairs.
    I decided on my b-day, Dec. 31, that sock creation should be a priority for the new year.
    Please include me in your drawing and best wishes for a healthy and joyous 2007.

  619. I can’t beat all these wonderful comments to win the yarn – but I really wish I could get it. I can’t afford to buy rocking yarn right now, so I’ll still enter a comment with a vague hope to win. Of course, if I win I’d have to argue with my husband about it, as I’ve got him knitting socks now. Assuming I don’t win I’ll be keeping an eye on the blogs of those who do win so I can see all the wonderful things they make!

  620. shannon Stringer says:

    Not only am I a str virgin, I am a sock virgin, although I have been comtemplating losing this virginity for a while. All power to knitters and sock knitters and many dropped stitches in their knitted garments (which they of course won’t know how to fix) to muggle bank managers!

  621. i have wanted to try STR for as long as i have been reading you and you have been singing thier praises. i cant ever afford it tho, i usually can only get quality yarns when they go on sale at my LYS. i would love to try STR!! plus it’s going to be my birthday in 10 days too! i cant imagine actually getting to knit with it (and smell it) in real life!!!
    i actually asked for a skien of STR for xmas, but no one got it for me. boo! ๐Ÿ˜€

  622. I need Socks that Rock because I have been knitting socks for less than a year, and I haven’t tried Socks that Rock yet. I’ve made about 24 pairs of socks and I give away every other pair that I make. (Mostly family and friends.) So you see, I am desperate for more sock yarn! Thanks for having such a fun contest, by the way.

  623. I have never touched the mythical STR (or even seen it in real life!) and I’m not sure it actually exists. Most of my socks have been made with KnitPicks yarn — lovely, yes, but not quite on par with STR. I need some luxury in my life!

  624. I’m putting myself through grad school so I have told myself that once I’m done, I can splurge without the fear that all other yarn experiences would pale in comparison, and I’d have to find some sort of sordid means to support my STR addiction… unless someone pops my STR cherry first ๐Ÿ™‚

  625. DawneLucas says:

    My relationship with STR has been one of admiration, longing, dreaming, wishing, touching and even smelling (weird but I do like to sniff yarn) – alas the one skein I purchased was gifted to a dear friend in need. This wonderful and somewhat famous yarn has neeeeever graced my needles but oh how I tried to order the “Lucy” colourway – but no luck! I’m keep’in my fingers crossed ๐Ÿ™‚

  626. I live in the Netherlands and do not own a credit card. I have ,however, been looking for ways to get my hands on a skein (or two) and this might just be it. The colours and the promise of softness have made it all the way through my monitor though.

  627. I’ve never even seen STR in person. I drool looking at pictures on blogs showing the gorgeous colors. Yet being a single mom I’ve never dared indulge myself. But I’m ready!

  628. definately not an STR virgin here in this way… but I had to write and cheer everyone else on – Go for it!! Tina and Casi are fab, and I like to brag and say I knew them back “when” (pre-STR… gasp!)
    We send them loving thoughts, and the profound reminder (for when they think of those banking boobs…) that what people do comes back at them ten-fold. Beware the power of the knitting community and rock-on!

  629. Not every first time is good but I am sure this first will be out of this world! I can only dream at this point what STR yarn looks like in person, what it feels like……

  630. i must know what STR is like… i haven’t heard one darn negative thing about STR, the photos in the blogosphere look MAHVELOUS, but can i find any in my part of the world? nope. i guess our LYSOs haven’t heard the STR news yet, maybe they don’t read blogs, or maybe they’re just living under rocks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  631. I admit, I have flirted with other sock yarns. I have gotten to second base with some, who I have abandoned while I still had a chance to save myself. And, yes, the siren song of desire has wantonly led me down the path of foolish one-night-stands and short-lived relationships with philandering, rakish self-patterning and stretch yarns who have left me unsatisfied and unraveled. I am hanging on by a thread, ready to cast off on a life of sock yarn chastity. I have saved my STR virginity for this moment. And now, I will allow myself one last chance to find true completeness with you, McDreamy STR. Pick ME. Choose ME. Love ME.

  632. I have never knit with STR but my daughter has and I have always been jealous of her. Beautiful colors! I can’t wait to try it.

  633. I keep hearing good things about Socks that Rock but never tried it. Why? It’s not because I can’t knit socks. The reason is that I’ve been never able to find it in my LYS. I know I can mailorder it but it’s very expensive to have ANYTHING sent to Canada from the US. and if I fall in love with it, I’ll want more and more Socks that Rock! I may have to sell my firstborn for STR!
    On second thought, it might be a good thing that I’ve never tried Socks that Rock.

  634. the rachface says:

    Because I’m 23 years old and my soxxors have never been roxxor’d.

  635. well here goes – but at entry 640+ i doubt my chances are any good – and i never win these anyway.
    but i am a SOCK KNITTING virgin as well as a STR virgin – so should that count as two entries?
    fingers crossed!

  636. Third (comment) is the charm…I hope! Okay, so this YarnHen is going mad here…YES, I’m a STR virgin…and I’m so ashamed to admit it…In a time when we are free to explore…to feel up as much yarn as we want to…Pleeeeze pick me!
    This virgin is on her boney chicken knees…begging for some “SocksThatRock”!!!

  637. I, too, am a STR virgin. I am not a virgin by choice, but by neccessity. You see, my dowry is not large enough to trade for a skein, so my father keeps working to enlarge said dowry so that I might be seen as worthy of the STR. I do so want to exchange my purity for the delights that wait for me with STR. If I am not found worthy, I may have to be a virgin for life. Or worse, give my purity to acrylics. *gasp*

  638. I need this yarn because I’ve never been in a store that sells it, I like to knit socks, and so obviously I have to try it! And yes, I’ve never knit with it, but I’m astounded at what the bank has said to them. After all, I only win a contest once in a blue moon, and strange things like being called a scam when fanatic knitters say you’re not can only happen… once in a blue moon, to the blue moon.

  639. Ok, I have never used STR before because I HAVE NEVER KNIT SOCKS. That’s right, I have been AFRAID to knit socks. It is a goal for 2007, this sock knitting thing. So what better yarn to be “my first” than “SocksThatRock”? And by the way, I LOVE the GRocks and JanuaryOne colorways!

  640. Pop my Cherry…. isn’t it every knitters dream especially with STR. I’ve only seen and heard about on the net… IF I won, I would definately…like a little forplay before knitting some socks…at which I am a virgin with also.

  641. I’ve been yearning to try STR for AGES, I just love, love, love the colours, and want to experience for myself all the lovely socky goodness I’ve come across in the knitblog world. But I haven’t been able to find a UK retailer yet. Looks like I’ll just have to take the plunge and order direct from Blue Moon, unless you can please, please spare me one of your skeins?

  642. as a graduate student, the yarn i knit my socks with is dictated mostly by what others will buy for me (to knit them socks). i cannot wait until i have a “real” job and can buy yarn with abandon…but with this fabulous opportunity, I must plea: “please, pop my STR cherry!” don’t make me wait any longer!

  643. Me, me, me (please???)!!! I haven’t tried STR before (duh, or I wouldn’t be leaving a comment!) I’ve been lusting after it since last year and the whole “Jaywalker” KAL. Plus I rarely (if ever) knit things for myself and this would be the perfect inspiration!!!

  644. I’ve never tried STR either — obviously! Why should you pick me? Well, I’ve only just recently had the time to knit again after having a child back last March … and this would be the best inspiration to start sock knitting again!
    Whoever you choose, great contest, thanks for being so generous. ๐Ÿ™‚

  645. OMG – I can’t think of a better way for a STR virgin to start off 2007! ๐Ÿ™‚ I would *love* to win some STR so that I can knit my best girl a pair of socks – she’s the one who first taught me how to knit and wouldn’t you agree that a pair of handknit socks would make a fabulous present, especially when knit from STR? ๐Ÿ™‚

  646. I need Socks that Rock to continue my knitting missionary work. I travel for work and have hours and hours of airplane knitting time to kill (great for converting the uninitiated to knitting! I alway carry a spare pair of needles just in case). Since I was really good at Christmas, I used up practically my entire stash on family members, who in turn somehow missed my neon-lighted hints that I want YARN, not another pair of pink flannel pajamas.
    Did I mention that socks are the PERFECT airline knitting project? Please, pick me!

  647. I am a STR virgin. I deserve STR because I will call it Squishy and it shall be my Squishy.

  648. peggie ehlers says:

    STR contest!
    I need this yarn be cause my stash is getting low. The lines a rhinebeck were around the block and all the stock just vanished from all the greedy loyal customers. my friend ann says this is the best sock yarn. i know i would learn to may socks if i had this yarn
    thanks peg

  649. I don’t need that yarn. I’m so badly allergic to wool that I could never touch it and would end up in a blistered mess on my fingers.
    If I wasn’t allergic to it, I would gladly put my name in your draw. But since I am, I can’t.
    The entire situation sucketh royally and the bank needs a good talking to.

  650. Yes, I am yet another STR virgin. No place local carries it and they were sold out at Rhinebeck. My footsies say they want STR, too.

  651. Hi Cara,
    Another STR virgin (and first time commenter) here. Thank you for this opportunity to try out the fantastic stuff!

  652. Sitting here trying to think of some thing creative to say but I got nothing. No sad stories, no whoa as me’s, nothin! I just love to knit and am always looking for new and exciting things.

  653. I’ve always thought that socks only came in white, brown, navy and black. STR would totally send me over the edge.

  654. I am insanely jealous of my sister-in-laws pair of beautiful jaywalkers she made with STR. I could never ask her to make me a pair of them so I taught myself how to knit just to make those darn socks !!! Now if I only had the STR to make it with …….

  655. Pick me, pick me! First-time blogger and – if you pick me – first-time STR-Knitter!
    Thank you for your blog and for your photos!

  656. Amanda in GA says:

    It’s a fairytale so tragic
    Cara a little “Bruce” to tell my STR virgin story.
    There’s no prince to break the spell
    I don’t believe in magic
    But for you I will, for you I will
    If I’m a fool, I’ll be a fool
    Darlin’ for you
    I’m countin’ on a miracle
    Baby I’m countin’ on a miracle
    Darlin’ I’m countin’ on a miracle
    To come through

  657. I am a newbie to sock knitting(1 pair of socks with confetti sock yarn) and it is always exciting to get a gift/prize from someone – especially when one is 5 months pregnant and often gets hormone induced blues… ๐Ÿ™‚

  658. I am a STR virgin and it appears to be the only acronym missing in my world. While I SSK or K2P2 I watch a DVD on my LCD TV in HD. I have knitting ADD and just made my reservations on SWA via AAA where I am certain I can use my knitting needles and my new STR yarn while traveling to AZ. I sometimes wonder if I need to go to AA while drinking VO as I BO. DH has something to do with GFA and TLP has an affiliation with CA but me, only MA. STR would certainly complete my world. Thank for making things fun!

  659. I need the STR because I just started knitting again after several years off and all I’ve been using until very recently is stash yarn — and MY STASH IS FROM 1998! That means that I’ve been using Wildfoot in scratchy, rough solid colors with no hint of handpainting in sight. I just used Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock and WOW, then I used Fleece Artist, and OMG, and now I’ve got some Schaefer Anne, and well, I can see that everyone is wild about STR but HOW DOES IT GET ANY BETTER?

  660. I have never knit with STR before because there are so many choices, and I am a very, very novice sock knitter (one pair in Regia that is too loose), so I fear that I will make the incorrect decision with weight, color, needle size and pattern, wasting the $20-30 on yarn and being frustrated.
    At the same time, I desire to own my very own STR made with my own hands. If I win this drawing, then it is no-risk sock making, and then I’ll probably be hooked.

  661. Ever since my friend asked me to make her socks, I have been extremely hesitant. I tried and frogged the entire sock. Needless to say, I have not picked it back up. It can be the technique I am using, or the yarn itself. If I get STR, I may just love making socks like Liz K. from Crossroadknits!

  662. Debbie D. says:

    Another STR virgin here! I went to my first fiber festival this year – SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair) – which is the weekend AFTER Rhinebeck…hoping beyond hope that Blue Moon Fiber Arts would be there. But alas, it was not meant to be! Oh, all was not lost, and I did score some wonderful yarn…. but my heart is still pining for STR.

  663. I saw STR at the 2nd Annual Stitch n’ Pitch last summer at Safeco Field, and was confused by the nearly-rabbid knitters gathered around the offerings. I’m a total geek knitter: the more complicated the pattern, technique, construction, etc, the better — so I generally avoid any and all multi-colored yarns. I only convinced myself to get my first skeins of Koigu PPPM that day! (and only because a friend had used it to make Pomatomus and I couldn’t resist). But I want to get over my color snobbery/ignorance, and see what I’ve been missing. It’s clear to me by now that I HAVE been missing something, well, rockin’.

  664. I would like a skein of STR yarn because I have never knit socks with a 100% wool yarn — I keep thinking that it’ll wear through too quickly to be worth the money and effort. And though I have knit for lo these many years, I have never used or even touched STR.

  665. i’ve been eyeing STR for quite a bit of time. i seem to have a mental block against finishing a pair of socks and i think i just haven’t found the right yarn to seduce me into breaking through that barrier!

  666. I am a fairly new knitter. I’ve onlt been knitting since the summer, and that, in combination with entering University this past September, has made it difficult for me to acquire that which is known as “stash.” The only unknitted sock yarn stash I have right now contains four balls of Patons Kroy, and two balls to make the pair for the socks I have on the needles right now.
    As a frazzled student, knitting has become an integral part of keeping my sanity and feeling like I can accomplish something that is non-school related in the midst of my crazy schedule. Socks are perfect, as they are highly portable, and easy to stuff quickly into my bookbag when the professor calls the start of class.
    Please consider me for the gift of delicious yarn for my feet. Otherwise I’ll have to convince someone to tell me to buy it without guilt, and that’s always a tense situation. XD

  667. I’m a STR virgin, because it seems to fly out of the yarn stores here at top speed. In fact, I’ve never seen it in person. But I’ve loved it from afar for a year now, and I’d love to find out if my pure long distance love would stand up to the loss of my STR virginity!

  668. Oh hell – I’m in too.
    Let’s see…it’s been a craptastic week (though not as craptastic as it’s been for the folks at Blue Moon) and it sure would be nice for the planets to realign and something good to happen.
    Oh, and I’ve never seen those amazing colors in person either – they sure look like they’d makea purdy pair of socks. I guess it really is possible to be a virgin again.

  669. Okay I need this yarn because it’s likely my only chance to try it out. I eye the STR yarn my SOWs bring to knit night and want to try it out. I think if I used the right sock yarn, and the right method for me I would finish a pair of socks. (UFO #32 – my first sock, the foot is just so long and the colors of the yarn aren’t that pretty anymore).

  670. Being a Canuck who finds herself in dire need of socks this winter due to the West Coast enduring one heck of an unusual winter, why not induce my sock cherry with something that will not only look luscious, but pretty darn sexy too! Yes I am a sock virgin, but hopefully after tomorrow…NO more ๐Ÿ˜‰

  671. Why do I need some socks that rock?
    A socks-that-rocks virgin, I am, that’s no denial,
    Be this it may, my introduction, my courtship, my match,
    to socks matched in heaven, let it be, let it be.
    For in winter if my feet are forsocken, ice cold rocks, they be,
    and frozen under my smock and frocks around the clock.
    If one knocks at the door, paralyzed from cold shock, I won’t open the lock,
    Forget about going around the block, or working on the dock, or tending my flock,
    Nay, I can’t put food in the wok, slow roast in my crock, and whiskey on the rocks,
    dance to jazz or rock, and write my post-doc on Locke
    It is not that I ask to fly to Bangkok while listening to Bartok,and sipping on a nice red from the Langedoc,
    or going to Spain running amok among bullocks,
    making deals with Shylocks, and increasing my stocks,
    No, I’m just minding my knitting with cables interlocked,
    with hubby watching Hitchcock and the gamecocks,
    whilst the winter wind blew through holes in my socks.
    So do I, do I want this yarn that does not come from Hancock,
    and in what color, hollyhock, shamrock, or peacock?
    Oh, I’m in total deadlock
    Just be kind, be my bedrock, and give me some sock-that-rocks, even in colors that shock, or raise the monster from the loch,
    If for some reason, as rocked from grave shock, you don’t,
    I will go away stricken, as if dead from hemlock,
    away from this epoch of yarn-mad-crowd,
    this laughingstock, and
    be forlorn like a widow of Max Bialystock.

  672. Ohh I am not worthy to win, but on the oft chance that I might..I am a 66 year old virgin aching to knit with Socks That Rock aching aching…

  673. After reading all about the BMFA bank ordeal, I swear I heard my unused sock knitting needles calling out to me as I fell asleep…. Perhaps some of the fabled Socks That Rock yarn is just what I need to wake my hidden sock-knitting talents (assuming they’re in me somewhere)?

  674. One of my 2007 goals is to knit socks, real socks, socks that rock and in order to do that I need some Socks That Rock! I never win anything, but here’s to hoping!

  675. Irene Johnston says:

    Just to spite my husband who, after telling him about the STR bank fiasco said, “Are those women nuts! $40.00 for a pair of socks?!!!! Don’t you go getting mixed up with that bunch of nutcases. Little did he know that I have been trying desparately to join the club but to no avail. If I received a ball of yarn I would definitely knit him a pair of socks which I am certain would make him eat his words. Irene in Winnipeg,Mb. where -40’weather is ideal for handknitted socks!

  676. I have never ever knitted with this stuff but it looks awesome and I bet it feels just as good.

  677. I have been knitting for about two years now, on a college student’s yarn budget. I have never worked with Socks That Rock, because I can’t afford the yarn required. I’ve never been to a fiber festival, and my LYS doesn’t stock many of the big name-brands. Recently, my Sweetie came down with what we hope is a stomach ulcer, so I’ve been looking for good waiting-room knitting, and socks would be great for that.

  678. Well, it’s quite simple, really. Being a humble college student who goes to school in the middle of nowhere, getting my hands on some STR is pretty near impossible. Plus, I have a list of colorways that I’m dreaming about, so if I ever took my wallet out to buy some I’d spend my next two semesters worth of textbook money.

  679. What could I possibly say that would compare to those who have gone before? Nevertheless, I am an STR virgin, relatively new to sock knitting, my stash of luxury sock yarn is very very small (3 or 4 skeins) and not likely to get any bigger in the near future. I would LOVE to try STR. Also, I live in Whistler where it is cold and very very snowy. Wool socks would be a good thing.

  680. I’ve never knitted with Socks that Rock and, after reading the past few posts, I’m begining to think I’m insane! Okay. So why do I need to knit with it? I need to experience this wonderfulness, apparently. And two, it was 5 degrees when I woke up this morning. 5 degrees outside. Dude. I need to start knitting wool socks, pronto. And why not have them all colorful and pretty to chase away the winter bleakness?

  681. I need you to send me the STR becasue, well, it’s kind of embarassing. I am an STR virgin and I’m…shy. Too shy to ask for it. Too shy to touch it…Too shy to…Ummm, I’d better stop. My hormones are taking over…

  682. I recently developed tendonitis using DPNs to knit socks. Which means I have to learn magic loop. But I’m all out of sock yarn, and the husband says I’m flagged from buying any more for several months because I’m a broke college student, and he’s a broke high school teacher. I’ve only knit with my own handspun sock yarn and knit picks sock yarn (which broke apart on me several times…erg).

  683. Carol Stephen says:

    PLEASE, send me a skein of STR sock yarn! My wonderful mother in law has bought the family an Alaska cruise this summer! I NEED your wonderful sock yarn which I have heard about and drooled over, but alas cannot buy locally, so that I can style and profile your Socks That Rock handknit socks on my cruise. That way I can share your beautiful yarn with all my cruise and tour mates! Thank you, Carol Stephen

  684. 684 comments, so the odds are stacked against me, but there again, you need to be in it to win it, there are alot of needy people out there, we can’t get socks that rock in the UK, I’d love to see what everybody is raving about! maybe 684 is my lucky number!

  685. fire tweed says:

    Sad to say, I am an STR virgin. Please, sock it to me and break that cherry. I’ve only been knitting socks for others for the last several months – it’s time to be selfish and see to my own, long-unfulfilled needs.

  686. Why do I need some STR?
    Well, despite my knitterly procrastination techniques, I am actually going to finish my thesis in the immediate future. What better way to celebrate!? Thanks – what a great idea!!!

  687. Me . . . because
    1. I haven’t knit a sock since I was in fourth grade in Germany, and
    2. I turn 46 on the 19th of January.
    That’s entirely too long to go without handknit socks! I should start with the best, wouldn’t you agree?

  688. I really wanted to- I got to Rhinebeck early…and there was still a huge line. I felt bad asking my friend and her husband to watt while I waited, so….I’d love some, please.

  689. guess i have to give it a shot, too. i am an str virgin – even though i have been knitting socks for about 30 years now…. thanks for making us virgins curious and giving us a chance to get lucky!

  690. just got back to the cold dreary north from the warm sunny south and need something to brighten my day. yes, i really do NEED MORE YARN. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  691. rosesmama says:

    Yup. A virgin. Like I need more sock yarn. But the hype is so great, perhaps I will knit it right away . . .

  692. Because I neeeeeed to try it!!!

  693. Oh please! Oh please! Oh PUH-Leeze – pick me! [insert favorite sob story here] My fondest memory of second grade in Denmark was watching my teacher knit intricate socks during lunch time with what seemed like 860 needles. Finally, 25 years later, I knit my first pair of socks this past spring, but no STR. I’ve fondled the website for quite a while, but even after all that am still a STR virgin.

  694. I wanted to try STR at Rhinebeck but I wandered into the building and was met by a huge line of people. Disillusioned, I turned around and went walking around the rest of the fair. By the time I wandered back, there was no STR to be found. The only things I have knit that actually resemble socks are Fuzzy Feet and another online sock class that used Worsted weight yarn, they came out too big also and have been felted. I want to try knitting real socks with real sock yarn and I would love to start with the best.

  695. I haven’t tried it because I just popped my sock knitting cherry a month ago. I learned socks on Dec 10. I also find it hard to afford the good sock yarn. I’ll have to scramble to afford rent this month due to a shortage of work, so am knitting from the tiny stash I have now. It hardly fills a storage bin. I so want to try it, because if people like you and Harlot and others love it so much, it must be something special indeed!
    Love reading you; you’re one of my 6 daily blogs so far. ๐Ÿ™‚

  696. I need some STR because Tina is too busy reconciling bank statements and answering phones to make any for me. pick me, pick me, please pick me. I haven’t had time to knit with it for weeks which pretty much qualifies me as an str virgin again. dude pick me…

  697. This is the funniest contest I’ve seen to date in blogland! I have never even touched STR, but because of your love/obsession with the yarn I signed up for the STR sock club this year.
    Have a great weekend!

  698. i’ve never even knit a sock, much less used STR! i’m a full on sock virgin, but i think i’m ready to grow up! pick me pick me pick me!

  699. Another STR virgin here! In fact, I don’t think I’ve even seen any in person yet. I have looked longingly at it on the web, though…
    But I have so much sock yarn at the moment that I doubt I’ll have any other way to experience STR any time soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  700. Barbara A.M. says:

    I have never knit
    With yummy Socks that Rock yarn.
    Save me from myself!
    I have knit two years
    With boring, basic choices.
    Send the brightest skein.
    You can blame my job –
    I stay at home with my kids –
    I deserve a treat!
    (thanks in advance for making my day! This is supposed to be a 3 verse haiku, but it’s not previewing correctly…use your imagination.)

  701. Yet Another Leslie says:

    Iโ€™m not only a STR virgin, I am a perpetual lurker, so Iโ€™m a commenting virgin as well!
    So, um, wanna help me lose my virginity in TWO ways?
    That was terrible. Now I feel like a tart! I promise that Iโ€™m not usually so forward, soโ€ฆbold. Somewhere, I am sure my mother is weeping softly for the loss of my dignity. Please donโ€™t let my besmirched honor go to waste!

  702. Kim in NC says:

    I’ve never even knit a sock, but I really have to see what all the fuss is about.

  703. The very first socks I knit was a pair of jaywalkers using some random discontinued yarn given to me as a stocking stuffer. I didn’t really like the colourway, but I wanted to try out that pattern so badly that I used the yarn anyway. Well, irony of ironies, 6 rows from the end of the second sock [i]I ran out of yarn[/i]. I usually can’t take a hint, but this was less a hint than a blaring declaration of mutual dislike, so I set the socks aside in a box and never touched them again. Reading your blog for the past year and seeing your fabulous STR jaywalkers has made me yearn for the yarn that was always destined to be jaywalkers, but the stores around here don’t carry anything that even comes close.
    Please, I need this yarn. I will fondle it and knit it slowly by candlelight. (Hell, if I get two skeins I could even make some shexy jaywalker knee socks!)

  704. I can’t believe there are over 700 STR virgins. I also can’t believe I’m commenting- I never comment. The allure of STR must be strong.

  705. I need this yarn because its STR….. what more can I say? I’ve never knit with it, although I make socks all the time – in fact I’ve never even seen any of it on this side of the pond – but I’ve certainly thought about it a lot, thats for sure! Please pick me!

  706. Last year was suppossed to be “The Year of the Sock.” I got to the turn of the heel and stopped because I wasn’t all that jazzed about the 2 dollar WalMart yarn. It wasn’t worth the investment in figuring out the heel. I bet STR is worth it and I can finally make my first pair of socks!

  707. i would really like a skein of STR to give to my daughter, because how many 15-year-olds do you know that enjoy knitting socks on circular zeros??

  708. Not only have I never knit with STR, I’ve never even made a pair of socks! Mittens, plenty of pairs, but no yarn has enticed me enough to want to knit for my feet. After all the talk and obsessions about this yarn and all its great colors, I think this is the one I’ve been waiting for! This is also my first time commenting!

  709. Ellen Smith says:

    Let’s see…….it’s been 43 years since I was a virgin. Every woman needs a good first lover. Unfortunately my ex-husband was not. But….not to despair. I’ve never knit socks before so STR could be my first sock yarn lover. (Hope I win. I could use a little excitement at my age.)

  710. Me! Me! I’m a virgin! Not only am I a STR virgin, but I’m a “commenting on January One” virgin, and a sock virgin in general, because I’ve never made a pair of socks! I’d like to try, though, and I know STR is the best, because it says so right here on January One! (I was also a knitting virgin until December 2006, when I bought my first needles and yarn. I haven’t been the same since that day!

  711. Over 700 comments so far, so the odds aren’t looking all that good. But I figure you need to send some of those skeins overseas, so a knitter from Down Under might stand a snowball’s chance at Uluru … in January …

  712. I NEED STR yarn because I’ve decided that 2007 is the year to really learn to make socks! Everyone makes it sound like so much fun. What could be better than to make socks…. AND to make them with Socks That Rock! Please, please, pretty please, with a CHERRY on top!

  713. why haven’t I tried and STR… well how could I just pick one colorway?? I’ve been to the site… drooled all over the screen…clicked on a couple of skeins… then went back and changed my mind so many times… I just don’t know which one to try.. so maybe if I win and someone picks for me, I’d be fine.

  714. Well, I have ordered the STR, but no socks yet for me, just perfecting my craft first, so I can do them justice. Well, here is my reason that I need STR so I can knit my first pair: My Mama’s BIRTHDAY is January 1 and you posted this message on January 12, MY BIRTHDAY! No Joke. Good reason, huh? I’ll even knit the first pair for my Dear January One Mama! Sound good?

  715. I am a complete sock virgin. They say you should wait for the right one and I hear that STR is very gentle and patient with virgins, so I wait… hoping that it is our time to be together…

  716. who knew there were so many virgins out there! I am new to knitting and just learned socks over Christmas. I used Vesper sock yarn for my first pair, but I’ve heard STR yarn is to die for so I’d love love love to win! It was also my 30th birthday on the 6th and would gladly accept a skein as a belated present. You need something really special on your 30th right?

  717. My middle daughter, who is expecting my first grandchild, is 500 miles away in Indiana and the only way I can endure not seeing her is to be transported into the land of STR! Besides, I have to be wearing the perfect socks when I meet my new grandchild for the first time! Please help me!!

  718. I’ve never tried STR. I don’t think any of my lys carry them, and I’m the type of weirdo that needs to feel, smell and see all yarns before buying.
    I love their colors though. I’ve drooled all over the net at different socks made with their yarns.

  719. I am a sock virgin (although I’ve been knitting as an adult for five years now), and since I finally decided to take the plunge and try my hand at knitting socks a couple weeks ago, a skein of STR to knit them with seems like a great idea! Another big reason is that I’d love to see Blue Moon get the last laugh with this bank situation, and I think the more knitters can stick together and support them, the better off they’ll be. I suspect (from what I hear) that the 20 lucky people who win the skeins will become BMFA customers for life, so everybody wins in this contest! Thanks for thinking of it and sponsoring it–

  720. I need this yarn because I haven’t knit socks for years, and never in fact with any yarn of quality. And now I’m a very poor college student who needs something to occupy her hands!!

  721. I’ve just rediscovered knitting after more than 25 years, and I’m getting too good at scarves. I need more variety, but socks scare me (and the only socky yarn I have was a gift that I’m not sure I’m ready to use). And my beloved and the delight of my eyes feels strongly about me not stashing yarn like I stashed fabric while quilting. And I’m a poor librarian. And. . . and. . . and I really covet this yarn and winning the yarn would save the keyboard of my little laptop from unsightly drool marks. And this is my first comment to any blog, ever! That should count for something, right?

  722. I have yet to even see STR in person. I’ve heard so much about it, but never got around to ordering it. The colorways are gorgeous; I can’t decide. I’m beginning to enjoy sock knitting. I’m currently hooked on Lorna’s Laces and Trekking. I haven’t even touched Koigu, yet. I’ve ways to go. I AM AN STR VIRGIN!!!!!

  723. I’ve never knit a sock! I’ve never seen Socks That Rock in person even – I’m a small-town girl. I just discovered Mountain Colors & all your pictures of STR & all the STR talk is just so mystifing.

  724. Plain and simple—I have never used STR. And it would make a beautiful birthday present for a senior citizen whose birthday is in January.

  725. Look at all these responses! You poor thing! What were you thinking? I need some STR because I’ve never had the pleasure of even seeing it in person. I’m totally a sucker for beautiful colors and STR is some of the most beautifully dyed yarn I’ve ever seen! And I have yet to find the perfect sock yarn that will make me truly and completely addicted to knitting socks. I’m also a poor college kid who can’t afford such luxuries as sock yarn, never mind something so lovely as STR! And I didn’t even get yarn or a gift certificate to the yarn store for Christmas! Whoa is me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  726. I have never knit with this yarn, but I keep seeing people post on various blogs that STR truely ROCKS!!! The nearest LYS does not carry STR,is about an hour’s drive (try that with a toddler and infant in the back seat) and I have a hard time making it out there when I actually have the money to purchase yarn. Please let this stay-at-home mom have a little luxury when she gets her daughters down for a nap!

  727. Despite the fact that I have a one month old baby, I’m a virgin! A STR virgin! I no longer can buy yarn all willy-nilly since yarn is way lower on the shopping list than diapers (sigh). I do so want me some STR though.

  728. Hi Cara! I haven’t even knit my first pair of socks let alone use STR yarn! SO, I am a double virgin here!! Rosalia

  729. I have only knit 2 hats and a shrug and have not had an opportunity to try socks yet. A skein of STR would definitely give me a chance to try a sock pattern with a gorgeous yarn! Angelica

  730. I am a STR virgin. And I am a lurker. (Hi.) I have many flaws; Flaws that I hope that STR can correct. You see, I’m relatively new to sock knitting. I knit my first sock in the Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Olmpics last year. It was the start of a mania that was furthered by jaywalkers and lorna’s laces (those hussies) and it’s reached epic proportions. STR could soothe the wild sock beast within. I just *know* it could. (Of course, it could have the opposite effect, in which case, you are only enabling me, but I like to be enabled. So don’t worry about that.) So, yeah, in the infamous words of Meredith Grey, Pick me! Choose me! Love me!”

  731. Hmmmmm, what can I say that hasn’t been said? Well, My name is Trish and I’m a knitted sock virgin. I’m an STR virgin. Please HELP!!!
    But seriously, this is so cool of you to do. I had never even heard of STR but I had heard of Blue Moon. I very rarely get to spend lots of money on yarns nowadays so don’t even try to tempt myself with surfing.
    good luck with the contest! Hi Blue Moon ๐Ÿ™‚

  732. i struggled to finish my first sock recently. i was bursting with pride, though it didn’t fit the intended recipient (my husband), so i get to keep it. this is my year of making socks, gloves, wrist-warmers, and other beautiful accessories, and my requirement for all of them is that i learn a new technique or improve on one that needs it.
    anyway, it looks like lots of other people are more deserving than me, but i just wanted to say that i think what you’re doing here is fantastic, as are so many things you do here. i love reading your blog and always look forward to your next post ๐Ÿ™‚ your fan, lisa.

  733. I was thinking of different ways to get you to give me some STR yarn. I was gonna go the witty route – tell you that I need the yarn so that my fiance won’t call off the wedding because he got cold feet; then I was gonna go the brown-nosing route and tell you that the reason I need the STR yarn is that I want to knit some socks for you to keep your feet warm, Cara, so that you could knit other beautiful things for yourself; then I was gonna go the charity route and tell you that I need some STR yarn to knit a pair of socks for someone who really needs some socks, someone who’s had it rough this past year, down on luck on his job, and his family and his home, and just needs someone to show him some love with hand-knitted socks. But, instead, I’m gonna tell you the absolute truth – I am a STR virgin, and I have never knitted with STR yarn, and I have never won anything in my life – seriously, I try to call the radio stations and I click on neon flashing screens on the internets that say I am the tribillionth person to visit this site and I will be awarded with three kabillion widgets – and nothing, I’ve never won anything, so I just want to win something – something I know I will really love, and that is some STR yarn.

  734. I knit socks. And I love knitting socks. But so far I’m an STR virgin. It’s…complicated.
    But, with apologies to James Joyce:
    Yes I said yes I will yes

  735. I am going to knit my first pair of socks later this month (taking a class) and I would LOVE to start w/ the best. I’ve never knit w/ STR. Yes. a virgin! ๐Ÿ™‚

  736. Believe it or not with all the socks I’ve knitted, I’m a STR virgin too.

  737. I’m a STR virgin because I’m pretty new to knitting socks. I wanted to know that I could knit them before trying really wonderful yarn. If you pick me, that would be great but if not, I’m sure I’ll be trying STR sooner or later. From everything I’ve read it’s amazing yarn.

  738. Let’s be honest and up-front: I don’t NEED this yarn,. . . but I would really be pleased by a chance to try it.
    We have no LYS in town, so my opportunities for exposure to new yarns are rather limited.
    Wendy (WendyKnits) loves STR, and my knitting-fanatic cousin Angela has been so impressed she’s even considered giving up big chunks of her non-STR sock-yarn stash!
    What about this yarn evokes such devotion?

  739. I am totally an STR virgin. I just could not convince myself that it was worth that much money plus the postage to Hawaii. I know, I know. I ‘get’ to live in Hawaii. Let me tell you, Hawaii is not the spinning/knitting mecca of the world! And it is a LOT more fun visiting here than living here in the ‘most isolated islands’ on earth! Oahu has too many people and not enough roads and very few signs that make any sense to me!! So…I stay home and do fiber stuff…a LOT! So…STR would make my day!!! 8^)

  740. My name is Julie, and I’m an STR virgin. Please help me.

  741. Being a sock virgin, I am a STR virgin as well. Not only that, but I’m a “selfish knitting” virgin too! That’s right: though I’ve been knitting for a while, I have yet to knit something (anything!) for myself. Can you believe it?!? It’s a shame, I know, and I’ll do what has to be done to remedy this pretty sad situation. I have the firm intention to lose my virginity this year by knitting my first pair of socks soon and, of course, by knitting it for myself! Would it be too much if I was losing all of my virginities at once by making them out of Socks that Rock? Yeah, I knew you wouldn’t think so! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  742. I never knit with it, probably never will but the colors are just fantastic. Long Life to STR

  743. Knitters rock!The folks at Blue Moon Fiber Arts rock!!And I would love to try Socks that Rock!!!

  744. it’s the thing that i am missing that will make everything in my universe ROCK!!!

  745. funkasonic says:

    socks that rocks virgin
    a slow tear rolls down my cheek
    beautiful colours

  746. O’kay, I live in Dallas and am patiently waiting for my LYS to convince the wonderful ladies at Blue Moon to let them carry their beautiful sock yarns….Help! They have been trying for almost a year and I think that I could be waiting until I go to the nursing home and can you imagine the conversation in the dining hall – “What yarn did she say that was? Socks That Rock? Didn’t they cover for Led Zeppelin??

  747. I have only knitted my dauughter some socks with worsted yarn. I would love to knits socks (para mi!)with SOCKS THAT ROCK!!!! They would really keep my feet nice and toasty and pretty!! Thanks for your generosity…gracias, Bruny

  748. I’m a sock virgin…well almost. I attempted sock wars buw was so inept i only got 4 rouns done (on each sock – ya! magic loop). So instead of SOCk I’ll be making Sumthin’ THAT Rocks out of STR. Sock yarn has SUCH wonderful possibilities — especially the STR colorways!

  749. i have never seen the yarn in person, but the pictures are awesome looking. i just made my first pair of socks ever. now i am hooked. keep up the good work, i love your blog,

  750. hey girlie!! I NEED this yarn because I have had a picture of STR yarn up on the wall in front of my desk since BEFORE I learned to knit (which was a year ago) I NEED this yarn to make my SOCKS THAT ROCK FANTASY COME TRUE!!!!!!!

  751. Why do I need STR? Because I have not yet knit my first pair of socks. Oh I have the needles and the instructional video and all that technical stuff- but what I don’t have yet is the yarn that charms me enough to cast on to those tiny little needles! And from the photos I’ve seen of both the delicious STR yarn and the glorious FOs it inspires- it is just the yarn I need to get me going!

  752. Margaret M. says:

    I desperately need that skein of Socks That Rock because I’ve never knit a pair of socks before and since I just moved to Chicago, now is the perfect time to try! It may be an unseasonably warm winter here but our apartment is soooo cold. I’d love to make a pair of socks out of the yarn you love so much.

  753. After 4,5 years as a fulltime mothering student,(I turned in my very last paper yesterday, whoopee!) my life definitely needs something that rocks.

  754. Mary Bragg says:

    I would love a skein of this yarn. I just started serious knitting just before Christmas and have completed 10 dishcloths since then and feel that I ready to try the waters of sock knitting, specially since I live in North Dakota. I sit and transcribe all day and finding warm wool socks is next to impossible. This yarn would make the perfect start for my first pair of socks. (It is currently -7 and was down to -20 just 2 days ago, so I am not kidding about the cold.)

  755. There is almost no sock yarn in Mexico, and definately no STR, so I would totally love to have some!

  756. Stacy Wittmann says:

    I have been yearning to knit with this yarn since I first read about it on your website. SOCKS THAT ROCK!!!

  757. Marjolein says:

    Well I have been longing for STR but living so far away from its source it is very hard..but I would love to use it

  758. I live in the Netherlands. Sadly, there is no socks that rock here. We Dutch are knitters of a Forgotten Country. Nevertheless, we get cold feet, and we DO need socks that rock.

  759. These entries are cracking me up. I too am a STR virgin, and my reason for needing this yarn is as follows:
    Having grown up a Deadhead in America, but now living in a far-flung land (Australia) where nobody has ever heard of the Grateful Dead, much less ever had access to STR yarn, I need me some of the Fire On The Mountain STR colourway to remind me of my misspent youth living in the back of my car and following the Dead all over the USA.
    (And apologies to the STR people if the Grateful Dead song was not, in fact, the origin of that colourway name.)

  760. Hi, I am from Czech republic and I never tried this yarn, but I saw it at my friendยดs who got it in a swap. And would love to try it. So would I be lucky?

  761. Oh my! I can’t believe I almost missed this! Well, the early bird may get the worm, but let’s hope that the sluggish one gets the yarn!

  762. 760 comments already, twenty balls of yarn, odds stacked against me.
    I live in england, where STR isn’t available in the shops, and I’m still knitting my first pair of socks. I need some STR yarn, to give my sock knitting mojo a boost.

  763. Okay, I’ll bite. I’ve knit one pair of socks before, I don’t remember with what, and STILL had wicked Second Sock Syndrome — stalled out right before the second toe. I just knitted one fingerless/fliptop mitten with Trekking, and I’ve got another ball of same for a pair of socks for the hub, but I have a hard time with eeny yarns. Maybe this is the kick I need. I want to fall in love with sock knitting, too. Thanks for (maybe) enabling me?
    And thanks for your blog. Been lurking for a bit.

  764. I have some STR and had signed up to the club and got the email and the refund. So I am not asking for yarn, I just wanted to say good for you for bringing their yarn to the attention of the world – especially after the banking fiasco!

  765. I’m a grad student trying to frantically finish a dissertation It’s Sunday at 8 a.m. and I’m already at the library. Isn’t that reason enough to go on the internet and plead for some action? Even if a new sock yarn addiction is probably worse than getting hooked on porn…

  766. I’ve loved the pictures of STR but have never even seen any in real life. I love making socks, and since I turned 62 (gasp) last month, I really need to add this to my life experiences! I really wanted to have my cats buy me some for Christmas, but they thought that stocking up the pet food pantry was more important. Oh blast!

  767. I have only knit Elizabeth Zimmerman’s moccasins. Sock yarn is like the holy grail of knitting to me. I am unfamiliar with STR, but!!!, I am willing to try anything once (alas, virgin, I am). I hope we get to meet. Catie

  768. Because I can’t get STR here in Aus!!

  769. I’ve never bought any STR… I wanted to but my trip to MS&W was cancelled due to my toddler not having a sitter. My toddler, though I love her dearly, usually has a schedule that doesn’t match my desired knitting schedule. So I steal time to knit. When I do knit, it should be with something very wonderful like STR, shouldn’t it?

  770. I have always wanted to try STR yarn, but with living in the middle of nowhere Indiana I have never even seen a skein!

  771. Why haven’t I tried Socks That Rock? I’m fairly new to sock knitting. I knit and finished my first pair of socks for Socktoberfest this year. I used cheap yarn which I’d dyed myself. I love socks! I have one pair finished socks and a few (3 or 4) hanks of sock yarn. I am sock yarn deprived.
    I feel my skills are not worthy of the lusciousness that is STR. I have had the honor of being able to touch STR yarn at my weekly Sit’n’Stich. I am envious.
    I’m not worthy!

  772. A haiku, with explanation.
    Why need Socks That Rock?
    Read blogs: feel like piranha
    Cause I don’t have it.
    Explanation: I love linguistic blunders. On the elevator at work, I overheard a woman say to her companion: “…and then they stop talking to you, and you just feel like a piranha…”
    I believe the word she was looking for was “pariah.” I had to bite down on my cell phone to keep from laughing out loud.

  773. I haven’t used STR yet because I’m a big scaredey-cat and haven’t figured out how to knit socks yet! I really, really, really want to – but all those double pointed needles combined with my propensity to drop things freak me out. Maybe I should go for the magic loop, eh?

  774. I have never knit socks before. Here are my reasons:
    1: I like socks that cover my calf. Nearly every pair of sock I’ve seen handknit on the internet stops at about 3 inches above the ankle. That height is about like nails on a chalkboard for me.
    2: The lingo intimidates me. I am not easily intimidated, but this talk of toe-up or top-down, different cast-ons and afterthought heels…I guess I figure one needs to start with a basic sock pattern and master than before jumping into the various lace and cableling (sp?) I see on the STR.
    3: I am the only female in a house with 3 males. I don’t need 12 pairs of pretty socks. I doubt I could talk my spouse or sons into wearing them.
    4: Much fuss is made about the “second sock” syndrome. I knit my sweater sleeves two at a time so I don’t have to do them sequentially. The thought of tackling a second sock after finishing one seems depressing.
    5: Fit. How do I know they’ll fit?
    I think that’s all. The truth of the matter is I very much want to knit socks. I just need entree into the field. I’ve knit hats and fingerless mitts, so DPNs aren’t a problem. Also, I visit Blue Moon’s web page at least once a month and gaze longingly at the beautiful colorways.
    Really it’s the pattern and length issues that have kept me away so far.

  775. I need this yarn because I just realized that I have no socks on the needles right now, and surely you’ll agree that that is just crazy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  776. My best friend says I NEED this yarn.

  777. I’ve never knit with STR yarn, but several ladies in my knitting group bring it in and rub it under my nose regularly. I can’t justify buying any right now because I’m destashing (New Year’s Resolution), but if I win it – well that’s a different story. I am a sock knitter so the yarn will not go to waste.
    Thanks for considering me,

  778. Because it’s really pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

  779. An explanation of STR-virginity-loss-logic in three easy steps:
    1. I’ve never seen, touched, or knit with this yarn, which is an apparent tragedy.
    2. I live in the South and am planning on moving even further south sometime soon. Finding someone wearing hand knit socks in the south is like waking up to find that diamonds have started sprouting in your yard. I would be a revolutionary. A walking billboard for all that is sock knitting, and more particularly STR.
    3. And lastly, I suffer from chronic second-sock syndrome. I need an extra kick in the pants to finally finish some socks for once.

  780. Kate Brogan says:

    I need the STR because I’ve just discovered a hole in the heel of the FIRST and ONLY pair of sock that I’ve knit for myself! My heart is broken, and I need to try this STR stuff to recover.

  781. I’m a virgin! Pick me! Pick me!

  782. I want to enter not for me…although “technically” I am a STR “virgin” as all I have yet to do is fondle my lovely 3 skeins. I want to enter for my blogless friend Pam who has only envied my STR (thanks again Cara!) from afar.
    Thanks! and I have to say that all of these comments are a hoot!

  783. Oooh goodie! I’m getting in just in time. ๐Ÿ™‚
    The reason why I should have a skein of STR goodness sent my way? I am entranced by beauty. If the yarn is as beautiful as I’ve seen on the website, then I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be reduced to a drooling toddler, petting the skein and feeling the need to show every single person I know the wonder of STR. And I do mean everyone. I’d feel the need to show my male coworkers, my doctor, the mail lady at work. Pretty much everyone.
    It’s in Blue Moon’s best interest to give me a skein of their sock yarn, obviously. ๐Ÿ™‚

  784. I’m currently “between opportunities” so have been on a yarn buying hiatus–but using my stash yarn, have just this month discovered the joy of knitting socks. How could I have been missing out for so long? the only problem is that everything I have is not superwash–so I’m held back by the albatross of hand washing. Just think what I could do with socks that could be properly laundered….And on top of that, STR have the most spectacular colorways. I feel certain that if I could knit (and wear) a pair of STR socks, I would find the perfect job immediately! Which would then allow me to buy even more STR! A dream come true, really.

  785. I need some Socks That Rock because, well, quite simply, I rock, and so my feet need some Socks that also rock. What could be more appropriate? Plus I have no idea how rockin’ having socks that rock could be, being a total Socks That Rock virgin.

  786. Almost 800 comments? That’s nuts.

  787. I live in New Brunswick Canada and I have only one – ya only one – LYS and the owner doesn’t have a clue what STR yarn is (she is an artist who sells her own hand spun yarns mostly). Plus I have not been able to find an online shop on this side of the border that sells it and so I would have to pay an exchange on the dollar plus duty. The resulting cost would be difficult to justify. So Free is the only way I will get a chance to knit with this yarn. The fact that I will fall in love with it and need it on a regular basis and will no doubt bankrupt my family as I satisfy my new addiction is something I will deal with after the fact. I expect interventions and long days of rehabilitation that will no doubt fail but I will survive.

  788. I wish I had a clever entry, but it’s too early in the morning to employ those brain cells. I have finally gotten over my phobia of double pointed needles, thanks to knitting a pair of Fetchings. I’m ready to try socks. Perhaps that will finally persuade my husband to see me as a knitter…forget the several sweaters and shawls I’ve made. In the eyes of this man, socks=knitter. I’m crossing my fingers!

  789. In early November I finally convinced myself to order from BMFA, and then I wound up with the chance to visit The Fold and could not only touch STR but all of the other yarns they offer. Even with the yarn in my posession (and a lot of heavy petting) it wasn’t until two weeks ago that I lost my STR virginity and started a sock. OH. MY GOD! I am so hooked!
    My friend, Joanne (blogless), has seen and touched my STR sock, and all she can is “I want it!” She is mesmorized by the yarn and she has yet to knit with STR. Therefore, I would like to enter her in the drawing.

  790. Because at 43 I am such the sock virgin that I have only about 1/2 of one sock on the needles over many months of trying. Do they have a Karma Sutra for knitting socks? This way my needles might not figure out I’m a clueless sock virgin.
    As for STR yarn, I’ve heard whispers of this fabled yarn. Does it exist? Is it gentle on the first timers?

  791. I have never knit with STR.
    I have lusted after it… craved it… even went to the Blue Moon Fiber ARts booth at Stitches and fondled it.
    I was felled by indecision. I couldn’t possible afford to buy ALL of the colorways I loved, and was overwhelmed. I couldn’t choose! I tried and tried, but every colorway was just so wonderful…
    I bought Bambu instead. There were fewer color ways to torture me, particularly those w/ as many skeins in stock right there and then.
    But I’m still deprived of STR.
    Now, wehn I’d love to support BMFA with a purchase, we’re on a spending halt at home. We had to go pull money out of the rainy day fund ($ DH inherited from his mother when she died) to pay regular BILLS, and it’s very likely that DH will leave his job to save his sanity, thus requiring us to get a home equity loan upon which we may hve to live… SO.. I’ve gone and promised myself not to BUY ANY more yarn (not even if I use money I get from selling off stash) until I’ve knit up at least two things from stash, well… I can’t buy any STR for the foreseeable future…

  792. Since I am from Hungary I have no other possibility to have this yarn. I guess that the real probability to have it is equal to win the jackpot at the lottery.

  793. I’ve never touched it and I don’t know why. If I win I could give it a try.

  794. Am I too late? Eh, I’ll try anyway. I am a STR Virgin because I’m relatively new to socks (only 1 1/2 pairs down) and hesitate to ‘ruin’ good yarn with my sock knitting abilities. But if I had some STR surely I would knit better socks, have shinier hair, fresher breath, and would most assuredly be a better person, no?

  795. I’m a Montrealer with no STR retailer in my city. That is exactly why I am a STR virgin!!!! I’m dying to try this amazing STR yarn, cuz everyone keeps talking about it!!!

  796. I’ve decided that I have to add knitting with STR as one of the things I have to do before I’m 35. While that’s not coming up too quickly, why don’t you help me out and send one my way?

  797. Rebecca Dunn says:

    The ladies in my knitting group would not forgive me if I didn’t sign up for this one. This has to be some of the most beautifully colored sock yarn I have ever seen, but if I have to wait until I knit all of my sock stash first I’ll never get to try it. I would also love to have an excuse to sign up for the sock club next time.

  798. I need that yarn because itยดs SO beautiful and perfect for one of my favourite sock pattern: Jaywalkers. And because YOU made me so curious for that yarn a long time ago.
    And because Iยดm in Germany and the shipping costs are expensive.

  799. After 4 kids, this is the only way I’m going to be a virgin again! The Socks That Rock colors are so amazing! I will get some whether it be here or there – those ladies are amazing and I want to support them!

  800. Okay, I have GOT to see what all the fuss is about!
    –Umpteenth STR virgin

  801. I have never knit with the STR, and would absolutely love to try it! Thanks for the fun giveaway!